Are You a Slave to Striving?

by LCCotter on October 30, 2014

Have you ever really looked at what your striving for? Is it a big dream? Is it to be a better version of you? Those are all worth striving for, am I right?

best yes
But what if along the way you become a slave to striving? Yes, it happens. And if fact, that’s where we’ve been the last 4 months. Guilty. … x 10

Push Push, go go, work work, etc. etc.

Get the picture?

Striving to get “ahead” financially, physically, and mentally left us feeling quite opposite.

Burnt out, depleted, and I hate to say it… bitter. Our lives, our marriage.. they weren’t thriving, they were surviving, and barely.


Striving shouldn’t own us. Striving shouldn’t break us. Striving shouldn’t make us LESS of who we want to become.

It’s time to give striving a rest and replace it with THRIVING; in our relationships, in the way we live, in the way we think!


And so i write this today to keep it real. To take a LIFE inventory. To “check in.” To THINK OUT LOUD.


We Cotters are making changes. And it all begins within. Besides, big dreams start from the heart and grow from there.

2015 has big plans. Trusting God’s plans.  Doing LESS to BECOME MORE.

I saw a question from THIS devotional and just had to restate it here below… because it’s needed.

 “Are you striving to meet unrealistic expectations and then stressed because of them?”  –> let’s change that.




You’ll be seeing a lot more of my original “sherpa wife” recipes and nutrition talk over the next few months, and even more Healthy Bites! Hope you’re hungry!


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