Who Wants Cake?

Oh boy oh boy. I sure hope you stayed away from Technology this weekend and just vegged. Trust me, it’s worth it and our minds need it more than anything. Yes, we can be social outside of social media. Life out there DOES EXIST! haha.

Anyway, we had a big training weekend. When I say “we,” you know I really mean the hubs, right? I mean, I walked and lifted weights, but that took me a whole 30-45 minutes. Not complaining one bit though. Means more play time for me in the kitchen, and I like being there these days. Winking smile

So here I am come Monday and I’ve got a few recipes up my sleeve. Okay, they really aren’t recipes, more like concoctions, but you get my drift.


This recipe was inspired by this little CHIA CRAZE that’s been going on. You see, THIS GIRL and THAT MAMA have been hitting up Chia recipes like there is no tomorrow. And to be quite honest, I was jealous. Dang I forgot all my bags of Chia back in Austin and unfortunately there aren’t any GNC’s here in New Zealand that sell these suckers. So what’s a girl to do but settle for the next best thing. Yes, I found it. WHITE CHIA and it’s from Australia.


Well that’s cool. The white chia makes it easier to hide between your teeth, right? More reason to eat by the spoonful and not floss after, jk. Smile with tongue out

No but seriously, it’s good stuff.

I was anxious to initiate myself into this CHIA CRAZE club, so I put on my thinking cap. It wasn’t too too long later that my brain churned out some ideas.

Long hours of training for the hubs = an appetite craving good recovery snacks, right?


Hence the cake…. Cotter Chia Recovery Cakes to be exact.


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Cotter Chia Recovery Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: snack
Serves: 1
  • •30 grams recovery protein/drink powder- We use BASE AMINO Recovery with Pineapple Whey Protein Powder
  • •2 tbsp chia seed
  • •1 egg
  • •1 tsp baking powder
  • •1/2 tbsp coconut butter
  • •1/4 tsp vanilla
  • Toppings:
  • ◦raisins
  • ◦Greek yogurt mixed with honey rice pudding for topping
  1. mix everything in a large soup mug. Microwave for 30 seconds. Let it stand for a few seconds, then microwave again for 15 seconds, let it stand, then microwave one more time for 10 seconds. Flip it over on a plate and add topping. I used Greek yogurt, Rice pudding, and raisins. Melts in your mouth.

cake  2cake 2

Winking smile

Not too shabby for someone who just joined the Chia Craze, eh?

Okay it’s not a rocket science recipe but it does make eating Cake on WELL WORTH it on a Monday.

So go ahead… have your cake today!

Please tell me you made your Monday sweet! It follows well after a weekend of disconnect.

Corny Cotter signing out.



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  1. Lindsay this looks SO GOOD!! I will definitely try making this with egg replacer or a flax egg soon, because I love chia and more importantly I love CAKE 😉

    I hope the Hubs’ weekend training went well!! No doubt his recovery is going AMAZINGLY with you as his Sherpa :)

    Have a great week!! <3

    • oh let me know if it works well with the flax egg. I need to try that next! brillant! And i need to catch up with you. How’s the team, life, etc.?? Miss you!

  2. That looks delicious! I think you deserve the award for best sherpa/wife/cook ever heehee :)

  3. I WANT CAKE (to answer your question 😉 ) Love this lady, and pretty simple too! I have a boat load of chia seeds that need to be used up, how convenient you just posted this!

  4. I definitely disconnected this weekend! So good!!
    That cake sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it out whenever I can find chia seeds!

  5. Well at least I don’t have to think about breakfast for tomorrow :)

  6. Hi love!

    This looks awesome! I will have to make this soon for sure!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and the hubby! <3

  7. A lovely treat to start the week off, and it’s healthy to boot!
    I am sure, now that you made this cake, the chia ideas will just
    start flowing!

  8. sounds yummy! i won some white chia seeds in a giveaway recently and i’m excited for that exact reason! they won’t show in my teeth as much :)

  9. YUM!! Could I make those with regular butter vs. coconut butter (assuming you’re using that b/c it’s gluten free?)? Do you know the calorie breakdown by chance? I totally wanna make these…but with chocolate protein powder. mmmmm! Your weekend sounds fab!!

  10. I have some chia seeds in my cabinet. I was really into them for a while, and then I kind of just started to forget about them. I’ve heard you can sprout them like alfalfa and clover seeds too. I should try that.

  11. I put chia in my oatmeal every morning now. Love how it makes it creamy. MMMMM

  12. Looks yummy!

  13. We went bowling yesterday to celebrate Max’s 11th birthday and it felt great to get out and do something that had nothing to do with computers! It was freezing out so we did not venture outside unfortunately. The cake looks and sounds amazing! I love making nutrient based cakes. Sneaky way to get in treats and healthy eats! Now you need to make some chia jam! I hope you’re having a great day!

  14. Not one freakin’ thing has made my Monday sweet so far, but since it’s only 8:30 a.m. here, I guess it still has time to get better.

  15. I finally tried chia for like the first time ever a couple of weeks back – where has it been my whole life?? I MUST try this cake recipe, looks incredible!!!

  16. This recipe looks delicious – Ive had some chai seeds in my cupboard for ages but havent got round to using them yet…maybe now is the time! yum!

  17. I’ll be making this tonight, unless I find out that my coconut butter has gone bad. Does it go bad? Hope not. Also I am assuming that I can use any protein powder because I don’t even know what recovery powder is.

    • no, not really. But you could also use almond butter or peanut butter. and yes, any protein powder works! Let me know how it goes Christine. p.s.
      I miss you. catch me up on life!

  18. I did in fact completely disconnect this weekend. It felt great, although seeing my google reader this morning was a tad overwhelming. But I do enjoy catching up as well.

