Title Talk Wednesday

Hey you ever looked at the caption under blog title. I mean really looked at it. It defines you right? Rather, it defines your current life. Yes, that’s it.

So… I think Cotter Crunch might need a little title talk. It’s brief, to the point, and sums up life…. current life.

My blog caption: Life as a pro triathlete’s wife, nutrition/fitness consultant, kombucha lover, & a wanna be wino who has a joyous passion GLUTEN FREE cooking!

Title 1: Life as a pro triathlete’s wife


That’s tricky. It changes day by day. The knee pain comes and goes. He’s canceled his race this Sunday and is playing it smart. But will he continue to race the season? I’m not sure. I think we may know in a month as we scope out all our options. We are heading out for a couple weeks come Monday. I think these two weeks will give us some clarity and some direction. All I can do is be there for him. And if I can somehow win the lottery in the meantime, then that would be a bonus! haha. Winking smile

Title 2: Nutrition and Fitness Consultant

Well, nutrition is still my passion. But to be honest, I’ve put it on the back burner lately. I’ve had to focus on my own nutrition and sometimes taking on several nutrition clients along with dealing with your own is quite overwhelming. The good thing is it’s all getting sorted and I’ve had great help from my fellow NUTRITION GURU MEL with some stomach healing remedies. Also, Healthy bites has taken over my life, in a good good way! And I am really enjoying that. Lots of orders and lots of sharing! My nieces and nephews are liking my sharing too. Winking smile

pineapple rum coconut

Those would be mouth’s full of healthy bites. And trying to get them to sit still long enough to snap a picture. Oh goodness!


Fitness and fitness consulting.. Well, I am still training a few clients. YEA! And next month I will be going back to teaching a few classes at the gym. I have not taught in over 6 months! It’s been a crazy 6 months but also a humbling 6 months away. I most likely teach my boot camp again, that way I don’t really have to fully workout. I just get to yell at them and bark orders. I’m so nice! haha! Walking and yoga will still be A MUST. It’s my sanity!


Title 3: Love for wine, kombucha, and GF living.

You better believe that’s been happening! New Larabar love, new GF recipes (blueberry salmon and Cotter Chia cakes), and always always room for good wine and a daily Kombucha.




Hmm… did I leave anything out?

Update me on your title.. life, passions, etc.!




I’ll be posting some of my boot camp class ideas. You’ll have give them a whirl and let me know how it goes, deal?

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  1. My title was so hard to write. I blog with my hubby so we wanted to make it general, not too fitness intense to scare people, and not too long to bore people. Our title describes our blog as “super workouts & recipes for everyday superheroes” We feel like fitness and healthy living isn’t for an elite group. We know that small changes can make a big difference and we hope to fuel that.

  2. This was so neat! I kinda wanna go on all the blogs I read now and just look at the captions haha 😉

  3. Hmmmm, I don’t have a caption…might explain where I am in my life right now?? But I love this post and your reflections. I do hope the time away is good for you and James and will help provide some clarity. I am most excited to hear that you will be back to teaching (and yelling at pekple). Yay!!

  4. Oooh! Looking forward to your posts when you start doing classes again. I am slowly easing back into the gym myself. I need some interval ideas – I get bored too quickly. Thinking I will do a YMCA strength class, just to have someone bark at me and keep me motivated. :-)

  5. Cool cool cool. Never even thought to re-examine my title to be honest.

    Flexing those Biceps: Exercising Hard, Eating Well and Getting Prepped for the Beach

    I guess I’m still doing all of the above, only add in “I’m a runner” now because I sure didn’t see myself as one when I started blogging. I think it’s so exciting about the healthy bites. I sure hope you can find a backer! And I know you must be excited about getting back into training and teaching. Can you move here please so I can take classes???

  6. I think my caption is something like ‘my kitchen isn’t always clean, but it is always lively.’ And that’s still true. Like I seriously need to get off the computer and go sweep up the breakfast mess….

    I’d love to attend one of your boot camp classes. Since starting the motherhood life, I’ve learned I really enjoy having someone else tell me what to do. I love group classes so I can just zone out, follow directions and not have to think about what to do next. I spend so much of my day telling my kids what to do (and not do), that I love having a workout be planned for me. Plus, I push myself harder when there are other people around.

    love those healthy bite full-mouth photos. :)

  7. Glad you’re getting back into teaching. It’s a passion of mine! Love being in charge. 😉

  8. LC, you would be so proud of me – yesterday on a whim i took a bootcamp type class through the gym in my building – we ran outside and then all sorts of horrible stuff, like partner squats, situps, bear crawls, jumping over park benches, burpees…. no amount of triathlon training could have prepared me for such pain. i HURT today!!!!

