What to Blog about When you Don’t know what to Blog about

Well how’s that for a title? I know half of you are thinking… really? She’s posting about this? And yes, yes I am. But stay with me here.

What do you blog about when you don’t know what to blog about? Some people are very sharp and can throw up a post PRONTO! That’s a gift. They have every right to UTILIZE that gift!

For me, it’s quite simple. I don’t blog. I am not interesting enough to blog everyday. Some day maybe, but not today. Giving myself a day between posts allows some life to happen and conversation to be had, and sometimes, if I am lucky, I can get a post out of that.

But I need a spark. I need a train of thought. I need a wee bit of motivation. Usually this comes from a quote, a devotional, a picture, a feeling, a celebration, etc. You get the picture, right?

Here are a few TOPICS to blog about when you don’t what to blog about. And a little poking fun too!

You could blog about cereal as a topping. Wait no, oatmeal. Hmmm, or maybe yogurt. Froyo? Just kidding. Actually you can blog about cereal, as long as it leads to deliciousness. Did you make your own cereal? Are you a SERIAL CEREAL eater. Haha. My picture below is actually my cereal this morning. And yes, I added rum raisin dough ball toppings to it.

dough balls

You could blog about your favorite ways to relax? Yes, I am drooling here.


You could blog about how to get a man. HA! I just wanted to throw that picture in there.


You could blog about the weather or how awesome your hair looks after a run. I’m going for the beehive look here.


Or an even better topic, strangely delicious food combos. Yes, do it. Start a trend. And don’t forget to use the word YUM after each description.

fig jameweird creations

You could talk about Lululemon. How you’ll pay extra for these pricey shirts and pants to give you boobs and a butt. It’s like magic I tell ya! Winking smile


You could also talk about how you are living off eggs, peanut butter, and toast because you spent too much at lulu. Been there, done that. whoops!


Okay okay, but in all seriousness. The number one thing to blog about when you don’t know what to blog about it is YOU! What life YOU’RE living NOW! Not the yesterdays or the tomorrows. The now’s! I bet YOU have at least one blessing to share  right about NOW!


Hope you enjoyed my tips (and sarcasm)!

Got any yourself? And feel free to be funny. It’s FRIDAY!



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  1. Such a fun post! But in all seriousness, if I knew how to get a man, I’d have one. Can someone blog about that? 😉

  2. Oh my. This is me. I blog, but I really am not a blogger/writer. Unlike most, it takes me forever. Ha!

  3. haha. I love the humor in this post…and the meaning in it too. PS – I think your hair does look exceptional after a run.

  4. I don’t stress about it too much. If I don’t have anything to say, why force it, you know? When people force it, it shows. But I also think a lot of people overthink blogging at times. It’s not that they don’t have anything to say, but rather that they aren’t confident in saying it. There’s nothing wrong with that as we all blog for different reasons 😉

    And I’ve never been in a Lululemon store or spent more than $20 on workout pants, but if they gave me an ass and boobs, I’m might live in them for the rest of my life.

    • oh yes, this i know. Because when you do blog, it’s good stuff woman. Refreshing and honest. CONFIDENT. CHeers!

      yes, lulu gave me an ass and boobs. I usually shop at TJmaxx, so i consider this an investment. haha

  5. Bahahahaha … living off eggs and toast because you spent too much at Lulu. That’s my favorite!

  6. I have two of that lulu shirt and those pants. I love that shirt! boooobs.

  7. you crack me up!

  8. Thank you for blogging about the shirts! I need boobs!

  9. Fun post for a Friday! Yes, Lululemon works miracles. I don’t know how, but their products are pure genius. I figured you weren’t blogging as much this week because you were still in the kitchen making all those Healthy Bites from the Black Friday promo! :)

  10. I love this post!! Because with every ‘non’ thing you wrote about, it was a glimpse into your style, your passion and your quirks. I LOVE that pic of ‘how to get a man’ – hot stuff, my friend 😉 And I am embracing random food combos lately too, especially as we clean out the fridge before our trip (I get serious empty fridge anxiety!! LOL! hate it!). I LOVE lulu for the very same reason, awesome butt and boob lift, for sure 😉 worth it!! Happy Friday!

