Fitness Friday: Traveler’s Circuit


This poster pretty much sums up the last 24 hours of our travel. We just finished driving from the South Island to the very tip of the North Island into Tauranga (Bay of Plenty). The journey was rather “unique” you might say. Thirteen hours in the car, one mother in law in the back, and a delayed 4-5 hour ferry ride across the Marlborough sounds.



But we made it! We got in around 1am after leaving Christchurch at 7:30am. Actually, I am pretty amazed we made it in our little Honda. The hubs is a trooper for driving a stick shift through all the winding roads and hills, especially in the dark and raining. Yes, I was a bit nervous at that point!

Here’s a quick look at our adventure summed up in a 1 minute video.

Anyway, today is a new day and my legs were in need of some circulation after sitting in the car for 15 hours.  Ever have a case of Traveler’s legs? I do! I’ve got the worst circulation in the world, even with compression socks. In order to get some blood flow to my legs, I ventured out on the roads with a Travelers Circuit.

Traveler’s Circuit

Warm up with 1 minute of Sun Salutations

light jog for 1 minute

Faster run for 1 minute

walking lunges for 1 minute

Dive-bomber pushups for 1 minute

repeat 8x

Cool down with 1 minute Sun Salutations

Simple enough, yes! Works out the kinks? YES!!

Okay, I need a big time sleep now.

What’s your go to workout post Road Trip?




12/23 Earthquake Update: As you can see, we are very fortunate to have just missed the  6.0 Earthquake in Christchurch yesterday.  I am pretty sure God had an angel watching over us. Some damage, no state of emergency though. Just a lot of people a bit shookin up again, including some of our family. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for the heart and soul of Christchurch.

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  1. great video!! that was a long day of travel!! that’s some pretty good dedication to top it off with a workout and not a nap and glass of wine! Scary about the earthquake, glad everyone is OK. Let’s hope that is the last of it for a good long while.

  2. I’m still so amazed that you missed that earthquake by one day. God works in such incredible ways. Love you!

  3. I might do this when I’m at my in-laws (a mere 3 /12 hour drive) over the holidays…what a long journey you had! I’m glad the earthquake didn’t get you guys…sending love and holiday wishes your way.

  4. I am SO grateful you guys missed the earthquake too, but sending love and prayers and hope nobody was hurt.

    Wow that is a long and fun drive, haha! Maybe some wine for you?

    Happy Holidays! xoxo <3

  5. Oh my word I’m so thankful yall missed that quake! God sure works in mysterious ways, hope no one was majorly hurt. Sending prayers for them asap!

  6. Oh man, I had no idea there was another earthquake. God was certainly watching over you and your family!! The pictures and video are gorgeous, looks like the trip was worth it :)

  7. Wow – so glad you weren’t there for the earthquake and that everyone is safe! 15 hours in the car doesn’t sound fun either – I have 10 hours to “look forward” to tomorrow, ick. Love the circuit workout you did after that trip. I’m thinking a short run may be what I’ll be craving after tomorrow.

  8. So grateful that you missed the quake… it brings back memories of the 6.7 quake we had in 1994 (Northridge, CA). It was so scary!
    Sending prayers to the people that experienced the most recent earthquake!

  9. Oh my goodness, I’m glad you all are ok! I’m thinking about all that are suffering from this.

    I’m glad you made it to the destination. Sounds like an interesting trip. I always need to get moving after a trip like that. Walking is my go to workout after riding for any length of time. Enjoy your stay!xoxo

    • I know i know, my heart aches for this little town. So thankful everyone is okay!

      Thank you for checking in. Hope you are the boys are having a good holiday! Sorry I just missed your FB message. Bad reception here.

  10. Oooooo my goodness…the big guy was sure watching over you and set the plan for you to be out of town during that craziness. WOW! I love reading how things fall into place perfectly. I feel sad for the whole being of Christchurch, but soooo happy to hear you guys are ok :)

    What a fun and LONG day you guys had! I love hearing it was a good time!


  11. I had no clue there was another earthquake. Glad y’all missed it but thinking of the others!
    The video was fun and that second picture is amazing! So pretty there!

    I need to make you a new video :)

    Miss you <3

  12. love the looks of your workout! and i’m so glad you guys are safe from the earthquake. you’re right, God was watching over you!

  13. I’m glad to hear you guys are safe and sound<3

    The Hubs is a trooper for driving stick! Wowza!

    Awesome circuit Mrs. Cotter 😉 you are so creative!

  14. Have a great trip/ vacation/ holiday. Sounds like you are in a beautiful location with family, what more could you ask for.

