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Let me guess, you just opened your Google Reader on this lovely Monday Morning and it’s jammed pack. But that’s a good thing. Means your blog friends (aka “blends”) were out living life. And when I say living life I mean cooking, eating, training, and so forth. Winking smile My reader is always packed Monday mornings. But it’s well worth the overload.

It’s worth the read to hear about how Jess and Jolene ACED their Barre9 instructor certifications.



It’s worth hearing about how Kalli and Kristen NAILED great running goals.

It’s worth reading how Lindsay LOVES her the blog friends.

It’s worth reading (and seeing) how the TWINS look smoking hot and fit with their new workout moves.

Yep, it’s worth the extra time reading this Monday morning.

You know what else is worth it?

Catching up with friends, family, and old stomping grounds.

I spent extra time this weekend just driving around to certain spots.


While I was there I spent some extra time visiting with a old Blog friend but new REAL life friend. Does that make sense? haha.



And let’s not forget the family and FOOD! I caught up with my nieces, my nephew, my brothers, and my parents.

I decided to to spend a little extra time sharing all the goodies I received while we were gone.

The Chobani went to my nieces and nephews. I think they liked the new flavors. Smile with tongue out


I shared the new larabar Cappuccino flavors with my mom. She’s a sucker for all things coffee.


And I shared the Organic Wine I received from GNC and the Resveratrol Company with my parents and the hubs.

Trust me, that one was hard to share.


But you know what happened, that hadn’t happened in a LONG LONG TIME?

I spent some extra time making a meal for just me! Yep, a rare night to myself. Cooking for one.

Okay reheating GF tamales and steaming rice and veggies isn’t really a lot of cooking, but hey, I’m gonna take the credit anyway.


What did you spend extra time on this weekend?




Remember when I used to share recipes? haha, well that and the healthy bites giveaway will be coming up. This week, I think. Winking smile

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  1. Oh, Lindsay, you sure know how to seize the day! I’m so happy you’re taking extra time to catch up with dear friends and family…It must feel SO good to be home. 😀

    Your nieces and nephews are adorable! Do they live close by? And I have yet to try the new Cappuccino Larabar? Is it a winner?

    I spent extra time slowing down and *enjoying* a weekend filled with sunshine (!!) and good friends. I’ve been very busy with school lately, so taking a break felt pretty wonderful. :-)

  2. Oh your nieces/nephews are GORGEOUS! Love the photos, yoghurty grins.

    You must be so happy to be home, and have TIME to ease on back into life in the States…. bet your Mum (or Mom) missed you a bucket load… Larabars would soften the blow though for sure…. mmmm coffee.

    I spent extra time hanging in the garden this weekend, planting some veggies and (trying) to teach Misty how to water them – HA!

    • It’s been quite hard adjusting back to the states. I am not liking it a lot, besides the wonderful family and friends of course. My nieces and nephews would LOVE MISTY by the way!

      • I can imagine the States being SO hectic compared with the cruisy NZ lifestyle… if it gets too much, jump on a plane and come stay @ Casa Misty on the Gold Coast for awhile :)

  3. thank you for the reminder.


    • It sure is. And i spent extra time trying to get a parking spot there too. LOL! Hello SXSW weekend. But it was good to be there. Did you get extra family time this weekend?

  4. glad you spent some time on yourself :)

    I spent time being silly with old friends this weekend…always good for the soul!

  5. aww thanks for the shout out! love the pics of the kiddos! and sometimes, when my hubby goes out of town i REALLY look forward to cooking just for me :)

  6. Where are you and James living? Are you going back to Wild Basin? Email me!

    • LOL! We are nomads again at the moment. House sitting. Not going back to WB for at least another month. Can’t workout really. Emailing you soon.

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend! We had a bit of a family emergency requiring a last minute trip up to Michigan. Totally turned my weekend plans upside down but am glad everything turned out ok. =) Have a great week

  8. This weekend we had some major family time, because my dad just got back after having been gone for most of the past two weeks!! I spent a little extra time making some homemade bread to go with dinner…..fresh bread is the best! 😀

  9. This post makes me smile. First off, you are such an amazing and supportive friend. And second, I am glad you did something just for you 😉

    • well i loved that comment you made. Such a supportive group. Together we can make our dreams a reality, sounds corny but SO true with this type of community. Love you.