  19. Being social OUTSIDE of social is so important, and I think people forget that. Unplugging is so refreshing and recharges us!

    That cake looks delicious – hello, coconut butter. Mmm!

  20. That looks AMAZING!!! I think I got my dessert for after my workout tonight:) Thank you! XOXO

  21. Wow – love this combo! Very creative. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to whip this up at some point. 😀 Have a sweet day!

  22. Aww this recipe sounds easy enough that maybe even I can handle it. :) I suppose it is Tuesday in NZ now so have a wonderful Tuesday my friend!

  23. these look SOOO good. Imma gonna make me some tomorrow!

  24. Pineapple whey? That sounds pretty awesome. Great work and welcome to the chia club! LOL Mine are hanging out in the fridge because I haven’t used them in a while…but perhaps it’s time for a reintroduction.

  25. Drool. Chia AND coconut butter? My two favorite things. Checking out the base amino…sounds awesome.

  26. umm, that sounds awesome :) would make my monday not half bad!

  27. Weekends free from technology are the best! Mine was mostly that way – enough so to feel like a real break :)

    That cake looks delicious. I’m beyond impressed that you whipped that together on your first go. It could easily be a 100th go, in my book.

  28. I’ve been meaning to try some sort of microwave-cake for ages…. just need to re-stock my chia stash! This looks awesome, Lindsay, bet the hubs was stoked :) Misty loves the microwave, every time I use it, he sits in front of it it, watching it like a TV. I call it the “Misty Microwave Show” (!)

  29. Flour Free!

    They look so good and not too sweet. (0;

    PS- You look great with that NZ beach backdrop! (from Friday)

    • FLOUR FREE FOR YOU!! I thought you’d like it. I bet you could put some crazy twist on it too, and if you do, share it with me.

      Thank you for your kind words. *blush*

      • How do you think these will go down with peanut flour (I caved!) and ground chias?
        I’ve had ground chias in my freezer for SO long and have no clue what to use them for. They do not bulk up like the seeds. (0:

  30. I think these sound (and look) absolutely divine! I can’t wait to try them!

  31. this cake looks so beautiful! you are a master in the kitchen for sure. i have a feeling it tasted even better than it looked :)

  32. my monday was sweet as 😉 ate some of my gf mocha muffins from the weekend and got up to date on chores and such. I haven’t really gotten into the chia craze, but i think it’s just a matter of time. I still love flaxseeds and use them a lot though!

  33. Ive never had chia…can you believe! Probably :)
    I just need you to come cook for me!

  34. That looks tasty! I haven’t jumped on the chia bandwagon yet. I’m kind of afraid to because I don’t know if I’ll like the texture haha. Glad you made your Monday sweet 😀

  35. Pinning! You are brilliant–these look delish! You know all I have are the black seeds from the Chia Co. Interested to try the white!

  36. i am LOVING disconnecting on the weekends…it gives me a chance to truly relax. also. i am LOVING creating different versions of healthy bites for myself! so yummy! and cake. i LOVE cake. gonna have to try this now as well :)

  37. I might have mentioned this once or twice but you are truly brilliant. I have no words to describe how yummy that cake looks. Incredibly brilliant and I can’t wait to try it. Bet it tastes good with a nice glass of wine too 😉 hehe

  38. WOW! No sweet treat for me this Monday, but I did treat myself to a “redunkulous” desert over the weekend at an Italian restaurant. 2x chocolate chip cookies with pistachio ice cream in between, topped with some chocolate syrup. OH HEAVEN! :)

    • oh yum! i love pistachio ice cream. good call!

      i promise to email you back. We need to chat about austin. I think you’d fit right in, financially and all.

  39. girl you know we love our chia seeds 😉

    this cake sounds wonderful!

  40. I love chia seeds! What’s the consistency of the cake like? I really want to try this!

  41. this looks fantastic! i need to jump on the chia pudding bandwagon!

  42. Haha it’s so cute! You’re right– I actually could make this! Thanks Lindz!

  43. Oh Linds…. This just looks amazing!! Protein recovery in a cake? You are genius. Just plain genius. :) I haven’t seen the white chia, but anything that makes ur easier to hide in your teeth. Ha. You’re funny! :) Chia par-tay!!!!!

  44. A super easy cake with great stats? I’ll take it! I love all the single serving bakes and cakes going around right now. They’re so convenient and just look so darn cute!

  45. What made my Monday sweet? Taking the day off! Oh, and eating leftover brownies from the weekend. :)
    Way to jump on the chia bandwagon- the cake looks awesome! I put chia in my oatmeal and smoothies, but not much else. I used it to bake something from Powercakes, and it turned out well!
    Recovery cake.. love that name. :)

    • now that’s a blissful monday. I think taking the best part of the weekend and making it part of your monday it perfect, plus taking the day off! haha. nice call lauren.

  46. I love me some chia and I love me some cake. You made a happy day here!

    PS I totally need to find white chia… Although big black specks in your teeth really are hot right?

  47. Oh I sure made my monday sweet with eating an entire batch of cookie dough hummus! Well my 3 year old helped. And I agree with you on being technology free on weekends. People are too attached to their ipods, iphones, etc.

  48. Recovery cake?! Yes, please! Gotta get me some coconut butter stat.

  49. You are too cute! I about died laughing at the flossing comment.

    And then I just felt ashamed for never flossing. 😉

  50. DANG VERY COOL!!!!!!!

  51. Recovery cakes — how smart are you!! I love how you gather creativity and inspiration to make truly unique healthy recipes. Great tips!

  52. PINEAPPLE whey protein? I need to find myself some of that. The cake looks great, Linds! XO

  53. Perfect! Thanks for the recipe, this will have to be on my to-do list. Just picked up some chia seeds and coconut flakes yesterday. It’s meant to be :)


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