Thirty Minute Thursday: Invest in the Best

Pinterest makes me smarter. Or so I like to think. No really, words of wisdom all over that place, am I right? Winking smile

Anyway, I saw this poster on pinterest the other day I couldn’t help but apply it straight to food!

Think about it….


Good FOOD ain’t cheap and cheap FOOD ain’t good (well, at least not GOOD for you). Hey, sometimes you just gotta satisfy those cheap thrills. Who doesn’t love the 50 cent Cadbury cream eggs these days? The hubs is taking FULL advantage of that right now. haha.

Anyway, back to my point. Good Food ain’t cheap but most of the time it ain’t too too pricey either. You must invest in the best, and invest in the best for YOU!

It’s taken us a while to figure out what brands, products, etc. are the best for US at the moment, but I think we have narrowed it down to our CORE GROUP. These are foods, supplements, and drinks that have gone with us everywhere and make us feel our best. And you know what’s better?

These are companies that we TRUST and VALUE as well.

Now that’s worth the investment.

So here’s to a thirty minute Thursday! Thirty minutes of looking at your grocery bill, looking at where your food is coming from, looking at what foods make you feel your best…….



These are a few of our favorite things.

Tell me, what are your top 3 food investments?




I’ve had so many extra GENUINE pics sent me, tomorrows Genuine Post (a PHOTO FRIDAY) will be EPIC! And I never use the word Epic unless I mean it.

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  1. Top 3 food investments?

    Oats, cheese (for the hub), and yogurt (for me). We are learning to live even more frugally with moves and more forthcoming. Creativity is key on budget. As long as we have the staples, we can make it… and let go of other “stuff.”

    Fortunately there are great people out there who share recipes, and for that we are both eternally grateful beyond words…where smiles in the heart live! :-)

  2. Yuuum!!! Loved this post! 😀
    Top 3 food investments:
    (Good quality) Chocolate, of course haha!
    yogurt (one of my favorite quick snacks!)
    all the fresh, organic produce that we get here!

  3. Have you heard of sandwich petals? They’re new (I think) and gluten free. They are basically allergen-free actually. The company sent me samples and they’re kind of amazing. Although I don’t need to eat gluten free, I can tell they sit better in my sensitive stomach.

    I also love Bob’s Red Mill as a company :)

  4. most of my grocery bill is produce and bin items- you can buy almost THREE pounds of rolled oats for a little less than $2!!! Love the bins!! And a giant tub of yogurt is about $5-6. If you shop smart and learn how to combine real food to make things you love you can avoid breaking the bank. If you are a product junkie, well then you may want to pick up an extra shift at work to support your habit 😉

    • bulk bins are my best friend for grains and nuts oh and flour! but it also pays to have friends who share their goodies, right? 😉

      • well the world successfully ran on the barter system for centuries! i love it we need to get back to that, except don’t bring me a live chicken, that’s where i draw the line

  5. Hmm, organic milk (for the kids and hubby), grass-fed beef, and my third is shopping local. I know that’s not a single food item, but shopping local is SO important and it costs more, so I’m counting it. Is that cheating?

  6. wait.
    why am i not on that list?

  7. 1. Fresh, organic, in-season produce – Though I grow a lot of my own, I want to make sure I spend a little more to get quality produce instead of the commercially-farmed, plastic-tasting stuff!

    2. Loose leaf tea – Is this food? Anyway, it relaxes me and I’m a big believer in the health benefits.

    3. Good quality meats – I don’t eat much meat anymore, but when I do, I want it to be grass-fed and organic.

    Um, and ice cream comes in fourth place!

  8. Oooo… good post. I still haven’t tried Kerry Gold, but hear its good!

    1) My CSA box 80% organic
    2) My meat
    3) My cheese (it makes all the difference) 😉

  9. You have the BEST food stash ever! I want to come over right now. Oh, that reminds me I totally had a dream we went hiking together. Weird. :) I love love love Nutttzo (and everything else you have in that picture). Hope you’re having a great Thursday!

  10. Maryea @ Happy Healthy Mama says:

    It’s hard to choose a top 3! Mine are probably organic peanut butter, organic animal products, and nuts. Okay I know I totally cheated with the “animal products” answer. :-)

  11. Mary Lee says:

    I’ve read your blog for a while now and lately I’ve become really worried about you! You’re looking very very thin and sick :( I really hope you find answers soon.

  12. LOL totally forgot that James likes those eggs. My food investments…hmmm…chia seeds, honeycrisp apples (those suckers aren’t cheap), Daiya vegan cheese.

  13. I do not see WINE on that list 😉 hehe!

    I spend a ton of money on food but I do not care because it is food that is good for me!

    I still have to try the nuttzo!!