  10. Linds – you HAVE to send those pictures of your nieces and nephews to the chobs company. I’m sure they would feature them on the website. THEY’RE ADORBALE!!!

    p.s. I love your blog just fine sans recipe. Never ever ever feel pressure, m’dear. :) that being said, can’t wait to see what HB concoction you’ve whipped up now! Speaking of which, did the e-book work out for you?!

    Happy week, lady!

    • yes, they sent me the flavors when i was gone and I let my nieces and nephews try them. SO stinking cute! I sent the pics to them. Who could pass up those faces?? They make my heart melt.
      As for the eBook, ya… have yet to download it. haha. I just email it to people. But I will get to it. Someday! You were so awesome for helping.

      You know you just made my monday. I love hear from my PB JENNY! XOXO

  11. awww!! I love this!! You are so supportive, and you are so willing to go the extra mile to show how much you care and support. this post gave me a huge grin on my face and has made my Monday!! Thank you for the shout-out and I love everything about this post!! It’s awesome. I LOVE making a meal just for me sometimes too!! I have one of those planned this week as well!

  12. Had a mostly wonderful weekend, very unplugged from the online world, which was great! =) So glad you were able to catch up with so many friends and family this weekend, sounds like a wonderful time.

  13. And it’s worth it to hear you spent done awesome QT with family and friends 😉

  14. Aw, looks like you have had a great homecoming!!!
    I am spending extra time making a meal FOR ME tonight, because the husband won’t be home. And that almost always means my favorite: Breakfast for dinner. Right now I’m just trying to decide if I want eggs or pancakes or french toast… or all of the above.

  15. Feel free to send some Larabars my way when you have too many! 😉 I want to get my hands on the Cappucino flavor.

  16. Your neices and nephew are super cute!! love the smiles! so glad that you are back in Austin and got a chance to visit and catch up with everyone! :)

  17. Oh Linds…… so lgad you got ot spend some time catching up and visiting your friends and family. I so wished we lived closer. And man, you are nice with all your sharing. All those goodies would’ve been hard for me to give up. Ha ha.
    Hope your week is off to a great start. :)

  18. Cutest nieces and nephew Lindsay, those eyes!
    This weekend I spent extra time reuniting with friends after a week away, taking photos, drinking some wine, and soaking in more outdoor time than I’ve had in months. It was nearly perfect.

  19. Right along with you..I was away for an entire WEEK while getting through midterms and spending a busy weekend traveling with family. My reader had hundreds of unread. Looks like you had a very eventful weekend, too!

  20. this is such a great post and so motivating! love the twins post-boy they do look amazing! thank you lindsay for the shout-out too :)
    hope you have a great week!

  21. Aww! LOVE this post! It’s full of love and support and joy — all of the things that I love about you!!! Thank you for the shout-out, you’re the greatest!! xoxo

  22. Linds! Glad you caught up w/ the family and your neices and nephew Are super cute! I love and will read whoever you want to write about :)

  23. Wow!! You are so positive and inspiring … I love it. Way to make it count :)

  24. Sounds like an awesome weekend indeed. I bet it felt so great to catch up with all of your family. How sweet of you to share all of your goodies. :)

    Have an amazing week my friend!

  25. I am so excited for Jessica and Jolene! What an incredible achievement! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I was glad I focused on studying and now I’m ready to finish up. It’s different when you focus on just cooking for yourself. Kind of a strange calmness occurs. I hope you two are getting caught up in a calm manner. Have a great week Lindsay!

    • i know, its a weird feeling too. Like you should be cooking A LOT more food. haha. Hope you are getting some solitude time with NO studying. You are doing gret things sarena. I can see it in your blog and your “voice”

  26. cutest chobaniacs!

  27. So glad you got to spend time catching up with family & friends. Your nieces & nephew are adorable.

  28. Sweet of you to do a shout out to some of your bloggie friends. I do always love hearing about everyone’s weekends come Monday morning! :)

  29. Ah, your post just made me smile! So many great things.
    It does seem like Monday brings a flood of everyone’s great weekend news!
    It always takes me a while to catch up, but I’m always glad I did!

    I spent much of the weekend with friends, and it was wonderful!

  30. i spent so much extra time enjoying the fresh outdoor air!!! it was seriously rejuvenating and i feel refreshed for the week ahead :) your nieces and nephews are ADORABLE!

  31. I spent eight staight hours revising my thesis yesterday – it was painful and at times, I didn’t think I could do it in a day, but completing it was one of the best feelings! A huge weight off my chest and now I have mental space for my other homework!

