Kia Ora! (that’s NZ Maori for “Hello”). Ya, I know, I can’t pull it off but I’m trying. Winking smile

So life around here can be summed up in one word…..ADJUSTMENT!

Let’s put it in the form of WIAW with Jen.


I knew this was coming. Lots of adjusting. Adjusting to time change, lack of connection (no phone, just computer), no driving, conversion tables, daily routine, etc. But you know what? It’s a blessing! Learning to just take it in and live more simple.

Like…….. hanging my laundry out in the sun to dry.


Like…….. walking to the market and stopping to smell the roses.


Like……..waking up at 5am to bright sunshine out my window.


Like…….finding my favorites (foods that is). Thanks Lou for suggesting PIKO.



You better believe I found Kombucha!


Like……. converting everything into Kilojoules, grams, Celsius, and Kilometers.


Like…….baking in a totally different kitchen with totally different settings.

GF Muesli Socca Biscuits…….Recipe to come.

chickpea museli muffins 2

chickpea museli muffins

Like……. feeling your first earthquake! Actually, two earth quakes! My mother in law said there were 2 in the last two days, yet I never felt them. Let’s hope it stays that way. Smile


I feel somewhat disconnected from a busy routine right now. That’s a major adjustment. One that I knew God wanted me to embrace yet I had no idea what it would look like. Now I kinda know what it means. It means adjusting to more REAL time. Real time connecting FACE to FACE with my family, with my husband, with my faith, with nature, with MYSELF.

Days 7-11 of my THANKFUL BOARD (I almost forgot)……

allowing the sails to ADJUST.

337417476_2pWaoRVM_b I’m in it for the long run!

What have you been “adjusting” to lately?



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  1. This reminds me of when I studied abroad in Spain….hanging the clothes, walking to the market, not being able to understand the food labels…but at the same time, it was so fun to be out of my element and experiencing new things.
    I’m glad you found kombucha!!
    I don’t know if I’ve been really adjusting…although, my husband is in school and not working…that’s definitely been a change of pace and life…he’s studying a lot, too. I’m proud of him, though, but am SO looking forward to graduation…in 3 years!

  2. I am glad you are adjusting love, it will take time ; )

    I hope you have a wonderful day! <3 xoxo

  3. It sounds wonderful…a great excuse to slow down as you said and be in the moment. You have right approach too, that it’s an adventure!! The colors in the photos are so vibrant, maybe because we are heading quickly into dreary winter around here :-(

  4. It sounds like a great opportunity to really simplify your life and slow down. That is so important for certain times in our lives, and to be able to handle it well it difficult! Glad your adjusting right in, and that market looks wonderful, it sounds like they have plenty of GF options for you which is so great.

  5. It will take time but you will get there! Ok… sorry if I missed a post or big announcement but are you just there for a while or did you guys move permanently? All the best on your new adventure.. how ever long it might be! :)

  6. Ooh fresh air dried laundry always smells so good, I miss the summer already! And that health store is so cool, what a gem! I think you’re adjusting great, you’ve only been there for a short while and yet you have an awesome positive attitude :) So glad you’re getting to experience life down unda!

  7. LOVE THIS! I was nodding along the whole way. Laundry outside, sun up at ALL hours. I am so glad you are exploring and adjusting so well. This is awesome. It’s great seeing how you are doing!!

  8. I love seeing new posts!
    I’m so glad you are adjusting!! What a rarity tho to have to be so disconnected…that’s hard. But enjoy it! Use the time to enjoy yourself, the hubs and the fam : ). Oh and how crazy…2 earthquakes!

    Lots of love to you!!

  9. I LOVE every single thing about this adjustment period for you, it’s a fresh start, a new way of living, a new way of connecting with your family but also with your online family here too. This honestly sounds like quite a dream of an opportunity and I hope one day to have the same opportunity, in some capacity! NZ looks beautiful btw!! What’s the weather like there?

  10. New food, new place, new cultures, there is definitely a whole lot of new going on for you! Is it crazy that I’m a little jealous? Moving to a new place is definitely scary, but it’s always such an amazing adventure!

