Living Out Life’s Bucket List

by lindsay cotter on July 28, 2014

A funny thing happened this weekend. I was cleaning out the garage and found a box full of old books, notes, etc. It must have been from about 15 years ago. That would make me in high school then. Anyway, I opened up the box and there it it was, my life bucket list, or what I labeled..


1998 bucket list

Wanna know what was on that list?

New beginnings quote

Here goes.

  • Be Happily married to a Christian man (DONE—> well most of time we’re happy, depends on the day. haha!)


  • Have wonderful kids (uh.. *crickets *chirp *chirp… hopefully one day) But for now, I’ll just enjoy my nieces and nephews.


  • Be Healthy along with Family (much healthier today than years past!)
  • Be a good care taker to my Family.
  • Go on a Mission trip (Best experience of my life –> Summer in AFRICA)


  • Travel the world (so far I’ve been and lived in UK and Europe, Africa, South America, New Zealand, St. Thomas/St. John, Bahamas, and Quebec).

Villa in Cinque Terre

pre-hike in Cinque Terre

  • Give to Charity (yes, always try to give what I can. Something is better than nothing)
  • Live for a year in a dream city (we’ve lived in Christchurch, New Zealand and Hawaii)



  • Get tickets to be in the audience of a FRIENDS episode (dang it, I missed this one. Maybe they will come back on air?)
  • Hike the Mountains in Switzerland (DONE, LOVED it! Must go back and visit Lucie now)

me and dad- swiss alps

swiss alps & trees

  • Be Happy in My Job (Ha.. self employed. But I love it!)
  • Visit NYC (I have been 4x!)


  • Walk through a field of sunflowers in Italy (did that, loved it!)
  • Study Abroad (yep, Germany)
  • Work on a Farm (worked on my college roommates farm and m Father in law used to have a Coffee farm in Hawaii. It’s where our Rehearsal dinner was!)
  • Volunteer at a hospital (did that in college.. let’s just say it wasn’t the most fun, but I did it!)
  • Go fishing in the islands. (I’m not sure what islands I’m talking about but I’m pretty sure I fished at some point when I lived in Hawaii too. I snorkeled with fish in St. Thomas and Bahamas, does that count?)


  • Eat Lobster in Maine (How did I forget this when I went last year? Must go back)
  • Start a bed and breakfast. (ya, I’m changing my mind on that one. But I did start a Healthy Bites business!)

orange dark choc. chip

  • Go to Japan and eat sushi
  • Workout or Train with a celebrity. (I think I accomplished that at the Malibu Triathlon. But I still think my husband counts. He’s a celebrity to me because he’s competed and beat a certain celebrity in an open water swim race… Ahem.. you can see below.) Yes, I’m Corny!


So what’s the point of this whole post? I know you’re wondering. Well, today I am year older. Yep, past 30 now! ACK! And as I look back at my life, I realize my bucket is about complete without even focusing on accomplishing it. All those wonderful experiences, people, adventures, and more began with saying YES to life.

What’s left check off that list? I’d say its’ the REAL STUFF: Gratitude, thanksgiving, and saying yes to DREAMING BIG! That has to be the best birthday present ever –> Realizing the FULLNESS of your life, no amount of money or material things can replace that.



Have a Marvelous Monday.


Corny (and older) Cotter


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