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Fuel Bites 

bourbon gingerbread bites 4 (4 of 1)

dried fruit, organic almonds or seeds, organic peanut butter, GF granola or cereal (optional) natural honey, cinnamon. Nutrition : 50;  2.1g FAT 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 13.4mg SODIUM; 6.5g CARB; 1.g FIBER; 3.2g SUGAR; 1.4g PROTEIN

Recovery Bites (Whey  or Vegan Protein)- 

spring sprinkle healthy bites

Ingredients: All Natural Chocolate/Vanilla /Strawberry Whey protein powder ( w/ Stevia), natural almond butter, raw almonds, dried banana, and natural honey.  Nutrition (per bite): : 61 CALORIES; 3.9 FAT, 0.0mg CHOLESTEROL; 3.9mg SODIUM; 77.6mg POTASSIUM; 4.5g CARB; 1.0g FIBER; 3.6g SUGAR;  2.5 g PROTEIN  –> VEGAN protein is extra $2

Vanilla latte or Mocha Bites

coconut vanilla latte bites 3

Ingredients: Natural Peanut butter, GF/dairy free chocolate chips, almond meal or coconut flour, whey protein, 100% cocoa, coffee/espresso, honey, and peanut flour . Nutrition (per bite): 52 CALORIES; 2g FAT ; 0mg CHOLESTEROL; 22 mg SODIUM; 115.0mg POTASSIUM; 6.4g CARB; 0.5g FIBER;  2.8g PROTEIN

Goodie Bites (Cookie Dough or Mint Choc Chip)

orange dark choc. chip

Ingredients: Organic natural peanut butter, gluten-free chocolate chips, vanilla protein, dried goats milk powder (optional), , natural honey. Nutrition (per bite): 45.32 CALORIES; 2g FAT (0.7g sat); .2mg CHOLESTEROL; 15.36mg SODIUM; 41.0mg POTASSIUM; 5.5 CARB; 0.3g FIBER;  3.6 SUGAR; 2g PROTEIN


VARIETY BITES: Pick any combination of flavors, up to 12 per box
PRICE: $6.99 per box (12 to a box)

 CUSTOM BITES: Pick any flavors and/or nutritional stats and we’ll create a personal bite for you.
PRICE: $8.99 per box (12 to a box) 

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