Work and Play

So how’d we end up here? Work and play you might say, plus we got an invitation and a place to stay. Gosh we know generous people! We are always amazed at the kindness and thoughtfulness they show. Unreal!

But we are here training and working (a little).

A little bit of swim coaching … pool and ocean



A little bit of nutrition work and healthy snack making…..


Raw fuel cookies anyone?


A little bit of riding……


And of course, a little bit of enjoying….

One of the locals who is training with us (Chris), just happens to be the manager and the sommelier of this divine place.. the Mahogany house. We have been there 3x already, and were spoiled. Okay I was spoiled. Wino at it’s finest here!



So that’s word.

Now, if it would only stop raining. Off to practice my RAIN AWAY dance.

What’s your work and play today?



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  1. Oh boooo on the rain. I’m a fan of working and playing a little more emphasis on the play of course 😉 I got in my work (elliptical) and now I’m off to play (aka sitting butt on beach).

  2. Looks amazing!!
    Have a blast!

    Thanks for the vitamin info. Copied & pasted. Love it.

  3. wow looks and sounds like you and the hubs are having a super productive and fun time! that house looks amazing!

    work = *supposed* to swim tonight
    play = lunch out with former coworkers
    lame – it all sounds so lame!

  4. Awesome! Love the work mixed in with play. Keep on keepin’ on – especially where the wine is concerned, hehe

  5. Sounds like your having an amazing time so far! You guys deserve to enjoy yourself!! Hopefully the rain will clear up soon! Yay for wine! Tonight I’m enjoying wine night with my girlfriends :)

  6. Sounds like FUN! Hope the rain goes away so you can fully enjoy all the island has offer!
    My work today – work (boo)
    My play – either a run or ride and then pack for camping!
    Keep enjoying yourself!! And post more pics. We can live vicariously through you.

  7. Sounds like so much fun! And those raw cookies look delish :)
    I’ll send some of this sun your way, go away rain!!

  8. Yay, hope you have a great time!

  9. Can I work and play with YOU guys?!

    Ahhhh the pool and beach, would be so sweet to be at either right now!


  10. Looks and sounds like a beautiful place. Have a wonderful time!

  11. oh my – that place looks amazing! and what a great getaway to truly enjoy your work!
    my work today – was the elliptical; my play today – hanging out with j at the (almost) end of a long week!

  12. Wowza! looks fabulous!

    Not sure what my play will be today. All I know about so far is the work part :-(

  13. What a life! Looks like a blast so far. Today I played in the grass- slack lining and reading. And my “work” was reading abotu wine and cheeses to prep for a job I landed :) !

  14. Oh I love this opportunity for you!! Sounds like such a great one, God-blessed, and a fun one too! I wish I was there! My work/play today is ran this morning before my flight and now en route home!! Not much work in there 😉 haha.

  15. Work is in place! Kitchen time is calling me. Play time comes this weekend as we are heading to the lake! Enjoy your time there in paradise!

  16. Looks and sounds like a great opportunity for you both. The pool and wine look divine. Hope the rain stays away.

  17. You are living the life right now – that’s sounds like an absolutely perfect combo of “work” and play!! I’m mostly working this week, crazy busy!, but this weekend should be a great refresher in our soon-to-be home. :)

  18. you guys deserve this! work + play all in one is the best!! hope you are enjoying yourselves. :)

  19. oh so excited and jeolous of you all at the same time! but you guys deserve it for sure. enjoy that wine for me!

  20. looks amazing!!

  21. my work? leg day 😉 and a biochemistry lecture…

    play? dinner date with a friend! :)

  22. Rain rain go away!

  23. Well you certainly deserve all of this… work and play together, but let’s hope it’s more play :)

  24. Raining here too, boo.

    Work = actual work tonight… Lou the Tapas cook
    Play = yoga class this morning, hello hip openers :)

  25. Raw fuel looks tasty! Just got back from the gym :)

    rain, rain, go away 😉

  26. Looks gorgeous. I could just dive into that pool right now! 😀 How kind that you’re hosted!

  27. um is chris single…

  28. I’m mostly working this week, crazy busy!, but this weekend should be a great refresher in our soon-to-be home. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I’d take rainy in the Bahamas right now over sunny…OK maybe not but it’s tempting. I’m on my laptop in the sun, does that count? :)

    I’ll wish those clouds away as well! glad you’re making the most of it!

  30. Raw cookies, baked cookies, cookie dough… you name it – I’ll eat it!

  31. Sounds magical….and a great balance of work and play!
    I graded papers this morning, and also went on a walk with my mom….I’m planning a date with my sauna, and some play time in the kitchen later too!

  32. Staff training session at 10:30am. Should be tough but fun.
    Gardening in the afternoon, tending to the tomatoes, zucchini and greens.
    Maybe a hike in the late afternoon.

    All good.

  33. Work and play…the only way it’d be better was if it were just play!.
    Although your work seems like play 😉

    Miss you lady!

  34. Gosh, I don’t swim much these days but I’d gladly crank out the yardage to swim in that pretty pool!

    • oh I agree! and to get a tan. haha.
      BTW, congrats on your ebook!! i need to buy it!

      • Yes, a tan! I always used to love when we’d go on training trips for swimming because we’d get the best tans, ha. Thank you for the congrats, I actually just bought your healthy bites e-book because I’ve been meaning to for months and this just reminded me!

  35. now that it’s the weekend….no work. just play! flying home to see the family this weekend!

  36. Laura @ LauraLivesLife says:

    I think I could put up with rain to be somewhere so beautiful and wonderful! Enjoy every minute – you deserve it!

  37. Andrea Smith says:

    Wow… that pool looks huge! I’d love to swim on that place. And just to add, those raw fuel cookies look nice and crispy, are they made from nuts?

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