Places, Faces, and Races: The Recap

Well, we’re back to the grind and back in Austin after a race weekend in Maine. Like I mentioned Monday, I am extremely grateful for this community and the true friendships I have developed. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to go support my husband this weekend, which means the world to me (and him). It’s this community that has kept us going and DREAMING BIG. So thank you! And thank you again to Jess , Scott, Miguel, and Jolene. We appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. xxoo

Okay, now onto the weekend recap. I broke it down to 3 phases. Places, Faces, and Races. I know, clever aren’t I? But that way you can see it all, sherpa style. I doubt the kiwi cotter will post his own recap about this race, so I’ll do my best to share.


We flew into Boston on Friday, then drove up to Old Orchard Beach, Maine on Saturday for the Sunday REV3 race. Absolutely loved the weather and the gorgeous beaches and scenery. It’s always fun visiting the East Coast because of the history, architecture, and the New England vibe. Oh, and we learned the difference between  southies and and yuppies. Haha.

Old Orchard Beach (Race Venue)





Gosh I love these faces! Since we were staying with Jolene and M (husband), I got to spend a lot of time with Jess too. Friday night we went to Jessica and Scott’s house for pizza. Not only was it homemade (sauce and all), but they made a gluten free one just for me. It was heaven! And of course they had to teach me the wine snob pose.

wine snob

wine friends

Saturday morning (before we left for Maine) I had the privilege of taking Jolene’s Barre 9 class. It was freaking fabulous! She is an amazing instructor and the class was awesome. If you want to know more about Barre 9 classes, read Jolene’s post here. I highly recommend it for cross training conditioning.

Note: Half these pictures are from Jolene’s IG.

After her kick butt class, we packed up for Maine and were on our way. I’ll go more into detail once I get to the race part, let’s finish up the lovely faces first.

So after the race we drove back to Boston and once again were spoiled by Jess and Jolene. This time we had a BBQ at Jolene’s house. Miguel grilled up a ton of veggies, lamb, steak, and chicken,. We all sat in the back yard, sipped on wine and just enjoyed each other’s company. Did I mention these blends are amazing? Ya, they are!


blends jes and jo

We left Monday but I got to sneak in a run with Jolene before I left. So fun to run and enjoy her day to day life with her.


So the race… well, there’s good and bad. First of all, the kiwi hadn’t raced since before he left for his France trip. This was a big deal since we didn’t really know where his fitness was. Of course, I always think he’s fit and super but I’m the wife, I am bias. Haha.

Okay, back to the race. We love REV3 races! They are always so supportive, organized, and very accommodating to athletes. The Maine race was no different. The field was stacked with e pros that were FAST!

Race morning teh kiwi felt ready. Water was perfect, weather was perfect, etc.



James (whoops, I mean kiwi cotter) is usually with the first pack out of the water, but I didn’t see him with the first pack in transition, I knew something was up. Turns out he had stopped to catch his breath before running the 3/10ths of a mile to the transition. Well, that was it, the pack was gone. He played catch up on the bike and rode his fastest bike split, but then received a penalty for drafting when going down hill (refs were pretty strict). So he lost that time and once again lost the pack.


Once he got the run, he felt pretty good. First 2 miles were 5:15 pace and it looked as if he could run his way back up to top 10. Then this happened.


I guess our waterproof blister Band-Aids didn’t hold well. Totally ripped up his heel. OUCH! But he did finish. And we got medical to treat the foot right away. All good now.

This race was a disappointment for him, but it also showed him that he’s got the fitness, just needs to sharpen up his race strategies, etc. Always a work in progress, ya know?

I think the post race mini cheesecake and cappuccino help ease the pain. Okay, well it made it happy for the time being. Winking smile


The next race is a little less than a month away. We’re back home. Working on smart training, budgeting, and moving onward and upward.

Do you have a post race MUST HAVE food?

Cheers and thanks for letting this Sherpa wife ramble!



Pretty sure there are a ton of grammatical errors in this post, but my brain is still in a different time zone and a wee bit slow, so just excuse them, k? Thx!

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  1. Even though he was disappointed – RESPECT for everyone who does this race!!! SO strong.
    And I LOVE the views and the pics with the blends! Beautiful!
    I stopped racing (running) for the most party, but whenever I ran a half marathon, I wanted pizza for dinner. Hmmmm.

  2. Ouch is right! That heel… a champ in my books for finishing strong. I learn the most about myself during not-so-great workouts or losses. Of course it’s not fun when things don’t go according to plan, but it’s how we use these hiccups to better our next plans. Go Kiwi go!

  3. Holy jeepers!! Your poor poor hubby & his ankle. It just screams pain =X

  4. Eeeee that looks super painful! Props to him for finishing with something like that, and props to you for providing the perfect post-race/injury comfort 😉 Loving the onward and upward mentality :)

  5. as always, gorgeous pictures!! (well besides the bloody heel!) i’m not adamant about what i eat post race, mostly just pre race! post race i’m up for anything!

  6. listen.
    I want her hair.
    said it.
    a little embarrassed.
    but I love yer follicles….

  7. Oh that foot- OUCH!! So sorry it wasn’t the race you both wanted. I love your attitude. You pick up and try again! And it sounds like a fantastic weekend with friends!

  8. I loved this post – because I enjoyed all 3 parts, the place, faces and the races!!! So cool that you have such great blog friends (that are now real-life friends).
    Bummer on the blister – looks very painful. Sounds like y’all have a plan for the next race – a little tweaking and then off again – can’t wait to follow along with race season!!

  9. He may have been disappointed but he’s still so impressive to me! And yay for blends!!! I wish i could travel around and visit everyone!

  10. i used to go to old orchard beach every summer growing up when i would visit my aunt in portland! omg miss it so much!

