Quick Workouts: Thirty Minute Thursday

This week has been eating us alive. In fact, the kiwi and I just had to laugh at ourselves and the MESS of a week it’s been. Lots of subbing at the gym, house sitting, dog sitting, and so many little mishaps/miscommunication. I call this Crazy Cotter Syndrome. LOL! Anyway, I pulled together a few workouts I’ve been teaching at the gym. Most of these workouts are 30-40 minutes, hence the thirty minute Thursday title. If you throw in a warm up and cool down, they might be a little longer.

Let me know if you try any of them. Oh and of course they are not pretty looking, just copy and pasted from my phone and notes. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

30 min Up and Down WOD

30 min circuit

30 min pyramind

30min plyos'

If you like these types of round ups, let me know. Happy to keep sharing them.


Crazy Cotter


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Thursday Things: Skora and More

Come Thursday and/or Friday, I tend to post lighter topics. You know, a few workouts, reviews, maybe a corny Cotter quote here or there. For some reason, I feel more balanced when I do.

So go with me here, ok?

Let’s talk Skora.. or as I joke, what I SKORED. Winking smile

A few weeks ago, Skora Running sent me a few pairs of their “real” running shoes. When I say “real”, I mean minimal interference and biomechanically correct. Now, I have yet to get into the whole “vibrams” thing so this was new to me. I was skeptical, but I wanted to try them. They did not ask my to blog about this, they did not ask me to review and post, they just asked me to try them out and send feedback. I like that! No pressure. So I did. And you know what? I kinda like them. I like the idea behind them, and I like what the company stands for.In fact, I’ll probably start wearing them more when I workout, run, etc.

At SKORA we view Real Running as running how nature intended – efficient, effective and with ease. As the foot strikes the ground, contact is made in the middle of the foot, not at the heel. Running with a whole-foot gait results in less impact energy and force shock transmitted through the body than compared to the heel strike gait favored by conventional running shoes (built with large amounts of cushioning, support and a thicker heel).


I’ll keep you  posted on how my body adjusts! Check out their website if you want to learn more!

Okay next thing. I am still on a KELP kick. I think I’ll back off a wee bit next week to even things out, but for now, I’m using my kelp powder and snacking on kelp noodles. I tried the combo on the left (avocado hummus and sesame seed oil with canned salmon) for lunch the other day. And I put it in wrap with fried egg, cream cheese, chili pepper sauce, and slaw (photo on right). Not too shabby!


Oh and Meg had another great recipe using almond butter and ginger dressing. YUM!

And last thing. Wait, I only have three things? Shoot, maybe this should be a three things Thursday? Ha, I’m not that clever. Winking smile

Where was I? Oh ya, last thing.

If you live near an OLD NAVY, they have workout tanks on sale for $2. I bought three. My favorite is the coral color. Can you tell?


Hey, at least I matched while I taught my Stability Ball Conditioning Class. I felt cool. That’s all that matters.


What’s your Thursday Thing?



Thirty Minute Thursday & “Those” Moments

Those moments. We all have them, and if you don’t, then you are not human.

You know what I’m talking about. Those moments where you feel like you’ve lost a significant amount of brain cells in just 5 minutes. Those moments where you question how you even function through out the day. LOL!

I had several yesterday. I would blame it on the fact that it was a WEIRD WEDNESDAY, but the whole day I thought it was Thursday. Hmmm…brain check.

Moment 1:

Walking into a room and thinking “why did I come in here again?”

Or publically professing my Brainlessness.. yes, that’s a word.


Moment 2:

Forgetting to charge my iPod for class and then forgetting my workout sheet that helps me structure class. Ugh. It’s still sitting on the breakfast table. Needless to say, I winged it. And it was that “winged” class that credited me back some brain cells. Phew!


Repeat 2x if you’d like.

Moment 3:

You think it’s your “catch up” day. Meaning you actually shower and wash your hair, you do laundry, etc. Heck you might even feel ballsy and post 2 days in a row! Ya, I had that moment. I had every intention of posting a WIAW so that I could show off my gluten free burrito bowl skills.


That didn’t happen. Instead I had a few last minute Healthy Bite orders and other work to attend to. Good news is that I made a NEW Vegan Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly bite. I’m so excited that I might just share the recipe. Yes. Stay tuned!


The laundry is still there, yep. And the shower? Well that did happen, the washing of the hair did not. Whoops. #thankyoudryshampoo

Moment 4:

The “why did I buy this again?” moment.


Oh yes, a day later I remember. And that reason would be for a blog post. Duh.

I’ll be posting on uses of Kelp Powder soon and why it’s beneficial. Will somebody remind me?

