Thirty Minute Thursday: Tips & Tidbits

Tips and Tidbits. Seems about right for this post. Kind of all over the place but that’s okay. Keeps it entertaining.

Okay let’s start.

I finally got around to posting a 30 minute Thursday workout. Still taking it easy here, so I haven’t tried this workout myself. But if you do this “tidbit” of a workout, let me know.


Looks like a good one, right? I am trying it out on a client tomorrow. Hehe, she will be in a for a treat.

Next up…. TIPS! Core Power (a milk protein drink formerly known as Athlete’s Honey Milk) has started a new series on their webpage/blog. It’s the Core Power TIP OF THE DAY.  Lots of great athletes have shared their tips and I had the chance to share my two cents as a nutrition manager. I’ll be posting their more often so check it out! And check out their RECOVERY drinks. You know I am a fan. Gluten and lactose free is good for me …. oh and good for the hubs, but that’s if I share. Winking smile


*Disclosure: As a Core Power Tip of the Day contributor, I do receive free product for my submissions.


The last tip I shared on Core Power had to do with eating fruits and vegetablesthat were in season. I am a huge advocate of eating seasonally. Not only does it save you money, but it is better for you! Here is a great month to month guide from Health Central. Love it!!! Use it!

Month to Month Veggies and Fruit

I took advantage of zucchini this month and made a ginger zucchini GF pasta with chicken sausage and tomato


I took advantage of in season pineapple with this new Larabar flavor. Haha, okay that does not count, but I have been eating fresh pineapple, especially in smoothies!


That wraps up my Tips and Tidbits. Hope I kept your attention. Smile with tongue out

Got any tips for me? Do tell!



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  1. LOVE the fruits and veggies wheel!! I am always wondering if something is in season when I am grocery shopping…I think I may print this out and keep it in my wallet =)
    Thank YOU for the awesome tips, Lindsay!

  2. I love that fruit and veggie chart, gotta print it! And yay for zucchinis! I’ve been eating them like a madwoman lately haha
    Oh and I MUST track down that larabar mmmm :)

  3. I can’t wait for my zucchini to start coming in!!! I have so many tomato plants in my garden too. I live for summer tomatoes. I think we were meant to eat seasonally. I think our bodies work better that way. The heat outside lends us to eating more salads and lighter meals. I need to give in a buy a spiralizer. I want to use my zucchini and squash like spaghetti.

    Love that workout! I need to recruit my boys to do that one with me. It’s more mine and Max’s style! Have a great Thursday!

  4. Love zucchini and yellow squash this time of year (had both last night as a matter of fact). Hope your client “enjoys” that little workout you have in store teehhe!

  5. oooh great chart! love it!

  6. oo i need to try that larabar!

  7. That last pic made me laugh 😉

    Love the wheel and the sound of that pasta dish!

    Great tips, thanks!

  8. Looks like a great workout!!!
    I also reaaally want to try that pineapple larabar…sounds tasty!

  9. Love the random tips and tidbits! I don’t have any for today I don’t think. I mean, just the usual…I noticed this morning that even though the weather was crappy, it was still beautiful to notice the sky and birds when I went outside!

  10. I love that veggie wheel! How smart:)

  11. pineapple larabar? YUM! Must try. Your client is in for a treat tomorrow with that workout!*insert evil laugh* 😉

  12. so i recently signed up for bi-weekly organic fruit and veggie delivery!!!! i am super excited to get my first box tomorrow. i felt like i havent been getting enough of either in my diet, so this is a perfect way to do so AND to try out new things! also, i recently froze two ripened bananas (i dont really like bananas), but last night i blended them up for banana “ice cream”. yummers!

  13. Thanks for the chart. Super helpful!

    I can’t wait until summer produce is ready.

  14. Pineapple Larabar! Oh yes please!! Sounds awesome!

  15. I have been LOVING pineapple lately – in fruit salad, in smoothies, you name it!

    That recovery drink sounds interesting, I may have to try it :)

  16. Awww love the chart! Thanks so much for always sharing such awesome tips. :) You are just great.

  17. Love pineapple…It’s da’bomb in green monster smoothies! Didn’t know they were in season, but that explains why they are all over the grocery stores. Sheesh…Going to yoga the next two days…what about you?

  18. so going to print out this wheel – how very helpful you are lindz

  19. My tip is to live life to the fullest and to love with all your heart every day!

    Love you love!!!

  20. oooh, your client certainly is in for a treat! I feel compelled to warn her 😉 ha, I kid, I kid!

