Thursday Thoughts, Things, and Vlog Review

Should I shorten that title to TTTV? nah, too complicated. We don’t need to overcomplicate things too close to Friday now do we?

Thursday thoughts, things, and vlog. Yep, stay with me here. I’m actually posting 2 days in a row, a rarity. But this a time sensitivity issue. You must get it on this discount before it’s up. More on that below.

First, some thoughts:

Thought 1: I’m thinking I might add this flavor to Healthy Bites whey bites. Thinking.. hmmm..


Thought 2: This article. Thank you Lindsay L. for sharing. I think it’s good we take a look at blog etiquette. yes? By the way, I think it’s always okay to just read and not comment. Or just hit READ ALL in your reader when needed. I know that it takes time to both read and comment. I like to comment when I can because I care and want to share. BUT… like I said, priorities, right? Live first, blog later.

Thought 3: I’m a bit sore from this class I taught yesterday.. DOMS.


Second, some things:

Thing 1: I’m still on a molasses kick, with oranges, and cashew butter, and kefir


Thing 2: I’m also on a spray tan kick. Vitamin D and No skin cancer please. This brand is the best.


Thing 3: These bags. The Core and Luxx from they are on sale through tomorrow night. 10% off. My full review is below and the code is AMB10! at checkout. Yes, my new bag fetish. Like I need more fetishes, right?



Note: the side zip compartment is for shoes and sweaty clothes. It will not fit a yoga mat.

Thing 4: First Update– in a month we’ll know if the hubs is racing this season or not. It’s been a hard month of trials, which I can’t get into now, but with trials there is always gained strength. I’m hoping he’ll be able to race. I pray about it daily, but I know it’s up to God to determine our plans. Hard truth to swallow. So for now I plan on posting other things, like silly thoughts, things, workouts, and recipes. Winking smile

Okay, those are my thoughts and things. Any others to share? What do you think of the Livewell360 bags?



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  1. Those bags are SUPER cute! I got the Gaiam bag which is similar and I’m loving but this looks like it’s got even more room which is AWESOME!!

    • it so is!! addicted to bags. haha. p.s. how is your family?

      • Thank you for asking! My mom took my grandma and her husband to the doctor and they were having a pretty good day so the doctor doesn’t need to see them for another 3 months. We were pretty sure last weekend that my Uncle Ken’s last days were among us. Happy to see he’s at least holding on a bit longer but they think he might have colon cancer which they can’t really treat or actually test because he may not make it out of those procedures. So we’re hanging on and enjoying whatever time is left.

  2. Cute gym bags are always a must! And I think you should add that flavor! Yummm

  3. I need a tan. I am beyond caucasian.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the Hubs!!

  4. YES to the new Healthy Bite flavor! YES to prayer and faith and confidence on James’ training and race coming up. YES to YOU being you always!! XO! (and love that bag!!)

  5. how did you know that purple is one of my favorite colors? I’ll take it!

  6. Will keep the hubs in my prayers!

    Molasses on fruit looks interesting! I will have to try that out.

  7. Keeping you and the hubs in my thoughts and prayers. God’s plans can be difficult to accept when they don’t agree with our own, but it usually just means that there are better things in store for us than we had originally planned.

  8. Love those bags! I wish they made one in pink though!!

    I send prayers he will race this year too! <3

  9. Oooohhhh where do you buy the spray tanner? Always looking for good tan-in-a-can reco’s.

  10. Oh man, I total need a tan! haha

    And I will pray for the hubby’s case as well…wishing the best!

  11. All these bite pictures are making me happy/hungry. My next order sounds like a bake shop:
    Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Cookie, Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread, and I still really love the pumpkin too. I am becoming an addict.

  12. that workout looks amazing. PINNED YA!

  13. “If you ever want to go to a yoga conference…” ha! You sold me on these bags, I need to go check them out!

    I need to write down that workout — I’ve been pretty bored with workouts lately so I’m turning to fun circuits, etc. to keep me interested. :)

  14. Well wishes to your husband. And, just curious…what are skaters? I’d like to try that workout!

  15. Hi my name is Cinnamon and I am a bagaholic. This bag looks so amazing but I can’t handle the price right now. Maybe someday….
    Oh and thanks for linking to that article on blog comments…very interesting read!

  16. I totally agree with you on the comments. I comment when I have something to say and just because I’m silent doesn’t mean I’m not reading. A lot of times I’m a lurker 😉

  17. Irene Altmam says:

    I love your thoughts! I’ve even placed an order for the sunless tanning…I’m dying for some color. Best of luck to your husband. I’ve been there as a supporting role too. I wanted you to know that I love the pumpkin/chocolate bites you made. I ordered 3 dozen and I have been milking them with my workouts. Today I ate two before a snow packed trail run and brought one along with me. I am so glad I did. I was having a day…about 4.5 miles in that extra one helped me finish my 7…thank you. I love your bag! I am putting on my birthday list. Going to try that workout tomorrow morning :)

  18. I’ve always loved the Live360 bags – just can’t afford them, but they always seemed so cute and functional!

    And YES – live first, blog later. Always :)

  19. Praying for good news for you and James!!

  20. I love molasses. Molasses cookies make my tummy smile. I have a dermatologist appt coming up. Don’t want to hear the grim news. :(

    Sending my thoughts for your hubs prospective race season <3

  21. As someone whose life has taken some crazy (and unexpected) twists and turns lately, I will say that I think it’s the unknown that’s the hardest, really. Once you KNOW, you can plan and move forward. It’s that space/time in between, when you’re hoping/wishing/praying/dreaming/half-preparing for two different possibilities (but not counting on either) that is the most nerve-wracking and stressful.

