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Mother Nature cancels Ironman

March 2, 2012

In 12 hours the hubs was suppose to be racing a FULL IRONMAN, but around 4 pm today, Mother Nature had other plans in mind. After 4 months of hard work, training, etc. the poor guy doesn’t get to race the full event. There was frustration, there was heartbreak, and there was upset. Clouds starting […]

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Sorry or Not?

February 23, 2012

oh boy. I’ve been struck. Struck by the taper mode. Yes, we are 10 days from Ironman and the hubs is in full-on taper mode, which means Sherpa is too. So I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. I’m sorry I’m lazy with my day and not responding/emailing back right away. But I’m not sorry I’m […]

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Track & Field Day

February 19, 2012

G’day friends. Hope this post finds you enjoying a STRESS FREE SUNDAY and a bit disconnected as well. This weekend has been filled with “sherpa-ing,” so if you are tired of seeing random pictures of nature and videos of me talking to myself about ironman training, then please…. feel FREE to skip. I know I […]

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Sherpa Skills

January 15, 2012

Just call me Sherpa Wife. Yep, that’s been me the past week and I have no complaints. I like being a Sherpa. What exactly is a Sherpa? Glad you asked… I mean I asked. Sherpa- member of a people who live in the Himalayas and who are often hired to help guide mountain climbers and […]

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Duty Calls: WIAW

January 11, 2012

Ahh friends, hello. It’s been a blur the past few days. Getting back into Christchurch, unpacking, catching up on work, laundry, etc. You know the routine. But this time around, our routine is settling in a bit different. You see, it’s go time here. Two months till Ironman New Zealand and the hubs in in full […]

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Kiwi Christmas Traditions

December 25, 2011

Kia Ora friends and Merry Kiwi Christmas from the Cotters! We are a day ahead so we actually just wrapped up our Christmas weekend. We’ve been staying with James’ Aunt and Uncle and cousins up in Tauranga (Bay of Plenty) and boy has it been good fun! Now, usually we are with my family for Christmas, lots […]

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The Splurge…

October 29, 2011

I try not to think too hard on the weekends. Let’s face it, I need all my brain cells to get me through the week. So when the hubs asked me if I wanted to stay in and pick up a NICE bottle of wine,  I didn’t even think twice. Scratch that, I didn’t even […]

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Stress Free and Strength Giveaway

October 17, 2011

Happy “MON” day all! I totally forgot about my little anecdote there until Ms. Missy reminded me on FB. Thanks Missy, I needed that kick in the butt reminder. Speaking of kicks in the butt, I am kicking myself for not updating earlier. At least I have a giveaway to make up for it. You’ll […]

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Trial and Error Part III: Pro Perspective

September 30, 2011

A few weeks ago I posted my perspective (as a wife) on this past year’s racing season. It was full of trial and error but like I said, there was a purpose for it and our plan is to grow from it. We take risks knowing that things might not go as planned, but there […]

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Trial and Error Part II: Season Recap

September 16, 2011

With each season (triathlon season), there is a feeling of newness, of hope! This past year was not different. Little did I know that THAT hope would be tested….. 2010 was a break through year for the hubs. He placed top 5 in almost every race and won his first 70.3 at Steelhead (see THIS article). […]

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