  11. gosh i so miss living in australia and going to new markets!!!! i would love to come visit you guys – if only i could get a 2 week vacation :) cant wait to read all about your baking experiences in NZ.

  12. Loved all of these pics!! We need a tour of your living quarters!
    I’ve been adjusting to “show life” and not teaching my evening classes because of rehearsal. I don’t like it. Can’t wait for this show to be over!

    • you are such a rock star! i know this will be good when its all put together. And you will have your evening classes back. Can we see you in the play? Tell Travis to video!

  13. So many changes. I do hope you are stopping to smell the roses though. So much to take in and enjoy I would think.

  14. When I moved this summer, I was actually really excited to make these adjustments. Norally, I’m all about my routine, but it was great being pushed into a new one. Good luck!!

  15. I’m honestly a little jealous of this “new” adjusted lifestyle of yours – I could really use more disconnection, more face-to-face time with friends, family, my husband, my faith. You’re going to evolve and change in such amazing ways during your time in NZ, I’m so happy for you!!

  16. I definitely think that readjusting to a not-so-busy life is difficult. I mean…people probably roll their eyes at me for this…but it’s not always easy to not have a lot of responsibilities outside of the house. We define ourselves by our work, so when the work isn’t there…well, sometimes we have to look inside ourselves to figure out how to define our lives. Have fun settling in to your new home!

  17. Is it summer time in NZ?! All of your photos look so BRIGHT and sunny! I was praying for you and the hubs again this morning. I know you will love the new adjustments- you can do this!! :)

  18. I can only imagine all the adjustments you’re facing right now. Just wanted to say I think you are handling them swimmingly.

  19. I am so so glad to hear that you made it safely and that you are starting to adjust. Just take your time and soak it all in. You deserve to relax and reasses. You deserve this Lindsay!

  20. Ahhhh so true — life is constantly adjusting! It feels so wonderful to let the busyness go and just “be.” I am definitely working on that! I’m adjusting to many things right now… and need to just trust God with it all… if you know what I mean =)

  21. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    oh wow! definitely lots of adjustments for you dear friend. it sounds like an incredible adventure though and i am excited to follow this next step in your journey :) lately just adjusting to the colder temps and a few weeks away from my pup as she is spending a little vacation with her “grandpa” back in KY till I get home for Christmas :)

  22. I love that we all get to follow along as you cross the globe. Thanks for letting us live vicariously! Enjoy the change of pace – I find so often that God speaks in the silence and quiet moments. Listen and enjoy His presence.

  23. Lindsay! I’ve been thinking of you during these past few days. So excited for you and James…and this new adventure!

  24. I know it’s stressful, but you two will definitely come out on top with this move! I thought moving to TN was crazy…at least I didn’t have to deal with all the changing in the conversions…dang. Sounds fun and hard. Life is constantly changing, but it’s in how we adjust to that change. You will get there my friend. You know if you need anything, I’m right here for you!

    • believe it or not, i’m not too stressed. Just a lot of change, good change. Ya? But thank you. I know I can always count on you for such support. Hope you are not too overwhelmed today! email me updates when you can!

  25. I have enough trouble adjusting to the cooler weather over here – any change or alteration in routine throws me for a loop, I must admit.

    I wish I could be as flexible and zen as you are!


  26. Please post that recipe soon!!!

  27. i’m behind on commenting, but i’m so happy you guys made it safely there! NZ is one of my favorite places in the world. so excited for your adventures to come :)

  28. Sure does sound like a lot of adjustments. Must be so exciting though.

  29. So nice to read your update and that you are EMBRACING the adjustments.
    Amazing that it’s that sunny outside at 5AM… jealous!!

  30. So glad you found some goodies @ Piko! Ummm, where do you usually hang your washing?! Or do you just use a tumble dryer?

    Oh I am glad it is sunny in Chch, save some for me :) Daylight savings is so good in NZ… the summer nights go on forever and ever (more time to drink wine in the sun!)

    Ha, didn’t think about having to convert to the metric system, that must be super confusing, you poor think – a bit of brain gym for ya.

    Muesli socca biscuits (these are like scones right?) sound goooooood!

