A Tribute to Running

This weekend I was cleaning out my closet when I came across this poster. It was given to me as a Christmas present a few years back. Oh what peace and comfort it brought to my heart.

Boston Marathon 1937: Notice they are all running to run. No garmin, no fancy gear, not even a watch,


This picture represents the nostalgia of running. It represents the history, the glory, the heart, the soul, the passion, the SIMPLICITY, the unity, and the FEARLESSNESS of the sport.

fearvirrata pose

Today I wanted to take time to share a few more pictures or rather a photographic TRIBUTE to running, specifically the Boston Marathon. May it bring you comfort and peace.


Breaking The Gender Barrier 1967

Two young women race elbow to elbow with approximately 600 men in Boston A.A. Marathon in Hopkinton, Mass., April 19, 1967. Officials tried to pull the women out of the start line but were stopped by a protective cordon of men. (AP Photo)


David C. McKenzie of New Zealand wins the 71st annual Boston Marathon in a record time of 2:15.45 on April 19, 1967. McKenzie, first New Zealander to ever win a B. A. A. Marathon, lost his #8 number somewhere along the 26 mile 385 yard course. . (AP Photo)


Veteran marathoner Clarence DeMar of the Melrose American Legion Post crosses the finish line April 19, 1930 in Boston, Mass., to win the Boston Marathon for the last of his record seven wins. DeMar’s time was 2:34:48.2. (AP Photo)


run heartryan

runners prayer

Tomorrow we pay a tribute to running, for others, with others, and so much more. Tomorrow we change the purpose of running. It’s not about the miles, but more about the memories.


Be sure to check out Pavement runner’s post for more details!

Cheers friends.


Sunday’s Simple Truth

Simple truths. I feel as if they stand out more on the weekends, maybe that’s because we’re a bit more relaxed? Or at least our minds are.

The simple truth is I meant to write this post this morning, but instead I met up with my dad and we walked the trails with the pups.

sadiesadie hugs

The simple truth is Austin really doesn’t have a winter. It goes from Fall to Spring and I’m not complaining one bit!


The simple truth is I made a special Healthy Bites flavor this weekend and I am going to SHARE the recipe! Yes, I just had to! But more on that Wednesday. Hint: I used a few NEW INGREDIENTS.


The simple truth is that not everyone is going to like what you like or eat what you eat. Paleo, Vegan, Low Carb, gluten free, macrobiotic, primal, you name it. But we all SHOULD share a similar interest in HEALTH and WELL BEING… our OWN well being and our families.

Pickles and peanut butter anyone? Winking smile


The simple truth is that at times we all feel overwhelmed… with life, work, lists, decisions, frustrations, ambitions, and more. It can cause a dark cloud to hang over our head, yes? But I’ve realized the only way to move the cloud is to persevere. Have Faith. Have Hope. Easier said than done, but do-able!


The simple truth is that selecting just one winner for the Healthy Bites giveaway was hard! I have a feeling there will be more to come. Random generator picked Sarah! And I love her flavor choice for April.


Happy Simple Truth Sunday.

What’s Yours?




Sarah, you finally get to try the bites! YAY!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Muffins

Sunday sweetness. Okay, it’s just a play on Sunday scenes but this time I have a recipe involved.  That equals sweetness to me, yes?

This weekend I DID NOT WORK! Yep, no work.. okay maybe a little. But the rest was spent doing the following.

Completing my first “longish” run since 2011. I ran 80 minutes and it felt awesome. It also helps that I am 20lbs heavier now. Thank GOODNESS! And the only reason I am running longer is for the Zooma Half Marathon in March. Can’t wait! It’s gonna be fun!

Then there was some kombucha cocktails and celebration time Friday and Saturday.

We celebrated my oldest brother’s 40th birthday out at Jester King Brewery and Stanley Farmhouse Pizza. I was dying to try their Buddha brew, made with local kombucha and their sour wheat beer, but of course it’s not gluten free.  Good beer is never gluten free. Ahh bugger. Looked like a winning combo though! It’s a very relaxing atmosphere and we just caught up with family and friends. Great time! Well minus the kiddos getting soaked and falling in mud. Kids will be kids though, yes? Winking smile


And let’s not forget the Nuttzo recipe. Another great highlight and sweetness to the weekend!

