Thursday Thoughts & Love

There are things in life we should be fine with, but we’re not. And no matter how much we try and “act” fine, inside we want to stomp our foot like a toddler with a tantrum.

That was me this week. Although I did end up stomping my foot and then taking out my aggression in the weight room. I was sore.


But that’s probably the last thing I NEEDED to do to cope. Yes we are human and exerting energy does help us to be “more fine” with things, but only temporary.

So there I was, stomping away and not listening to God. I wanted my plans to happen, not His. I wanted to do my own thing and I wanted it NOW! (see, toddler tantrum–> mine mine mine)

That was until my tiredness set in, and in the midst of my weakness I prayed. Then I read this.


Because where I am weak, HE IS STRONG! Thank goodness for that!

Just a few Thursday Thoughts today.

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you know that you are loved, even if you have your “days.”


Signing off, humbled and thankful.



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  1. God has a way of showing us things just at the right time, doesn’t he? Hope you have a great day today awesome woman! Love that strength workout too :-)

  2. Oh how I needed to read that excerpt from your book today. I have been feeling very weary lately, sometimes I just don’t even know what to pray for. But I know that because of who God is, I know I don’t have to say a word.

    And yes, I had a bit of a ‘I want it now’ moment as well on the weekend. Thankfully both Marc and I made the right decision… it felt SO good! And I know for a fact that we let God take control of that situation. So very grateful.

    WHY isn’t it Friday yet??!! I can’t wait to see who wins!

  3. Isn’t it fun how God teaches us lessons right when we need them the most? :)

    See also – what are GI Jane burpees?

    • yes indeed friend.

      Oh and GI jane burpees are burpees but then you either step on a box and grab a pull up bar to do a pull up (that’s what i do) or if you are really strong you do a pull up from the bar with no box support.
      Like this girl. She is super strong!

      I use a box to step up first. hehe

  4. HUGS!!!!! As I mentioned before, I am not religious BUT I have found my own way to seek out help…. I think that is what matters – not that we all believe the same but that we find our own way! Hope things get better!

  5. Sometimes a little stomping is necessary. Get it out. :)

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Lindsay!

  6. Just let it out, girl! You always feel better after. Have a great day! :)

  7. Here I was just thinking that I really needed to go for a run to throw my temper tantrum. 😉 How are you so wise? I hope you’ve had an incredible day my friend! xoxo

  8. I had a few of those days at work this week, but thankfully I’ve been able to shake it off when I leave and come back feeling refreshed and ready for a good day.

    Love you, friend!

  9. Praying for you Linds. I know the feeling. Rest in God… He knows what we need best!

  10. I like to stomp my foot in the weight room too. 😉

  11. what a beautiful post! I love what you said about God being strong where we are not!

  12. It’s great that you were able to work out some emotion during a workout! Hang in there and keep finding inspiration where you can. Happy valentine’s day!

  13. WOW what a spot on message!! that gave me chills!! And I LOVE that you got a little spoiled by James, you deserve it friend!! XOXO! BTW SO excited to try Nutzo, just used your code and got Jess and me one, because I am a nice sister ;-P

  14. Thank you! I really needed to read that today! God bless!

  15. I think it can be perfectly ok to stomp around sometimes then take out that aggression and move along. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  16. I act all of 5 years old sometimes when I don’t get my way, but reading a message like that would probably knock the wind right out of me when I was pouting. What devotional is that?

  17. i keep meaning to ask which devotional you read/use? i need it.. and i cant keep stalking your instagram :)

    (okay i probably still will but thats besides the point!)

  18. I love love love your post Lindsay — God is good and I’m so happy that He’s working in your life, even if it’s hard to yield and be patient :)

  19. Happy love day my friend! I hear ya on the exerting energy to help cope— I’m guilty of that too! I’m planning on making the chia healthy bites this weekend— they are so perfect for me to make and keep in my car all week as I jump from house to house. 😉 ah the fun of being homeless!

  20. Isn’t it incredible how those words come at the perfect time? It never ceases to amaze me. Learning to wait, listen, be still, trust… it’s a lifelong lesson. Love this, and I love your vulnerability. Happy Valentine’s day!

  21. I threw a hissy today too. I was throwing things around the kitchen and slamming doors. I am not proud of my behavior, but I needed to do it in that moment. But you are right it is only temporary. And it only made the situation worse. Later on.

    Then I went to yoga class where we focused on the exact part of my body I have been having problems with. Funny how everytime I go to class we do something or the instructor says something that is exactly what I needed on that day or in that moment. Same thing happens when I come to your blog. It always resonates with my life and it gives me a sense of comfort.

  22. Oh, I so needed to see your devotional post today. My attitude has been less than desirable and the chip on my shoulder is getting sizable. Sometimes, there seems to be soo many problems and I feel so defeated, then think things are unfair then get mad and then usually start over again. I needed to see beyond me, to take things a day at a time and know I am going through what I am supposed to be. Thanks so much Lindsay!

  23. Rowing is seriously an AMAZING work out!!! My only problem with it is that it tends to give me back pain! :(

  24. Oh man, I often stomp it out in the weight room but you are so right – I feel better for the time being but the underlying issues still linger when really, I need to stop and listen and pay attention more to what’s going on around me. Hugs to you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  25. Thank you for sharing this truthful reminder, Lindsay! I often attempt to release my frustration through physical action (stomping and kicking sure can feel good, can’t it?!), without doing the tough work and finding solace in God’s plan. Trusting that where we are right now–physically, emotionally and spiritually—is the RIGHT place, requires a huge leap of faith. But once we accept it, we’re promised peace and satisfaction! <3

  26. Happy Valentine’s Lindsay! Thank you for sharing :)

  27. HE is strong. What do you read from daily?

    Happy valentine’s day!! :) xx

  28. hang in there! I know the feeling. Stomp away!

  29. You know that acceptance and rest are key issues for me … 😛 Yes, there are things we can’t change. I’m working on realizing that. And I need to say that you look incredibly fit! 😀

  30. These are perfect words! Thanks for sharing! We MUST remember it is never by own strength, but HIS!!! It is sooo hard to remember!

  31. I have such a hard time letting go of the idea that I need to be in control, or that I even CAN be in control, of not only my own life, but the actions of others in it. I’m working on patience, with the fact that my own timeline isn’t always in sync with those around me…and that that is OK.

    This isn’t EXACTLY in the same vein as your thoughts, but it is what yours sparked in me. :)

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