Travel Talk Tuesday

It’s been a little over one month now. We’ve spent 3 weeks in Christchurch, 1 week in Tauranga, and are now settled in for another 10 days here in Auckland.


I’ve lost track of time and I’m okay with that. In fact, I’ve lost track of me. I mean, really, where am I? I’ll tell you where… I’m here, in the now, embracing the change. Or at least trying to.

When you go from place to place, you learn something….

You no longer can control your environment. You no longer can get too comfy. You no can longer put up walls. Ya, it’s a good thing too! This is exactly why I wanted to come here. To let go of these habits.

I quickly realized that it’s okay to step back and let others help you.

I quickly realized that not everyone can read your mind, you must communicate.

I quickly realized that family is what keeps us ALIVE and REAL. No matter where you are in the world.



I wanted to share these thoughts today because I missed you. I missed sharing with you. The Holidays are full of fun, festivities, family, and lots of travel, but we never get time to sit and reflect on the change that is happening within us.

Lots of it too. And it’s hard! But goodness gracious I am so glad it is. I needed it, still do! I still need help in certain areas, I still need to let go of lot, I still need to be the wife/friend/daughter/sister that God created me to be. I still need change and that my friends is why I go am not setting resolutions for 2012. Instead, I’m going to continue to embrace the change and learn from it each day.

Are you ready to change? Have you started already?




I’ve got 2 giveaways coming up so stayed tuned. And one of them just so happens to be a new “kiwi” sponsor!!


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  1. Great video!! Funny you were “surprised” by the hot tub! James needs a GPS system, or at least I would given my sense of direction (or lack thereof). Enjoy that great house and continued adventures!!

  2. YES YES YES to the family
    wherever I am is home as long as my other 2 parts are there.

  3. I love this! You always say the right thing at the right time for me. I have no idea how you do that. I miss blogging so badly right now. It’s funny, I feel like I’ve really made some amazing friends over the past few years and I feel like sharing with all of them daily really does give me that feeling of sitting down with a friend chatting it up over that cup of coffee. I never set resolutions. I feel like they are too forced, just like when people say they are going to start that diet on Monday. I do feel like I have some good goals this year, but I’m realistic that they may change depending on outside factors. These are the things that help us learn to adapt and roll with the punches. I really felt like it was going to be a bad year for us at the beginning of this year, then we made changes that made things really not good in some ways, but helped us find our way and get closer as a family. Then, there were some really great things that happened during the last part of the year. None of which we really had much control over, but we have learned to adapt and that has really taught me to just look on the brighter side of any situation. Life is a lesson…

    Love you Lindsay! Thanks for always being there my friend! Enjoy those surroundings! What an incredible place to be at!

    • oh and I feel like I am always sitting and chatting with you too! Just wish we could do it in real life someday. I know we’ve been through some similar roads, we can relate, and we learn and feed off each other for support and encouragement Sarena. I am thankful for your life lessons because they teach me so much as well. I hope life and the changes being made continue to be bright!

  4. there are moments when I am good with change and embrace it. but there are times I must admit that change is hard. but learning something new each day is a blessing and sharing memories with loved ones is important too. I try to think about the bigger picture when change is happening, usually that helps 😉
    love all the pictures of your travels!!


  5. Wow, what a nice house!! haha I loved your video… “what should I do if you’re not back in 3 hours because I can’t drive..” so funny! I would say the exact same thing.
    I love that you are not making new years resolutions… good for you. I don’t think I will be either because quite frankly, I haven’t even thought about it. Miss you, friend! xo

  6. Love the video! And YES to embracing change :) Change can be so good, especially with a new year right around the corner!
    I can’t believe yall have been there a whole month, time sure is flying, whew!

  7. you Wild Kiwis. 😀

    while I am thoroughly enjoying all that has gone on in the past month, I feel SO disconnected and I am looking forward to the new year and… a more regular schedule?

    changes that I am wanting to make, I am VERY excited about. changes that happen without my say? my stubborn nature (from Grandpa Z!) might come about. 😉

    • we are wild aren’t we? haha. okay i am not a kiwi but I am working on dual citizenship! eek!

