Hey Now…


Goodness I love that quote. It struck a chord with me. But the bottom website needs to be changed. Well, at least in my opinion.

You see, I think it should be www.livelifejoyously.com instead of happy. Happiness is a feeling that is so fragile. It comes and goes like a wave of womanly hormones. Up one minute and down the next. Haha.

But JOY… Joy is an appreciation of life. It’s a feeling of blessed awareness. It’s seeing the day moment by moment and embracing it.

I will admit, for the past few years we have been chasing happiness. Grabbing on to a moment of it here or there and then feeling empty when it is gone. A glimpse of hope, a touch of healing, a moment of success. Yes, that happiness is fragile. We can feel happy about what is to come, but then that moment passes and we’re almost at a loss.

Like that euphoric feeling of crossing the finish line. Happiness. A feeling of accomplishment, strength, and determination all played out. Wow, pretty amazing. But that happiness fades like the sun and we’re left with that “what now?” feeling.


I’ve been there, I’ve done that (I still do that at times). But then I realized I wanted more. And I think God made it very aware that HE wanted me (us) to have more as well.


I heard HIM whispering… “Lindsay, stop worrying about the future, seek ME NOW. I will give you JOY!.”

Chase JOY….NOW

Be thankful…. NOW

Don’t fear the future…

Don’t regret the past…

Chase JOY…Not Happiness


Don’t waste another moment… enJOY NOW! Winking smile


No rhyme or reason to my post today. Just some Cotter Corniness Oozing out of me. Must be hormones. haha! Winking smile

Oh and don’t forget to check out Tuesday trainer this week. There’s a special hostess of the mostess!


What are you chasing NOW?




Hoping to throw in a life/training update soon. Still waiting on test results and some other things to pan out. BUT… We’re focusing on the NOW! Right? Smile with tongue out

NO FAIL Adventure

I’m kinda on roll here this month, adventure wise that is. Still participating in Adventurous April and this week I got pair it along with Lindsay’s Tuesday Trainer.




 Bonus points.. RIGHT Lindsay and Janetha?

Anyway, Tuesday Trainer got adventurous. Trainers filmed themselves in places that were “adventurous” for them. Go check it out HERE.

I’ll give you a sneak peak of mine.


Continuing on with adventure, I decided to go for it in YOGA today. What do I mean by “go for it?” I mean, headstand with eyes closed. Yes, our yoga teacher made us do everything with eyes closed. So I did, and I plopped right back down on my shoulder then butt. HA!

There will be a bruise there tomorrow for sure.



I took that risk for adventure. hehe. Plus it was humbling, which is always good for the soul. Right? Winking smile

Healthy Bites also continued down the ADVENTURE route. Another fun flavor made.


cocoa crispy

And babysitting adventures will be happening tonight, when I go take care of the nieces. I might be adventured out after that. I am already tired just thinking about it.

What’s been your adventure this week? Big or small!



Tell all Tuesday and GIVEAWAY

I totally stole this title from the hubs. He’s about to post a TELL ALL TUESDAY and I nabbed the title. Hey, it’s catchy. Plus I am pretty sure he won’t read this so it’s all good, right?

His Tell All Tuesday is about what he did as far as training and eating. I decided to revamp mine and just blab. Oh and if you get through my blabbing, I promise to post a giveaway at the end. hehe.

Blabbing begins now…..

The past 24 hours have been a doozy.

And if you look up the word doozy it means this



I managed to bust out my kitchen supplies from storage and create a new custom flavor HEALTHY BITE for a client.



I now realize i am a month late for these to be called on valentine bites. Duhhh Lindsay. Let’s call them Pretty in Pink Party Bites instead. Yes?


I managed to bypass all traffic at 5pm even with a store stop.


I may have bypassed traffic but I didn’t get home that easy. I also may have “voiced”  my opinion on FB during that time too.



I actually managed to haul myself up the side of the house into a window. Where did that strength come from?


My beloved BOBS shoes (the New Zealand brand of TOMS) had not one scratch on them. No dirt, no nothing. My legs and my A** are a whole other story.



I actually got in my Tuesday Trainer exercise in on time! That truly is extraordinary. Right Linz?! Winking smile



Well I just look bizarre on camera while filming this, so I’ll count that. haha.



So thank you. Thank you thank you thank you for your ongoing support over the these past months.