  11. when i don’t have anything to say, i don’t blog! i will never try to meet some quota of posts. quality over quantity for sure! you could always blog about bodily fluids if you’re hard up. people seem to be super interested in that ish lol.

  12. You can blog about how your dog loves to eat things you don’t cook. Like the carpet, phone, socks and shirts 😉

  13. You can blog about anything and it will still be interesting 😉 Sometimes I feel really uninspiring with blogs. Some people write these great, thought-provoking posts. Me? Not so much. But like you said, it’s about “you” (me). So that’s what I write about.

  14. I always envy those that can quick-blog. it takes me FOREVER! Maybe because I procrastinate with pictures… I really dislike photography beyond instagram. Will admitting that get me booted from the blog world?

  15. Surveys. Surveys are a godsend when I don’t know what to blog about. Although sometimes even just answering questions proves to be quite the chore. THe one thing I find that helps when I have writer’s block, though, is drinking more coffee. Get enough of that in me and I’ll come up with anything to talk about.

  16. Haha I love this! And that picture of you and your hubby is adorable. 😉

  17. Um could someone please blog about how to get a man? That would be helpful.

  18. How about ‘5 ways to get cat vomit off the carpet’ or ‘tips for getting your teenager to shower’.

    Just the random things I’m dealing with this morning…
    P.S. I PROMISE not to blog about them!

  19. Hahaha I loveeee this. I can’t post every day either – it takes up so much time!

  20. Ha ha. This is my life. Minus the husband;) I actually get anxiety attacks is I don’t post everyday. So I kind of “force myself” to think of post ideas. Even if they suck…I need to realize it’s not SO important if I post everyday and give myself a break if I need to. And my posts take me SO long, at least 3 hours.

  21. This post was fantastic! Thanks for a good laugh this morning. :)

  22. Such a fun post :) I love the pics haha

  23. haha!! Love this so much! I look very similar when I’m lying down on a beach chair, drool and all. I love all your topics but yes, I want to hear about you!! I could never blog every day. That would be so boring, unless I just posted pictures of Everett’s chubby cheeks.

  24. You are so fun and funny! Thanks for brightening up my rainy day! Truth, I actually love the rain, so this post just made it even better!

  25. Could you please elaborate on the “how to get a man” topic because clearly I am struggling in that area. 😉

    Have an amazing weekend!

  26. But…seriously. Um…could you maybe please write a post on how to get a man? You obvs got mad skillz.
    Cranberries, Brussels, Onions, Apples. Yum. Also not that strange. I’ve done better.
    Oh – and what is that concoction I see up there under the strange combos?

    • Ditto this. The man thing and the food thing. Lunch today: steamed kelp noodles, cabbage, carrots, with crabmeat and cranberry sauce. Delish and gross looking.

      I spy guac and corn tortillas?

      • omg you guys…lol. I was just sitting down with a snack of nori and peanut butter when I checked my email.
        We know what’s up. My brother is like “What the …”

        • this all sounds good to me. Yep, all of it. Gimme gimme. Love the kelp noodl crunch.
          And that concoction above is avocado hummus, cholula, cottage cheese, and red pepper.

  27. Lately I start flipping through magazines when I need an idea, but I love you list of ideas here. :)

  28. I live off of pb and eggs all the time and I don’t shop at Lulu. What does that say about me? Hmmmm…..

    I post 3-4 times a week and most of them are spur of the moment blogs. I’m sure you’d have never guessed that, right. 😉

  29. I love this! as usual your posts are thought out and fun or inspiring or both :) i especially love the pic of you and James-hawt!

  30. hahaha I freakin’ love you. This post is hilarious and shows your humor and personality which I ADORE. And the true meaning behind the post? Love that too – LIVE your life, blog when you can, but always be true to you. Amen sista.

  31. Haha, hm… I think I’ve blogged about almost every topic mentioned above in some sort of fashion. Such as sitting on the couch in my sweaty Lulu clothes with a beehive bun on the top of my head while eating tomato soup with an egg on top for dinner and cereal for dessert… I guess I’m fresh out of ideas 😛

    P.S. Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. Pancakes. You can never go wrong with pancakes. And your dog.

