The Miso Mishap

So I just finished writing a whole post about my sedated “woo-wee” grocery shopping mishaps and then Live writer decided to shut down and erase it.

THEREFORE… I will give you the brief version. Not the same, but still good enough, eh?


Finally got out for some fresh air back at home in Austin… YEA!

Allergies beat poking and piercing any day. I’d rather be snotty and sneezing outside than in a bed gown. LOL!


Stay with me, changing subjects and back tracking. Still going with my SUMMARY.

So, still half way sedated (aka “woo-wee”) on Tuesday , the hubs dropped me off at the store to pick up some recovery food. I was craving slurpy slobbery noodles.

I usually go for miso paste and brown rice noodles with broth. Instead, my half way there mind grabbed MEXI cheddar. Hmmm, MEXI cheddar is not quite the same as MISO paste.

Didn’t realize this till I got home and started making the noodles.

Uhhhh… what the? What is this orange MISO? NO SILLY LINDSAY, it’s MEXI Cheddar. You can’t make miso paste with mexi cheddar.


But you can still spoon it as an appetizer with some crackers. Um yes, delicious. It’s like spicy pudding by the spoonful. LOL! Winking smile

Moving on, so where’s the MISO?

Crap, I gotta make my own. Or rather, I will “Cotterize” a recipe.

Uh, well, I am half way sedated and “woo-wee” so we will see how this turns out.





Cotterized Miso Sauce and Noodle Bowl
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Entree
Serves: 2-3
  • ¼ cup nutritional yeast
  • sesame oil
  • rice vinegar
  • balsamic glaze or thick dressing
  • 1 tsp chopped garlic.
  • 1 package brown rice Asian noodles
  • 1 cup cooked shrimp
  • 1½ cup steamed peas
  • ¼ cup chopped green onion
  1. Boil your noodles, drain, rinse and set back in pan. Make sure you have a bit of oil or broth so that they don't get too sticky.
  2. Cotterized Miso Paste:
  3. combine your nutritional yeast, garlic, ½ tbsp to 1 tbsp of each : rice vinegar, sesame oil, and balsamic glaze. Blend until smooth. Add black pepper and sea salt if desired.
  4. Now combine your paste with your noodles. Mix well. Then add a bit of broth, your steamed shrimp, peas, onion and place on low heat. Cover to keep moisture in and wait about 10 minutes, or until everything hot and mixed well.
  5. Spoon up your noodle/shrimp mix into bowl and add broth on top. I also like to add red chili peppers or siriachi sauce.
  6. ENJOY!

And because there just so happens to be PEAS in this recipe, I gonna give a shout out to JEN from PEAS and CRAYONS and make it a WIAW recipe. Cool?

wiaw serve up an extra cup button

Well, that’s my summary and I’m stickin’ to it. Better click save before I lose it all again!

Have you had any “woo-wee” mishaps or recipes? Oh do tell!

I’m off to go sharpen my SHERPA SKILLS. We’re off to New Orleans for NOLA this weekend. ROAD TRIP is our middle name these days. Winking smile



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  1. UMM YUM!!!!!! Girl this looks phenomenal. :) Now to find some Asian noodles….

  2. This. Looks. Delicious. What an awesome recipe idea! Also, that STINKS about your blog post getting deleted! That is seriously SO frustrating. Luckily, you’re a freakin’ superstar. 😉

  3. Looks like a great recipe, so extra props for creating it when sedated!
    Have fun in NO and good luck to the hubby.

  4. I love those noodles, mostly becuase they are called MyFun (which is how I pronounce it in my head, whether it is right or not.)

    Shrimp and peas….I bet the mexi cheddar would taste great on that too.

    • you mean it’s no pronounced MYFUN? haha. Yes, you better believer i tried some mexi on this dish the next day. I think it was even better then!

  5. you are all over the map these days- love the adventurous attitude though! Hoping you’re feeling better as each day passes, and that’s just hilarious that you mistook that for miso. Although I’ve never had miso or even seen what it looks like so I wouldn’t put something like that past me!

  6. Oh seriously, ever since my car accident a month ago, I feel like I am missing half my brain some days!

  7. A “cotterized” recipe nice. And glad you adapt so well in the kitchen!

  8. Hope you’re feeling better Lindz! I’ve been trying curry paste lately and really (think) I like the flavor lol

  9. hahaha oh you crack me up wooooo weeeee.

    I’d eat your “miso” any night… it actually sounds awesome.

    Viper had a mega “woo-wee” – he put his passport through the wash (in his pants pocket) that was a $300 “woo-wee” (!)

    • eek! i think james has done that too. I really think we need to live by each other. Viper and James are so alike and well, we get along just dandy too. hehe. I thought of you when making this. Such a LOU recipe but i bet you would add some fun twist.

  10. get well soon! I love you post! (really) hopefully I can do this things too and cook your recipe.

  11. miso makes me so happy … sorry, i couldn’t help it! :) love the looks of this and i’ve recently become quite infatuated with nutritional yeast. of course i would love that fart-y goodness! :)

  12. LOL – love this – love that you figured out a way to make it work! I would never have though of the nutritional yeast. Smart thinking lady. I thought you were going to put together some sort of mexi-cheese-noodle dish.

  13. You are suuuuch a riot!! I would’ve loved to have seen “woo wee” Cotter!! I’m glad you’re feeling better though – good luck Sherpa-ing in NOLA!!! xoxo

  14. Wow this looks really delicious! I love the mexi cheddar and I think it is perfect for bread.. Yummy!

  15. Oh man, that is the WORST when you have a post all written and then it gets deleted or the computer shuts down. That happened to me the other day. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading this post like always!! To funny about the mexi cheddar! That noodle bowl looks delicious.