      I love the way you look at change Kris. Its about letting go what you can’t control and embracing the new with excitement. I can’t wait to hear about it all.

      You may feel disconnected but you were never far from us! <3

  8. Reading this is exactly what I needed this morning, as I start to take down the Christmas tree. “I quickly realized that not everyone can read your mind, you must communicate.” I still struggle with this…shouldn’t your husband be able to read your mind? ha, ha. Here’s to change…you’ve certainly got a lot of it going on right now, wow! And here’s to hopefully learning from it, and learning how to drive down there :-)

    • ahh I know! I guess when youre so used to keeping things in, its hard to really communicate your thoughts. Buts its so so good to practice!

      learning to drive a stick down here on the other side of the road scares me! But maybe i should, eh?

  9. i love this post! everything you said is so true! we need to embrace change, and i do believe that change really helps you learn a ton about yourself. going out of your comfort zone is so necessary for growth. love how you think! 😉

  10. Glad you are having the experiences you were looking for! A change of scenery really does help us to reflect and change ourselves.
    I’m always ready to change…just a tiny bit at a time. Reflecting on change is so helpful!

  11. What a lovely house to be spending time in!! Do you have a bike that you could go ride with James?
    I miss you!
    Asheville is calling your name. 😉

    • no we couldn’t ship my bike. It was too much $$ to do so. I probably should learn to drive stick and on the left side, but that scares me! haha.

      Miss you tons and Asheville sounds good to me!

  12. I would love to lose track of time! Sounds like your are having a great time. Embrace it! 😉

  13. GREAT video! So fun to see a glimpse of your life right now. We have really been there – on the move often, staying with others, being blessed by them and learning it’s okay to ask for and receive help. It’s a good (although sometimes humbling and often difficult) place to be. :) God knows what’s good for us, doesn’t he?! I have been humbled this Christmas…but that’s another thought for another post. 😉 He is always refining me and I am so grateful he doesn’t let me go!

    Hope James’ ride was great that day, the road proved to be a good one for training, and you filled your time well. You are being such a good support to him, Lindsay. And congrats on the new sponsor! Excited to hear more. 😀

    • i think we are just following in your foot steps for a reason. Gods showing us wisdom through you two and I am so thankful for that! You really are a light in my life. I hope to hear about your humble pie soon. Email soon?!

  14. Your so cute!! Ahhhh when I see the bikers tights on I can’t picture Ryan getting into these for when he trains for his first ironman! LOL too cute!!

    What a gorgeous little house!!! you guys look like your having a great time! How are you down there??


    • oh yea for Ryan!! Thats too cool. You are going to be the best support crew for him.

      I’m doing well down here. To say its easy peasy would be lying but I am learning whats important in our life, our marriage, our health!

  15. I love this post – change is normal and natural and while I’m excited for the changes coming in 2012 (hopefully some BIG ones), I’m also scared to death! My hope/prayer is to have the patience to wait for the right opportunities and the wisdom to choose the best ones!

  16. ch-ch-ch – changes!!!!! i hate changes, but sometimes they are for the best in order to maintain happy and healthy relationships – and our own sanity. happy holidays to you my friends!

    • man kim, I’d say you are the quee of changes this past year. But you handle them so well, or at least I think you do. haha. How’s the back now? Email me when you can or SKYPE the hubs!! We need some Kim time!

  17. I love all that you are learning, already, in the short weeks that you have been gone. I bet it has been a really hard adjustment, in some ways, but you are growing by leaps and bounds because of it, and appreciating all you are learning, too. ((hugs)) to you! We miss you!

  18. Oh I love that quote. I need to embrace change in a big way. Just take a leap of faith perhaps. Not happy with my work situation and only I can really change that.

