Track & Field Day

G’day friends. Hope this post finds you enjoying a STRESS FREE SUNDAY and a bit disconnected as well. Winking smile

This weekend has been filled with “sherpa-ing,” so if you are tired of seeing random pictures of nature and videos of me talking to myself about ironman training, then please…. feel FREE to skip. I know I will have at least one reader….. HI MOM! Smile with tongue out

Anyway….it’s 2 weeks till Ironman. The hubs is as fit as he can get at this point. Now its all about keeping that “top end” sharp. Eat, Sleep, train, Sleep, Eat, sleep, etc. Like a little baby. hehe.


But in all seriousness, it’s time toABSORB all that training.
Here’s a fun little video of my sherpa skills this weekend, with a little exploring on the side.


After I finished my sharpening my sherpa skills at the track session, I found TIME for TIME and did some exploring myself.



So there you have it folks. A productive, yet relaxing weekend. Yes?

All I left to do this weekend…. …make those darn yo-yo’s.

I feel like this task is easier thank it sounds yet I am still quite intimated.

Wish me luck!

Cheers to all those moments of disconnecting this weekend, cause I KNOW you are having them.


Right Heather and Jess?! Smile




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  1. i’m so glad you’re taking the time to explore, soak in life, and appreciate your surroundings! i’m taking the long weekend to leisurely make my way through nutrient metabolism (and feverishly make my way through a way more interesting book – healthy bites!)

  2. I love your hat! I have two that look just like it. 😀

  3. That’s a lotta butter in those yo-yo’s! All the more delicious. Those gardens look like they make a great time for relaxation. Kudos to a great weekend!

  4. Crazy, I’ve never seen a grass track like that!

  5. Sounds wonderful!! I love weekends that are less connected or disconnected completely. I am honestly trying to do more of that too, and it really does make a difference. Being present. Doing things with intention! I am so glad you had a great weekend!

  6. I think you’ve achieved the ideal mix between productive and relaxing for a weekend :) Cheers to you!

  7. Luck!
    And those are some beautiful photos from the gardens!

  8. Love the wild hair you are rocking these days! Disconnecting feels oh so good and I’ve felt so much more productive today that I did it ALL day yesterday. With that being said, I’m signing off for a few hours to get some R&R on the couch. Enjoying my REST day big time! xoxo

  9. I love all the photos of nature. Makes me feel close to you!
    Have fun with the yo-yo’s, I haven’t eaten one in years but they’re little butter & sugar bombs from memory. Well they sell well over here and seem to be a favourite with many. I always find it enjoyable watching kids with them- because they’re so buttery and crumbly they tend to crumble when you bite into them or if you try and pull them apart. Mess everywhere! Love it.
    All the best xxx

  10. Sounds like things are coming to the end! What a lucky guy to have you there for him! I think my guys would love the yo-yo’s! Let me know how that turns out! Enjoy the rest of your day Lindsay!

  11. Jimmy Davis says:

    A grass track! How beautiful, I’ve always wanted to see one. James looks great. Aloha to you guys :)

  12. Productive AND relaxing…that is so my kind of weekend! Glad you were able to do both!

  13. Wow, it’s all on for hubs then, no? … I’m excited for you guys! The Yo-yos may just be the secret to his success? Nah, Healthy Bites win hands down for sure. butter butter butter

  14. Weekends are really a good time for relaxation. While nature is your best companion. Nice shots!

  15. Weekends are really good time for relaxation. While nature is your best companion.

  16. Those are some mad sherpa-ing skillz, yo :)I’ve never heard of a yo-yo!

  17. Youre so cute! And of course we are reading! Love the hubs’ Fro! I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks till race time!
    Hope you’re relaxing :)

  18. I can never get tired of those beautiful pictures!!! I did find some time to just go out and reconnect with nature…and you know what??? It was pure bliss. I lay down in the grass at my park and just gazed at the clouds without a care in the world. I could just feel my body sinking into the earth a little more with every breath as I relaxed…so good! P.S. Did my package arrive yet?!?!?

  19. ahhh, you are too cute in that video.
    i can’t believe ironman is two weeks ago! i feel like your time in NZ has flown!

  20. Hey Lindz! What’s the weather like there? You look cold but James looks fine lol.

    I’d probably be freezing…

    it will be a mania free monday here!!!
    (oh and I can not wait to take you to coffee so you can tell me why I should love pinterest! when? when? :))

  22. I’d never seen a grass track like that before, how beautiful!! Your video made me think about the (for the most part) solitary life of the pro triathlete. It’s you, him, and a track/road/pool. It’s a lot of tough work but and faith. I’m glad he is feeling well as he heads into the IM!!

    Go….SHERPA :-)

  23. Hugs girl – just stopping in to say hi!!

  24. I love to read about Ironman training, so you’ll always keep me around with these types of posts. It’s wierd to me that I’m not really doing the tri thing this year (I don’t like swimming enough to get in the water for shorter races right now) – so I’m living vicariously through you guys. :)

  25. Wow, these last weeks before the Ironman must be incredibly intense! 😯 I’m happy you’re taking some stress out with strolling through those beautiful gardens. Would looooooove to join in! 😀

  26. Ahhhh You’re such a great wifey helping him out like that!! Your videos always crack me up, I love how we feel right there with you :) So awesome!!!

    YAY!! 2 more weeks till James Rocks it!!!! WOOO HOO!!


  27. Love the video! you are so cute and your hair looks great and you look adorable in the hat. What a different track than our normal tracks in the states. Enjoy your last two weeks my friend. :)

  28. Okay, so I’ve decided that I actually need to be at the triathlon, not just wait for a post to find out what happens. I’m so totally convinced that this is THE event for you guys!

  29. Hi Linz,
    Always love reading your blogs.

  30. i’m happy to report that my sunday AND monday were stress free. weeeee :) 2 weeks till iron man? cuuuuuuhrunch time!

  31. Two weeks till the big race!! Eee! You and the Hubbs are in my thoughts and prayers as you wrap up your time in NZ. It’s been such a pleasure reading about your adventures there; in fact, I’m kind of sad to see you leave! BUT, your return to the US means that I’ll finally get to share that glass of wine (or kombucha) with you. Yes. It’s going to happen. 😀

    I just checked out the yo-yo’s recipe and they sound delightful! What’s the story behind them? <3

  32. LOVED this post…your sherpa video, James running, your time exploring. I feel like you’re blossoming, Lindsay! 😀 So neat to see…you are beautiful inside and out. Love to you and James in the homestretch!

  33. You keep such a good balance of training, recovering, and playing…he is going to do so great in a couple weeks!

  34. I can’t believe Ironman is 2 weeks away!!! Holy cow. The video is too cute. Love that he’s wearing your compression socks. Ha. That park us beautiful.
    I still need some time to disconnect…… :)

  35. almost GO time!! i am excited for you and your man and will be following closely online for sure!!

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