Quick Workouts: Thirty Minute Thursday


This week has been eating us alive. In fact, the kiwi and I just had to laugh at ourselves and the MESS of a week it's been. Lots of subbing at the gym, house sitting, dog sitting, and so many little mishaps/miscommunication. I call this Crazy Cotter Syndrome. LOL! Anyway, I pulled together a few workouts I've been teaching at the gym. Most of these workouts are 30-40 minutes, … [Read more...]

Thursday Things: Skora and More


Come Thursday and/or Friday, I tend to post lighter topics. You know, a few workouts, reviews, maybe a corny Cotter quote here or there. For some reason, I feel more balanced when I do. So go with me here, ok? Let’s talk Skora.. or as I joke, what I SKORED. A few weeks ago, Skora Running sent me a few pairs of their “real” running shoes. When I say “real”, I mean … [Read more...]

Thirty Minute Thursday & “Those” Moments


Those moments. We all have them, and if you don’t, then you are not human. You know what I’m talking about. Those moments where you feel like you’ve lost a significant amount of brain cells in just 5 minutes. Those moments where you question how you even function through out the day. LOL! I had several yesterday. I would blame it on the fact that it was a WEIRD WEDNESDAY, … [Read more...]

Thirty Minute Thursday: Checklist


Here we go. Our last minute checklist. We've got thirty minutes till we head out. Last minute Cotters, stand by Cotters. Ya, get the picture? We’re sporadic. TO DO: Pack Bags Pack travel food Take Dog to Brothers Wash clothes Ship last minute Healthy Bite orders Find Passports Costco run for more larabars Get extra contact lenses Thank … [Read more...]

30 minute Thursday: How to Relax?


Hey guess what? Did I ever tell you how my 30 minute Thursdays came about? Oh I didn’t? Here, let me explain. I’m sure a lot of you thought it was to post a quick effective workout for those lacking in time. Well, it is, but it was also because that’s all I could for a while. Then I stopped working out (other than yoga and walking/hiking with the dog) for a good 3-4 months … [Read more...]

Thirty Min Thurday: CF Moves


So today I subbed a few classes. I think every instructor at our gym is out of town right now, which leaves just me. That’s okay, I owe them big time for the 8 months I was absent. But the difference between the way I teach now verses 8 months ago is huge! I don’t over exert myself and workout with every class, instead I focus on instructing and motivating. And you know what? I … [Read more...]

30 Minute Thursday: Yoga is my Strength


I used to be the girl who only did yoga for “stretch and recovery” benefits I used to think 1 hour was way too long. I used thing I had to master each pose, especially the advanced postures. I used to think just doing yoga wasn’t enough. I used to…. Until now. 6 months later. Just doing yoga and walking. Yoga has given me more than just physical … [Read more...]

Love Button List & Workout


I am a liker, meaning, I like a lot of things on Facebook, instagram, etc. My fingers tend to take over and before I know, I’ve “liked” things that I really didn’t mean to “like.” I think it's because LIKE them WAY too much. Therefore I am convinced, I am convinced we need to bring back the “LOVE” button. And not only on Facebook, but on instagram too. I promise to use it … [Read more...]

Sharing is Caring


Okay I just had to with that title. It’s so corny, but true. Right Haha. Well, I just wanted to give you a bit of valuable information today. As a Nutrition Manager, I get tons of health updates, articles, recipes, etc. in my inbox each day. They are usually pretty legit! I thought I’d share a few of my favorites along with a fun (yet long) video on some new Gluten Free Finds. … [Read more...]

Thirty Minute Thursday: Tips & Tidbits


Tips and Tidbits. Seems about right for this post. Kind of all over the place but that’s okay. Keeps it entertaining. Okay let’s start. I finally got around to posting a 30 minute Thursday workout. Still taking it easy here, so I haven't tried this workout myself. But if you do this “tidbit” of a workout, let me know. Looks like a good one, right? I am trying it out on a … [Read more...]