Letting Go of Routine and Going with the Rhythm

It’s funny, most people are heading back to school, work, etc. and craving a routine. I get that, I really do. Especially if you have kids.

But for us? We’ve been plowing away at work, training, in the brutal summer heat. It’s at this point when our routine can almost slow us down from that SECOND WIND of dreaming big.

(thank you Tara for the bracelet)


We need makes some changes in order to REVIVE ourselves. This includes my husband’s quality of training, our relationship, and for me … a little TLC.

corny cotters

I (we) need to let go of routine.

In fact, we need an UNROUTINE…. to allow things to flow as is, naturally, in harmony.

Which, ironically, is similar to a rhythm. And after reading THIS devotional, I knew we needed to replace routine and embrace a NEW rhythm (temporarily). In fact, it was their definition of rhythm that truly struck a cord with me (pun intended)

Rhythm: a frame of mind that suggests more of an art. If you have rhythm, then whatever you decide to do with intention fits in the dance. Rhythm feels like choice and nuance and paying attention to your surroundings. Rhythm is alive and open to adjustments based on the circumstance. Rhythm focuses on needs.


Don’t get me wrong, routine can be good! It’s sooooooo needed during certain seasons of life.

But this season, right now, we need to cling to that second wind. We need to get out of own way, get out of our own routine, and just GO!

photo 2

That being said, our bags are packed for two weeks, the car is fully loaded. Good training awaits, along with a few races. Hoping to visit a few friends, breathe some cool mountain air, and sync into a new rhythm.

photo 1

Thanks Amanda for letting me think out loud today, UNroutinely.


Are you needing routine or rhythm?

Cheers from the Road!

Sherpa Wife


I know you want to bust out in Gloria Estefan lyrics now. Winking smile

Do You Need a Digital Detox?

I often reminisce about our time in New Zealand back in 2011-2012. You see, those were the days when all we had was a local Nokia phone with no extra features, our car had no radio, and the only access to internet we has was when we were at the house connected to wi-fi. That means when we left the house, we DISCONNECTED. We did not have access to email, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. And when the kiwi was out training for ironman, I’d often tag along and walk or read a book while he trained.


On rest days we’d take day trips and just relax.


akarora.jpg 2

When we got back to the states our lives went from 50mph to 100mph again and I found myself trapped in busyness trying to run a business. Work Work Work, go go go. Crash, burn, repeat. It wasn’t until this past year that I really tried to channel that slowdown and work on disconnecting. Yes, work on disconnecting more. Sounds so easy, right?

Recently, my good BLEND Jess decided to take a complete 7 DIGITAL DETOX to celebrate her 10 year anniversary with her husband. I couldn’t wait to hear about her trip, and honestly, I wanted to hear more about her time AWAY from it all. No phone, email, social media, etc. I recruited Jess to share her digital detox “musings” here, today!

digital detox

Birds chattering. Crickets chirping. Loudly. All evening and all morning. Waves lapping the shore. Toes in the sand, warm and soft. All of these are quiet, seemingly small moments. But to me? They were monumental.

st. lucia

It meant I was in the moment. Soaking it all in. Completely present and undistracted. Truly there.

Sure, it would’ve been fun to share all of this on instagram. I fully admit that I’m a totally instagram addict when I’m at home. I love sharing snippets of my day in photo form — to me it’s sort of become my form of ‘blogging’ now that I don’t blog any longer. However, instagram was the farthest from my mind in these moments.


To say that I learned a lot while Scott and I were away in St. Lucia to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary would be a giant understatement.

For the first time in Lord knows how long, we completely unplugged. And I truly believe it was this disconnecting to reconnect that brought us closer than ever before. It all hit me about halfway through our trip. There was a singer on the stage near the pool after dinner, he sang country song covers all night long and was taking requests.