  19. I always try to remember that change is where life happens. It’s a good thing, albeit usually hard. You are so inspiring, my friend. Thank you for your positive messages and reflections. They make my day. :)

  20. i think you are teaching us all something so very important. live in the moment and do not try to control everything. how awesome for you to get to learn it and remind us all we need to be like that. i am so very proud of you lindsay. you are very brave and lucky. it must be very hard to be the ulimate support for your hubby and to be there for him. i am SURE he appreciates you every single day. love the videos and that house looks so awesome. i wish i could sit down with you and talk about life while drinking some vino :)

    • You are too kind to me. But i will take that compliment because you know what? I needed to hear it! I wish we could sit and chat over life together. I’m gonna make it happen, promise!

  21. I never set resolutions. Change should be constant, but I prefer the word “adapt”. If you are able to adapt, you don’t have to change.

  22. Merry Christmas friend!!! I’ve been MIA since just before the holidays and didn’t get to wish you Merry Christmas! :) I hope the holiday was lovely. I love this post about change- really love that quote too. Auckland! So jealous—so much fun!! Post lots of pics- I’ve never seen Auckland before!

  23. I absolutely loved this post! There is still a lot about myself that I need to change and being in a different environment is really helpful to let go of old habits. I love your mantra about ’embracing the change’…it’s something that I’m definitely going to take on board in the new year. Hope you had a merry christmas!

  24. It sounds like you’re embracing your life and learning from new experiences! In 2012, I don’t really want to change. I just want to become…more me. If that makes sense. (It does in my head, anyway!)

  25. I love this! The lessons you have learned are really valuable! Change can be difficult, but it’s important to be open and honest about your struggles so you can help others and they can help you. It’s a part of life, and it’s what makes life worth living, even if it can be uncomfortable at times! Without change, things would just be boring and we would never grow as people because we would never be challenged!

    • i don’t think i’d be anywhere if I didn’t have the help of others. I’d just be running around like crazy. You are so right, struggles are human nature. We need help to overcome them. And thats a good thing!

  26. What an awesome outlook. I’m sure it’d be WAY easy to just be frustrated and frazzled. Instead, just go with the flow and embrace it :)

    • i sometimes think getting frustrated and frazzled is way more tiring. Easy yes, but also draining. Going with the flow might be hard for us but oh how it is soothing, amen?!

  27. I love the videos! Youre so cute : ). The ghetto car cracked me up! And the patio is super nice. Hope James made it back safely and you weren’t too bored. Glad things are going well over there…embrace the change my dear!
    Love you<3

  28. Letting others help me is something I struggle with every day. I am so independent I often get frustrated when I can’t do everything myself. Thanks for the reminder that it is ok to ask for and accept help sometimes. It doesn’t mean you have failed!

  29. beautiful post, Linds! I always love your honesty. I’m definitely ready to embrace some change…and continue to let go of the things I cannot control and remember to live everyday to the fullest – even if that means a total rest day in jammies (yesterday). Sorry I missed your skype call! I need to be more aware/signed in! Love you.

    • oh i know you are! and change will be coming soon for you. Just a matter of when, right? No control is so hard for us but so FREEING spiritually. I love you friend. Lets talk soon. Please? I’ll skype you again on your wednesday.

  30. There’s so much we can learn when we take a step back and look with a fresh lens. Even more when we allow other people to step into our lives and help us do that.

    And I love those clothes! Would they sponsor an American??

  31. I need to make some changes with my patience at work, I think that I let a few of my coworkers stress me out and that’s part of the reason I have cortisol issues.

    I really want to work on my relationships this year.

    • oh that cortisol can really nab us of life. I used to see a christian counselor and she would always tell me, “you are in charge of your own happiness.” So true for this situation, ya know?

  32. I love that… family is what keeps you alive and real. So true. There is such a comforting feeling about being w/ family!!

  33. I hope James got back : ) Aaron has been out twice and not come back so I had to go search for him. Turns out there are some flats you just can’t fix. Who’d of thought!

    Looks like a cool house to stay in. Love the kitchen! You could get creative in there for sure!!

    I agree with the New Years Resolution you’ve made….. or haven’t made. That sounds like a plan to me. Maybe I’ll try it : )


    • i know, been there too! I just wish i could drive here. I am clueless with a stick, and then the whole other side of the road thing. haha.
      I hope you join me in my no plan plan. Cheers to just changing as we go!