    What did they sedate you with? Last year when I had to go for some tests and was sedated.. it was awful. I was so messed up, I seriously felt drunk for 3 days. It was worse than when I had my two surgeries to remove my thyroid.

  16. The closest I have right now is that we prepped dinner on Tuesday night and then found our oven won’t light. So we have a fully-prepped dinner sitting in the fridge (still) and no way to cook it! :) I guess you should “test” the oven before prepping. :)

  17. How in the heck do you do that? Half dazed and confused, you make a feast that’s actually amazing! Dang I’m impressed! That looks amazing. I hope you’re feeling well today!

  18. Wooo this recipe looks fantastic! Now I need to go find some of those noodles 😀

  19. You are so resourceful! LOL! Good luck sherpa’ing! I channelled your sherpa-ing virtually for M yesterday as he prepped for his big presentation!!! :)

  20. I have had the mexi-cheddar before, I liked it!!

    Yay for a road trip, how fun! I have never been to NOLA! Have a blast! <3

  21. hahaha…oops! thats definitely something i would do too…
    but now im kinda craving mexi-cheddar dip. for breakfast? meh. probably not.

  22. mexi cheese?! that sounds yummy but it’s not real cheese so what’s in it? i bet it would give me gas :(

  23. Awwww it looks ssoooooo good and I need me to get some of these noodles :) YUM! I used to make a lot more asian style dishes before, but I must get back into it!


  24. Great job improvising! Sometimes the best stuff comes from having made a mistake!

  25. Ah, worst thing when you blog post gets deleted. This looks like such an awesome recipe! Definitely getting bookmarked! I don’t have asian noodles, but do have kelp noodles? Hm…don’t know if that would be weird! Feel better soon my dear! Good luck to the hubs.

  26. Love this! Sounds and looks divine!

    Hate it when I lose posts. I usually give up.

  27. I like your style! I’ve seen lots of good recipes with miso but it’s not normally gluten-free over here and as I’ve never tasted it, I wouldn’t have a clue how to recreate it so thank you for this :-)
    Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with allergies and hope you feel better soon!

  28. that sounds delicious! what a great recovery meal for you……. that mexi cheese looks delish too :)

  29. I’ve never shopped half sedated but I’ve done shopping super cracked and I feel like the endings of those two shopping trips end up relatively the same!!! 😉
    as soon as I have money to travel to races, can James race NOLA again so you and I (James can come too…hahaha) can have a NOLA party!?! 😉 you know I’ll be sending some serious cheering down to y’all!

  30. Oh, hate when computers let us down. It happened to me this morning, wrote a really long email to a friend, who is going through some rough time atm.. and when I clicked on ‘sent’, it got deleted.. GRRR!! :-)
    I am known for ‘kitchen fun’.. put salt into friend’s coffee a few days ago (sugar / salt – same thing eh?) – could tell it was a mistake straight away.. But maybe, just maybe, I am trying to get him off sugar??? (Evil laughter..)

  31. Wowee, this looks so delicious!
    There’s nothing better than slurping down a BIG bowl of saucy noodles. And I adore peas-they add little pops of sweetness.
    I actually have all these ingredients(hurrah),so I wil be making this soon:).

    Hope you are recovering and doing well Lindsay:)!

  32. You’re going to NOLA this weekend?! Eat a beignet and a poboy for me! We love going down there!

  33. I try to save my posts ever 3 seconds to avoid this exact same scenario…you are taking it much better than I would have!

    Enjoy your trip!

  34. Hope all your testing went well…after I had mine done last year I couldn’t look at jello for a really really long time! You miso mishap seems like it turned out pretty darn good though! Don’t you love it when things just work out like that?

  35. Oh, Lindsay, thanks for all the laughs in this post. 😀 Your “woo-wee” moments sound so similar to mine; except the difference is that I have no sedation excuse! More than half the time I try to make a specific recipe, I grab the wrong item at the store…or forget it all together! But that’s how new, awesome dishes are created, no? 😉

    I’m intrigued by this dairy free Mexi Cheese! Did you find it at Whole Foods? Is it Cinco de Mayo worthy? xoxo

  36. “crazy head delicious” — love that!
    Hope you are feeling better…still praying for answers soon!
    Safe travels and good luck :)


  37. Hmm… not really “woo-wee” recipe moments, but definitely “wee-wow” ones…

    As in the wee-one is wow-fully dictating what this soul eats, when food is eaten, and how.

    Lessons learned: early morning food must be handled sl-ow-ly (forget trying to get food in before classes… just eat in class!), onions are NO, only DARK chocolate is preferred, and carrots- man alive I could eat them non stop. I think lemons are appreciated, too. Apple candy sticks are a-okay, too (so was learned at the Cracker Barrel the other night.. :-)

    It’s a wow-time, and trying to listen and figure it out is a good time.. when not totally “wow-wee” sometimes :-) Still… I’ll take it… the wee one is a great one! :-)

  38. I am just so impressed you can do ANYTHING when feeling “woo-wee!” I would be in bed and demanding someone to feed me. 😉
    Glad you are able to head outside, allergies or no. Enjoy your time in New Orleans and good luck to the hubs!

  39. That looks SO good! At least you have an excuse as to why you grabbed the wrong thing – lately I’ve been doing that and wondering what the heck is wrong with me!! LOL
    Tell James GOOD LUCK this weekend! I’m sure he’s glad to have you back as his sherpa!!! Enjoy the road trip and the weekend! xoxo

  40. Ahh haha that is so funny about the mexi cheddar. But all in all the noodllie soup looks good!

    Have so much fun this weekend, I look forward to all your instagrams!

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