When he sang the first few chords of ‘We Danced’ by Brad Paisley – our wedding song – I felt the tears on my cheek, the rush of emotions (that took me by surprise quite honestly) and I leaned my head on his shoulder. After just a few days completely detached from the ‘real world’ – a life at home that we adore but that is typically chock full of activity –I finally took a second to exhale. Letting my mind rush back to our wedding day soooo many years ago and that very first dance. I remember how excited I was. I was over the moon in love with my new husband and excited to share that with my family and friends who surrounded us while we danced.

dinner on beach

In these moments, over ten years later, it was just Scott and I. Our song playing. I was simply in awe of this man with his arms around me, a man I am ridiculously proud to call my husband. A man that I all too often am so distracted around, that I simply don’t spend enough time just being with him. Just us. No electronics. No distractions. Appreciating him for all that he is and all that he means to me. Truly there.

As our week away neared its end, and we realized this little digital detox of ours was almost over, I was a little bit sad. It was so nice to just focus on Scott, on each other, and on nothing at all (and surprisingly WAY easier to disconnect than I thought it would be…).


Why on earth do we NOT do this more often?? I mean sure, we have jobs, we have commitments and responsibilities. But we have a choice in how we spend our down time, our free time. Why not make that ‘free’ time, truly FREE? Uncluttered by all things digital entirely. If you think about the word ‘free’ even – by definition it means open, unrestricted. And if I look back on our time in St. Lucia, I’d absolutely define that time as open, unrestricted and yes, liberating.

Now that we’re back on home turf, I’m taking what I’ve learned to heart. And lucky for me, Lindsay asked me to share that learning with you guys here.

Lesson learned from our digital detox

  • To be free, to have free time, to have the freedom to choose to spend that free time however we want is a gift.
  • It’s a gift to yourself as much as it is a gift to the loved ones around you.
  • Give wisely. Give freely. Give often.
  • Time literally slows down when you aren’t constantly checking in on facebook, instagram, twitter and foursquare.
  • My mind felt at ease that week, no mind crazies, no fretting over what I was eating, drinking, doing for my workouts (or not doing). Coming home, it’s been far harder to shut the mind crazies down but I’m trying.
  • Conversations were more engaging, we weren’t constantly half listening to each other. We were REALLY listening.

Also? I learned that I love my husband a whole heck of a lot more than a week ago.


Sounds pretty Marvelous, yes?


Do you need a Digital Detox? 



The Perfect Pre Race Travel Snack – Grain Free Nutty Coconut Bars

Happy last week of June! How did that happen? I don’t mind it though because July brings us some much needed rest. The Kiwi has one more race this weekend and then it will be two weeks of down time before his next training/racing blocks.


Luckily, this last race is in Texas, so no packing the bike and airport travel, phew!. But since I can’t go with the kiwi (We’re dog sitting), I am packing his car full of good fuel! I’m Crazy Like that! Sherpa Wife Crazy!

grainfree coconut Nuttzo bars

Here is the recipe for our favorite Grain Free “balanced” bars. Perfect to take on the road or just to eat anytime, anywhere!



  • 1/2 cup PB flour (you can also use 1/4 cup more almond meal and 2 tbsp more protein powder if you don’t have PB Flour)
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 1/3 cup almond meal
  • 45g vanilla protein powder (I use Growing Naturals Vegan Vanilla or Vanilla Cream Kidz Shake for the Paleo Caesin free version.)
  • 2 tbsp NUTTZO (or chunky nut butter)
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • pinch or two of sea salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder (really not needed)
  • 1/2 tsp coconut extract
  • 1 tbsp local honey or maple syrup
  • OPTIONAL Add-ins: (1/3 cup raisins/fruit, cinnamon, extra honey or stevia if you like them to be sweeter, bacon bits)

Pretty simple, mix all the ingredients together and press into a greased baking dish. I used an 8×8 square pan. If the batter is to dry to mix, add in more milk or an egg to give volume and moisture. Just depends on the type of protein and flours you use. Bake at 350F for 18-22 minutes but be sure to check it at 15 minutes in case you’ve used different proteins or flours that cook faster. Cool and then slice. Makes around 9-12 bars depending on how big you cut them.

Note- If you are nut free, try using sunflower seed butter instead of nut butter. Then 1 cup coconut flour or oat flour, 1/3 cup ground banana chips, and 1 1/2 cup protein powder for your flour portions.

