Dark Chocolate Peppermint Muffins

Sunday sweetness. Okay, it’s just a play on Sunday scenes but this time I have a recipe involved.  That equals sweetness to me, yes?

This weekend I DID NOT WORK! Yep, no work.. okay maybe a little. But the rest was spent doing the following.

Completing my first “longish” run since 2011. I ran 80 minutes and it felt awesome. It also helps that I am 20lbs heavier now. Thank GOODNESS! And the only reason I am running longer is for the Zooma Half Marathon in March. Can’t wait! It’s gonna be fun!

Then there was some kombucha cocktails and celebration time Friday and Saturday.

We celebrated my oldest brother’s 40th birthday out at Jester King Brewery and Stanley Farmhouse Pizza. I was dying to try their Buddha brew, made with local kombucha and their sour wheat beer, but of course it’s not gluten free.  Good beer is never gluten free. Ahh bugger. Looked like a winning combo though! It’s a very relaxing atmosphere and we just caught up with family and friends. Great time! Well minus the kiddos getting soaked and falling in mud. Kids will be kids though, yes? Winking smile


And let’s not forget the Nuttzo recipe. Another great highlight and sweetness to the weekend!

Yes, the obsession remains strong, and I think even more so after this recipe.

nuttzo 2

I was just playing around with extra ingredients I had from making Mint Chocolate Chip Healthy Bites and came up with these. I only made a few, just to sample. That was a BIG mistake. More is always better! Winking smile


Recipe: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patty Muffins


  • 3 tbsp protein powder or other flour of choice (PB flour, coconut, etc)
  • 1 tbsp 100% cocoa
  • 1 tsp mint extract or 4 Mint NuNaturals drops
  • 21 grams cream cheese
  • 1 egg or 3 tbsp egg whites
  • 1 heaping tbsp dark chocolate Nuttzo. Or regular, just add in extra cocoa powder.
  • 1 tbsp almond meal
  • stevia (optional)


  1. mix everything dry ingredients first, then add in egg, nuttzo, etc. Mix until batter is somewhat smooth.
  2. Pour into greased muffin pans.
  3. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.
  4. If you are using egg, i’d add in extra baking powder so they will rise.
  5. This recipe on makes about 2-3 so feel free to double it up!

Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time: 10 min Number of servings : 2

Happy Sunday! If you are on the East Coast, I expect some SNOWY SUNDAY SCENES soon, k? Oh and be careful!

What’s your Sunday sweetness?




You’re gonna wanna come back tomorrow afternoon for a giveaway. It’s probably the best giveaway I’ve EVER done. SUPER PUMPED!

UPDATE: Guess what? Just got the go ahead to give a discount on NUTTZO! 50% the original Nuttzo till the 17th!! Use coupon code  CotterCrunch42 at checkout.

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  1. excited about the giveaway! Love the photos looks like fun times! Congrats on the run.

  2. Glad you could rest and get away from work for a little while this weekend!
    And I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I LOVE the look of your new header.

  3. Yay for just enjoying the weekend! And those muffins look so good. I need to bookmark this – Jason really likes muffins and I never think to make them.

  4. What scrumptious looking muffins! Happy Sunday :)

  5. So this recipe looks even better than I’d imagined. Cream cheese and chocolate Nuttzo?! I need to get my hand on that flavor. Stat.

  6. Glad you took time off to enjoy! Now I want to enjoy one of those muffins. Yum!

  7. Glad you’re having a relaxing weekend! They should allow doctors to prescribe that as sometimes I think that’s the best cure for almost any ailment! My current Sunday sweetness if lounging in my pajamas…still (it’s 12:40 P.M.).

  8. I love that you are counting your runs in minutes run, not miles. It’s refreshing to read :) Because ultimately, that’s what you need, right? To get accustomed to running longer, no matter the miles racked up. I try to switch my focus that way too, especially now, as I try to get adjusted to running longer as I eke along post ITBS 😉 So I love that, and congrats friend, nice nice run!!
    And I SO SO want to jump through the screen into those muffins. hi, PMS cure-all!!! 😉 happy weekend friend!

  9. I LOVE that you didn’t do much in the way of work this weekend. I think you’ll be proud to know that I did LESS this weekend than I ever have. The blizzard helped matters, but STILL, that counts right??

  10. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Can’t wait to read about the giveaway!

    P.S. My husband says Estrella Damm Daura is a great beer that is gluten-free. :)

  11. Those look delish even though I am not a peppermint person… Good thing I don’t have all the ingredients at home! 😉 I so have to see how much the brown jar of Nuttzo is at Whole Foods – I so wish that stuff was less expensive on this budget over here. I love it! :)

  12. OOh those look SOO GOOD!!! I now have to try Nuttzo since I keep hearing how awesome it is LOL! And obviously I’m obsessed w/ nut butters in general. No snow here in VA thank God but I am praying for other friends of mine who got tons of snow for them to be warm & safe. Happy Sunday friend! 😀

  13. Major yum to those muffins! I wonder if they can be made without eggs….hmm;)
    I’m glad you took the whole weekend off working!! (well almost ha) it’s nice to get in a goo break sometimes, right! We all need that downtime.

  14. A super big giveaway??? My interest is peaked! Also, I will be making these muffins today. Don’t have any Nuttzo yet :(, so I’ll go with some Justin’s for now. And now there’s another restaurant I need to visit in Austin!