To show my appreciation, I am giving away a copy of the HEALTHY BITE eBook (see the side bar) and a dozen CUSTOM  healthy bites.


chocolate banana chipDSC02308.JPGo-matic4o-matic9

Is that Bizarre or What?

just kidding… It’s TOTALLY LEGIT.

Wanna Win?

To enter:

  • leave me a comment telling me about your Tuesday.
  • Like Healthy Bites on Facebook and let me know.
  • Tweet about it and let me know.
  • Let me know what your custom bite would consist of.

Yep, that’s it. Hope you win. I’ll choose 2 random people to win the eBook and 1 person to win the custom bites. That’s 3 winners in all! Is that good or what? Winner’s will be announced this weekend. eBook is open to anyone and everyone. The bites can only be sent to US residents. Wish I could send internationally. Maybe someday!

Happy Noshing friends!




Today is a day I cannot forget. I mean, I forget a lot and I mean A LOT, but not today. I remembered the important things today.

Like TUESDAY TRAINER! You see, it’s actually Wednesday here, so remembering Tuesday Trainer is a BIG DEAL, right Linz? Anyway, this one is too FUN to miss out on, so go check it out now…. before you forget!




I didn’t forget to cross off my last task on my New Zealand TO-DO list. Yep, the yo-yo’s were made and half are already demolished. Winking smile


And I certainly didn’t forget to lick the bowl. Who could forget that?

Recipe to follow……


And last but not least…..

I most DEFINITELY cannot forget the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for the Christchurch earthquake.


Yes, it’s been one year and 10,000 after shocks later. I think I have felt about 15 of those aftershocks. Nothing too big, but still a bit scary.

The past few days we have watched TV special after TV special about the earthquake. My mother in law remembers it like yesterday, a day that she will NEVER FORGET. She was lucky enough to be off work that day and didn’t have to go into town, where the most damage and destruction was done. We thank GOD for that. We thank GOD for keeping other family safe as well. And we thank GOD for not letting us forget the courageous people and community that brought this town back up and out of the rubble.


So here’s to Christchurch and the people who make this town so amazing and beautiful! Here’s to another year of healing, rebuilding, and growing stronger.



Let’s Not Forget the Goodness today.





Sweet as…

I fully intended to adopt this Kiwi phrase. I hear it way to often.

sweet as- Urban dictionary defines it here.

Second most common phrase in New Zealand after “awesome“. Said when something is rather good instead of just “good” or “OK”. Often followed by “bro”.

EX: How was the surf at Ragland yesterday?
Sweet As bro


I’ve noticed that this saying is said a lot. But you know what’s different about it? I think it’s said with a GENUINE purpose.

So here’s to SWEET AS (‘s)…….not to be confused with sweet a**. Winking smile


Life in slow motion. Life in vivid colors. Life, taking risks and not looking back.



SWEET AS … being tired from a good day


SWEET AS … things that make you laugh because they are so true


SWEET AS …. your good friends making their FITNESS dreams a REALITY!

Jess and Jo!- READ HERE!!

SWEET AS … a rest week for Tuesday trainer and hearing all these INSPIRING Ladies!


SWEET AS… my dinner last night because I finally found Corn Tortillas. It was Taco Tuesday in the Cotter House.

o-matic (3)

Now tell me…

What’s your SWEET AS today?



Life Abroad: Updates & Such

G’day. Yes, I will continue to say G’day as long as I am in New Zealand. It’s totally justifiable. Plus it’s catchy, eh?

Well I thought it might be time for a wee update. I know a lot of blogs have been doing random life facts, updates, etc. and you know what? I like it! It gives me a chance to see (I mean read) about how this person is doing, what’s new, what’s on their mind, and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good recipe and workout but the “friend” part of me likes a coffee talk catch up.

Here’s the deal. Lori and Michelle tagged me in a 7 random facts post (which I loved), so I thought I’d do a spin on it and tie it into a random post and New Zealand Life update. Maybe 7 random facts will be thrown in there, maybe not. Either way, it is random, it is about our current life, and it is factual. Sound good?


I have to say that God definitely has been hearing our prayers. The hubs’ knee has been well taken care of and his training for Ironman New Zealand is still going strong. The volume of training has increased, the strength and stretching has increased, the sleeping and eating has DEFINITELY increased, but most importantly, the CONFIDENCE has increased. Only 6 weeks to go till race day. WOW!


