Thirty minute Thursday er….Fitness Friday?

I spent most my day taking last minute orders and shopping for more Healthy Bite ingredients. I think it’s safe to say my Thirty Minute Thursday was spent walking grocery stores. Let’s call it steady state cardio, mmmm k?


I think the real workout will come this weekend. I have one loving Healthy Bite customer who actually wants me to make AS MANY AS POSSIBLE for her before we head off to New Zealand.

I’m gonna try to maker her a 3 month supply, really! I think that just might pay for part of my ticket, haha. Needless to say, my workout this weekend will rolling away in the kitchen.

This is when I wish I had this kitchen……pretty.


Okay, moving on. Another Part of our day was spent at the doctor. The hubs and I both see a wonderful Applied Kinesiologist (Dr. Weine) at Infinity Wellness. who has helped us with our body imbalances (digestive, muscular, hormonal, etc.). Today I wanted to give you a little glimpse into what James’ session looks like. Take a look at how she is treating the underlying issues of his knee injury, muscle testing and all.

And a little picture of my acupuncture treatment….whoa tummy!


I know this post is late so I’m going to consider it a Fitness Friday as well. Let’s go with that.

What was your Thirty minute Thursday….er Fitness Friday?

Do you consider shopping and baking cardio, right?!

Cheers to Sarcasm!


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  1. Haha you are so fantastic!!! I can’t believe you are making her a 3 month supply. That is amazing, as are your rocking abs in that picture!

    I want that kitchen, can we be roommates (in a fabulous house of course) with that EXACT kitchen when you get back from New Zealand, please :-)

  2. Double cheers to sarcasm, baking/shopping cardio sessions and late night posts! :) A 3 month supply is going to be mighty impressive. I would come “workout” with you if we lived closer.

  3. woah, how beautiful is that kitchen? dreeeeeeeam. Ouch needles in the belly look scary – I had acupuncture just before I gave birth… apparently it helps get things moving, don’t know if it worked, but relaxing all the same. Shooping/baking totally count as cardio – I think they are the only form of cardio in my day :)

  4. i’ve done disjuncture, but the kineseology sounds fascinating

    if i can keep myself from eating what I”m cooking then I know my arm often gets tired from chopping…so maybe… :)

  5. During the holiday season, baking and shopping are most definitely cardio! 😉 Eating too!

  6. Now I want a Dunkin Donut munchkin, lol. but your bites looks way better – you are an amazing chef my dear.

    Acupuncture?! I would like to try but am nervous. PS – send me your abs, ow ow.

    Happy Friday, digging your post today.

  7. Dude baking and shopping are TOTALLY cardio, especially when there’s a sale at a store haha 😉
    I’m too scared to try acupuncture, the thought of the needles kinda skeeves me out… I wish I could skip that part and just jump right to the good feeling 😀
    By the way, I NEEEEEDDD that kitchen!!!

    • yes, and when you have a whole foods like the one in Austin, you easily can stay there for hours. Oh but the budget is hard to stick too!
      Happy friday lovely.

  8. Yes, grocery shopping and baking is certainly a fantastic workout! I have found myself walking around new whole food/tjs stores for err…hours before! Sad? Maybe but I like to see the new products they have :)
    I have wanted to try acupuncture… some day perhaps!

  9. Definitely cardio and muscle toning too with all the squatting getting baking pans or items off the bottom shelf at the store. I’ve always wanted to get acupuncture. I have a book on reflexology that I do for Tony sometimes (obviously very basic stuff), but it’s amazing how you can feel things in certain areas when you apply pressure to a completely different part of the body.

    Oh and I want that kitchen too! Have fun making healthy bites! I would love to have been able to help you! xoxo

  10. Yesterday was my rest day…thank goodness! I’m not sure if my mind needed it more than my body, but either way it felt great. I’m hoping to get out for a fall run this morning/afternoon to clear the cobwebs. Every have one of those much needed feelings? Happy Friday!

  11. Wow a 3 months supply?? You are awesome :). And cooking/baking and shopping are totally a form of cardio….so is the cleaning that I did yesterday haha

  12. I think I want that kitchen too! And cooking and shopping cardio are my fave kind 😉

  13. I would love a big country kitchen like the one you posted — really I just want a big kitchen with a big island in the middle — we have one of those galley/hallway type kitchens for now and I’d love to have more room!

    Friday is my rest day but yesterday I did a quick 3 miles on the treadmill along with some upper body/core strength workout.