  14. Man oh man I want to munch my way through that awesome display of goodies (hooray for Vegemite!! oh and Marmite)

    That Nuttzo sounds amaaaaazing! Hope you enjoy the bars etc I sent… I think the Emma + Tom’s bar would be similar to a larabar no? Misty LOVES the unsweetened chocolate (!) Crazy kid… I’m going to have to hide my stash 😉

    My top food investments would be organic nuts (for making milks/nut butter with) Chia seeds and nutritional yeast. OH and raw buckwheat groats by the sack full :)

  15. EPIC! I love your use of that word here. Can’t wait for that post! And I totally agree with you. Good for you (and GOOD!) food usually costs more but it’s a worthwile investment! I have a good chunk of my budget each week/month allotted to the grocery store for just that: good, quality, fresh food. SO worth it.

  16. it’s gotta be the fage 0 plain greek yogurt. i love that stuff and can’t get enough. plus, i really don’t like most meat so it’s my main source of protein.
    ps – i smiled (in class while sneakily reading this) at the thought of you arranging all your food staples :)

  17. My 3 Food Investments: Fresh berries, salmon, and Nut Butters! Cheers to almost Friday and being back on the yoga train. It was awesome tonight…2 more classes to go. Yippeee!

  18. I think this is a topic that hits home for most food bloggers. Love to spend all my hard earned cash on quality food 😉
    for me… grass fed beef, organic eggs, and tuna in olive oil… Sigh, expensive taste buds.

  19. Peanut Butter. Anything gluten free/dairy free. Wine.
    ummm is that allowed? Wine is a food right? 😉

  20. Hmmm…top 3 investments:

    1. Chia seeds.
    2. Chobani Greek Yogurt.
    3. Coconut oil.

  21. Top three quality items:
    1. Organic milk for the babes
    2.Chia seeds
    Oh of course, nuts and nut butters. I’ll pay top dollar for the best Almond Butter!

  22. ohh soo true!!!
    1. all organic fruits and veggies
    2. Vega sport protein powder
    3. Once Again Nut Butter

  23. I love this post! And I love your list!

    But whaaaa?? I can only pick 3 top investments, a measly 3?
    Sorry I don’t think I can do it:/. Coconut flour(oh, gosh am I addicted to this!), almond butter( I think I need to get my hands on this Nutzo though) and gorgeous fresh produce rank veeeery highly.

    Recently iv been devouring bowls of hazelnut milk mixed with coconut flour(<3), maca and vanilla stevia and topping it with cereal/granola. It is dreamy=FACT! So I guess these products are more of my investments, investments my taste buds and body thank me for:). I highly recommend this combo to you, I think you would really enjoy it!

    Looking gorgeous as usual Lindsay:)!

    • oh wow, i am trying that next!!! Hazelnut milk and coconut flour with vanilla… DANG! smart woman! and you can pick as many food investments as you want just cause its you. <3

  24. My basics are Ezekiel sprouted grain english muffins (although not gluten-free), raw almonds and almond milk.

    • i tried the new ezekial GF english muffins. Um, not the greatest. I sure wish they had the sprouted ones GF. oh and what about chocolate Hazelnut milk? hehe.

  25. I love that, good food ain’t cheap but totally worth it! Im gonna have my husband typography that saying up and Ill send it to you :) Then you can put it on your pinterest!

    This sounds irresponsible of me but I try not to look at my grocery bill too closely for fear of getting upset about spending so much on something ;-/ I try to buy all organic or all natural healthy stuff as much as I can. Yes it is more pricey but ignorance is bliss right? I’ve been doing it for so long now that I don’t really know how much I would be saving if I bought the cheap stuff.
    Happy Friday!

  26. wine, cheese, milk?! :)

  27. 1. Organic peanut butter 2. Larabars 3. Greek yogurt. I don’t know if I really like “Good food aint cheap but cheap food aint good.” I get what you’re saying…avoid the 50 cent packages of crap (with exception to occasional treats like Cadbury :-) ) But you can still eat healthy and cheap. I get so angry when people and the media say fresh fruits and vegetables are too expensive. I saw a woman on a tv show, on food stamps, shopping and she doesn’t even go down the produce isle “because it’s too expensive.” Yet she bought 4 packages of butter. Butter is not cheap! My hubby was unemployed for 6 months and we lived on my part time math professor’s salary. I didn’t buy much greek yogurt or larabars but I still bought tons of fresh fruit and veggies. We didn’t live off mac and cheese, I made meals. Homemade is always cheaper than packaged stuff. And this rant isn’t for you, it’s for the media. I LOVE your blog and your homemade treats! And because my hubby is working, I think I’m going to check out a few things I haven’t heard of before on your list of favorite staples. :-)

  28. I m definitely a quality food person. I am also cheap, so I mostly buy on sale. That way we can have the best and have a little money left over!

  29. Quality over quanitity… for sureeeee. This is something I keep on improving in with food, as I used to turn to “diet’ stuff all of the time in order to feel full. Nope not a good idea and now I focus on more wholesome items! For me- greek yogurt, organic apples, and nut butters :)

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