Let it be Dinner: Salted Cinnamon Salmon

by lindsay cotter on September 19, 2014

A few weeks ago I had someone ask me what I thought was the most important meal of the day. I assume most people would say breakfast, because that’s what they are used to hearing. And while I do think it’s a very important meal, I have to be honest…

I am going to go with what works best for us. I say we should let it be dinner.

cranberry chipotle salmon

If you think about it, dinner is where we should feel the least rushed. We should feel relaxed and eager to REFUEL/NOURISH those serotonin levels. Well, in my opinion. Although, it also depends on the person and their lifestyle.

In our house, dinner is usually our biggest meal and often (but not always) involves good carbs.

Grilled Lamb with Turmeric and steamed spinach

I mean, cavemen didn’t plan overnight oats for the next morning, did they? Haha. Okay that’s a little extreme, but you get my point. And don’t worry, I still love my overnight oats.

But here’s what I’m asking, what I’m pondering.

Are we too hyper focused on FOOD? Should we drop the most important meal idea?

food funny

Maybe the answer is Yes to the first question and No the second question. Maybe we should focus on what MAKES us FEEL the best, and you know what? Only YOU can determine that most IMPORTANT meal.

Let it be…

Here’s what were eating for Dinner tonight at our house. You’re welcome to come!

salted Cinnamon Spiced Salmon

Oh and just so you know, this is why we love to add cinnamon to our omegas.

Cinnamon -- Not only good in a roll, it is an antioxidant that supports healthy blood sugar levels, good brain function and (great news for cold season) helps to prevent and fight colds! There is a history of cinnamon aiding in fighting infections and even some types of cancer.

Source :: Mountain Rose Inc and Wellness Mama

Thank you Laura for letting me share my strange but good sizzlefish recipe we created last week!


Okay, what’s your most important meal?




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