More Tips for Kombucha Brewing and a Kombucha Kamp Giveaway

Okay here we go! Another Kombucha post. But this one will definitely benefit you, promise! Stay with me here.

So remember how I’ve professed my love for Kombucha and it’s health benefits in this post? And how I shared the Scoby making tutorial and Brewing process? Well if you didn’t, it’s okay, you’ll get it all again today, in a nutshell.


I started brewing kombucha for many health reasons, and I have the Kombucha Mama (Hannah) from Kombucha Kamp to thank. I “met” her way back in 2008 and she has been my go to resource ever since. Her site has really taken off and she now offers Kombucha Brewing Kits, Scoby, Kefir grains, classes, eBooks on Kombucha, recipes for brewing, and more! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!

kombucha kamp ebook

Well when she heard that my scoby passed away (okay I accidently left the top off the jar), she generously sent me one of her scobies and starter brew so that I could keep brewing.

photo 2

I’m in the process of brewing again now, only 4 more days till it’s ready to flavor!

photo 3

homemade kombucha

So today I get to share the love and giveaway a $25 gift card to Kombucha Kamp. this means you can buy a scoby and starter tea yourself. Or if you already have a scoby, you can check out all the other fermented foods and accessories to buy on her site!!

photo 1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to ALL!!!

UPDATED–> There will be 2 WINNERS!! each get $25 to Kombucha Kamp

Okay, now that you know about the Kombucha giveaway, here are a few kombucha scoby rules and recipe from Kombucha Kamp. Save them! You’ll need them!

golden rules of brewing kombucha

One of my favorite flavoring recipes from Hannah!

ginger lime kombucha brew

Ginger Lime Kombucha Tea Recipe via Kombucha Kamp

Ginger is perhaps Kombucha’s best friend, producing delicious fizz and flavor. Citrus pairs well with Kombucha, though in small amounts. These instructions call for flavoring after the brew.

  • 5-6 teaspoons green tea/reusable tea bag
  • 1.25 cups evaporated cane juice

for later:

  • fresh squeezed lime juice
  • fresh ginger slices

Do a shorter steep with these green tea bags, 3-5 minutes. Brew only 6-7 days, decant into bottles already flavored with ginger (to taste) and lime juice (no more than 1/2 ounce per 16 ounce bottle) and allow to second ferment for 3-5 days, burping each day to prevent explosions. Once desired fizz is achieved, move to fridge.

And just for kicks, here’s a great article on the benefits of Kombucha for Athletes. You’ll want to read it if you’ve been injured or have joint problems, trust me!

Cheers to Brewing!


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  1. I so need this! My first batch didn’t work out well I think mainly because I struggled with my dehydrated scoby :-( I’d love to try again though! Oh and I just finished off a glass of my favorite Trilogy kombucha :-)

  2. My favorite is Trilogy. You are bent on getting me to make my own Kombucha, aren’t you?

  3. I love GT Daves botanical line. The one with Lavendar is wonderful! I haven’t made my own,yet, but love kimchi !

  4. I am a kimchi addict!

  5. It’s hard to choose a favorite since there are SO many to choose from since I’ve moved but I do love almost every flavor of Reed’s!

  6. I love GT’s Trilogy. I think that you got me hooked on it? Pretty sure of it. I’m a little scared to brew my own but maybe this is just what I need!

  7. I LOVE Kombucha (ginger!) and sauerkraut!

  8. This is such a great giveaway! I love Kombucha, Citrus flavored is my fave :)

  9. Believe it or not I tried Kombucha for the first time the other day, so I don’t have a favorite flavor. I’m not even sure what flavor (or brand) that I had :-)

  10. Never thought of making this myself!

  11. I haven’t tried Kombucha…yet. My favorite fermented is Ferments Raw Cultured Veggies. Especially the dill.

  12. I didnt even know what Kombucha was a few months ago, and now I can feel you sucking me in to trying it very soon! You are a talented lady….and very persuasive 😛

  13. I love anything fermented – kombucha, kraut, kimchi, other veggies, wine, beer, kefir….I just love it all!!

    And my SCOBY is DEAD! I tried to brew more kombucha after your last post, but no dice.

