Things to Come & New Finds

Well friends, this is going to be short and sweet. Yup. Good ‘ol Mal (Malware that is). He must like Cotter Crunches cause apparently he has been stealing bites all week. Okay, sarcasm aside… my site has malware and my friends at sitelock are fixing it. Not sure I’ll be able to get into wordpress for a few days while they fix it.

But you know what? I’m kinda okay with it. I needed a break really. I need to tend to other things and play catch up on life happenings, Healthy Bites, appointments, WIFE roles.

But I won’t leave you empty handed. In fact, I’ll leave you with a few new finds and an inside scoop of some things to come.

New Finds:


  • Laxmi’s Lemon Ginger Flaxseed spread– UM YUM! We’ve used it in place of peanut butter.
  • Oikos Frozen Greek Yogurt– Peach Mango tastes like Peaches and Cream ice cream
  • Coconut milk/tea mix. I like it! Creamy ice tea!
  • New Kombucha love. Kosmic Kombucha. Locally made. TRY IT!
  • Udi’s Gluten Free Muffin tops. I’ve been dying to try these since I can’t have the vitamuffins. The blueberry oat is superb!
  • And Love Grown Granola. I know, it’s not new, but they do have a new product coming out!! The big reveal is November 20th on instagram! You must stayed tuned. You’re gonna love it. I’ll give you a few hints.

It provides long-lasting, sustainable energy

– It is vegan

– It only contains only FIVE or SIX ingredients…all of which you can read and pronounce!

– Each serving has only 3-4.5 grams of fat

Oh then there’s these.


Yup, that would be 4 free Oikos Frozen Yogurt coupons and $25 Whole Foods Market Gift certificate. Yup, gonna give some of that goodness away once this blog is up and running again.

love grown ice cream

Just look at what you can do with this Oikos frozen yogurt! Goes perfect with my love grown granola for breakfast! Genius I tell ya!


You know what I’m hoping? I’m hoping that whoever wins the $25 gift card uses it to pay it forward. Like buy and share a meal with someone at the hot bar, send groceries to those affected by Sandy, you know… pay it forward. Just a thought. Ponder that while you sit and wait for the giveaway, ok?. Winking smile


Does this count as WIAW? I’ll say yes, cause I’m feeling a bit crazy right now. Uh… brain hurts.

Photo_A9DEAF27-9C5E-8F28-05A5-41CBC7BEFB6C (2)

Cheers for now,


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  1. I’m so glad you had the frozen greek yogurt for breakfast. If I was thinking it and you did it, then I’m going with that means it’s okay and acceptable. 😉

  2. I like what you said about using the gift card, I never would have thought to do that, but if I go to a certain whole foods there is always at least one person asking for money outside. I could get them a meal! I always think to, I guess I just feel too awkward being like: here’s some food… Haha and of course in the back of my mind I’m thinking: what if they have some dietary restrictions?!?

    yes please.

  4. Udi’s gluten free muffin tops?! UMM YUM! I have to find those!! 😀 I bet they’d taste amazing in that frozen greek yogurt!
    Have an awesome day LC! :)

  5. Love it! And I love what you hope will happen with the gift card :) you have such a big heart

  6. Well that’s a blog bummer and reason 4,256 I’m glad I don’t self-host. I’m totally tech stupid. And considering I’m vegan and couldn’t eat the yogurt, I would totally pay it forward 😉

    Enjoy your mini-break–from your brain and the blog!

    • you get bonus points for being vegan! And i am very tech stupid. You should see me talking on the phone to these tech guys. It’s ridiculous. And a waste of brain cells.

  7. I’m sorry about the malware on your blog! Technology is so tough for me. It hurts my brain. But the brain hurting is worth it because I get to connect with awesome friends… like you :-)

  8. LOVE that you had the oikos for breakfast! I got those coupons and gift card too, I have to wait until there is room in my freezer to get some! I am excited to try!

    Love YOU!

  9. Oh can’t wait to hear about the new product. And that reminds me to add a bag to my grocery list. I am down to crumbs LOL.

  10. I love the idea of using a gift card to pay it forward! Someone just told me a story about a cashier who was checking out a large family before close and agreed to stay open for one more customer. While the large family was unloading their cart he slipped to the front and payed for their haul. If she hasn’t stayed open for the guy that family would have receive that help. I love those “everything for a reason” moments.

  11. I’ve really been thinking about paying it forward a lot lately. This is definitely the time for a little compassion and understanding.

    I hope you have a great day and find a little peace today!

  12. Gotta say, dying to know what the new Love Grown product will be!!

    Also? Enjoy this unplanned time away from wordpress and things, clear that mind and come back refreshed!

  13. Sara Grambusch says:

    I wish we could control blogs with a touch pad or something. I’ve yet to discover any type of lemon/ginger combo that was not amazing.

  14. I was so excited when I found those udi’s muffins! I used to love vita muffins before I was gluten free and these are the perfect substitute!

  15. i love the encouragement to pay it forward. i’m thinking of forgoing Christmas presents for myself this year and just donating that money to a child in need.

  16. I can’t wait to hear about the new product from Love Grown! I love their granola! Can’t wait to hear what the new product is…and hopefully I’m relocated in Arizona by Dec and can test it out right away!

