What I’m (fairly) Certain of Wednesday

Can I do that? Can I do a spin off WIAW? I think so. I know Jen won’t mind. She’s cool like that. Plus I need to release (share) some thoughts and it just so happens that I have a few recent food pics to go along with it.


I am fairly certain, yes I say fairly because there is a 1% chance I might be wrong on a few of these things, but 99% of the time I a right and it feels good. Winking smile

I am fairly certain that I am behind on a lot of life things (work, laundry, emails, etc). But then again, who is ever ahead? Well besides the  the overachievers. We all know I am not one of those. Ha! I am what you call a “just right” achiever. ONE DAY and ONE WAVE AT A TIME! Amen.


I’m fairly certain that frozen lifeway Kefir is even better when it’s cold out and you drizzle warmed molasses over it with a bit of fruit and GF Love Grown Foods Granola.

kefir 2kefir

I’m fairly certain that 35F is not cold to many people. But when there is a windshield of 23F and it’s drizzling, it’s flipping cold. And I am fairly certain I am a badass for running it. Plus I ran here (picture on right), which makes me even COOLER (pun intended)


I’m fairly certain that we could live off homemade breakfast tacos and my new go to snacks (Grain free Cheesecake Protein Poppers). I made these last week and posted it here.


I’m fairly certain, no wait, I am 100% certain that I am blessed. I know such wonderful people who send me goodie packages. Thank you Kalli for the necklace and thank you Amanda for sending me some David’s Tea. I finally get to try it. YAHOO!


I’m fairly certain that I need these leftovers and a glass of red tonight… okay that I am 100% certain. Happy Wine Wednesday. Winking smile

wine-persimmon and sage sausage bread pudding

What are you fairly certain of today?




Just wanted to share that the Livewell360 Bags (the core and the luxx bags) are 10% off this week. I’m going to do a complete VLOG review tomorrow but couldn’t wait to share the discount. Just click here and type in the code AMB10 at checkout.



A life update should be coming soon as well. You know, health, racing, injuries, etc. Oh goodness, yes.

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  1. 35 is FREEZING!!!! especially when the windchilll is that low – ugh i hate cold weather! can’t wait to watch your vlog – that bag looks super cute!

    35 and all :-)


    Love u

  4. You won’t catch me out running in that weather! My poor Florida blood will freeze in my body. You’re definitely the coolest for running in it. I am certain that this week I (even though I already hoped) learned that I have amazing friends IRL and in the blog-o-sphere.

  5. You are a total badass for running in those temps (and for more than that, but we will just start there)! I’m 100% certain that today is hump day and it’s gonna give me a run for my money, but I am 100% certain that I will get through it and be better for it! Bring it Wednesday! I can take it!

  6. YES! To all points…

    35 is cold and you are, most certainly, a badass for running in it! It’s been chilly here too and I’ve been toughing it out and running. [internet high five for us!]

    I could live on all tacos… Breakfast tacos are SO GOOD!

    I’m laying off the wine for a couple weeks (so sad) so enjoy a glass for me tonight :)

  7. I’m fairly certain I’ve lost my mind – I actually enjoyed running Monday in the 18 degree windchill LOL. I would have run yesterday had the roads not actually been icy. But I was tempted I won’t lie. And I’m fairly certain you’re more of an overachiever than you think. Emails and laundry…those things don’t count 😉

  8. I am definitely certain that I will be on my treadmill running while watching Bachelor and Biggest Loser that I DVR’d! 35 IS cold to me and you are BADASS for running in that kind of weather!

  9. Love the scripture! And that necklace. And the wine. haha

  10. I’m fairly certain that I managed to fend off the flu bug that was trying to get me. And now that I said that, I’m fairly certain that it’s going to hit me hard 😆

  11. Yes, wine Wednesdays are a fantastic certainty. :) And that specific Pinot Noir is a good one! Enjoy!

  12. I’m fairly certain I like reading your blog! And, even though its 4 degrees where I’m at I think you’re a badass for running in the cold!

  13. I’m fairly certain that it is STILL rainy & chilly here HAHA!! Me no likey LOL! I’m also 100% certain like you that I AM BLESSED!! I quit my job last Friday & start the new one Feb 1st so I’m fairly certain I’m excited about that! I’m also fairly certain that school is going well & I INHALED the Healthy Bites you sent me HAHAH!! SO GOOD! <3

  14. You are such an adorable texan. “windshield”. :) (wind chill). 35° is lovely here at this time of year (which it was yesterday … and 55° on friday … but it’s supposed to be 3° !!! on Monday … eeee).

    Also, frozen kefir is DA BOMB.

    Have a great day, and hope you catch up on stuff, Lindsay! XOXO

  15. One wave at a time, amen! Great passage today.

    Livewell360 Bags are amazefest and their site has a fantastic blog. Looking forward to your thoughts!

  16. #1 I love your spin-offs
    #2 I am absolutely certain you are a bad ass
    #3 I can’t wait until red wine sounds good again

  17. I am fairly certain that love is in the air for me today…and every day :)

  18. I love those bags, I am trying to decide if I want one of those or one from Lulu for my birthday. Especially since I am doing more yoga now.

