What day is it? Fitness Friday?

Oh goodness, I have to confess. The hubs and I are so confused with the time change here. We do all our communication with people in the states yet forget we are a day ahead here in New Zealand. So all day I thought it was Thursday and I’d post a 30 minute Thursday, when in fact it was Friday and now it’s actually almost Saturday. Say what? I’m going to pretend like I get two Fridays though, one today and one in states. Sounds good, right?

I am declaring today is my Fitness Friday and with that I wanted to share a little something. Actually, it’s another confession. Not only do I not know what day it is, but my fitness routine has been a struggle. You see, being a fitness instructor back in Austin, it was easy to get in my strength training and intervals when I taught conditioning classes 3x a week. Here, it’s just me, myself, and….I! This means I am my own motivation, my own accountability to keep that strength up. Yes, I am a trainer and should know better, but let’s face it, misery loves company. So instead of settling into a comfortable routine, I decided to BREAK out of my routine and make up something NEW to keep my mind stimulated.


My cardio will be venturing out on the HILLS & CLIMBING around the trails.

My strength will be TRX workouts out of the luxury of my current home.

My intervals will be ROWING along with short strength sets.

So far, it’s working. Grant it, it’s been one week, but I’m excited to keep it going. If only there were a crew team to join! ha-ha.

Row Row Row your ….Muscles

You can do this with any form of cardio, but the row machine is a great new challenge.

warm up cardio (elliptical, bike, run, etc.) for 5-10 minutes.

Now hop on the row machine

Row 1 minute fast, 30 seconds easy, 20 seconds fast, 30 seconds easy.

Hop off and put your feet on the row seat and hands on the floor in push up position.

Do 12-15 pushups, 12-15 tucks (jack knives)

Hop back up and do 12-15 squat jumps, 12-15 dips, 12 jump lunges

Hop back on rowing machine and row easy for 90 seconds.

Repeat this whole thing 6x.

Cool down and stretch for 5-10 minutes.

Now FEEL those arms muscles….DANG!

Now for the uphill climb. Find some good trails, bundle up, and GO!!

Here we are venturing up the Port Hills right outside Christchurch.

The second video has the view!

Please ignore my wedgy. Obviously I was too interested in the view to pick it.



I’m channeling my inner Bonnie to keep me going. That woman is amazing at self motivation!

How do you motivate yourself?


Cheers to your Friday, my Saturday!


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  1. Girl this one is a post for me I think.
    I motivate myself (FINALLY) internally. And then I do silly things like think I need to sign up for a race :-) and realize, all over again, I motivate myself internally ….

    thank you so so much for all your support of me.

  2. Hi love!

    Its good to switch things up! Oh and wedgies suck, haha! You crack me up!

    Happy Fitness Friday! xoxo <3

  3. Motivating yourself is difficult! It’s always difficult for me when I transition from being in season with the team where I am told what to do and have people to practice with to figuring out what and when I need to workout and not always feeling obligated to! It’s important for me to remind myself WHY I workout. I always feel better once I go, and in the end I’ll be that much stronger mentally and physically for it!

    • i swear you are a mini version of my husband. Especially when it come to swimming/running with a team. He’s just now getting back into it but you are right, you are mentally stronger!

  4. Sheep!
    Motivation is hard sometimes…but you keep rockin’ it! Today I’m trying to come to terms with taking a day off from working out, but I might do some yoga tonight as a de-stresser…My day is packed with teaching, which makes me feel so blessed! But leaves me no time for exercise.

    • i know, and those sheep would not budge. haha.
      I sure hope you find some time to destree with yoga, perfect for a Friday night! Ease the mind as well.

  5. I agree with Tara, motivation can be so hard after taking lots of time off. I find that being around people with the same goals, reading moving stories, or jamming to some pump it up kinda music helps though :)
    Ps–Wedgies are the curse to human kind hahaa they always come at the worst time!

    • thats exactly where i am. I know its probably good to let the mind and body rest too though. Oh and i just now started using my iPod again, that works!!

  6. OMG you kill me – love the wedgy comment, hehe 😉

    I love your new workout plans, they sound awesome and a nice switch-up from your usual go-to workouts. Kinda fitting given your switch-up in “home” right?