  14. Christine Gebler says:


  15. i loooove fermented food! as a korean, kimchi is my favorite!! but i also love drinking kombucha and eating greek yogurt :)

  16. I have still never tried. One of these days I’ll get brave.

  17. Someone gave me a scoby but I was too scared to actually brew kombucha! That said, I wish I had! I love kombucha, but it’s too expensive to drink regularly without brewing your own!

  18. I need to lose my kombucha virginity and need some help to do so. Looking forward to learning a lot. Thanks for the great post.

  19. I love sauerkraut and ginger kombucha. I really want to start making my own!

  20. You know I’ve been dying to make my own!! I love me so goji kombucha and some ginger kombucha!

  21. So.. I made it as far as buying a bottle of Raw Kombucha.. and there it sits in the fridge. I really want to try this! Just have to make the time and effort to do it!

    Thanks again for the reminder, and excited about the giveaawy!

  22. why are are scoby and kombucha such fun words to say out loud? lol

  23. Could you bring me some please? I’ve still not tried it. Kind of scared LOL.

  24. you are so inspiring, missy. i really want to make my own kombucha and i am promising myself that i will do so this summer once i am out of school and have the time to focus on it and am in my own place :) thanks for sharing all of your kombucha knowledge <3

  25. my kombucha (1st ever) is brewing right now..its almost been a week, i am looking for different ideas for flavoring, do you have any recommendations? ginger sounds great, i will probably do that.

  26. Happy to enter this giveaway…This is one of those things I’ve always wanted to do and have just never started…and why not?! Sheesh…Maybe a giveaway will help get me on board because I do love the stuff and want those good health benefits! You rock, Linds.

  27. I have yet to try Kombucha but am very intrigued by it! Does wine count as a favorite fermented food? :)

  28. My favorite fermented food is sauerkraut, but I keep saying I’m going to try making Kombucha. Fun giveaway!

  29. Love kombucha but still scared to make it … although your posts make me a little bit less scared :). Also love sauerkraut as a fermented food!

  30. Ok, that’s a hard question. I love GT’s Strawberry Serenity, Kickin’ Kombucha’s Blueberry Mojito, and Buddha’s Brew Peach Mint. (I’m an equal opportunity kombucha lover.) I REALLY want to try GT’s Classic kombuchas! And I also love Farmhouse Culture’s kraut. And wine. Duh. 😉 BEST fermented drink!

  31. Someday I will try this. I’ve never even drank kombucha. :)

  32. girl we love our homemade kombucha thanks to you :) scoby still going strong!!

  33. Gingerade is my favorite!

  34. This is so cool. I’ve only had it a few times but liked it. I drink my unfiltered apple cider vinegar everyday- love the sour tang.

  35. Kanoelani says:

    Woohoo!! Love Kombucha you know this friend! But to brew my own would be so cool! I know someone locally that makes it that I buy from now but would be so cool to make my own. Love this :-)

  36. I have never had Kombucha but now I really want to.

  37. i love a refreshing mango flavored kombucha!

  38. Stacey S. says:

    I would love to try to make my own! My fave fermented food would have to be sauerkraut at the moment – and it took me FOREVER to try it!

  39. Kristen B says:

    I love kombucha but have not been brave enough to try making my own. Love the e-book!!!

  40. I love Synergy Kombucha – trilogy and ginger-berry are my favorites!

  41. My favorite Kombucha drink is the blueberry, but ginger comes in at a close second.

  42. Fantastic flavoring idea! I love ginger in my kombucha but I’ve been struggling to get the taste right. I’ve had pretty good success with my dehydrated SCOBY though it took forever to get started!

  43. I like the GT brand.

  44. I like the GT brand the most.

  45. I adore Kombucha as well, my sister was the one who first got me started and I cannot wait to start making my own eventually. The adding flavour part has me all confused – but I am sure it much easier than I expect! But for now I am sipping GT Kombucha.. gingerade all the way.

  46. My favorite is lemon raspberry kombucha!

  47. Karin Fillhart says:

    I have some questions about making kombucha. I’ve been using at active scoby for a few years now, and lately my drink hasn’t tasted too good and has lost it’s fizz. I put in raisins, but it hasn’t helped. I’m not sure – as the scoby grows – which parts are old and need to be discarded. That may be a problem in getting a good batch also, allowing the older scobys to remain in the mix.


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