Tell me, what “MOMENT” have you had lately? Somebody has to relate. Winking smile




Please head over to my good friend MIZFIT’s site. She is selling her one and only MIZFIT workout skirts. They are adorable and all proceeds go to charity!

Thirty Minute Thursday: Checklist

Here we go. Our last minute checklist. We’ve got thirty minutes till we head out.

Last minute Cotters, stand by Cotters. Ya, get the picture? We’re sporadic.


  • Pack Bags
  • Pack travel food


  • Take Dog to Brothers


  • Wash clothes
  • Ship last minute Healthy Bite orders
  • Find Passports
  • Costco run for more larabars
  • Get extra contact lenses
  • Thank God for provision— DOUBLE CHECK!
  • Get my fitness classes covered


  • Do a little strength training


  • Check in!!!


Oh and get my beach hair ready. Bahama Mama is back!

boat ride

See you on the islands.




HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats to Jolene for her recent engagement. That news just made my whole week. So happy for you Jolene!

30 minute Thursday: How to Relax?

Hey guess what? Did I ever tell you how my 30 minute Thursdays came about? Oh I didn’t? Here, let me explain.

I’m sure a lot of you thought it was to post a quick effective workout for those lacking in time. Well, it is, but it was also because that’s all I could for a while. Then I stopped working out (other than yoga and walking/hiking with the dog) for a good 3-4 months after that.


Yes, I had a lot of health issues come back with a vengeance. Half the reason was due to stress. Yep, stress. Emotional stress, financial stress, physical stress, etc. My body does not handle it well and it just gave out.

The hubs and I have both gone through adrenal fatigue. But the good thing is we learned (are learning) how to overcome it.

Worry Less, Live More, Relax, and Pray. That’s my motto.

Or maybe this is my motto? Winking smile


Our lifestyle is our choice. It’s not easy, but so worth it. For now at least.

We could take on more if we wanted. But for now we’ve decided less is more.

We’ve also realized that when we give more time to each other, to praying, to believing, to just being kind, then we don’t need much else. And stress is no longer an issue.


Read this article. It’s good stuff. About how our bodies handle stress, all kinds. Notice the part about exercise too. yes, less is more. Just lift heavy and move fast, short spurts right? haha.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about the training for endurance events (I married a pro triathlete here). But I think if we are going through any other kind of stress, we need to back off. Ya know? Like… don’t go train for a marathon if you are in the middle of career changes, moving, etc. Make sense? Again, this is just what I have learned from the past and am still learning. Winking smile

So to end, here’s quick 30 minute workout that will leave your butt sore!


Cheers to more sunsets, more laughs, more hiking the trails, and more just plain chillin.


Can you really Relax? 


Thirty Min Thurday: CF Moves

So today I subbed a few classes. I think every instructor at our gym is out of town right now, which leaves just me. That’s okay, I owe them big time for the 8 months I was absent. But the difference between the way I teach now verses 8 months ago is huge! I don’t over exert myself and workout with every class, instead I focus on instructing and motivating. And you know what? I enjoy it even more. Well, except my voice is a little tired. Smile

Silent Thumbs up!


Here’s a little Thirty Minute Thursday Routine that I used in one of my classes today. It’s hard. I did half of it while teaching. The class did the full set plus stretching in an hour. They did not like me while doing it, but oh did they LOVE me when it was over. haha! I incorporated a few CrossFit moves (because CF is awesome!) and I also used a few moves from this past weeks Tuesday Trainer (Reaction Exercises). Let me know whatcha think if you do try it. And feel free to complete 2-3 rounds if you are limited on time. Trust me, it’s still a good 30 minute workout.

Complete for Time.


And just because it’s Thursday and I am totally random, look what I found at Whole Foods the other day.


That would be a mini pineapple! Too bad they were $4.00 a pop. Magic pineapple perhaps?

Tried any CrossFit moves yet?

This might have been the fastest I have ever typed up a post. Just sayin.




I have 2 giveaways coming up. Please remind me do them. Doh!

30 Minute Thursday: Yoga is my Strength

I used to be the girl who only did yoga for “stretch and recovery” benefits

I used to think 1 hour was way too long.

I used thing I had to master each pose, especially the advanced postures.

I used to think just doing yoga wasn’t enough.

I used to….

Until now.

6 months later.

Just doing yoga and walking.


Yoga has given me more than just physical healing.

It has been my release.

A place to just be.

I’ve fallen over many times. I’ve lost my balance. I’ve laughed. I’ve smiled. I’ve.. GROWN!

And I must say this… I am stronger now than I was 6 months ago, mentally and physically.


So here’s a challenge for you. A little yoga in your strength today. I haven’t tried this workout out, so feel free to give me feedback.