  15. Glad you made it to your destination safely!!

    Definitely praying for Christchurch!

  16. You do have angels!

    And wow…NZ is SO beautiful.
    Merry Christmas!

  17. I’m sad the earthquake occurred, but I’m happy it missed you.

    I’d be soooo carsick on those roads. Bleh

  18. Im getting my news from you. Hadn’t heard about the earthquake. Crazy.
    Those roads I know them well & feel for you in a stick drive car.

  19. So glad y’all made it safely, and sending my prayers to those affected by the earthquake. Thankful there’s no state of emergency this time. I miss you, and thinking about you all the time!

  20. So glad that you guys were alright! That is a long road trip, I bet the workout felt fantastic the next day for a nice way to stretch out!

  21. I honestly usually plan a rest day when going on road trips! The trips usually involve getting up way too early, my body is already tired, and sometimes I just go with the flow and take a long nap…hey it’s usually vacation, so why not? 😉 Happy Friday! xoxo

    • oh i didn’t do this after we drove, haha i would be useless. Just got up the next day and did it. And still, my legs felt like led. haha. Speaking of naps, i might need one now.

  22. Love road trips – and love Tauranga, it’s so pretty there! I love walking aruond the Mount, and the beach is beautiful :-) Soooooo so glad you were out of ChCh when the earthquakes struck today – thank goodness, they were big ones! <3 Much love and merry christmas! xyx

  23. as usualy, those pictures are amazing and that workout is going in my “workout” folder … increasingly being populated by workouts from you! :)
    my post road-trip workout depends on if i’m coming home or arriving at a destination: if it’s home then my workout involves unpacking and nosedive into bed. if it’s destination then my workout is a long walk and sight seeing! :)

  24. I’m so glad you guys are safe! One of my best friends from high school lives in Christchurch and I was so happy to hear that he and his wife are fine. All these earth quakes sure are scary!

  25. I didn’t even know there was another earthquake! So glad it wasn’t too bad and that you and yours are ok.

    Wow, that picture is beautiful! Enjoy your time, after some sleep!

  26. Man, someone was watching over BOTH of us… we just made it out (quite weird as it’s the 3rd time we have missed a big quake by a whisker) So lucky for us, as they closed the airport too, so we may have been stuck.

    Hooray for arriving in one piece – big car journeys do suck, but once you are there you forget about the long hours of travelling.

    Enjoy up North, I am excited to read about your adventures!

    • friend I am so glad you and misty are ok. How is your family? Hope they are all okay too! thinking of you.

      • Family all OK – just shaken up, ya know? Man, Christchurch has had a bad run…. too much stress for one lil city to take. Right on Xmas too, Mother Nature has really got a thing with her timing. Boo. Glad you guys are safe and well up North – enjoy stable ground x

  27. As soon as I saw the news I immedialtely thought of you! I am so glad you guys were safe!

  28. thank you for the update about the earthquake! glad you guys are okay and love the video……

  29. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Lindsay! :)

  30. Beautiful photos and video! After that long in a car/ferry, all I’d wanna do is walk. Sending prayers!

  31. love the photos and cute video 😉
    we love doing yoga or just doing some push-ups after a road trip to get the blood moving some!
    and Happy Holidays!!

  32. I wish I could print this and bring along with me next time I travel! Love that it ends with Sun Salutations, too 😉

    Glad you guys made it safely!!

  33. Ouch, that’s a long time in a car. I always want to get moving after sitting for so long. Typically it’s either a walk on the beach (because if we’re driving for a long time it’s usually vacay to the beach) or a run. Merry Christmas!

  34. I’m glad to hear you are safe and sound! It’s such a shame for all of those people to be shaken up around the holidays. :-( As if they aren’t hectic enough. I’m just glad you’re okay! Merry Christmas Eve :)

    • i know, its terrible. This little town has been through so much already. But they keep getting stronger! Praying for safety for us all. Merry Christmas Lauren.

  35. Hi Lindsay, question for u. I’m underweight and have taken to nightly binging :( (like 1000 cals at 11 pm at night)…i feel lousy (i end up constipated the next day and have severe gas and air trapped in my body) …i only walk daily and i do some pushups and stuff on odd days…i feel awful…i don’t know how to stop…and the day after a binge,,what is a good breakfast (i always end up constipaed and bloated and stuff with these binges)…the next day is so hard…i don’t know how to eat
    i know u r underweight too , but exercising…i’m really confused lindsay and need a set meal plan to follow – its like i feel guilty for anything because I can’t burn it off – but i HAve TO start gaining nOW…this is a terrible situation…let me know if you have ANY help..i’m desperate :(

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