Thirty Minute Thursday & “Those” Moments

Those moments. We all have them, and if you don’t, then you are not human.

You know what I’m talking about. Those moments where you feel like you’ve lost a significant amount of brain cells in just 5 minutes. Those moments where you question how you even function through out the day. LOL!

I had several yesterday. I would blame it on the fact that it was a WEIRD WEDNESDAY, but the whole day I thought it was Thursday. Hmmm…brain check.

Moment 1:

Walking into a room and thinking “why did I come in here again?”

Or publically professing my Brainlessness.. yes, that’s a word.


Moment 2:

Forgetting to charge my iPod for class and then forgetting my workout sheet that helps me structure class. Ugh. It’s still sitting on the breakfast table. Needless to say, I winged it. And it was that “winged” class that credited me back some brain cells. Phew!


Repeat 2x if you’d like.

Moment 3:

You think it’s your “catch up” day. Meaning you actually shower and wash your hair, you do laundry, etc. Heck you might even feel ballsy and post 2 days in a row! Ya, I had that moment. I had every intention of posting a WIAW so that I could show off my gluten free burrito bowl skills.


That didn’t happen. Instead I had a few last minute Healthy Bite orders and other work to attend to. Good news is that I made a NEW Vegan Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly bite. I’m so excited that I might just share the recipe. Yes. Stay tuned!


The laundry is still there, yep. And the shower? Well that did happen, the washing of the hair did not. Whoops. #thankyoudryshampoo

Moment 4:

The “why did I buy this again?” moment.


Oh yes, a day later I remember. And that reason would be for a blog post. Duh.

I’ll be posting on uses of Kelp Powder soon and why it’s beneficial. Will somebody remind me?

Tell me, what “MOMENT” have you had lately? Somebody has to relate. Winking smile




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  1. Girl, my life is one big moment these days :-)
    You rock. I appreciate you.
    Wait. What was I talking about?

    Ha ha :-)

  2. Those peanut butter and jelly bites look so yummy!

  3. Sometimes I stare out of the window without really looking at anything. I just stare with a blank. And then I snap out of it and I wonder “what the heck was I staring at… I wasn’t even thinking about anything” just staring. Total brain fart. Haha “THAT” moment. happens too often.

  4. Ooh Kelp Powder – and in bulk?! I’m going to have to look for that one at the store. And figure out how to use it. Smoothies I’m guessing? And the number of brain farts I have is a little embarrassing sometimes. :)

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  6. Those pb & J bites sound amazing!!!

    Oh I have those moments! We all do! My brain was in a fog the other day too. I think more sleep is needed or maybe just more wine to help 😉

    Love you!

  7. agreed with some of the comments already….my life has been like this lately! hope you are having a good week my friend :)

  8. Ahh, dry shampoo (or, well, cornstarch, since it does the same thing and is $20 cheaper) is my lifeline.

    And you’re not alone–Totally left to go eat lunch at the park today…without my lunch. Oh, well. A at-work-desk lunch is cool, too, right?

  9. I have moments like that all the time haha My husband calls them Amanda moments. I am also notorious for starting 50 million things at once and then forgetting about most of them. I’m very good at things like that!

  10. Oh my goll, I have thought ALL WEEK that we are one day ahead. The kids kept saying, “NO Miss Pember! It’s WEDNESDAY!”

    Also, I would like some of your vegan nutty balls.


  11. Oh man, I have these moments at least 10 times a day;)
    Sometimes I’ll get in my car and be like hm where was I going, and just forget so I have to go back inside until I figure it out ha ha…those are messy days!
    I just bought kelp powder! And I have no idea what to use it for, so can’t wait for your post



    That’s Sm-gurlll….

    and THAT is exactly why the brain drain occurred, because that explosive output of amazing creative genius expenditure that went down…. you have to recover.

  13. I have these brainlessness moments ALL the time. :) Can’t wait to see the bite recipe!

  14. LOL my life is one being one of “those” moments! I hate it when I buy an ingredient too and totally forget why. And then I have this random thing sitting there taking up space.

  15. Made a bowl of cereal; put the cereal back in the fridge and the milk back in the cupboard.

    I have become convinced that my hard drive is full and to retain any new information presented to me I have to jettison something in the memory bank. Typically this is an item of some importance.