Yoga & Strength: 30 Minute Thursday

5 minute easy cardio warm up

5 Chaturanga Dandasanas

25 pull ups (assisted or aussie style)

5 Chaturanga Dandasana

25 sumo squats

5 Chaturanga Dandasana

25 stability ball push ups

5 Chaturanga Dandasana

25 flutter kicks

5 Chaturanga Dandasana

1 min chair pose

Repeat 4x

Feel free to do this workout in bare feet!


For more articles on yoga and strength, check out the sequence builder here and the strength toning poses here.

Cheers or shall I say “Namaste”


Love Button List & Workout

I am a liker, meaning, I like a lot of things on Facebook, instagram, etc. My fingers tend to take over and before I know, I’ve “liked” things that I really didn’t mean to “like.” I think it’s because LIKE them WAY too much. Therefore I am convinced, I am convinced we need to bring back the “LOVE” button. And not only on Facebook, but on instagram too. I promise to use it wisely and for only super special things!

So here’s my LOVE BUTTON LIST, full of super special things like….

Texas Sunsets


An overuse of Lululemon Pants (too petty? ha, never)


Special moments: My two loves in our new home.


Quality Food and Beverage: yes you all know I love my GTsKomucha and now I am hooked on Sarah’s Nutty Butter. I have  spoon by each flavor, ready to go! Thank you Sarah, these little jars won’t last long. Must get more!!


Friendsthat send you words of encouragement right when you need it.

motivation for linds

Our old bed, out of storage and all set up! Yippee!


And finally, the return of Thirty Minute Thursday (TMT for short).


That’s it, for this week at least. Maybe I should make this a monthly topic, yes?

What’s your love button list this week?

Let me know if you try the workout!




We picked a random winner for the Sprigsville Giveaway and it just so happened to be Debbie from Accidently Delish! You can see her goodness comment below. Debbie, email me your address!


Sharing is Caring

Okay I just had to with that title. It’s so corny, but true. Right Haha.

Well, I just wanted to give you a bit of valuable information today. As a Nutrition Manager, I get tons of health updates, articles, recipes, etc. in my inbox each day. They are usually pretty legit! I thought I’d share a few of my favorites along with a fun (yet long) video on some new Gluten Free Finds.

Here’s is the dish I made from the falafel I mentioned in the video. Super easy and delicious!


A close up of the Healthy Bites I showed in the vlog. Yummy Peach Pecan Ginger!

peach pecan ginger

Oh and I forgot to mention my new go-to snack. The Vega Almond Vanilla! It’s tasty! By far my favorite of this brand. I like it with almond milk, banana, coffee, and ice.


Nutrition Articles that might perk your interest:

And last but not least, my 30 minute Thursday. Give it a whirl and let me know your thoughts.

5 more and Core


Happy Thursday or Friday or whenever you are reading this.

Feel free to share… I know you care. Winking smile




Please pray Dorry. She was hit by a cyclist in NYC and is trying to recover. Bless her heart! Dorry friend, we are praying for you and for a quick recovery!! Hugs from TX!

Thirty Minute Thursday: Tips & Tidbits

Tips and Tidbits. Seems about right for this post. Kind of all over the place but that’s okay. Keeps it entertaining.

Okay let’s start.

I finally got around to posting a 30 minute Thursday workout. Still taking it easy here, so I haven’t tried this workout myself. But if you do this “tidbit” of a workout, let me know.


Looks like a good one, right? I am trying it out on a client tomorrow. Hehe, she will be in a for a treat.

Next up…. TIPS! Core Power (a milk protein drink formerly known as Athlete’s Honey Milk) has started a new series on their webpage/blog. It’s the Core Power TIP OF THE DAY.  Lots of great athletes have shared their tips and I had the chance to share my two cents as a nutrition manager. I’ll be posting their more often so check it out! And check out their RECOVERY drinks. You know I am a fan. Gluten and lactose free is good for me …. oh and good for the hubs, but that’s if I share. Winking smile


*Disclosure: As a Core Power Tip of the Day contributor, I do receive free product for my submissions.


The last tip I shared on Core Power had to do with eating fruits and vegetablesthat were in season. I am a huge advocate of eating seasonally. Not only does it save you money, but it is better for you! Here is a great month to month guide from Health Central. Love it!!! Use it!

Month to Month Veggies and Fruit

I took advantage of zucchini this month and made a ginger zucchini GF pasta with chicken sausage and tomato


I took advantage of in season pineapple with this new Larabar flavor. Haha, okay that does not count, but I have been eating fresh pineapple, especially in smoothies!


That wraps up my Tips and Tidbits. Hope I kept your attention. Smile with tongue out

Got any tips for me? Do tell!