Calories per bar: 132.2

  • Total Fat: 8.5 g
  • Total Carbs: 7.5 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 3.0 g
  • Protein: 7.7 g
  • sugars: 2.2g



coconut nuttzo bars

Why Grain free? Well, grain free so it is easily digested. I find that sitting in a car or airplane can cause stomach discomfort or bloating with certain foods, so making it grain free is safest, ya know? I also added in good fats (coconut and nut butter) and a few natural sugars (the honey). The fat  helps with energy and the natural sugars are to help keep his glycogen filled before race day. Yes, my Nutritionist instincts kicking in!



The may not be too strange for Laura, but they are definitely good!

NOTE –> If you want to make them strange and add in more natural salt, try mixing in a few tablespoons of nitrate free bacon bits or coconut bacon from Phoney Baloney.

What’s your go-to road trip snack?

Any body racing this weekend?! Best of luck if so!

Cheers Friends!

Crazy Cotters

Life After Blogging: The Marriage Edition

Today I am lucky. Lucky to have a real life and blend share her words of wisdom with me, with us. You’ve read her words before—> Here and Here.

after bloggin pin

Why do I want her to keep blogging here? Well, we all need to remember…. We need to remember that life comes first, then  blogging. And in the midst of a busy week and lots of “blog work,” I realized I needed to shift that focus back as well. LIFE first. Marriage First. Family First. .. and so on.

Cheers to Jess!

P.S. Jess is the twin on the left. Winking smile

wine friends

So I have to be honest – I really, REALLY look up the Sherpa Wife and the Kiwi Cotter as THE epitome of the importance of teamwork + LOVE that needs to go into marriage to make that marriage sing. You see, I’ve always, always believed that friendships should be easy but that marriage should be work. I know, I know — ‘work’ has such a negative connotation doesn’t it? But in context, you’ll see what I mean.

Marriage means putting the effort in. Every day. Not just on special occasions. Doing little things like sticking a post-it note in your husbands lunch as you rush out the door to work.

It also means showing love not just in words, but in actions. Doing an extra chore that the wifey usually does, or putting your shoes in the closet vs. next to the bed at the end of a long day. Or yup, buying some tulips at Trader Joes just because you know your wifey loves them.

And it definitely means teamwork. And being able to step back on a personal level, and to be able to openly put your husband or wife first when the situation warrants it. And no, not apologizing for that but embracing that and owning the sheer fact that your marriage is important to you both.


And, finally – marriage requires presence. Putting down the phone and really seeing the person sitting across from you on the couch. Turning off the laptop and flipping Pandora on so you can have a real conversation over dinner. Or whisking yourselves away to shut out any and all distractions for just a little bit.

And that last one is sort of what I’m here to talk about today. Presence is a theme I’ve touched on a lot in the last two guest posts Lindsay shared with you all here. It’s a work in progress thing for me, big time.

The whole ‘whisking away’ thing I mentioned? Yup, my husband did that for me recently. He stole me away on Christmas night to our favorite place in California – Healdsburg, Sonoma wine country and our growing home away from home. And sure, he did that (planned the whole thing without me knowing! Lucky girl alert! <3) for a fun Christmas surprise but he also did it for another reason – we needed away time. Alone time. Us time.

photo (21)

I knew we needed it. Life has a funny way of going into superspeed-no-time-to-breathe-make-it-stop mode and we both were doing our best to ‘just keep swimming’ when really, we needed to just stop. But I guess I didn’t realize how badly we needed it until we were away together. Agenda-less. Roaming around our favorite wineries, discovering new ones, drinking ample amounts of wine, eating amazing food and being ‘us.’

photo (21) - Copy

When we got back from our trip, all of our friends and family wanted to know what we did, where we went, what we saw, what we drank, what we ate. But all I cared about from that time away? I realized that I fell MORE in love with my husband during that brief time away than ever. We’re about to hit our 10-year wedding anniversary (YES, 10!) and I can’t even believe how much I love that guy. And also? How darn proud of our relationship I am – we truly are #teamsutera (a hashtag I used a LOT while we trained for the Chicago Marathon in 2012 and it’s kind of ‘stuck’ ever since)

photo (20)

And I guess that’s my point today – strive for teamwork in your relationship.