  11. Ahhh…triathlons have so many ways to trip a person up, even a pro like your hubs! I’m sure it was frustrating to him. But lots of good in his speedy bike split, right? The whole trip looked and sounded amazing–you ladies are adorable in your pics!

  12. Ok, ouch is an understatement! So very glad you had this opportunity to hang out with Jess and Jo and meet their men! They are the best aren’t they?

  13. Thanks for the recap. I was eagerly awaiting it. Still sounds like a good race all-in-all, and like any race, it’s good practice for the next one!

    (BTW – love your blends photos!)

  14. Even though the race didn’t necessarily go as planned, I still say kudos to your hubby for finishing and pushing through it! That definitely says a lot about him and his determination!

    And, Old Orchard Beach looks absolutely beautiful! Another place I must visit!

  15. Win or lose, the most important thing from every event it to learn something to take to the next one. (Did I just channel my inner Cheesy Cotter, or what?!)

    My post-event meal: chocolate chip Waffle House waffle topped with #yolkporn. Trashy and delicious.

  16. I’m sorry the race didn’t go so hot but like you said, it is all about making adjustments and learning along the way. The great part is knowing that kiwi cotter’s fitness is there- now it’s just a matter of shaking a few things out and BAM! Podium baby :)

  17. ouch, glad he was able to push through – sorry the race did not go like planned.
    love the wine snob pose :)
    all in all looks like a great time!!!

  18. It was an amazing weekend – even more so than I could have imagined! We fit a LOT in to those days together and I loved having you in class and also running together! That was unforgettable. It was an honor to support you both in a quasi sherpa role (hehe), and share some wine, food and multiple WF trips…as I am now obsessed with icelandic yogurt aka crack. Love you friend, and will always support you both!! And look forward to visiting you sometime soon :) XO

  19. My go-to after the couple races I have ran, or any super hard workout is a burger and fries!

    And I just thought of a random question, that might seem silly but I’ve never biked as a sport before. Do you guys fly his bike to all the races? haha

  20. There’s always good and bad races – but traveling with the hubs was fun I’m sure! I am having a Mickey waffle after the race this weekend #sorrynotsorry

  21. The weekend looks fab. All of the IG updates made me wish I was there. And I think kiwi cotter is an inspiration all the way – the next ones yours!

  22. I love race recaps, I always get nervous?! That’s weird. ahh man, you win some and lose some – so bummed the race didn’t go as planned, but there is always the next one! His heel looks brutal – good thing cheesecake came to the rescue!

  23. I’d much rather come out of a race knowing I physically had it and needed to work on race day stuff than the other way around- so he is definitely on the right track. Not that I have any right to say ANYTHING about a pro-triathlete, because well…they all blow my mind. But me personally…I’d rather know I have the fitness and need to work on fine tuning like you said.

    Post-race for me I love Guinness- the food to go with it depends on the race I guess

  24. haha i also discussed southies and yuppies with the kiwi!! looks like you two had a really amazing time…pizza? wine? barre? and such a small world that jolene and jess know my friend michelle AND that i went to their barre studio for michelles birthday! i was bummed to hear that according to the kiwi he “had a $hit race” but he gave it his all which is something to be proud of.

  25. For some reason post-race or long run I crave red meat. Sorry about the race, glad you had a great time here!

  26. I love you two as a couple and a TEAM! Your support and love for one another makes me smile :)

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t the race you had both hoped for but, with your strength, dedication and incredible attitude, you are both unstoppable xo

    I love a good burger and fries!

  27. I guess the bumps are getting ironed out, at least. It just stinks that they are being ironed out during the races :(. But with each race, he’s one step closer! What a whirlwind weekend. I saw the kiwi’s IG picture of his heel last night…OUCH!! So glad that you had wonderful blends (and cheesecake) to soften the blow xoxo

  28. I love how you guys always find and focus on the positive. Good luck on the next race!

  29. Major kudos to him for finishing that race with that injury. I love that you’re keeping your head up and always finding the positive spin on situations.

  30. grammatical errors?! unacceptable!!! haha, jk. glad to see that the hubs’ fitness is there… I am ready to see him back at the top!!!

    That blister would be enough to get me (and most people) to DNF, ouchie!

  31. Ouch to the heel! Old Orchard Beach is one of my favorite spots – so pretty. Too bad I didn’t know ahead of time that you’d be in my area. Would have loved to meet up!

  32. Despite it not being a GREAT race, it looks like it was a GREAT trip! A blessing that you got to spend time with such pretty faces who took care of both of you emotionally and tummy and wine wise. Post race go to treat is usually something AWESOME, whether a cold beer or something not so healthy. 😉

  33. What a wonderful round up – well except for the foot & the race junk BUT we learn from it – right! James can do better next time by learning from this one. I hope that foot is better – I saw on IG – YIKES!!!!!!

    As I mentions, I was born in MA & hubby’s sis is in Maine so – beautiful country! :) Too bad it was not leaves changing time of year!

    You looked beautiful in all the pics!!!!

  34. Sorry to hear hubs had a tough race. That heel looks painful. I will pray for a big rally for him on this next race.

  35. You are all such beautiful people! Seriously! Gorgeous and you look happy! :) Poor Kiwi’s ankle looks really sore, but good on him for keeping on! It sounds like he knows what he needs to do for the next one, and awesome his fitness is there!

  36. You three ladies could be sisters!

    That looks SO painful! OUCH!!
    Sheesh.. it must really be hard to for you to see him get injured… even the minor ones.

  37. Oh my gosh! His poor foot!

    When I competed, I HAD to have something chocolate and peanut butter. I didn’t really care what it was but it had to be that combo.

  38. Oh man, tough race! Kiwi Cotter is a tough player and there’s always something we learn from the crappy races (although i wish we didn’t have to have them at all!!).


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