    Stay away earthquakes… I felt a BIG one when I was over in May, home alone with Misty and I freaked, didn’t know what to do! My Mum says they are very small now (hard to imagine the Feb one… arrrgh don’t want to imagine, freaky).

    If you need any other “tips” you know where I am :)

  31. Wow, I love this. What a life to be living, right? :) Just gotta take it one day at a time.

    How’s J feeling (knee, workouts, relaxing)?? Hope you guys are both feeling caught up with time, sleep, and energy!

    I’m RE-adjusting to post-vacay life. Yesterday and today have finally felt normal, but COLD. hah, dangit.

    • his knee is better! have PRP therapy it has been less swollen. thats progress! and he ran today!!

      post vacay is HARD but at least you have the holidays to keep your mind off it. hehe

  32. Sunrise at 5am?! That’s perfect for early morning running! The sun doesn’t come up here until about 7.30am right now…not so good! 😛

    God is guiding your path, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you in NZ! :) Praying for you guys always <3

  33. I’ve been missing hanging our clothes to dry… they just don’t dry as quickly in the cold (you know, less than 70 degrees, lol!) so I’ve been using the dryer more regularly. The sunshine smell just can’t be beat though! I’m glad you’re adjusting so well in such a short time! <3

    • can we just capture sunshine in a bottle? that would be a great smell! oh, remind me at then end of this trip to bring you back LOADS of marmite. K? Hows the massage business? ANy more clients? You should do a giveaway for local on your blog!

      • Yes and YES on the Marmite! 😉 And as far as massage, I’m just waiting on that pesky license to arrive in the mail (got confirmation it will be no later than next week!) before I take on any more clients… and a local massage giveaway is a GREAT idea! I’ll definitely put some thought into that one! :)

  34. Wow! It looks beautiful there! I was so confused with the oven when I went to Ireland, I just put it on the middle, haha!

  35. Making a change and then adjusting is very hard for me… but I really like how you are approaching all of this. Quite inspiring!

  36. oh I love you and I’m so insanely jealous of all those pictures. Specifically of the sunshine. And that grocery store. Will you ask James when he goes on a ride to take pictures along the way (tell him I’m making him do the worlds slowest recovery ride ever to get fabulous photos to get me through the snowy Canadian winter!).
    Love love love!!!! Enjoy relaxing in the sunshine :)

  37. Honestly Linds, when I think of you (as I often do!) THIS is the life I envision you living. Peacefully frolicking through fields of flowers as you hang your clothes out to dry and sip on kombucha. As difficult as transitions can be, I know this change is going to bring nothing but beauty in to your life!

  38. So much adjusting! But I love that you’re looking at it as a blessing because that’s exactly what it is. :) I wish I could walk with you to the market and stop to smell the roses. I’m afraid my schedule this week is a 180 of that, but I have Friday off and hope to embrace some stillness. :) Love you!

  39. i’ve been adjusting to the end of the quarter and a slowing down of life. as much as i need the stress and fast-pace to end, it still feels like i’m coming from a sprint to a dead stop. kinda weird and i feel like i need a cool-down lap!

  40. I’ve been adjusting to the ever changing schedule of clients. I try not to take these adjustments personally, but rather look at it as part of the job. It happens and I need to flow with it. Plus, I need to stop being so sensitive sometimes. LOL!

  41. I’m sure it’s an adjustment! My friend just got back from New Zealand (her honeymoon!) and said it’s gorgeous though:)

  42. I would say my life goes through periods (moments) of adjustments. It sounds like you are making great adjustments with your move!! So glad that things are slowling starting to adjust for you 😉
    I am still adjusting to the cold weather we have now!

    • i know you gals are adjusting to a lot. Work, wedding, etc. Its a good adjustment, just busy right? Praying that you get some slow time soon! keep me posted. please. xoxo

  43. It looks like you are taking everything in stride. Now that you have found your grocery store you should be pretty much set right:)

  44. What an adjustment my friend!!! But a gorgeous one if I do say so!! You’re a very lucky lady to be able to be there when you choose :)

    I couldn’t imagine all the changes you must have to adjust too, it will be interesting to see when you get the hang of everything as “normal” you know?