  9. Mine is vegan, triathlete, blogger. I guess it’s pretty accurate but I still think it should be wannabe triathete. 😉

  10. Now I need to go read the titles of blogs more carefully. I usually do if it’s a new blog, but then I quickly forget. I periodically look at my own to see if it all still applies. I love the wine glass in your banner. It’d make me want a glass if it weren’t 6:30AM right now :-)

  11. ooh bring it! I’m excited to try your bootcamp ideas.

    Also — love the wine, kombucha and GF loves.


  12. You’re a little bit of everything, love it! Life sounds pretty sweet right now for you. For me? Relishing in senior week, chugging along on too few hours of sleep, some walking, not much cooking, packing up my house, and preparing to be a graduate eeeeek! Life is sweet over here too :)

  13. Mine is “an active life fueled by a plant-based diet” or “Better Fitness :: Better Food :: Better Life”. Yes, I should probably pick one, but I feel like they both describe me pretty well and I’m never one to be “normal”. :)

  14. i’ve never really realized that about the subtitle before, but you’re right! i’m so glad things are getting better for you nutrition wise!! yay! :)

    • yes, and you know what.. this time has helped me realized how much our bodies need rest and to take it slow. I will definitely be keeping it that way more often now. How are you doing? Updates!!

  15. Wow. Your title truly does capture your life. Mine certainly doesnt… Its a picture from Tibet, which I sorely miss. I am definitely not as mentally in a great place as I was when I returned from there, but hopefully I will get back to that soon!
    Im sorry about the cancelled race :( But it sounds like yall are playing it smart. And getting back into teaching classes sounds super exciting!! I wish you could train me!

  16. julia @ pain, pride and perseverance says:

    YES! love this. i never realized how much the title of my blog (and subtitle) would come to define me until just recently. but my brain must have known something when it made the title because my blog has definitely helped shape how i view my running/life/etc. Perseverance and learning have become sources of great meaning to me and they are the things i can turn on in times of needed strength and also the passions i try to share with others!

    i hope you all enjoy your time away:) lovely post LC!

  17. To be honest, I had think, “uhhh wait a sec, what is mine?” lol
    Mine’s pretty basic, since I live in the town of Normal, and am far from Normal. Although I don’t think the latter will change, I do hope to move from Normal sometimes soon. Hmm…shoulda thought that through better, eh? 😉

  18. Fun post my friend! Life changes and you know what that is A-OK! I can definitely tell that none of your passion has changed one bit. :)

  19. I dont have a title…. hmmmm… how about: Human Bean.

  20. Your life is a beautiful evolution, and I love seeing the small tweaks changes and growth. All of it. I hope you are starting to feel better, and I hope James is too. I try to update my own little mantra every once in awhile too. It’s a good exercise isn’t it?! XOXO!

  21. MizFit wrote a post on 3 words that describe you/your brand, so 2 of my favs are definitely encouraging readers to reflect!

    I hope you continue to be on the mend health-wise and can gradually go back to ALL your joys. Praying for James too–athletes & injuries do NOT go together but happen all too often. Hoping he is on the mend.


    • I loved that post! it makes you really think about your life and what it represents to YOU! i love my blonde ponytail. she inspires me, gives me energy, and makes me laugh.

  22. I have no caption under my blog title. I hate analyzing things…perhaps it’s because I’m afraid of what I’ll find. And sometimes, for the pushing 40 year old momma, I’m still not sure who I am. So glad to know your nutrition has had some positives in it. And you must be excited to teach bootcamp again. Yay! Please let us know if you do, indeed, win the lottery.

  23. ya my title basically changes all the time…im technically a certified trainer but have yet to find a job in these parts..soooo not really haha. i usually have marathon runner in my title but thats def not all i do-i love lifting weights!! and now mama is in my title too…changes all the time!! i love that wine lover is still in ur title though :) thats great. also, congrats on your healthy bites success!! thats really great it sounds like its taking off!

    • your family is changing and thats big! you’ll always be a personal trainer and a runner, but now you’ll be SUPER MOM! thats a new title.