    But have faith that, no matter what, once the path is clear, you guys will travel confidently and courageously…

  22. Hope all is well for hubby!!!!

    YES to the bites! :)

    YES YES YES to it all!!! :) Well… that workout looks pretty stuff – how about a maybe! 😉

  23. One, I LOVE your class!! Two, I have been searching for a self tanner! I feel so pasty this time of year and with no beach time on the horizon, I need something stat!! And, I feel like you could never go wrong with a HB creation!

  24. Sending prayers across the ocean to you & your hubby <3 <3

  25. I’ve been seeing more and more molasses popping up on blogs recently, and would love to know more about it! I have this idea cemented in my mind that it’s an old-fashioned ingredient, reserved for gingerbread purposes only! So silly. I’m sure I’d love it drizzled on top of my Greek yogurt. :)

    I think your plan for the next month is a great one. After prayer, all we can do is wait for God to answer. In the meantime, why not have some fun? 😀 <3 xoxo

  26. Ahh…. I want so many things from this post. Those strawberry shortcake bites, that awesome bag, to come to one of your classes, etc. And…… I have an unopened jar of molasses in the pantry. I’m going to copy your concoction. Love ya!!!!

  27. Dang, girl! That looks like a GREAT workout!

  28. those bags are super cute! i love that you can hold the yoga mat inside or on the outside – very convienent!!

  29. Great vlog, Lindsay! I’ll be praying for your family, too. Waiting is SO tough. Been there many times with big life decisions. I don’t think it ever gets easier. But I know God will lead you where you need to be… Btw, thanks for sharing that awesome workout! I’m hoping to incorporate more ‘boot camp’ style workouts in with the marathon behind me.

  30. YES! strawberry shortcakes bites!!!! love love love.
    I don’t think I’m allowed any more gym bags, even though those are super cute!! I have wayyy too many…even for three sports.;)
    and for the knee issue…hang in there. either way it will work out. I have faith it will heal and he will race again- it took me two full seasons.
    anytime you need to talk- you know how to reach me!

  31. First thought, yes, you should make that a HB flavor. Second, I’m TOTALLY with you on the comment etiquette. It IS OK to read and not comment sometimes (most of the time). I want to comment when I have something to say or to add to the conversation but yes, often feel “obligated” to comment. Third, that workout just look mean. Fourth, I have more bags than I care to admit. Fifth, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you and James and thinking of you. xox

  32. Dang, I bet the legs were sore after that workout! I can’t wait to hear about James and I’m praying for you guys too! I know waiting is the hardest part though. Keep your thoughts positive and focus on one day at a time, right? Big hugs to you both!

  33. I have been looking at that bag for MONTHS, I am on the quest for the perfect gym, cosmetic and HB&A bags.

  34. I should totally get a spray tan. No lie, I’m the whitest person ever. As you can obviously tell by my photos hah. I get told all the time that I’m so pale, as if I didn’t notice myself;) I just bought molasses and holy it’s good! Plus the nutritional benefits don’t hurt either! It’s so good on toast with almond butter a little pumpkin and a smidgen of molasses. Yum. The bag is cute, but you’re cuter. You and the Hubs are in my thoughts and prayers Lindsay! I think better things will be ahead for you both!

  35. I am such a bag lady! Ha ha that doesn’t sound right, does it? I def like the 2nd one best. Thanks for sharing the discount, off to check it out….

  36. Add that flavor!!!
    Fingers and toes crossed for James…praying everything works out =)

  37. molassas sounds wonderful. i should start using it! praying for hubs and hoping for the right answer for you both. hugs!

  38. No wonder your arms are sore…are you kidding me woman? I am also super sore as well, from doing a 75 min at home workout that involved 100 push-ups. Strong is Beautiful right? Countdown is ON….

  39. Strawberry Shortcake Bites look awesome! Love the bag, I just started doing a yoga class, that would be perfect! and I use to sunless tanning quite often and have never seen that brand, I will have to try, where do you purchase this? and most important, I am saying a prayer for you and James, that the right opportunity presents itself , that the best possible senario unfolds for both of you, whatever that may be, the prayer is with an open heart and all the love I can muster. Have a wonderful weekend.

  40. Great article on the whole commenting thing… interesting stuff. Love the look of that bag too – how much stuff can you get in there!?! Awesome! That HB flavour sounds just scrumptious too, yummo!

  41. First of all, I AM SORRY!!! So sorry for not commenting / reading your blog lately. I have been really focused on creating and not-so-much focused on blog reading. I love you and I am always sending you love and prayers, baby! I feel so connected to you. <3

    Sending you and the hubs love and strength too. Although, you've already got a shit ton of that. 😉

  42. Love the bag….love the bites flavor idea… and love the ettiquette article! I read it when I saw that you liked or posted it on fb the other day….
    Hope your weekend is great!

  43. I haven’t tried a spray tan in years, do you find it pretty easy to do? And I am with you – blogging isn’t life, we need to have priorities. It took me too long to learn this, but I’m learning!

  44. You and your hubs are in my best of thoughts! I think that your outlook is the right on to have though :) I’ve been on such a molasses kick lately, like it’s going out of style. Oatmeal n molasses is just so darn tasty. I’ll be trying it with an orange because it sounds kind of amazing. As always, thank you for blogging and having such a good postive attitude my friend ♥

  45. sending prayer your way for faith and strength while you await the results of the Hubs test run coming up. Stay strong Cotters. xo

    ps I am DYING to try the strawberry shortcake healthy bites, sounds utterly divine

  46. Hey Lindsay, just saw that you linked to my blog commenting post so I had to comment and say thank you! TOTALLY agree that you don’t have to comment on every post (and I certainly don’t!)–sometimes you’ve just got to get in your reading for the day and go. Really appreciate you adding that part to your post. :)
    Hope you had a fabulous week! Thank you again for the shout out.
    -Ginny from Shareaholic


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