  17. Great idea for the giveaway! Paying it forward is sooooo much more rewarding than the actual dollar amount anyways.

    The flaxseed spread is super intriguing…I’ll have to see if I can find it around here….

  18. That coconut tea sounds amazing, Lindsay! And lemon-ginger flax seed spread? Holy moly. <3 Have a beautiful unplugged vaca, love!

  19. Lindsay. Can the pumpkin spice chocolate chip bites be the bite of the month every month? OH EM GEE. They are seriously amazing! Last night as I was laying in bed and couldn’t sleep (at 3:30 ugh) I was thinking about taking your card to my gym to tell people about you and then I thought everyone would want to try them first and I’d have to share my stash! And that ain’t happenin’ 😉 You are truly amazing!

  20. I still haven’t had that peach mango yogurt OR lovegrown granola! Darn it!

  21. I love this post and the yummy finds! I LOVE oikos frozen greek yogurt!!! the vanilla is my absolute favorite! I have mixed it with a little chobani vanilla chocolate chip yogurt and it tastes so good together with a few strawberries on top, little sundae of sorts! And love the idea and premise behind paying it forward. Completely agree with you!! What a great way to do it, too. PS boo on the spam but YAY on the time away for other, very important things :) XO

  22. I use that saying a lot at the end of a day – my brain hurts. 😉

  23. Those muffin tops look delicioius! I need to try those ASAP. And I’m a tea fiend! How is it??

  24. I have my eye on the coconut tea. Looks like it would be good. Glad they have some GF muffin tops! I love Vitatops so I am sure they are just as good. My brain hurts, too, friend.. but I don’t look nearly as cute about it.

  25. Gosh you are so beautiful!

    I just got some Oikos GY! Can’t wait to try it :)

  26. Take the time away from the computer! I’m sure it will be a nice little break anyways! Sorry about the troubles, frustrating when those things happen. Sometimes being unplugged can be a blessing in disguise since it allows us to appreciate all the beauty around us and see that beauty through our two eyes, instead of through a screen or lens. Yum! Ginger flaxseed spread!!

  27. I’m so sorry about the malware!! :( Technology isn’t my friend. I’m glad you get to focus on being a wife over the next few days though. Just think of the time away as a gift from God!

  28. My brain hurts too – sentences have become hard. I’ve actually decided to take the day off from blogging (don’t tell my brain that I’m still visiting my favorite blogs) and it’s such a welcome relief to get some time off. As much as I love to write, it’s definitely nice to step away for a while. Hope you’re enjoying your time off!

  29. lemon ginger flax spread?? yes please!

    hope everything gets resolved

  30. I will have to keep my eye out for the Udi’s Gluten Free Muffin tops! They look delicious!

  31. I love your suggestion for the gift card! I try to use that same idea whenever I find money (like on the ground)… I donate it or give it to someone… I figure it’s gotta be good karma and you never know if it could be the dollar, or ten, that someone really needs! My husband thinks I’m a little nutty, but I just feel better giving found $ away :)

  32. ooooo YEAH kombuchy goodness, that sounds divine :)

    Bummer on the Malware – BUT enjoy some time-out!

  33. Hey Lindsay! I just wanted to say hi! And I love the idea of the gift card–I’m hoping to have all my friends over to cook dinner sometime soon

  34. I wish I could get my hands on that kombucha LOL! The other stuff looks good too. I need to try Love Grown Granola… looks so amazing! And I love your idea of the gift card use and helping people from Sandy… good one friend! Good luck on the malware(yuck!) but enjoy your break!

  35. Mal does mean “bad” in Spanish:)

  36. Love these suggestions! Any ideas for hemp protein?? The one I tried was inedible.

  37. Must find new Kombucha!

  38. you have such wonderful ideas, Linds! you know what I did on Monday? I sent all of my gift cards (and I bought more to send…) and all of my FREE coupons for food items – sent those to two different friends who lost everything. I am so heartbroken right now for that area, and wish I could be there.

    sending YOU a big hug (I miss you!), and hope Mal goes away and never comes back! 😉

  39. Hope you’re enjoying some time off the blog! (Maybe mal thought you needed a little break?!)
    I love when people pay it forward. And I think your giveaway/pay it forward idea is brilliant!

  40. I love you! Enjoy your (malware-inflicted) break. :)

    I also think I might have to encourage the use of paying forward that Whole Foods gift card…and perhaps I will pay forward mine as well!

  41. I love this post and your finds! Coconut milk/tea mix sounds delicious!! Such a fabulous idea about paying it forward with the $25 gift certificate. You are such a kind soul. Enjoy the break and tell the malware to kick it.

  42. You are such a thoughtfully awesome person, I loveee the idea of using the coupons to pay it forward! There is no greater gift in life than helping others… Great idea!

    P.S. I totally could have used a box of those muffin tops when I was GF for the past 6 months… I was hard core craving a VitaTop 😛

  43. I just got some frozen yogurt last night, delish! Hadn’t had it in a while. I hope you’re back soon :) although I could use a little technology break myself this weekend!

  44. I hope everything gets fixed with your blog!!! I love the idea of frozen yogurt for breakfast!!!!!

  45. Taking breaks every now and then is always a good thing. Can’t wait for the giveaway when you get back & I love the idea of paying it forward! 😀

  46. Udi’s has oat tops!!? oh gosh I must find those ASAP

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