  34. I love your honesty Lindsay, and your beautiful posts are just so enjoyable to read. I am getting better with change, but definitely have many issues still…. working on it though

    • oh yes, i know its hard! we think its gonna be so simple just to snap out of it, yet our minds are running 100mph. Right? Keep focused and carry on….I like that attitude, don’t you?

  35. Love this! Sounds like NZ is fitting you well. Did you go on and register your time for the 10K? I signed you up but you need to register your time before 5 p.m. please :)

  36. I can’t shake this feeling that 2012 is going to bring some GREAT changes, and I’m excited for new experiences!! :)

  37. Your Kiwi Christmas looked awesome and I hope it was enough to maybe make any homesickness you felt a wee bit softer.

    Traveling does teach you all those things (which is precisely why I get so nervous before I travel — you have to let go and learn.)

    And change? The story of my life. Sometimes I wonder if our entire human existence is spent in metamorphosis and maybe I won’t get to be a butterfly until heaven.

    We’ve missed you too! Stay up!

    • oh yes, the fear that drives us (or not). I loathe it. But I do think that fear pushes us to extremes at time. Maybe thats what we need to become the butterfly before heaven. Only God knows! haha, do i even make sense?

      • I wish the “sense” you make could be translated into dollars because then you’d be rich in spirit AND get a winery/B&B/whateveryouwant going.

        I’m on your list of potential partners. LOL.
        PS- what a cliffhanger in that video? heehee.

        Your digs seem well….they are surreal to me. BEAUTIFUL…Training time for Hubs = WINSEY TIME. Enjoy.

        • winsey time indeed!! I am searching for that extra GOD time needed as well. Trying to be patient and obedient. Gosh darn it is hard!

          The B&B/Winery awaits for us!

  38. oooo Wild Kiwi looks cool! Exciting!

    Love these inspiring words, as per usual Lindsay – I am so ready to change – change for the better…. challenge myself daily to embrace change – it is hard, but you can surprise yourself if you try, no?

  39. That’s one of the hardest and best things about travel. I grew up all over the world and have lived all over the US and you quickly learn that you just need to be willing to be open, ask for help, and roll with the punches.

  40. I’m slowly working on being ok with change. I can definitley be a creature of habit, but with 2012 just around the corner I am excited for what the future as in store for me! :) I am wishing you lots of luck in all of your new adventures!

    • creatures of habits are good and bad, yes? good for creating routine but bad in the sense that we become too rigid. Lets change that in 2012 indeed friend!

  41. So reading your post yesterday really inspired me….and seeing as a new year is upon us I decided to write a post on how to create SMART and meaningful goals. Did lots of reading on positive psychology for it and it’s choc full of goodies….check it out if you have time. And keep having a blast in NZ!

  42. Can NOT believe you’ve already been there a month!

    It’s been so fun to watch you discover, learn, grow and adjust – I know it’s probably harder than it looks, with pictures of vineyards, beaches and sunshine 😉 but these experiences are the ones we look back on so gratefully.

    Hope you’re enjoying Auckland!

    • i am already grateful, you are so right. Going through the motions in itself is humbling and just what i needed to end this year.
      Thanks for such wise words as always friend!

  43. Oh friend! I love your approach to 2012 – embrace the change, harness it, learn from it! Awesome!! I already sense such amazing change in you in the short time you’ve been in NZ and it makes me so happy to see you getting out of this change in life/location that you so desperately wanted/needed. So so so happy for you and can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for both of you! xoxo

    • oh that means more than you know Jess! I am trying SO hard to let go of a lot but at the same time not let anything creep by that isn’t purposeful. haha. Does that even make sense? I feel like you have taught be a lot this past month, just by being YOU and enjoying LIFE to the full!

  44. How great you can share all those beautiful experiences with the man you love! And what a wonderful quote! It’s so true … I’ve also changed a lot due to things I can’t change, especially in the last two years.

  45. I was just thinking about this the other day – in the last week we were at two different family member’s homes for the holiday. Different traditions, ways of living, homes, etc…its best to just let my type a personality go and enjoy!

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