As for me? My training? Ha-ha, I‘ve been enjoying a few runs but mainly just walks and hikes in the park and hills. I wish I could say I was back to running every day, but no I still need to take it easy. I would love to train for a race, but now is not the time. I am working on getting my butt back, does that count? You see, without teaching my beloved spin classes, my rear has shrunk so am working on operation build-a-butt. Hence the hills, lots of strength and squat work, etc. I’m determined to get it my “back” back.

New Zealand:

Since we’re on a random roll, here are a few views from my afternoon strolls. Wow, I didn’t even to make that rhyme. Guess I am poet and I didn’t even know it. Okay, I’ll stop, really. Winking smile





In all seriousness, this is what I love about New Zealand. The LIFE being LIVED here. Can you see it?

  • Kids run outside and play, all day! No one rarely stays inside.
  • The old folks are playing croquet. Cute!
  • The mailmen/mailwomen ride their bikes to each mail stop. I have yet to see a mail delivery truck.
  • Bikes are one of main sources of transportation for everyone, even grannies.
  • Fast food? Not sure there are many around here. You usually find people sitting at a café for hours during mid-morning tea or having a late dinner with family and friends out on the patio.


  • Life is SLOWER, it’s SIMPLER, and to be quite honest it took me a good month to change my own pace and my own perspective. At first I felt as if I had to be productive 24/7 here. Oh how I was wrong, and I for once I was glad to be WRONG!


Oh yes, food. I have been living in the kitchen, but like I mentioned before it is a place of relaxation for me. It’s where I find joy. Making food for others and myself. I can say this now because I do not have a 9-5pm work schedule. I do have time to cook each and every meal and for that I a THANKFUL!

But the other reason I am enjoying the kitchen is because I get to buy good food. Heck just about everything is local here; the meats, dairy, produce, etc. They pretty much all come from within 50 miles and it is so fresh.

Random “random” Note: Did I mention that High Fructose Corn Syrup and Food Dyes are banned in New Zealand? Yes!! When you look at ketchup, cola, candies, etc. you will find cane sugar in the ingredient list. Needless to say my Sprite consumption is much higher here. If I am going to drink sugar, at least it’s real sugar! And for the dyes, well they usually use beetroot coloring or vegetable juice color.

I will admit to missing my WHOLE FOODS and Natural Grocer, but at least I have the Wednesday markets  to make up for it. It’s one of my favorite outings! I think it’s because all the local vineyards are there for sampling and selling. Hehe, cheers!



We have 5 TV channels at my mother in law’s house. I have become quite intrigued by This show and am now on a beet root kick because of This Beetroot Recipe.



Random “random” Note: Beets and beet juice are supposedly a key ingredient for endurance athletes. I’ve got a great article to share about that HERE. I will now be making the hubs down this at least 3x a day, ha-ha. Joke. Well, maybe.

And last but not least, the HEALTHY BITES update. I’m quite bummed. I was not able to get a license to sell these at the markets so Healthy Bites is on sabbatical for the time being. I do make a few here and there but nothing to ship/sell. As soon as we get back to Austin, I will resume my orders. It has been a blessing in disguise though. A nice break and I am able to cook a lot more for the hubs. Oh and there might be a little “BOOK of BITES” e-cookBook in the future.


It’s a work in progress, like everything in life. ha!


Well there it is. A massive update post. Did you make it all the way through? I know my mom at least did. Winking smile

Thanks Lori and Michelle for the tag. I am now too tired tag anyone else, so it’s fair game. And If there are any other random’s you’re just dying to know about, feel free to ask. I’m an open book, eek!


Long-winded LC


Don’t forget to UPDATE your Tuesday Trainer workout over at Lindsay’s List. Yep, my last update. Promise!

Duty Calls: WIAW

Ahh friends, hello. It’s been a blur the past few days. Getting back into Christchurch, unpacking, catching up on work, laundry, etc. You know the routine. But this time around, our routine is settling in a bit different.

You see, it’s go time here. Two months till Ironman New Zealand and the hubs in in full on training now that the knee is a go.

So……what does that mean for me really?