  21. Love that Month to Month veggie pic – I’m totally re-pinning it! I always think the freshest veggies taste the best!

  22. Always try to eat in season.. and go to restaurants that do the same. What kind of GF pasta do you use? Have a wonderful day.. muah

  23. I absolutely love zucchini pasta, but am starting to get annoyed with using my vegetable peeler for it! I want a spiralizer bad!! And that workout looks wonderful! I gotta save that one :) Thanks for the awesome tips!

  24. Yay for eating seasonally! Everything tastes better when in season :)

    Great workout too, I can’t wait to hear how your client liked it LOL!

  25. I just saw a really cute tea towel calender of fruits and veggies in season. Such a great idea and awesome to decorate with!

  26. I love the chart. Even though I grow a huge number of fruits and veggies in my backyard (tomatoes, peppers, bok choy, beets, onions, garlic, salad greens, spinach, herbs, zucchini, pole beans, strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines, figs, Swiss Chard) I STILL don’t always know what’s in season.

    Here’s a tip: Smoothies. I know, nothing new, but I just started drinking them and they’re awesome. Throw kale together with blueberries, banana and orange juice and you get a really healthy supplement. I prefer it to juicing because you don’t lose the pulp, you’re eating the entire fruit or veggie. Make sure you get a smoothie blender, though.

  27. Eating seasonally and locally is the best, especially with fruit. It’s always better quality and the taste and freshness can’t be beat!!

    I need to try the new larabar flavor!! I need to pick up the cappuchino one too. They’re the best!

  28. I love that 30 minute work out- sometimes I only have a short time and want something efficient like that

  29. I need to work on eating more seasonally…I usually just stick with what I like haha. No tips here…but I did try some Udi’s gluten free bread and liked it!

  30. I got my 30 minutes in today as well, but it was a 30 minute run with a buddy before work. I’m loving mixing in vegetables with existing dishes. I added some spinach and muchrooms to my turkey lasagna… delicious. Thanks for the great share and photos. Cheers.

  31. I love that handy little fruits/veggies chart! I need to be better about my seasonal produce intake — I’m GREAT at it in the summer, but in the winter/spring, not so much.

  32. I’m going to have to check in with you on your yoga posts and tips … I signed up at the Y for this summer and … they have a yoga class offering. I’m hoping the instructor is good! I am eyeballing that class. Also eyeballing some weight training classes too so not sure yet. Going to remember to pick up some Larabars next time I’m at the store to try. Gluten free, right?

  33. We’ve been enjoying the pineapple too! :)

  34. Okay! So I did this workout at the gym tonight(well, I went through your routine twice then ran 1k on the tready X4).LOVED.IT, I actually love all your workouts. It was tough but sped by, because its not boring doing a routine like this- ill be doing it again for sure. Thank you:).

    MMmm, that chicken pasta looks so good!

  35. Yummy kind of foods..I really want to try it..Thanks for sharing with us..

  36. Hey I love that poster… probably complete opposite for us Down Under though, huh? Winter is coming… Noooooo! 😉

  37. I love the look of this workout– question though, when you squat-jump, are you tucking the knees at the peak of the jump or staying straight leg. I am not sure I could do 8-10 reps of that workout with knee tucks at the jump peak (but I am sure as heck going to try!) hooray! i like workouts that look fun and for me, finding a strength training workout that looks fun is like finding a four-leaf clover.

  38. I saw that core power tip and CHEEEERED for you.

  39. I am not sure I could do 8-10 reps of that workout with knee tucks at the jump peak (but I am sure as heck going to try!) hooray!

  40. Love eating local and seasonal…so important to support the community around us… Speaking of pineapple I have one tip…add it to your protein shakes! The bromelain in pineapple helps with protein digestion…but you probably already knew that being the smart cookie you are!

  41. I love eating seasonably as well, the vegetables always taste better when they’re in season. I love going to the farmers market & asking the people there what’s in season, when something will be coming up, etc.

  42. oooh, love that seasonal produce chart!

  43. The fruits and veggies wheel is awesome. We have something like that hanging on our fridge. Makes such a huge difference when you can eat locally and seasonally. YUM!

  44. Pinned your wheel! (Haha, that’s sounds funny.) And I may or may not have drooled over your GF zuch, chicken sausage, and tomato dish.

    As for pineapple, I’m obsessed myself…I got my hands on some dehydrated pineapple yesterday. Let’s just say my mouth is a little itchy. My mouth is sensitive to citric acid. Oh well. I grin and bare it. 😉


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