The #PROOF is in the Jell-O?

If you’re a “tweetaholic” like myself, you might be familiar with the hashtag #PROOF. Yep, it’s connected with #fitfluential and it’s the hottest thing out there at the moment. Haha, I exaggerate, but it is pretty darn cool. What does it mean exactly? Well, you can go check out the FULL article on the Fitfluential blog HERE, but I’ll give you a little snippet.


“For the uninitiated: when a runner crosses a race finish line a photographer snaps their picture, and that photo is provided for review with a watermark that reads PROOF.

To a photographer, that word refers to an unedited copy waiting for approval before printing, but we think it can mean more: PROOF of a challenge taken and conquered, PROOF of endurance and inner strength, PROOF that we came, we saw, we ran our own race.

Here at FitFluential we know that people are running their own races, accepting their own challenges, and taking steps for a healthy lifestyle every day. And we want to help you acknowledge and celebrate that. Every day.”

Basically, it’s choosing HEALTH, in whatever way is best for you and saying it out loud (via hashtag of course).

The past few weeks I have led a different kind of #PROOF. Not so much the workout kind, but definitely the “working it out” kind. Does that makes sense?

Working my health out. Getting answers. All so that I can #PROOF the heck out of life. AMEN!

So here’s my #PROOF for today or rather for the past SEVERAL days.


I won’t go into details about all the various testing, poking, prying, etc. But I will leave you with this..

My diet the past 48 hours. LOL.


2012-04-16 20.53.53IMG_20120410_131822

I guess you could say my #PROOF is in the pudding JELLO.

Now hand me a spoon!


What #PROOF have you done for your health lately?





Later this week I get to road trip with the hubs to New Orleans for next weekends  70.3 ironman. Race updates are on the horizon! YEA!


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  1. Ugh I hate that you had to go through all of that. I really hope they find some answers though.

  2. Like I said, been there. Hope everything checked out ok. Looking forward to your tweets/updates from NOLA! Good luck to James!

    • hehe, we can laugh about our experiences together some day. WHat race is next for you? WIsh you were going to NOLA! p.s. still want some healthy bites?

  3. Oh no!!! Feel better!

  4. I am praying for you and hope that you can get some answers. xoxo

  5. I hope that everything is okay and you are finding the answers you want and need. Thinking of you!! xo

  6. Hope everything is going okay so far and you’re surviving on that limited diet! :) My #PROOF recently has been about getting it done in my training, whether I want to or not. My fake it approach is starting to work, had a great ride this morning!

    And good luck to James, tell him not to drink any of that nasty NOLA water (I can say that, since I’m from there!). 😉

  7. ah linds, i know the testing, poking, and prying is far from fun, but i’m so happy you’re being proactive and taking care of yourself to figure out what is going on. :) #PROOF i’ve done for my health lately? eating more and exercising less.

  8. UGH, I know what you did! I need to make my appointment too! I am 3 years past due and things are definitely needing to be checked out. I’m emailing you in a little bit. I need to catch up with you! I was just thinking about you and your tummy troubles yesterday! Love you Lindsay! I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this.

  9. I am totally going to start #proof(ing) stuff now :) Especially on instagram! For my health I have been trying to make new recipes(being adventurous) out of The Feed Zone cookbook. Healthy foods. Plus I am dying for my protein powder to come in the mail already because I am dying to try my healthy bites! I haven’t made one recipe yet because I want to use my fav protein powder that always take forever to ship.

    Your weekend trip sounds awesome! Excited for you :)

  10. thinking of you and hope everything turns out ok!

  11. Poor thing! I hope everything gets figured out and you’re better real soon!
    At least you got to drink Kombucha! And where oh where is it on sale for 2 foe $3!?!?!? I would stock up for the next year!!!

  12. Oh Lindsay, I feel for you. Nothing worse than hospital tests and being kept from getting your sweat on.
    Will be thinking of you and hoping you get some answers real soon.