Because that is what will get you through the ‘for better or worse’ over the years. That, and a whole lot of love.

(good food and good wine also help…juuust a tip, hehe)

I see it all.the.time between Sherpa Cotter and Kiwi Cotter – teamwork + love, it’s a common theme in their relationship and I dig that. And yup, #teamsutera aspires to be just like them one day. ;-)

PS. My other bit of advice: GO to Healdsburg at least once in your lifetime. Seeing this view in the morning, um yeah – nothing else really compares. And the wine? Ohhh the wine… ;-)

The Cotters have to been there too!


How do you make time to reconnect with your spouse/significant/relationships other?

Is it a top priority?

Thanks Jess and Happy Friday!

LC (sherpa wife)

In a New York Minute: Changing from One season to the Next

Well, we’re back from New York and settling into real work in real life again. You see, this past weekend we spent wonderful time in West Point, New York for my life long friend’s wedding. It was an honor to be part of this celebration and an honor to be able to stay on campus. I’m still in shock of the beautiful scenery and all the history! I was able to sneak in 2 beautiful full runs while we were there and soaked up every minute of it!

WP 2

wp 3


Friday and Saturday were full of wedding events. Yes, the Cotter’s got fancy. I mean, I had 3 dresses for 3 functions. The most I’ve ever dressed up in a 24 hour period. Ha! Thanks to my mom, I had dresses to wear. She dressed me. I have three brothers and I hate shopping. Haha.



Anyway, the ceremony was perfect. The Cadet Chapel was breath taking. Pretty close to Kate Middleton’s wedding, don’t ya think? Winking smile



Sunday we traveled back into the city just in time for the marathon. We didn’t get to really see much of it but it was fun to be in the city with all the excitement.


We then met up with Michele and spent the rest of the day and night with  her wonderful family. Did I mention I love her boys? Oh my, so cute! We are so thankful for Michele and Paul (her husband). Such amazing people and so glad we got to connect! I’m trying to convince them to move to Austin next. ;-)

stole this pic from Michele



Before I wrap things up here, I just wanted to tell you a little bit of what happened before we left. The Kiwi and I were pretty overwhelmed with things. I wanted to stay home and try to get a lot of work done because I felt swamped! And the kiwi wanted to try and get in some key training before his last race. Little did I know that our time away would make us see the bigger picture.

We both realized we needed to GET AWAY and just BE “the Cotters.” No work, no training, no deadlines, no real schedule. We appreciated the time with family and friends and realized just how BLESSED we are. Talk about a slow down challenge REALITY check.

The kiwi did not get to train but that too was a good thing. He needed that rest. We found out that his fall from the last race was a little more serious than we thought. So his off season started a week early. No race this weekend. Instead, we’ll be resting and taking it easy. Right now the doctors say his injury is just a bone bruise but we’re getting xrays to double check.

So I guess you could say that New York brought us into a NEW season. One where we will be resting in God’s plans. Letting go of any expectations.

west point

Well, that’s the update from the Cotter’s. The good, the bad, and everything in between. But let’s focus on the good. Cause let’s face it, worrying about the rest is gonna get us no where.

Cheers to a new season!

Crazy Cotter


“Remember to verbally say thank you in every situation, the good and bad, because you will always grow from both.” –>  THANK YOU! <3

Rev3 Race Weekend & If Dreaming Big were Easy



So many ups and downs this season so far, but you know what? That’s the risk you (we) take. A major component of “dreaming big.”

Dream big

“swim at own risk”—> in life


Another race has gone by, and unfortunately another mishap. One that could not be controlled. A mechanical problem forced my husband (aka kiwi cotter) to DNF the Branson REV3 on Sunday. Anyway, that the was the “bugger” part of our weekend, but the good news is that the other 90% was pretty amazing and we are very grateful to have such amazing friends and support.



The kiwi has been racing Pro since 2004. We’ve got one more to really give it our all and keep enduring (literally and figuratively). If things take off again, GREAT. If not, then obviously God has other plans for our Dreams. And you better believe they will still be BIG! Winking smile

If DREAMING BIG were easy.. we wouldn’t ‘t have met the amazing people already in our lives and developed such wonderful friendships. For that, we are grateful. (Thank you Heather and Jason for this weekend and for the support!)