  24. Can I use regular butter for the chia cakes? I want to make one tomorrow ASAP! Going to top with berries and yogurt as well. :) My new title right now is “Happy Pants”! I’m feeling blessed right now for everything and everyone that is in my life these days. xoxo

  25. I recently changed mine and I am in love with it. I want to make it a tee shirt. Eat well, sweat more, thrive everyday. The thrive part is what really defines me right now. Great post Lindsday!

  26. Mine’s “Eating to Live. Blessed to Love. Training to Run.” Simple. :) But sometimes I feel the need to spice it up…maybe when the next two certifications find themselves at the end of my name. 😉 (PS: I love yours.)

  27. I found the caption the hardest thing to write when starting my blog. I like to do so many things! Kind of like boiling your essence down to 3 words (MizFit talked about that yesterday).

    I ended up with ‘inspiring you to eat well, exercise daily and perhaps, take up knitting’ (quirky, but perfectly me!)

  28. good luck with classes at the gym, you will do great!!!
    our bio on our blog has been updated – we tried our best to summarize us and our blog quickly and to the point. though we always are thinking of changing it.


  29. This is great. I’m going to have to re-read lots of peoples’ captions!
    I hope you guys enjoy your couple weeks away and figure some stuff out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for a lottery win!
    I love the photos of the little guys eating Healthy Bites. It made me smile at work today!

  30. I like how you broke this down :) Especially because I just started reading your blog and it sort of gave me a Cliff Notes version…

    My subtitle ain’t nothing but silly :) It’s also a tribute to my worklife. xo

  31. fitness food and fun in our forties…..yup we are still up to that :) thanks you for the update especially about James. Bill and I think about him a lot and his racing :) really glad you are feeling better and are going to start training clients again!

  32. you’re right, the title is our way of expressing ourselves to the world. but how can you sum up yourself in just a few words? sometimes i feel like a whirling dervish and i can’t pin down any one emotion or characteristic to truly define myself. my title line should be “i am what i am.” :)

  33. I just LOVE how you’re always assessing and re-assessing your life, your focus, your journey. It gets ME to think that way a lot more too and I dig that. I SO need you in my life!! xoxo

  34. The Cotter cake looks fantastic!

  35. Well I do hope the hus is on the quick road to recovery.

    And you’re so honest about everything, it’s refreshing. Your busy doing all the most amazing things. Super impressed by your healthy bites absolutely taking off!!

    I’m still running, and living for it, haha.

  36. Ah yes, sometimes it’s good to reflect on those labels we give ourselves—are they still the same? Are we veering from our paths and intentions?
    I’m SO re-organizing my labels right now. It’s pretty crazy, but in the end I have faith that it will work itself all out in the best way!

  37. I took my title off a few months ago, meaning to update it, but I still haven’t! Oops. I guess I’m overthinking it too much?

  38. hey,
    i also teach a bootstyle type class and for this friday (in honor of my 50th) my peeps will be doing 50reps of 10 of my favorite body weight excercises!!! (cuz it’s all about me, don’t ya know)
    they are so hard core…it will be a time challenge. YEAH…50 baby!!!

  39. what gym will you be teaching at?

  40. Hmm… my blog title ‘living a happy healthy lifestyle’…. it sums it up pretty much but isn’t too descriptive. I think my pictures do a better job: avocado lover, fitness enthusiast, and wine drinker?

    I’m in the process of working on a better motto for my brand…I’m still new. :)

  41. Yahooo I love the title breakdown!! So exciting that you are going to get back into teaching. I WISH I lived closer so I could come to your classes! I am also stoked that the healthy bites are taking off, they seriously look dangerous.

  42. Love the breakdown! Hope your hubby’s knee gets better

  43. Now I’m curious on other’s captions! I love how you broke down each of your captions, and how you are constantly growing! I don’t really have a caption per say. I didn’t have a specific thing I wanted to blog about, just new that I wanted to include the passions in my life which are food, fitness, positivity, self confidence, fashion, daily happenings, and of course coffee 😉

    • oh yes you do! it’s all your lately’s (chesley lately haha). So your lately today is something different than tomorrow. LOVE IT LISA!!

  44. I loved reading through this!

    Your healthy bites look absolutely yummy!

  45. yay girl! stomach healing remedies, that’s right! I need them these days too. I am blowing up like a beach ball after meals with broccoli, kale, or cabbage. NO BUENO…. so I tried juicing Kale today and got the same effect! Ugh.

    • i feel like we should be living together so we can vent about out stomach problems and not feel bad. haha. JK! So i figured the only thing I can really juice that is green these days is steamed spinach and cucumber. Kale would make me blow up too! haha

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