    And P.S., I think that I could live on PB, eggs, and toast…therefore, I now have an excuse to spend all of my money at lulu!

  33. bwahaha this = one of the MANY reasons I am SO glad we got paired up and I have gotten to know and follow you :) I’m not really a blogger yet…I’m working on it, but I feel like all I ever do is blog on what is going on in my life! haha It’s a life blog =P I’ve yet to walk into Lulu…I’m scared what I will walk out with haha

  34. Ha, you crack me up. Yip, here goes another bowl of my oatmeal…. and another green smoothie…. and another pumpkin recipe 😉

  35. I only bought 1 pair of Wunder Unders yesterday from Lulu! It involved so much strength, but I did it, and walked away being able to afford a night out in NYC tomorrow. BBBAAAHHHH! Happy Friday! xoxo

  36. PS: That picture of you drooling is CLASSIC! I’ve so been there and it is sometimes the BEST nap. It always helps too when it’s on a beach. xoxo

  37. I need me some Lulu so I don’t look like a little boy running around anymore! lol I love your sense of humor and this post. :) Maybe we should join forces and post on how to get a good man… we have 2 of the best!

  38. oh lordy, i’m having this problem, too! i’m too busy to be interesting and too busy to post. but i am enjoying yours so keep them coming! they’re always interesting & uplifting to me!

  39. Love this! We’ve got to focus in now to be happy – and blogging about it makes it contagious!

  40. I am so the same! If I can’t think of something to write, I generally don’t write anything. Love the note about Lulu perking you up and trimming you down in all the right places – so true! And adjusting the grocery budget afterward = also true. 😉

    I’m in the mood for you, Lindsay! I hope you have a great weekend – you’ve been working hard in the kitchen from what I can see! Way to go and relax and recharge this weekend. Lots of love from the Great White North! :)

  41. Its funny because I think I have never once not had something to blog about but other stuff gets in the way. Time, energy, focus, fear that no one cares (that one I am still working on letting go of)…I love your suggestions though. And I totally think you are interesting enough to post every day!

  42. fruityrunner says:

    I need some Lululemon in my life…;-)

  43. That’s the same topic (or lack there of) that I’m stuck on!! And likewise… I just don’t write. (See: 6 month absence.) Love that basic grey Lulu top… it’s my favorite! :)

  44. I’m like you – if I don’t know what to blog about, I usually don’t. That’s why NaBloPoMo was so hard for me – but I did it! I just feel behind on reading other blogs as regularly as I normally do, so I’m happy it’s Dec now!

  45. I always have random post ideas popping into my head. Recipes, experiences, musings, foods I love… Whenever I get an idea, I start a blog post, give it a title that expresses its meaning and save it for a day when I don’t know what to blog about :)

  46. Haha, next time I don’t know what to blog about, I’ll blog about “that one post Lindsay wrote about what to blog about when you don’t know what to blog about”….because, well, this post needs to be shared! Thanks for making me laugh tonight! I think every single healthy living blogger can relate to these topics–especially the serial cereal/oatmeal discussion. ;-p A new brilliant food combination discovery is pretty earth shattering, too. And heavens,peanut butter and Pinkberry are the greatest things God ever created. (I sure think so!). 😉

    The funny thing is, as much as I get tired reading about these topics, there’s part of me that genuinely enjoys the monotony. Maybe it’s because I can completely understand where they’re coming from? My life repeats itself day in and day out, and I guess that repetition is relatable in others’ lives! Hugs <3 xoxo

    • haha yes, so true. And maybe, just maybe, we feel normal overusing the word YUM and EPIC!

      love you friend. Please come visit me on your way home for christmas. haha.

  47. Love this post, Lindsay! I blog about three days per week, and only when I have something to say. I’m not a fan of blogging for the sake of blogging – I like to make sure my posts are useful in some way :)

  48. Love you, my sister. I have found that, especially recently, blog posts have been FLOWING. Amping up my meditation allows for the creativity to present itself and flow baby flow! There are some days when I have no freakin’ idea what to post. Then, I just stop drop and meditate. If nothing comes, nothing is posted. 😉 Ha!


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