  13. this was good! right now, for me, it’s not proof of what i’ve done, but prove that i can. i’ve fallen of the nutrition wagon and need to prove i can get back on so i can show proof that i’m back on. (yikes, say that 10X)
    hope all your tests will give you answers and all the best to kiwi man on the upcoming race!! take care…both of you.

  14. Hope you get some answers soon!
    I’ve been thinking about you and will continue to :)

    Hugs <3

  15. Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says:

    my #PROOF has definitely been committing (at least moreso than in the past) to strength training…finally! hope everything goes okay for you and you get the answers you need friend! also…goof luck to the hubs and have a BLAST in NOLA!!!!!

  16. Oh man, I really hope you’re finding the answers you’ve been looking for. Those tests (and the prep for those tests) seem pretty brutal to me. Hang in there, friend.

  17. I’ve been praying up a storm for ya friend, hope all the tests come back good! And best of luck to the hubs!! :)

  18. Hope all is well and you can find the answers you need in your journey Lindsay, I’ll be thinking about you! And p.s. yes that IS me on intagram, just started and loving it- plenty of #PROOF to come on that!

  19. Praying for you girl!!!! I hope you get all the answers that youre looking for :)

  20. No #PROOF yet, but I’m hoping to have some on the finish line on Saturday! You can BET I’ll post it if I can do it!

  21. this post is proof that you’re a strong lady, my friend! this weekend, my sunday rest day was proof of my progress toward health. taking care of myself – inside and out. :)

  22. Thinking of you Linds! Can’t wait til you have some answers! I’ve had a colonoscopy before and the day before that was the worst thing every…especially since it was a day of going around to a bunch of graduation parties for my high school friends!

    • oh man, that would not be fun. i think colonoscopy/scope was the easiest part, the prep for the other tests and the iodine for the CT was the worst! haha, all over now.

  23. Oh no, I hope everything comes back okay for you Lindsay! I’m thinking positive thoughts for you over here! Jello is no fun all day. Lately, I’ve been trying to increase my calories, which is helping my health!

  24. I used to love Jello when I was a kid! Any idea if vegetarian jello exists or how to make it?

  25. Bill Cosby would be happy… well wishes.

  26. Aw dear, I’m sure this is not fun. I’ve gone through some painful tests to try and figure out things regarding my health too. What motivated me was the possibility of learning what was going on, which you can probably related to. Hold on!

  27. Ahh that’s no fun! I’m sorry you had to go through that. Feel better :)

  28. So sorry you are having to do this, but hopefully this brings #PROOF of renewed health! You deserve it!

  29. ok well I feel like I can stop complaining as none of my poking and prodding has required a jello diet :)

    have fun in NOLA

  30. That IS proof, like whoa!! I hope the test sheds some light, my friend. And I bet you never want any jello ever again! And yay for roadtrips!! good luck to the hub!

  31. Hope all is well! Thanks for sharing about #fitfluential. I kept wanting to hashtag my tweets but I thought you had to be an official ambassador to do it.

  32. Did you drink the fleet phososoda?? So gross. Hope your tum tum is feeling better! Xoxo

  33. I’ve been following your blog silently for a long time – coming out of hiding now to wish you all the best with those tests. Thinking of you and your family!
    My #PROOF has been to put myself first and do those things I am passionate about. I finally quit a well paid job to pursue a PT career full time. Terrified? Yes! Excited? You betcha. :-)
    Good luck to your hubs with his upcoming race btw! :-)

  34. two things – first, I hope you get some answers soon. Second – where the heck is kombucha 2 for $3????

  35. Wishing you feel better soon!

  36. Kind of craving some Jello now!

  37. Oh Lindsay- here I am so busy I didn’t even know you were going through all this. Thank goodness you had the time in New Zealand to get away from it all, yes? Hope you find some answers (and don’t get too sick of jello). When can I bring you some wine? Hugs and prayers!

  38. I hope you get some answers, friend… I’m doing some similar stuff (tests and what not) to get my own health back on track :)

    Hooray for kombucha!