  14. Wow that doc looks amazing! Maybe I could sell my first born to see her? JK!!! I love that kind of stuff, so interesting!!!!! That kitchen is so beautiful. I spend almost all of my time standing in the kitchen either doing school with the kids or cooking, or CLEANING. So I’d say cooking is cardio!!!

  15. Love that kitchen… fabulous!
    I’m going to have to pin that… my second pin ever =)

  16. dude, your abs are freaking AWESOME. Can I have them? 😉 And I should order more healthy bites before you go! Do you have any room left for an order?? or are you all booked up?

  17. That kitchen might be one of my favorite inspiration looks so far. I love that pop of bright yellow with the sunflowers!

  18. Wow I definitely want my kitchen to look like that! Pretty! :)

    Haha I think baking DEFINITELY counts as cardio! My heart rate always increases during the testing process 😉 Plus shopping is my second favourite (after running of course!) form of cardio! LOVE IT!

    Have a great weekend Linds!!

    P.S. You have amazing abs. Reason #1000 why I should come to your classes 😉

  19. Oh MY those healthy bites just look soo good! Enjoy all the baking this weekend!! :)

  20. You are awesome to make a 3 month supply for her this weekend!!! I say that baking is a workout, and shopping is too!

    Happy Weekend love!

    I wish you were here! <3

  21. I totally consider shopping exercise, no joke! And lugging all those pounds of sweet potatoes, butter, bacon, and apples adds up 😉 !!

  22. 1. that kitchen is unbelievably beautiful and i want it.
    2. i want your ripped stomach.
    3. shopping/baking/eating/drinking does count as cardio 😉 but i will be doing whatever workout your hubby prescribed for me today… which is running!

  23. Yes indeed shopping is cardio. Infact I am way more exhausted after a full day shopping with my Mom than I am after running a marathon. Make sure you fuel well for your long day of cooking and shopping k. :)

  24. Have a wonderful trip to New Zealand.

  25. shopping and baking are totally cardio! especially shopping. :) i mean sprinting toward deals is serious :) that kitchen is incredible. that may just be my dream kitchen now. wow! have a wonderful weekend!

  26. what? baking isn’t a workout? if you’re doing that much you sure are getting a good workout!! :)

  27. Baking and grocery shopping are definitely cardio in my book. If you mix everything by hand you can even get some upper body in:)

  28. Making a three month supply is a workout! My thirty minute Thursday was spent on the treadmill. Not my favorite but it will have to do.

  29. I think I’m gonna try acupuncture for my migraines. Eek!

  30. Healthy Bites must be pretty darn amazing :)

    I want that kitchen too!

    Have a great weekend—you just reminded me that I need to make an acupuncture appointment!

  31. I hope your appointments went well! I’ve only had accupuncture once, in my bag, but it relieved my musclular tension there SO well, it was amazing! <3 So cool that you have such devoted and dedicated Healthy Bites customers – that's a real wonderful testament to your products and your service – congratulations!! :-) Hehehe…I totally think shopping is cardio 😉 I did a 20 minute HIIT and 3 sets of 15 quad extensions for my Thirty Minute Thursday…and my Fitness Friday, lol! 😛 Have a beautiful weekend – happy Healthy Bite making! xyx

  32. *yikes! the accupuncture was not in my bag, it was in my BACK, lol! 😛 xyx

  33. Grocery shopping can definitely count as cardio! And don’t forget you have to drag evertything into the car, so you’re also doing weight lifting! 😛

    I used to get accupuncture to help with my headaches. That helped a lot.

    Now I want to have a kitchen like that … 😉

  34. I love the filter on your photos!

    I used to get acupuncture and enjoyed it!

  35. Wow that video was really interesting! I’d love to look more into it – there are so many components to wellness that I’ve never explord! I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture as well. Good luck with the healthy bites – I would definitely consider that cardio :)

  36. I’ve been so out of the loop! I can’t believe you’re almost at New Zealand time! Time flies when you’re having fun, huh? I’m so excited for you though and believe that good things will come out of this.
    Applied Kinesiology looks very interesting. You know me, I am totally into homeopathic treatments and I have tried many. Maybe I’ll put this on the list : )

    Have fun making Healthy Bites this weekend!


  37. wow, that accupuncture looks intense! have you tried it before? i’m really interested in alt therapy! btw – i dream of huge island kitchens – so efficient!

  38. Oooo, thank you for reminding me I need to schedule my (first ever!) acupuncture appointment that I bought an online deal for now that school is out!! 😀


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