    • justin’s will work too! but look above now, just posted a 50% off discount for nuttzo! WHOOP!

      and the giveaway… it starts with B ends with D and is not a food!

  15. Wait. What?! No, it can’t be. Can it???? (Insert squeal!!) Yikes!! Fingers and toes crossed!!!

    And I am SO on that discount right now. You are quite the bearer of good news today!!!!

  16. Starts with a B and ends with a D? Am I stupid? Guess I’ll have to be patient…..not my strong suit.

    These muffins look awesome. I wish Nuttzo weren’t so expensive. Even at 50% off, I’m on a tight budget these days. Saving up for a new computer since mine isn’t happy right now.

  17. sound amazing!!! anything with chocolate and mint is a win-win combo

  18. Woo-hoo. So making these tomorrow! Mint chocolate one of my favorite combos. Thanks for posting the recipe. My Sunday sweetness involved lunch with my mom at one of our favorite restaurants. We split the cast iron cookie dessert. Sweet indeed. :)

  19. I’ve been meaning to tell you I love the new look on the blog – sorry for delay! and my absence!
    This recipe is awesome! mint chocolate yum!

    I can’t wait for the giveaway tomorrow.
    Also one of the best beers I’ve had recently happens to be gluten free Celia Saison by The Alchemist Brewery

  20. Love the weekend fun and you know the long run makes me especially happy. What makes me even happier is that you are 20lbs healthier :) You are going to rock the Zooma run! I’ve got a 30km race in March so this is good b/c I’ll be needing the motivation to get out and run in the 2ft of snow we just got dumped with!! 😉 happy sunday friend.

  21. My Sunday sweetness was oats in a jar with big blueberries and strawberries! The perfect way to start my redunkulous productive Sunday…This is a great discount and I’m totally going to use it. THANKS! XOXO

  22. The muffin looks so good! I need to get myself some of that nuttzo!

  23. So excited about the discount!!! Forgot to say congrats on your running!

  24. OH, only on original though & not the other flavors – still good but just checking….

  25. No Sunday sweetness for me… I got in a car accident! :(

  26. LOVE this recipe and your blog. Can you pin this recipes to Pinterest? I would love to have it so I can refer to it many times in the future. I tried, but it would not work. Thanks!

  27. I actually survived my stupid idea to run a half marathon while still a little sick. Stupid, although I did finish the distance and I’m sure I would have quit earlier had I just been running. :) You should have seen the “hill” they wanted me to run up at the halfway point!

  28. Everything on this post made me SO happy to read! I’m glad you are doing well, running long because you enjoy it, and doing it at a healthy weight! Your post are always an inspiration and help me on my tough days.

  29. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying long runs again, Lindsay! Following you over the past two years has been truly inspiring, and your story is a testament to the fact that rest and nourishment (both physical and emotional) are the keys to reclaiming our health! I’m excited for you to run the Zooma half–I’ll be cheering!! <3

  30. Good job on the long run!!! Sounds like a nice weekend!!!

  31. Suh-weet! Happy belated birthday, bro:)

    Glad you’re running up a storm, whoop!

    After running around all day Saturday, I piled up with the mens and relaxed. Ahhh.

  32. Mmmmm, I’m a muffin monster for sure! :) Thanks for the recipe.

  33. Oh My Goodness… um 50% off??!! I just went to their site & guess what.. they DO ship here to our APO address! Amazing right?? :) && I can hardly wait for this giveaway!

  34. I can’t wait to make those muffins.

    Started my first batch of kombucha yesterday. I hope it works. I am scared my pantry isn’t warm enough this time of year!

  35. Whoa! 50% is awesome! Thanks :) I’m excited about what this giveaway is too…. I have chocolate mint protein powder- I wonder how that would work as an alternate ingredient?
    I love breweries – they are my favorite place to eat/drink/be merry. Congrats on your great run – Zooma will be a blast!

  36. You know, I’ve never tried Nuttzo? I feel like somethings missing from my life now. These look amazing! Congrats on the run! I’m so happy for you!

  37. Love your weekend! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and love your nutzo recipe too :)

  38. Had to read the first few lines over cuz at first I thought I read that you ran 80 miles haha! Need more coffee!! Glad you had a good wknd!

  39. Sounds like a great weekend. Way to go on the long run! I ran my longest run for the last 2 weeks of 8.5 miles, since I’m working on recovering from my calf injury. I wanted to do more, but am trying to be smart!

  40. Whoa! 50% off Nuttzo is…nutso! haha 😛
    Nice job on the run, and glad to hear you took some time off of work this weekend :)

  41. Looks like you had a great weekend friend! Sometimes it is best not to work and just live… right??

  42. Congrats on your long run!! I was just talking to Tricia this weekend about that Zooma run… really considering it, but it’s also my hubby’s birthday… we’ll see.
    Love that your muffins are for two, not twelve. I need to cut recipes down like that more often… not everything stores well in the freezer. Looks delish!

  43. Family time, good food, a good run and a delicious-looking recipe…thanks for sharing! Would love to try some Nuttzo – heard such great things! Also pumped for this giveaway…wonder what it could be?! 😀

  44. Yay for long runs and kombucha cocktails!!!

    I am so jealous of all this Nuttzo everywhere. I have yet to taste it. Good thing I have so much Nutty Butter. :)


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