Means DUTY CALLS and I would like to focus on taking care of him. Yes, I have been slacking and as a wife and nutrition manager, that’s just not cool. His job will be putting in 30-40 plus hour a week of training, and when he’s not training he’s catching up on emails, schedules, sleeping, and eating. Yep, that’s the life. My job is to keep him well fed and stress free. Well, I’m gonna try my hardest. We’ve stocked up on eggs, potatoes, GF oats, rice pudding, roast chicken/turkey, canned salmon, marmite, bananas, carrots, GF bread, and nut butter. Yep, all for training. Easy snacks/recovery meals ready to go. Now I just need to make sure he gets those extra nutrients in with his 3 main meals.

That being said, I am taking a wee bit of time off from blogging. Probably just through the weekend, but who knows. I need to catch up on work myself, get my CRAP together, and prep food. I know, you’re probably thinking that’s not a lot to do, but it is to me. I would love to blog everyday but it’s just not in the cards right. Give me 5-7 days and I should be a new woman/wife! haha. Winking smile

So let’s end the week on some random food pictures from the North Island trip…..like New Zealand candy bars and energy bars. I also cooked lots of Lamb, mussels, and GF pasta while house sitting, plus our Argentinian friend made some authentic GF corn cakes.

We were well fed and well fueled up in North Island, that’s for sure!


Thanks Jen for sharing the love of good food!

DSC02642.JPGDSC02609.JPGDSC02722.JPGDSC02723.JPGDSC02726.JPGDSC02731.JPGDSC02686.JPGDSC02658DSC02662 - Copyo-maticDSC02291.JPG

Told ya it was random, but delicious nonetheless!


Reading blogs? Yes, I plan on it. That’s something I love doing. In fact, I think I am a better reader than blogger….. guilty. Winking smile


Cheers for a WEE bit,



If you are lookin’ for a KILLER leg workout this week, check out Lindsay’s Tuesday Trainer. It’s a good GOOD one. And when I say GOOD, I mean HARD!

30 Minute Thursday: Start Where?

Yesterday was big day for us. When I say big, I mean big in a small way. Like being able to run pain free. Yes, the hubs and I went for a run. His first run since September and his first run post PRP therapy last week. We found a park and ran on the grass for a while, then stopped and walked every 4 minutes. It was nice to enjoy that feeling of starting again.

Starting up again (in any area of life) can feel daunting… but only if we let it. It can also be a chance to focus on that day. Just getting out there, wherever you are, and taking a chance. I like that!


Start it UP conditioning

  • Warm up 5 minutes easy
    • 20 sec pick up (increase pace)
    • 20 sec easy run or walk
      • repeat 5x
    • Now find a mat or grassy area and work on strength
      • 30 sec single leg squat (each leg)
      • 30 sec push ups (wide)
      • 30 sec lower leg lifts
      • 30 sec superman
        • repeat 5x
    • Back to the run/cardio
    • 1 minute easy run followed by 15 second sprints
      • repeat 5x
    • Core- repeat 2-3x
      • 1 minute plank with knee tuck
      • 1 minute side plank
      • 1 minute Russian twist
    • Cool down/stretch

Want another great CONDITIONING workout?Check out Lindsay’s List for a killer Tuesday Trainer. Now you have a Tuesday/Thursday Workout to do!


Thankful Board days 11 and 12: Starting WHERE you ARE.


Where are you starting today?



P.I.T (Pin It Tuesday)

I have a feeling this weeks blog posts are going to be much like our living situation right now….scattered! hehe. But the one thing I am good I always seem to keep in line are my PINS. Yes, things I see that I like on pinterest. It’s like the ultimate BOOKMARKING technique. Am I right?

So consider today’s post all about the PIN, Cotter PINS. Maybe I should call them Cottins or Potters?  Oh this could go on for a while. Let’s get started, shall we?

Words to PIN

What’s the first phrase that stood out to you?


(mine was TAKE RISKS)

Moves to PIN

Love this woman and all the women who put this together!

Click on the image below for a good core workout.


Recipe to PIN

I think these beat Hershey Kisses (for now).

Goat Cheese Kisses


Thoughts to PIN

Day 4 of my optimist challenge.

“Choose to live as a victor, not a victim.”

Man did this come at the right time. Perfect words to hear. And I love the definition.

1. a person who has overcome or defeated an adversary; conqueror.
2. a winner in any struggle or contest.

Which V-word would you want someone to use when describing you?

What have you “pinned” today?