  32. I spent extra time on fun with friends! Snowshoeing, adventuring, and eating through Vermont. Hard work, good times, and delicious meals. The best of all worlds really :)

  33. I spent some time with my buds celebrating a birthday this weekend. It was lots of fun :-)

  34. i was finally strong/energetic enough to get back in the lane for some laps thsi weekend! seriously it has been months…months! felt so so so good…i love to swim.

    i also got a little more agro with my yoga practice. been having to take things so so so slow and it is such regression from where i once was (sound familiar?) but man, makes you really appreciate what your body CAN do.

    nice to see you back stateside…we need your vibes over here.

  35. What a great post! I need to do a better job of linking my blends! And, you go to meet Erin!! That new Larabar flavor looks delish!

    I haven’t tried the wine yet, but if you approve, it’s got to be good! :)

  36. oh look at those beautiful children…those blue eyes….wow…parents are in trouble…..:)

    this weekend…extra time with…my boys…playing board games
    and a 10 miler for just me

  37. I barely know what day it is these days, and unfortunately my weekend was spent at the hospital, mostly. Jason and I DID get out to tour a few houses, and that is always exciting.

    so happy you got to cook for yourself! 😀 hope you are settling in and adjusting to being home <3

  38. Glad you were out there living your life this past weekend! I think I would have had a harder time parting with my Chobani than the wine though 😉

  39. It’s always a good feeling to shut my computer down on Saturday and not turn it back on until Monday. Now that the weather is getting really nice and a bit warmer, it’s time for some much needed family fun time outside on the weekends!

  40. I spent time on myself and it felt good! I spent time with family, friends, ate way too much food on Saturday night, but it was worth every bite, had some delicious red wine, and just breathed. Plus, I got a ton of work done. Felt good!

  41. Oooo I have to try those cappuccino larabars! I think I will love them :). I spent lots of time enjoying Chris’s company this weekend. It was glorious!

  42. You are such an amazing friend. This post is an amazing highlight to what awesome people we’re surrounded by. Thanks for this beautiful note!

    I’m heading to the FL Keys for my bro’s weekend:) Woop!

  43. seriously since we do most of google reader at night it is always jam packed with all our bloggy friends updates! sometimes it is overwhelming but we do our best to comment on them all :)
    this weekend I did make it out to catch up with some old friends which was just what I needed!! and thanks for the link love and sweet comment you are too kind!!! love ya!

  44. Your nieces and nephews are too cute for words!! Gotta love spending time with the fam! I spent extra time this weekend catching up with husband. He has been crazy busy at work and I’ve been spending a lot of weekends in workshops, so it was nice to actually hang out together! :)

  45. i am so happy that you took the time to cook for yourself and enjoy a meal. you know what makes it so special – that solo dinner looked just as nice as the ones you make for the hubs and yourself. it shows that you took the time to treat yourself right! good for you, friend!

    • it was nice to treat myself a lovely dinner. Felt special. But i wish i could have treated you to dinner. I wish you could have come over to vent all those feelings. I’m a good listener. Hugs!

  46. I spent the whole weekend with family and WITHOUT work! It was glorious.

  47. love it! Tamales sound SO good right now

    We spend the weekend in Luckenbach, which was exactly what I think I needed (although it made me very tired).

    Plus we helped 2 sets of friends with some chores that required Dan’s truck. Nice to help good friends out in need.

  48. Sounds like you spent your time wisely. :) I spent extra time on strengthening friendships.

  49. I’m so glad you’re getting back into your groove : ) Oh how I long to make a nice meal for myself! Maybe I’ll take your lead and do that tonight.


  50. The best “things” I spent extra time on were my 13 year old and husband. Mega pillow fights, pillow caves, launching ourselves into pillow forts on the couch, homemade food, and more.

    That was topped by a trip to the Winter Farmers Market where we were able to purchase local apples, pears, and potatoes. Yep… they’ve already been smoothie-ified and stewed.

    Food and Family, is there anything else better? (Other than packing and cleaning and organizing for a much-longed-for move… Utah!!)

  51. Hon, I just saw your latest post with the pic of you with the hubs…you are lovely in and out, but you are so underweight. Watch out for yourself hon, you risk infertility, ostepenia, being an old woman with brittle bones. Take care!

  52. Aaaahh, I worked the whole week from morning till evening and had almost no time for blog reading. Now I’ve totally lost track! Boo. :( I want to spend my extra time this weekend on going for walks and playing the piano. And finally getting to my own (research and studying) things. Working on the weekends, as always. But not the whole day. 😉

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