    For me…well, I’m officially “retired” from any work or contracts, and I’m adjusting, just working the business with Ryan and doing Life Coaching through I heart…..this is FAB!


  45. I’m so happy you found Kombucha! :-) So glad to see so many fun and new things that you’re discovering.

  46. What an exciting adventure your on! While adjusting can be difficult at times, remember to enjoy the journey. And ill be praying for you that things go smoothly =)

  47. Looks like New Zealand is turning out to be quite the adventure. I remember studying abroad in Italy and all I wanted was a jar of peanut butter, but it seems other countries aren’t as peanut obsessed as the US! Hope you learn and grow to love your new home :)

  48. It is official….Billy and I will be moving next door to you guys sometime next week:) I am loving hearing about your experience! Keep it coming!

  49. Sounds like your adjustments go well and into a good direction. Hope it’ll stay that way! :)

  50. Glad you are settling in. I am sure the adjustments aren’t the easiest–but wow, making memories must be awesome :)

    • memories indeed. And stories to tell forever! i’ve embarassed myself plenty already. Its okay to laugh at ourselves though.

      Hope you are feeling better after today. HUGS from afar!

  51. Wow…adjustments for sure! I read this a few days ago and have been thinking about you a lot since and came back to comment. :) I think it’s so brave and neat that you and James stepped out to step away, essentially, from life for a while by taking this extended trip and refocusing together. So excited for what God’s going to do in your lives, truly – I can’t wait to hear the stories of what he has done. :)

    Lately I’ve been adjusting to life back with the in-laws (although they just left for a 3 week trip so it’s not been a true adjustment) and life with less work. That part’s okay as long as that’s God’s plan and not me being lazy to do the work to get more clients, but it means I need to be more mindful of what I’m doing in my off-time. And I have plenty of it! Thinking of volunteering somewhere or being more intentional to connect with friends mid-day, especially at home with little babies! 😀

    Adjustment – so hard, but so needed. Often accompanied by conflict, which is tough, but creates movement in our stories and can lead to great things! Love you friend; hi to you both from us both!

    • Friend, your words bring SO MUCH comfort to my heart right now. I think God sent you to be my little sister in christ pen pal. Well you and Lindsay W. hehe. I am definitely ready for movement, Gods movement. Surrendering it all!
      I hope you find this time to precious yourself. Loving on others and volunteering, you have the heart to do this SO WELL!
      Hugs from Down Under.

  52. Im so happy to see you are adjusting so well to your new life it looks gorgeous there & I cant wait to see where this journey takes you! Honestly im so jealous of your sunshine its been rainy here the past few days its so much easier to be cheerful when you wake up to that!!

  53. Seriously sounds exciting! Life is an adventure :) can’t wait to see more of NZ!!

  54. Oh, Lindsay, I’m so happy that you’re embracing change and savoring the simple pleasures that come along with it! I think it’s pretty awesome that you’ve been given the opportunity to live in NZ for awhile. Life is a one-time journey! Why not seize every chance we’re given to grow and learn through new experiences? :)

    Enjoy some early morning sunshine for me! <3

    • oh i will friend. I am constantly reminded that this is a blessing to embrace! all the little adjustments! Wish you were here. Lots of fresh local goats milk/yogurt too! hehe.

  55. Disconnecting is fabulous. Enjoy it. Savor it. I disconnect on a regular basis- sometimes it’s because I’m away, sometimes it’s because I’m out living life. Then I miss my peeps/info sources/internet frittering and I come back briefly. I think that it’s healthy to do that. Love that you are smelling the roses along your journey <3

    • i agree. Being here and without a phone or car has a been a big change and a good one. Time to slow down, disconnect at times, and just be with family. Thank you for always reminding me Deb. Hey when do you leave for Japan?

      • That trip isn’t til middle of April. Ironically, I’m watching Japanese TV right now though as I have awesome public TV with my rabbit ears (no satellite or cable or anything for us!)…it’s so fun. Love listening to their news and the show that tries to help me count to ten LOL.

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