If DREAMING BIG were easy.. we probably would never take risks and learn to rely on God’s provision, HIS plan. We probably wouldn’t have any HOPE, let alone Faith.


If DREAMING BIG were easy.. I wouldn’t know how to be a sherpa wife. How to really be there for my husband. How to be part of the TEAM. In fact, our marriage would probably be dull and lacking trust. Just being honest.





If DREAMING BIG were easy.. I would probably want more things in life instead of being grateful for the things I already do have.

If DREAMING BIG were easy.. I probably wouldn’t be nearly as stressed at times, but then I also wouldn’t learn from it. Hence the #SLOWDOWNCHALLENGE




If DREAMING BIG were easy.. I wouldn’t be as thrifty or resourceful in the kitchen. Dreaming big means budgeting A LOT! But it’s WORTH every effort.


If DREAMING BIG were easy.. I probably wouldn’t be DREAMING BIG. Winking smile


Cheers and Have a Marvelous Monday! Thanks for letting me share my race pics and race thoughts. #cornyCotter




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Places, Faces, and Races: The Recap

Well, we’re back to the grind and back in Austin after a race weekend in Maine. Like I mentioned Monday, I am extremely grateful for this community and the true friendships I have developed. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to go support my husband this weekend, which means the world to me (and him). It’s this community that has kept us going and DREAMING BIG. So thank you! And thank you again to Jess , Scott, Miguel, and Jolene. We appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. xxoo

Okay, now onto the weekend recap. I broke it down to 3 phases. Places, Faces, and Races. I know, clever aren’t I? But that way you can see it all, sherpa style. I doubt the kiwi cotter will post his own recap about this race, so I’ll do my best to share.


We flew into Boston on Friday, then drove up to Old Orchard Beach, Maine on Saturday for the Sunday REV3 race. Absolutely loved the weather and the gorgeous beaches and scenery. It’s always fun visiting the East Coast because of the history, architecture, and the New England vibe. Oh, and we learned the difference between  southies and and yuppies. Haha.

Old Orchard Beach (Race Venue)





Gosh I love these faces! Since we were staying with Jolene and M (husband), I got to spend a lot of time with Jess too. Friday night we went to Jessica and Scott’s house for pizza. Not only was it homemade (sauce and all), but they made a gluten free one just for me. It was heaven! And of course they had to teach me the wine snob pose.

wine snob

wine friends

Saturday morning (before we left for Maine) I had the privilege of taking Jolene’s Barre 9 class. It was freaking fabulous! She is an amazing instructor and the class was awesome. If you want to know more about Barre 9 classes, read Jolene’s post here. I highly recommend it for cross training conditioning.

Note: Half these pictures are from Jolene’s IG.

After her kick butt class, we packed up for Maine and were on our way. I’ll go more into detail once I get to the race part, let’s finish up the lovely faces first.

So after the race we drove back to Boston and once again were spoiled by Jess and Jolene. This time we had a BBQ at Jolene’s house. Miguel grilled up a ton of veggies, lamb, steak, and chicken,. We all sat in the back yard, sipped on wine and just enjoyed each other’s company. Did I mention these blends are amazing? Ya, they are!


blends jes and jo

We left Monday but I got to sneak in a run with Jolene before I left. So fun to run and enjoy her day to day life with her.


So the race… well, there’s good and bad. First of all, the kiwi hadn’t raced since before he left for his France trip. This was a big deal since we didn’t really know where his fitness was. Of course, I always think he’s fit and super but I’m the wife, I am bias. Haha.

Okay, back to the race. We love REV3 races! They are always so supportive, organized, and very accommodating to athletes. The Maine race was no different. The field was stacked with e pros that were FAST!

Race morning teh kiwi felt ready. Water was perfect, weather was perfect, etc.



James (whoops, I mean kiwi cotter) is usually with the first pack out of the water, but I didn’t see him with the first pack in transition, I knew something was up. Turns out he had stopped to catch his breath before running the 3/10ths of a mile to the transition. Well, that was it, the pack was gone. He played catch up on the bike and rode his fastest bike split, but then received a penalty for drafting when going down hill (refs were pretty strict). So he lost that time and once again lost the pack.


