thirty minute thursday

Quick Workouts: Thirty Minute Thursday

March 13, 2014

This week has been eating us alive. In fact, the kiwi and I just had to laugh at ourselves and the MESS of a week it’s been. Lots of subbing at the gym, house sitting, dog sitting, and so many little mishaps/miscommunication. I call this Crazy Cotter Syndrome. LOL! Anyway, I pulled together a few workouts […]

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Thursday Things: Skora and More

October 18, 2012

Come Thursday and/or Friday, I tend to post lighter topics. You know, a few workouts, reviews, maybe a corny Cotter quote here or there. For some reason, I feel more balanced when I do. So go with me here, ok? Let’s talk Skora.. or as I joke, what I SKORED. A few weeks ago, Skora […]

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Thirty Minute Thursday & “Those” Moments

October 4, 2012

Those moments. We all have them, and if you don’t, then you are not human. You know what I’m talking about. Those moments where you feel like you’ve lost a significant amount of brain cells in just 5 minutes. Those moments where you question how you even function through out the day. LOL! I had […]

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Thirty Minute Thursday: Checklist

September 20, 2012

Here we go. Our last minute checklist. We’ve got thirty minutes till we head out. Last minute Cotters, stand by Cotters. Ya, get the picture? We’re sporadic. TO DO: Pack Bags Pack travel food Take Dog to Brothers Wash clothes Ship last minute Healthy Bite orders Find Passports Costco run for more larabars Get extra […]

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30 minute Thursday: How to Relax?

August 16, 2012

Hey guess what? Did I ever tell you how my 30 minute Thursdays came about? Oh I didn’t? Here, let me explain. I’m sure a lot of you thought it was to post a quick effective workout for those lacking in time. Well, it is, but it was also because that’s all I could for […]

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Thirty Min Thurday: CF Moves

July 19, 2012

So today I subbed a few classes. I think every instructor at our gym is out of town right now, which leaves just me. That’s okay, I owe them big time for the 8 months I was absent. But the difference between the way I teach now verses 8 months ago is huge! I don’t […]

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30 Minute Thursday: Yoga is my Strength

July 12, 2012

I used to be the girl who only did yoga for “stretch and recovery” benefits I used to think 1 hour was way too long. I used thing I had to master each pose, especially the advanced postures. I used to think just doing yoga wasn’t enough. I used to…. Until now. 6 months later. […]

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Love Button List & Workout

June 21, 2012

I am a liker, meaning, I like a lot of things on Facebook, instagram, etc. My fingers tend to take over and before I know, I’ve “liked” things that I really didn’t mean to “like.” I think it’s because LIKE them WAY too much. Therefore I am convinced, I am convinced we need to bring back the “LOVE” button. And […]

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Sharing is Caring

May 17, 2012

Okay I just had to with that title. It’s so corny, but true. Right Haha. Well, I just wanted to give you a bit of valuable information today. As a Nutrition Manager, I get tons of health updates, articles, recipes, etc. in my inbox each day. They are usually pretty legit! I thought I’d share […]

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Thirty Minute Thursday: Tips & Tidbits

April 26, 2012

Tips and Tidbits. Seems about right for this post. Kind of all over the place but that’s okay. Keeps it entertaining. Okay let’s start. I finally got around to posting a 30 minute Thursday workout. Still taking it easy here, so I haven’t tried this workout myself. But if you do this “tidbit” of a […]

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