    I just got some kefir water grains from a friend so I’m giving coconut kefir and whirl:) Oh and I ordered some of the protein you recommended, yay :)


    • girl we need to be together doing this. drinking kombucha, coconut kefir, and wine. haha. And yea for protein! let me know whatcha think. Hugs to you. FIll me in soon.

  39. While I love me some Jell-O…ack! I hope everything’s okay, and I wish you didn’t have to go through all that!

  40. What did the test results look like?!?! Did you get a picture? You know I did. 😉

    The one good thing to come out of my test was that I started a lasting (secretive) love affair with jello. No joke. I eat it almost daily now. LOVE the stuff. Makes me feel like a kid to have jello for dessert after lunch. They even serve it at the cafeteria at school. I was giddy with excitement when I saw that!

    • oh well i had another round of testing after the scope/colonoscopy. had to drink all that iodine and give more blood. WHOLLY COW i was SICK of that crud! Jello was like a GODSEND by then. haha. They did find some inflammation in the stomach so we are going from there. And yes i kinda dig the jello cold texture now. just not lime anymore. I want a margarita flavor next! hehe

  41. says:

    Girl, I am worried about you! Hope all the test results turned out perfect:) Um…now I am craving Jello ha! GOOD LUCK JAMES and I can’t wait to follow the updates.

  42. I can’t get over the fact there’s an add for Kombucha. Where I live, only one store carries it and it’s certainly never advertised and definitely never as a “deal.” Crazy! And I hope you take each of these comments as *PROOF* that we care and are praying for you…nobody should have to live on Jello. Did you know green Jello was declared the “official state snack of Utah?”

  43. Hey, hope everything is going ok. Whatever you are going through looks terrible. Jello gets REAL old after a while. Oh man.

    Just wanted to let you know one of your images (the one with you of your thumb up) cuts in to the first post for me. I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone else but it has been consistent for me.

    Also I posted a need advice for a workout thing on my blog… I know you have awesome 30 minute Thursdays so maybe you have a past one you could link to??

    Get well soon! :)

  44. GRINNNNNED when I saw this on twitter, too.

  45. I hope everything checked out A OK and you got some answers.
    That’s a great kombucha sale! I’d be throwing myself on cases of it! 😀

  46. I really need to be better about tweeting! I always forget about it, which in this day and age is not good!

    Oh no, I hope everything is okay! I hate being a test bunny and know how it feels! I will pray they find the answers you looking for :)

    2/$3!! I am so jealous!! We just had them on sale here for 2/$4 and I thought that was the deal of the century. Now I see that here in SoCal they are trying to drain our wallets dry : (

    Take care! Nicole

    • I think anything below $3.50 is a steal! haha. So 2/$4 is AWESOME in my book. Thanks for checking in on me Nicole. xxoo How are things with you? Your health? your dad?

  47. Praying for you my friend… hope all this investigation leads to some answers!
    My #PROOF lately is in recognizing how valuable being in the moment is…
    worrying less about the future/past is the #PROOF I’m working on!!

  48. Look how many people LOVE you, Lindsay!
    I am sorry you are going through all this. Like everyone else, I hope you are getting answers. I can’t imagine the frustration. I would die without pretzels. Maybe there are a GF kind..probably. Anyhow, hope you find that margarita jello.

  49. Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thanks a ton!

  50. Oh no! I hope that everything is OK. Thinking of you!! My #PROOF is doing my PT exercises three times a day even though I really really would rather just lay around and it hurts!

  51. oh no!!! hope you are okay. and hope you get some answers. tummy trouble is never fun.


  52. I try to accomplish#PROOF everyday! I do it for myself and I do it for my clients. Because #PROOF feels good emotionally and physically and when a good friend calls you a “buff bade”…The #PROOF is paying off!

  53. I’ve been loving your #PROOF tweets and pictures! Hopefully soon your health is 100% :)

  54. as with everyone else who cares about you, I really hope they can give you some answers about what’s happening with your tum! keeping you in my prayers, friend.

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