  16. YES I had that day yesterday too! I’m blaming it on the humid, grey, rainy weather, because it’s a lot easier. I swear the lack of Vitamin D just screws me up. Loving the beach hair woman! Need to start rocking it again…xoxo

  17. I totally opened the pantry the other day, walked in (with conviction mind you) and immediately had no idea why I was in there! That happens so often! I’m lucky I remember to pick my kids up from school these days. Well, they’re lucky anyway. I’m doing that workout tomorrow! I’m so excited!

  18. You’re so funny!

    Love your interval workout–have a feeling we would enjoy each other’s classes and workouts! New vegan PB & J bites?! Anything PB & J is money with me!! YUM Lindsay!

  19. Welcome to my world lately… did you see my super-crisped squash. Yeah…

  20. I have moment 1 CONSTANTLY. Is it bad that I’m only 24? And moment 2 happened this morning: got to the bus stop only to realize I left my bus pass in my coat pocket… back in my apartment. With no time to go back I had to use all of my quarters, which are like gold to me since I need them for laundry.

  21. My brain is MUSH lately too — so forgetful, so anxious, so frazzled! I’m pretty sure one of those pb&j healthy bites would solve everything though 😉

  22. yeah, when you become a mom then that’s just how you live life. i have to actually WRITE DOWN MY DAY or else i’ll forget everything that was supposed to happen. never had to do that before… 😉

  23. Lately, I’m often walking into a room and forgetting why. It’s so refreshing to see that the same thing happens to such a youngster as yourself!

  24. Oh gosh, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve walked into a room to get something and had no idea why I was there as soon as I crossed the threshold. Soon I’m going to have to start carrying around a little voice recorder to leave myself notes so that I don’t forget things.

  25. ummmm the vegan bites sound AWESOME!!!!!! i need to place another order so i have food to take on this little trip i have coming up…where i finally get to meet the famous super sherpa herself. SO EXCITED!!! :)

  26. Kanoelani says:

    Ummm how much time & space do you have on your blog & how many moments do you want HAHAHA??!! I have them CONSTANTLY! I think it’s a symptom of the crazy that is my life LOL! B/C I have “moments” that I think I’m losing my mind HAHA!! I have got to work on this balancing your life business and soon. I’m excited for those bites! :-)

  27. I think I left my brain in Tennessee this past weekend!! I have been out of it all week! That gf burrito looks amazing!! Make them for me?? 😉

  28. I feel you! I can totally relate with buying stuff at the supermarket while “post dreaming” and then letting it sit in my pantry fo’ eva!! hehe… tomorrow will be another day…

  29. All the time. All the time. This is my life – one big brain fart. Sorry. I live in a house full of boys.

    BTW – I like how you gently say, “Repeat 2x…if you like.” 😉

  30. What was the questions?! 😉

    I have those all the time. Especially walking into a room and forgetting why I went there in the first place lol

  31. oh I have those moments hourly most days! 😉 i figure as long as I don’t forget to breathe I’m all good! just think, tomorrow is friday :)

  32. I’ve been having major issues lately with remembering things. I’m blaming it on the change in weather! I went into the same room three times yesterday trying to remember what I needed out of there. Yikes!
    Your vegan PB&J balls sound incredible! And, impressive winging it!

  33. Well, I definitely lost my glasses about 10x today. I want to train one of my dogs to sear & rescue for them. Lol.

  34. It has honestly been a WEIRD unroutine week. I completely relate to you on the weirdness, forgetfulness etc. I am so there! And SO ready for the weekend!! (love that you winged class! sometimes those are the best kind I have found!!). Have a great weekend friend, I shall channel my inner Lindsay sherpa!

  35. PB and J Bites?! Hello! Reminds me, I need to reorder soon!

  36. Haha I have one of those moments… Once a day? Usually in the morning before my cup of coffee or at the end of the day when all I’m thinking about is how comfortable bed sounds 😛

  37. I’ve been breaking a lot of glassware in the lately…eeek! good thing I go on vacation next week! And P.S. I’m getting some healthy bites soon. It’s becoming mandatory.

  38. stood outside out garage for 3 minutes the other day trying to remember the garage door code. seriously. i enter it every day and i couldnt think of it for the life of me!!! i tried a few different things and eventually had to call kyle to ask him what it was again.

  39. Ahh… we all have those days. Fortunately they usually don’t last too long. Hope you got back on track soon!

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