Once he got the run, he felt pretty good. First 2 miles were 5:15 pace and it looked as if he could run his way back up to top 10. Then this happened.


I guess our waterproof blister Band-Aids didn’t hold well. Totally ripped up his heel. OUCH! But he did finish. And we got medical to treat the foot right away. All good now.

This race was a disappointment for him, but it also showed him that he’s got the fitness, just needs to sharpen up his race strategies, etc. Always a work in progress, ya know?

I think the post race mini cheesecake and cappuccino help ease the pain. Okay, well it made it happy for the time being. Winking smile


The next race is a little less than a month away. We’re back home. Working on smart training, budgeting, and moving onward and upward.

Do you have a post race MUST HAVE food?

Cheers and thanks for letting this Sherpa wife ramble!



Pretty sure there are a ton of grammatical errors in this post, but my brain is still in a different time zone and a wee bit slow, so just excuse them, k? Thx!

Good Gut Travel Tips

What’s the first thing you think of when you correlate guts and travel? Yup, traveler’s stomach. It can range anywhere from bloat, to constipation, to well.. the complete opposite.

My stomach today is 90% healed since my parasite and digestive malabsorption, but I am still extra careful when I travel. It took me a few times to figure out what worked, especially on international travel, but I have finally found a good plan of action. Now, everyone’s stomach is different so my plan might not work for you, but hey, at least you know.

Good Gut Travel Tips (My stomach’s best):

  • If I am traveling early in the morning, I don’t eat anything before a flight. But I drink. A juice or a smoothie. Low Lactose.


  • I don’t eat a lot of veggies or salad when traveling. Nope. Can’t do it. The only veggie I travel with are baby carrots or cucumber. And I usually bring almond cheese with me.
  • I buy a kombucha at the airport. Then sip on it as soon as I land. I avoid carbonated drinks when I travel. Lots of water with my favorite LEMON packet added.


  • I snack on small nutrients foods, not heavy meals. Larabar, nuts, Jay Robb protein Bars, rice crackers, almond butter. I wish I could do quest bars but it’s way too much fiber for my gut.
  • I bring my protein. Yup, I bring an empty bottle, fill it with water when I get there and then add in my protein powder. Sometimes I add it to a lactose free organic yogurt, just depends on what I can get through security. I usually sip on this drink during flight with a banana. No other fruit. Apples and stone fruit are high in fructose and do not settle well in my stomach while traveling.



  • I double up on my probiotics/colostrum.  Remember this post?
  • If I have access to a kitchen upon arrival, I will make an inside tract smoothie the morning after my travel. My friend (and brilliant RD) Mel shared this recipe with me a few years ago. It’s great for restoring that gut!

inside tract smoothie

It may not be strange to bloggers, but trust me, I get strange looks from others when I make it. Haha. Winking smile


Oh, I almost forgot…

Sometimes you just gotta relax rather than worry about the gut, yes? That’s when I kiss that travel gut plan good bye and order a mini wine and gluten free snack plate. Ahh..so divine!


So there you have it, gutsy tips on a travel Friday. This afternoon I land in Boston, will meet up with the Kiwi Cotter, then go eat home made pizza with this amazing Blend (Jess) and this amazing Blend (Jolene.) Did I mention I get to stay with one of them (Jolene)? Yes, so thankful for them both!


Saturday we drive to Maine for the race. It may be gutsy to follow our dreams, but hey, we’re just listening to our gut. No matter what, God has a plan.


Our friend Lori texted this quote to both me and the kiwi. It resonated with me, more so now than ever!

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”

- William A. Ward (Inspirational Writer)

Do you have a happy gut travel plan?



Marvelous Monday: Learning How to Park it

Well, I’m back home. Yes, home sweet home. The past 4 days were spent relaxing with my momma in Florida. A little getaway for my 30th (which is actually this weekend). And my kiwi Cotter gets home from France this week too. I’m excited! But that also means we go back to reality. Back to a busy work schedule. Back to living paycheck by paycheck. Back to striving for BIG DREAMS and not knowing what’s actually going to happen. Back to going 100mph versus just PARKING it for a while.