    LOVE the views, it’s so beautiful there!!

  7. Climbing it is! I’m sure there are some amazing sites to climb up and see around NZ…take note and let me know which ones are a Must-do! 😉

    Btw, I loved the bird-chirping background in that video. Very calming, ha.

  8. LOL – you can choose whatever day you wish my friend 😉 We’ll all go along with it! I need to figure out how to re-motivate myself for running. Feeling really lackluster about it lately in general. Love seeing those pictures – keep them coming please.

    • its good when I am already at friday, but not when i am already at monday. haha. I think you need to enjoy some fun runs this holiday. Then you can start fresh in the new year with running. Take a load off, you’ve done a lot and be proud!

  9. Oh I love your workout routine! This will be great. TRX at your own house? that is AWESOME! I have always wanted to try TRX and still have not (LOL on the wedgie too, hehe!)

    • we carry our TRX everywhere with us. Had it since 2009 and its a lifesaver! you would love it! I think there is a 30% off this holiday. I should post workouts, maybe?

  10. I’ve always been very self-motivated and people hate me when I say I don’t usually struggle with this. But, I wills ay that having things to do AT HOME are super helpful. Last night, I was tired and wanted nothing to do with going outside, but had a bunch of errands to run. I jumped on the new bike trainer for just 15 min and that was enough to get me out the door afterwards. Just needed to break the couch non-motivation suck.

    • i would have done the same thing. SOmetimes we leave ours set up and its just nice to sweat a little when its that cold out. You have to be self motivating since you are a smarty pants!

  11. Wow, those sheep! How beautiful!!!! Hmm my motivation is the goal of my race. Funny you post this because I know someone who has signed up for a Mud runner race and has zero motivation to train. I can’t say I’ve struggled with that myself. :/

    • if i am training for something, then its TOTALLY different. But right now we are on a budget so i can’t sign up for anything. I can’t believe that person doesn’t want to train, i’ll take his place! haha

  12. hhaha your too funny. But the view is SO gorgeous. Can’t believe you LIVE there!!!

  13. Oh my goodness….those pictures are so insanely gorgeous, we really are going to come move in. The row machine kills me and gets my heart rate up so so high but I love it!! That poster about routine spoke to me, time to switch things up. LOVE YOU!

  14. Those sound like a lot of fun fitness challenges! I know I would love to do them with you. Have a great weekend. :)

  15. I love he hill climbing cardio – gorgeous! My motivation is almost always a race – scheduling a race gets me moving. :)

  16. Hi Lindsay,

    I do eat dairy (though I know I should not) but I’m curious about other protein powders. Whey isolate appears to be the “best” and easily digested and neutral without aftertaste, but Im curious about others:

    – pea protein !
    – brown rice protei
    – mixture of protein (chia, hemp, pea, brown, and some additives..might be stronger tasting or funky).

    I don’t want something that will leave my stomach distressed due to the “funkiness” of it. And I’m curious how “good” these other proteins are since their not complete (is it not worth it then)?

  17. linds…sometimes we are so alike it scares me. I started rowing two weeks ago because I needed a change for cardio! Those views are incredible- truly beautiful. Look at the free-range sheep!! So fun!! Just wandering around?!? I love it. :)

    • seriously? I should have known. Yoga, rowing, running, etc. The only thing I don’t do is swim. haha. We need to be training partners!

      • seriously! Apparently rowing is amazing for gaining fitness—was told this by a cyclist (ex-rower) friend, but seriously- started rowing after my runs on the treadmill to get in a bit more cardio without hurting my hip/knee by doing a long run! :) We would be amazing training buddies…coffee, train, grocery shop, cook, train, drink wine, eat. :)

  18. I’m loving all of the pictures! Sorry you are having trouble adjusting-it sounds tough to figure it all out! Great job figuring out a new workout routine :)

  19. Honestly, the time zone/date difference? It confuses me so much. I can’t grasp it.

    Beautiful views, and I love your hair!

  20. great workout! i haven’t rowed in forever – such a good way to mix it up. love that scenery video. beautiful!

