Cotter Feeding Zone: Oh my Cod! The Nutrition Perks.


Two more races, yes, that’s it. It’s been a slower season but a HEALTHY season for the Kiwi, so we’ll take it. Hoping that these last two races will go well and then the off season will be full of good training, more SLOW DOWN, holiday fun, and proper rest. But for now, we gotta keep that FALL FOCUS! Nutrient dense foods and lots of it. Gotta feed this kiwi and keep him … [Read more...]

What I Love About (____) Wednesday & GIVEAWAY


Okay, so this is a twist on the original What I ate Wednesday (WIAW) but trust me, it’s a good twist. Today I wanted to talk about the companies that I love and what I love about them. I want to talk about the companies that I support because they support us! The companies that have made being gluten free easy and eating HEALTHY even easier. The companies that FUEL us for … [Read more...]

Tis YOUR Season

salad (2)

Welcome to a little Food for thought Wednesday. I could sit here and tell you about all the new food finds and summer meals we’ve been eating lately. I could tell you about my new favorite NEW ZEALAND Sauvignon Blanc. I could tell you about my recent Purely Twins Recipe I made and am obsessed with. Plantain bread with butter on top is awesome by the way! I could tell … [Read more...]

WIAW: Endurance Foodie Recipe and Food Finds


How it is already mid May just baffles me. But it is and just in time for another round of Endurance Foodies. If you missed March and April’s recipes. Just go HERE and HERE. This Month Jason is focusing on Spring/Summer time grilling recipes. Good thing because it’s already 85F here and turning on my oven is not fun. Grilling is a must! Those of you who still have snow, I’m … [Read more...]

RECI-PEA Recipe and WIAW


I haven't done a WIAW post in a while. I’m thinking today might be the day. Well mostly because I have ton of random food pics on my phone, no time to really blog, and recipe to share. Oh, that make for a good Wordless WIAW, minus the recipe of course, that has to have words. Okay and I might explain the pictures. Well heck, a SEMI WORDLESS WIAW. We’ve been eating what I … [Read more...]

Race Day Fuel: Sherpa & Athlete


Well, it’s back t reality today. Kinda. My body is a bit off due to lack of sleep/jet lag and my brain still wanting to work at 30% capacity, but we’re getting there! And yes, it was so worth the 4 1/2 days in Hawaii to see my husband race. No doubt about that! So be patient with me here. I wanted to share a recap of the race but I think I’ll let my husband go more into … [Read more...]

What I’m (fairly) Certain of Wednesday


Can I do that? Can I do a spin off WIAW? I think so. I know Jen won’t mind. She’s cool like that. Plus I need to release (share) some thoughts and it just so happens that I have a few recent food pics to go along with it. I am fairly certain, yes I say fairly because there is a 1% chance I might be wrong on a few of these things, but 99% of the time I a right and it … [Read more...]

Healing Hands and WIAW Recipe

carrot apple pie muffins-001

The past few days I’ve opened up my computer maybe 2-3x. Usually to respond to a few ASAP things and emails. I've hit read all in my READER and only read a few things here or there. You see, when tragedy strikes, I think there is a need for a little more disconnect. And since the Sandy Hook tragedy happened so close to Christmas, my heart is just eager to be still pray, pray … [Read more...]

Blank Wednesday


Lately I’ve been filling in the blank. Like a blank thought. A thought that has evolved into a feeling. You know, those thoughts that linger for a while until you have an "ah ha" moment answer? Yes, those thoughts. So here I am. Taking another twist on What I ate Wednesday (WIAW) and making it more than food, although equally important. What I (Fill in the Blank) … [Read more...]

Things to Come & New Finds


Well friends, this is going to be short and sweet. Yup. Good ‘ol Mal (Malware that is). He must like Cotter Crunches cause apparently he has been stealing bites all week. Okay, sarcasm aside… my site has malware and my friends at sitelock are fixing it. Not sure I’ll be able to get into wordpress for a few days while they fix it. But you know what? I’m kinda okay with it. I … [Read more...]