But you know what? I’m ready. I’m refreshed. I’m rested. I’ve gotten my “tune up.” Reality is waiting… ain’t it always?

beach sky

Our lives will never be perfect (thank goodness). We don’t know when we’ll have kids or when we’ll pay off debt. We don’t know if we’ll both actually succeed at our dreams (pro triathlon racing, healthy bites, Hard Yards coaching, etc.). We don’t know if we’ll ever be home owners or be 100% healthy. But none of that compares to just being CONTENT.

mom and me

Learning to say yes to opportunities (big and small). Learning to be thankful for everything and everyone that bring JOY to your life. Learning to temporarily say NO to reality and just resting (mentally and physically). Learning to work hard for the GREATER yet not getting caught up in pursuing GREATNESS. Learning to TRUST God’s plan, and letting go of your own. Learning to focus on what you are becoming rather than what you are lacking.

This past week was just that. I took an opportunity to escape reality. I embraced it. I savored it. In fact, I relished it.


I met up with a dear old friend (and her kiddo). I also met up with a fellow blog friend (blend).



Both spoiled me good wine for my birthday!

They are so smart. ;-)

birthday wine on beach

I walked the beach. Collected sea shells for my nieces and nephews. Watched the sunset and the waves slow down.








Treated my momma to a wine and and seafood dinner as well as a little dessert.


Red Snapper with Fig and Bacon compote, Crab, grilled asparagus, jasmine rice, and grilled mango and onion salad.

salt rock

Strawberries, Basil, and Vanilla ice cream.


I also treated myself to the Classis GT kombucha. Wish we had the classic in TX… sigh.. 1st world problems.


Now I’m ready to shift gears into drive again. Back towards reality. I’m sure I’ll hit speed bumps along the way, along with other car (life) trouble. But hey, who doesn’t? Sometimes all it takes is a quick shift into park, then roll the window down and stare at the MARVELOUS view of life.


Click on the quote below for a great read about taking time.


What gear are you in these days? Do you know HOW to PARK IT?

Back to regular blogging talk Wednesday.



Blendorama: The Thank YOU Card

I could sit here and write a recap of this past weekends BLEND RETREAT, but it might turn into a novel. And Monday’s are meant for novels.

So instead I break it into pieces. Make just 2 pieces. Maybe three. Who knows. But today I want to say THANK YOU!

Thank YOU Katie, Lindsay, Janeetha, and all of their family and friends who chipped into help prepare this amazing event!



Photos above courtesy of Travis Wright via Lindsays List


Photo below from Janeetha’s Instagram.


Thank YOU for letting me come and share my Healthy Bites with so many wonderful women.

bites at blend

Thank YOU ATTUNE FOODS for letting me spoil other Bloggers and Blends with your amazing products. The Cereals, the bars, the Graham crackers.. OH MY HEAVENS! Snack time will never be thee same. Winking smile



Thank YOU UTAH for being gorgeous even if it was cold and rainy. The beauty surpasses it all!




Thank YOU BLEND SPONSORS for spoiling us all weekend. Boy do we feel the love and appreciate the generosity and the GENUINENESS of each company.

Chobani, Attune Foods, Green Mountain Coffee, Laughing Cow, Muesli Fusion, Soy Joy, Onnit (local Austin Company!!), Blue Print, Bob’s Red Mill, Living Proof Fit Gear, Larabar, Simply Choices, Zevia, Swanson’s VitaminsBlue Diamond Almonds, Core Power, GPP Fitness ProBar, Build-a-Sign, Fitmixer, and Silk,



Thank YOU GPP Fitness for Kickin Booties every morning!  Yes, I am sore.


mamma b

Thank YOU BLENDS for being.. well… AMAZING BLENDS!


Photo courtesy of Christine.

Thank YOU to my DEAR ABBY, who joined me this weekend and made it even more special. Holy COW I could kiss you. Winking smile



More pics and full recap to come. Today I’m trying to wrap my brain around the last 72 hours. WHOA.. that’s good stuff!