  21. Hills normally aren’t fun, but I’d be eager to try and tackle some of those! Gorgeous.

  22. First–how have I not been here before? Love your writing style and the content is fantastic. I love this routine you have laid out…hard core! Enjoy your weekend (now that it has already started!)

  23. that’s crazy seeing the cars drive on the wrong— i mean right side of the road like that! WOW.. that view is incredible. So great you are able to not only experience but LIVE in that beauty!!

  24. It’s good to do something different for our bodies right? Keeps it interesting! And it IS so nice to have company while being exercising. Especially the hard or long sessions! Your pictures are great, I hope you’re having a good time!

  25. I was blessed with a badonkadonk that likes to eat whatever I put on it. Wedies are part of my life lol

  26. Beautiful views!!! What a wonderful place to get a chance to explore in the coming months :)

    I can’t seem to remember what day it is either, at least you have an excuse!

  27. GORGEOUS scenery Lindsay. Enjoy the present for sure wow! thank you for sharing your Fitness Fridays! I was considering doing a weekly series on training as well. Thanks for your encouragement!

  28. wow it truly is gorgeous there. These pictures make me feel so calm and so happy. I am so glad you are enjoying the journey and the adventure.

    Have an amazing weekend!

  29. Love your new workout plan! Sounds great in every way – and way to switch it up…it can be easy to just keep doing what you’re doing. And thanks for the shout-out! It really made me smile. :) I stay motivated mainly by knowing how WORTHWHILE it is to keep moving and stay consistent. Although I’ve had some late night munchies lately, I normally try to think to myself: “Do I really need this? Do I really want it? Would I rather keep maintaining or have a few bites?” …sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. 😉 Exercise is easier for me – I just love movement. :) Keep moving in NZ – going back to check out the videos now! Love those hiking photos; beautiful scenery and you and James look great.

  30. I love that image, keep calm & climb on. :-) Keep calm & carry on signs have always been my favorite words of inspiration.

  31. haha wedgie… you were too enamoured by the amazing view of course!
    LOVE the port hills… my Dad mountain bikes round there…. have you done Rapaki Track? That’s a good one :)

  32. i think about how proud i will be at myself for doing it! great videos and no you do not have a wedgy!!!!! have a great weekend Lindsay…..keep up the videos-it really brings NZ to life for me :)

  33. I’m cracking up over the fact that you live in the FUTURE. :)

  34. the wrong side of the road surprised me at first!! haha I had to remember where you were driving! I love the mix up in the workout, and that view is breathtaking – very lucky woman!

  35. Sounds like a great plan! I find that a plan is always the best first step…then it’s just a matter of sticking to it, and when you’ve picked stuff that works, it’s not so hard!

  36. I love the pictures! It’s beautiful there and you two look so happy! I love the metaphor with changing routines. I am so loving that right now! I miss being with Tony, but I feel like we are both heading in the right direction! Keep those smiles and happy thoughts coming!

  37. Wow, you’re definitely changing a lot of things right now. I’d love to see more of how to incorporate the TRX at home. I’ve been thinking about buying one.

  38. we have been changing up our workout routine too!

    so jealous you have TRX

    thinking of you guys!

  39. Please excuse my wedgie. bahahah! You’re awesome.

    And look at that view! Breathtaking, wow.

  40. Darn, now if I could only get my hands on a rowing machine!! What a gorgeous place! My sister loved it there and now I see why. I would be outside for sure too, good choice. Have fun finding your new routine : )


    • maybe you could do the REAL rowing. Now that would be fun! where did your sister live in NZ?? She needs to come back!
      how’s the diet? I know i ask you this a lot. But just checking in. Hope youre feeling better!

  41. Omgshhh that is awesome you’re in NZZZZZ!!!!! okay so I’m really sorry and I might be blind, and I tried looking everywhere!! But why, how are you guys in NZ?? I’m so curious and excited for you. Also, I want to visit NZ all the more now~!;) ahhh God bless ya guys there! I will just pretend I’m there living vicariously.

    • haha, no worries. We got here around thanksgiving and will be training, racing, etc. until March. We are also visitng family for holidays. It’s nice for us to get away and find some time to slow down. Glad to fill you in!

  42. beautiful pics!! what a fun trip!

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