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This whole trip has been about learning how to slow down life, focus on each other and ourselves, and yes of course… TAKING CHANCES!

I can’t say we’ve mastered all these but we sure have LEARNED a lot about how to do them. Life is a lesson in itself, no?

As you read this, we are probably in the midst of our travel up to Taupo. We’ve got a stop in Auckland and Tauranga first. You’d think we’d  both be one big ball of mess with all the hoopla we will be going through before race day, but you know what? I think we kicked that theme to the curb and picked up a new one.

Goes like this…..


And I might be singing this song all day just to keep that theme going.

Winking smile


Speaking of strong, I got the chance to interview one STRONG MAN today. The hometown boy himself (aka the hubs), sits down for a little recap of all things New Zealand.

But first, take a look at where it all began. Almost 12 years ago, his first Ironman debut as an Age grouper. I may be bias but I think he’s pretty talented, eh? Winking smile


Okay, here’s the real interview. Hope you enjoy it and see you in Taupo!!


And that fro, well we had to say goodbye to it yesterday. I was kinda sad but at least he’ll be faster on race day, right? haha.

Have you switched life “themes” lately?

Hope your livin’ a GOOD one!


Cotter Crew

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  1. A friend of mine is currently saying “fascination not fear” which I’ve changed to “faith over fear.”

    I did a swim yesterday to focusing solely on the word “love” which wound up quite fun til I wasn’t sure where I was at in the sets. Oh well… I loved every moment of it and realized I did just what I needed to do- after I was showered and my brain was a little less chlorinated.

    Best of Luck to the hubs and you in your journeys!

  2. Love this! I look forward to reading all about everything.

    I downloaded that Kelly Clarkson song this weekend. It went straight to the top of my workout playlist. :)

  3. Loved the interview – thank you for sharing. And I love that quote.

  4. best of luck!!! Can’t wait to read about the race.

  5. Love how you interviewed James. So cool…and cute 😉

  6. oh. sad. RIP fro. I secretly wish marsh would cut his…..

  7. I do miss the fro… hoping the sleekness gives him the little bit of extra competitiveness? Like a swimmer shaves his legs? 😉 No doubt, Mr. Cotter will rule IronMan.

  8. I LOVE that quote!! it is so ridiculously true, too. I am glad you are enjoying the last days there, and got to interview your stupendous and ridiculously talented husband of yours (and the fro, while cute, is not as cute as the new ‘do imho!). And you, my dear, are the most talented, supportive, loving wife and sherpa there ever was, I’m pretty sure!

  9. GOOD LUCK to your hubby!! Oh the fro—so many of the baseball players my hubby coaches are growing mohawks, mullets and shaggy looks–some can pull it off! 5 days out!! wow!!

  10. Focus, not multitask!

  11. Love how relaxed James is – the taper really seems like it’s been great for him! 6 days until go time…WOW! Loved that interview and way to go wife for the support and good meals. 😉

  12. You guys are so cute!!!!! I love the passion that James has for what he does and how calm he is! I wish him the bestest of luck!!

    WOO HOO!!

  13. Love the interview and the fro 😉 Bummer that it had to go!!
    Good luck and I LOVE that quote:
    Focus on what could go right!!

  14. The fro! He will be crazy fast now :)
    I’m glad this trip has been a positive one for you both! Enjoy the taper as well Linds!

  15. PRAYING for an amazing, injury free, blessed race!! Rooting for you, James!!

  16. 6 days – dang! And you know I love when you interview your Boo, wink wink.

    I am So happy to hear his training has gone even better than planned.

    Thinking about you guys!!!

  17. Okay – this message is EVERYWHERE today and I needed it. I’m going to spend this week focusing on how awesome my marathon is going to go and how I’m going to deal with any obstacle that pops up along the way.

    Good luck to James this weekend – and to you for a full, crazy, busy day/week of race sherpa duties!!

    • yea for a new marathon perspective. No pressure at all heather!! i tried to comment but couldn’t get through on your post. Love ya and keep that healthy balance this week!

  18. I adore the quote and love the article about the hubs! Sending positive thoughts your way and can’t wait to “spectate” with you when you’re back!

  19. I like the quote, “depression is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future, mindfulness is living in the now”. We always get too wrapped up in anxiety about our husbands, so I know what you’re going through! Can’t wait to see how he does :0

  20. Love his interview! Feel like I got to know you guys (especially him) in this video! :)

  21. Love the quote and the vlog!! You guys are just the greatest :)

  22. That hair is pretty epic…I’m a little sad it had to go…

  23. Aww I love the vlog with the hubs!! Makes me want to meet him and hang out with you guys EVEN MORE! He is such a cool guy, so driven, yet so CALM about it. I don’t know how he does it! LOL. GOOD LUCK on the big race!!!

  24. I love that song and yeah, I really do believe it. I hate the hard times while I’m in them, but goodness knows they have taught me how to be a stronger version of myself! Have a safe trip and I’m thinking about you two!

  25. Yay, best of luck!! I think my latest life theme has just been to do more things purely because I enjoy them…and to not worry so much about things I can’t control!

  26. I think that you both are talented, amazing, and super strong :)
    Found a quote that made me think of you both and the trip to NZ. :)
    “Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius.”
    I’m feeling some genius is happening after your much needed adventure!

  27. I love the vlog and the Kelley Clarkson song! I will be sending lot of well wishes y’alls way!

  28. Uh wow.. that’s a good one!!!!! I needed that. I am counting down the days worrying if I’ll make it to the start instead of loving the fact I’m running well right now.

  29. Nice interview! Good luck James! Let me know when you’re free to do an interview/podcast! Just give me a little bit more a heads up next time lol

  30. Nice interview! Is saying good bye to the ‘fro really that hard? just kidding. Good luck!

  31. safe travels! I just know James is going to have an awesome race! thinking about y’all everyday.

  32. I’m so happy that you had a wonderful time in New Zealand and want to return once a year regularly, and especially that your husband’s training went so well and the knee got better! All fingers are crossed for a good race!

    And yes, life is a constant learnin experience. :)

  33. Woo hoo! I was finally able to watch this when I got home from work! Your hubby is so gosh darn cute- and I love that hair! It’ll grow back, right? Best wishes to him for race day- truly inspirational I tell ya!

  34. Love the vlog…the hubs never gave up on his dream and I’m so happy for him! Best of luck in the iron man. Good job for being the ultimate sherpa! :)

  35. I absolutely have, I just did a post all about how I am changing my routines…it has been really hard but so worth it!

  36. Yes and I’m still in the process of REALLY switching themes to balance everything out. I need to take a “mom” and “balance” theme approach.

  37. wow love that quote!!! life is has switched themes lately, hopefully good, well we are planning on it being good 😉
    love the interview – any IRON MAN is amazing in our opinion!! love the vlog!!!

  38. it is SO good to hear James himself say things are going great and pain free!! and you KNOW I LOVE THE HAIR!! 😉 obviously you had to cut it for streamlining and speed!

    “stress free lifestyle” and drinking lots of beer, I can get on board with that.

    I am thinking of you both, sending you all kinds of love and positive energy and great speedy vibes for Ironman. <3

    • i know, loved the stress free lifestyle too. Maybe we can bring that to Portland. Thank you for all the love Kris. Hope you are well! been thinking about YOU!

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