  19. Can’t wait for your life update :-) I am fairly certain you are awesome, just saying. And that you make the best little combos to try and that I am fairly certain I need to try some soon! Thank you for running in the cold for me, I felt every bit of that run 😉 XO

  20. i’m fairly certain I’d love to be running in 35 right now b/c I’m fairly certain I hate winter right now! 😉 I’m fairly certain that I love Wine Wednesdays too!

  21. Do you know where she got the necklace? I love it! I went to her blog but couldn’t find any information on it.

  22. I am 100% certain that tonight is most definitely a winesday mid-week date night in kind of night. It’s snowy and cold and wine plus snuggles with Scott makes everything so much warmer :)

    PS. Your breakfast tacos look deeelish. I want them right now. hehe

  23. I’m fairly certain that I want to eat those breakfast tacos. When you come over to borrow my hulk gloves, let’s have those and chat about life updates. Oh ya, bring one of those bags for wifey. Every sherpa should have one.

  24. Definitely BA for running in the cold! I bet the crisp weather did feel good and refreshing though!
    I’m fairly certain I’m enjoying our above freezing temps this week! It’s fantastic.
    Looking forward to reading the life update. I really hope things are going well!

  25. wow i am a total chicken, i won’t run outside if it’s <40! you go! i love that frozen plain kefir! i had it 2 yrs ago down south and we just recently go it up here? weird. our whole foods doesn't even carry it! i go to giant eagle up here to fetch it when the craving hits!

    i am fairly certain that i will abandon this DIY juice cleanse i started today oh….by tomorrow afternoon haha. we'll see how i feel, so far i'm fine! but it's early!

  26. Your yummy food posts always make me think about turning into a cook. Unfortunetely the feeling never lasts. ha! When I move to texas to run with you in the lovely 35 degree weather you will have to cook for me. :)

  27. Lots of great things to be certain about in your life! I don’t know that I’m going to give you freezing status, but colder than what you’re used to, yes. And that does make you badass!

  28. You are totally badass for running when it’s that cold. It’s wine Wednesday? Sign me up!

  29. As a desert dweller (Las Vegas) anything below 60 is frigid to me. Right now, our temps are dropping to 20’s. Will shoot back up to 60+ this weekend.

  30. I am fairly certain that if we were neighbors we would be best’ies, I’m fairly certain my husband will fart when he gets home, I am fairly certain that my kids will make me laugh, I am fairly certain that they will make me want to lock myself in the bathroom, the only place I can get a moment of peace. I am 100% certain that I am a loyal CC reader.

  31. Pretty certain that when I come to visit it is going to pretty awesome! I’ve woken up the past 2 days kind of icky from the gross weather, but then remember I booked a trip to Austin. Instant smiles! XOXO

  32. I’m normally the kind of person who freaks out when the laundry hamper is full and laundry isn’t being done. I’m slowly breaking away from the ‘overachiever’…. I don’t always remember that it’s okay to take time and relax!

  33. Ohh, I’m excited for you to try the tea! I bet you’ll love it! I’m loving all the eats. I want to come over and eat your food:) Heck yes to wine Wednesday! Sometimes we just need that extra glass during the week!

  34. Wine Wednesday needs to be a thing. A for real thing. A recurring thing.

  35. oh i am so glad you reminded me it is Wine Wednesday….that is a great pinot too :) glad you like your gift and I took loved my healthy bites! sending hugs…..xoxoxo

  36. Let me just say HELL YES to lifeway kefir! It is my true love. So yes, I’m glad you like it too. Yay.

    Oh and a window popped up asking me for a login & password when I typed in my url in the website box but then I clicked the “x” and it disappeared and I can type the comment in fine. But I think it has to do with the comment luv plugin. Just wanted to let ya know!

  37. Purelytwins says:

    We are enjoying wine tonight too

  38. First off, you are gorgeous, girl! And secondly, you are totally awesome for running in that weather! Brrr….

  39. You’re totally a badass! Every time I go out for a cold run (it was 10* the other day!), I feel like one so you’re TOTALLY one! :)

  40. I’m fairly certain I need more of you in my life. :) I miss you!!! I can’t wait for that update. I’m also fairly certain that I am drinking some hot tea and hitting the hay early tonight!

  41. I am fairly certain that you are the most positive and encouraging person I’ve met in blogland!

  42. I’m fairly certain that this morning’s trail run left me needing a shower. I can smell myself…

    I’m fairly certain the house will feel empty today, because our guests just left.

    I’m fairly certain there is coffee in my future. My near future…

    I’m fairly – nope, 100% – certain that this post made me smile.

  43. Wine is always a certain 😉

  44. I’m 100% sure you’re are HARD CORE for running in drizzling rain and 35* – I would have gone to the treadmill for sure.

    And I’m so excited that we get to catch up in person in just over a week. Seriously. I’m so excited. It’s going to be awesome! :)

  45. I’m 100% certain that its’ been way to long since I’ve read your page =( I wish I had an excuse on why, but I just don’t. Please forgive me?? I promise to not let it happen again.

  46. Im 100% certain that reading your blog is good for my mental health!!!!

  47. 35 is COLD for a run for me, too, girl. You get kudos from me for sure!

  48. Love that devotional and I am fairly certain there may be a second glass of that red in order and I am 100% certain that you are indeed a badazz..I’d go ahead and say a crazy badazz for running in that weather, I’d die.

  49. I have the same devotional book, and my sister called me to make sure I read the other day’s devotion because it was so amazing, and it’s the one you have pictured here. Great minds think alike?!


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