Yes, the obsession remains strong, and I think even more so after this recipe.

nuttzo 2

I was just playing around with extra ingredients I had from making Mint Chocolate Chip Healthy Bites and came up with these. I only made a few, just to sample. That was a BIG mistake. More is always better! Winking smile


Recipe: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patty Muffins


  • 3 tbsp protein powder or other flour of choice (PB flour, coconut, etc)
  • 1 tbsp 100% cocoa
  • 1 tsp mint extract or 4 Mint NuNaturals drops
  • 21 grams cream cheese
  • 1 egg or 3 tbsp egg whites
  • 1 heaping tbsp dark chocolate Nuttzo. Or regular, just add in extra cocoa powder.
  • 1 tbsp almond meal
  • stevia (optional)


  1. mix everything dry ingredients first, then add in egg, nuttzo, etc. Mix until batter is somewhat smooth.
  2. Pour into greased muffin pans.
  3. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.
  4. If you are using egg, i’d add in extra baking powder so they will rise.
  5. This recipe on makes about 2-3 so feel free to double it up!

Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time: 10 min Number of servings : 2

Happy Sunday! If you are on the East Coast, I expect some SNOWY SUNDAY SCENES soon, k? Oh and be careful!

What’s your Sunday sweetness?




You’re gonna wanna come back tomorrow afternoon for a giveaway. It’s probably the best giveaway I’ve EVER done. SUPER PUMPED!

UPDATE: Guess what? Just got the go ahead to give a discount on NUTTZO! 50% the original Nuttzo till the 17th!! Use coupon code  CotterCrunch42 at checkout.

Sunday Snapshots: All things New

Not gonna lie. I love writing these Sunday Snapshot posts. I know, they really means nothing to others but I’m a sucker for pictures and short posts. Plus it gives me a chance to look back at the week or weekend and smile or laugh. I think that’s a pretty good way to end the week, don’t you?

Last week’s “theme” was S’s. This week it’s ALL THINGS NEW. Clever isn’t it? Like it’s never been done before (said with sarcasm). Winking smile


New Breakfast (fig jam, love grown granola, and coconut kefir) and New Trails to Explore.


New Holiday Cookie Recipe, grain free and low sugar. YEs it’s good, I promise. Yes, I am posting the recipe this week! New Flavor of the month Healthy bite (Gingerbread Protein Crunch).

coconut snickerdoodlegingerbread

New ingredient for February’s Healthy Bite Flavor. Dark Chocolate Cherry Chia. It will be February before we know it!

milachia cherry

New purpose in our daily work


New Way to use Kefir. Mixed in broccoli slaw salad with red onion, raisins, chili pepper flakes, a little garlic, bacon (optional), and balsamic vinegar.


New Low. A 4:45 am pre coffee self shot and sun maid BBQ raisins. Really BBQ? I could not bring myself to try them. Now, chili lime dried mango I could do!


And my favorite… new shoes (from the hubs) for my new toy. Man oh man am I spoiled. Now, if I could only get my butt in gear and start riding again.


What’s New with you?




read THIS NOW. It might help you worry less.


I do realize that these pictures are all good things. Yes, we have crappy days and weeks, but I choose not to complain about them here. Well, most of the time. Haha.

Sunday Scenes: the S’s

The past few Sunday posts have been all about the “snapshots.” I actually stole this idea from Mama Pea and today I am stealing another idea from Lindsay. I’m pretty sure Katie did a post on S’s as well, so let’s just say I’m a theme stealer. But hey, when you have such creative “blends,” you can’t help but want to be like them, am I right? Winking smile

So here are my Sunday Scenes, in one (okay maybe two) word form, and yes.. all S’s.

Sore (stole from Casey)

IMG_20120901_080913 (2)



Soul Muscles


Stinking Cute (Niece) and Stud (hubs)


Salad, Salsa, Smoked Sandwich (udi’s bread), and Slaw!

okay that was more than 2 words.

salsa and saladsandwich

Shorts and Spray tan


Sadie’s Snack (almond butter Jar)


Seasonal (Gingerbread and Cranberry Sugar Cookie Healthy Bites)


STOKED to get back in the SADDLE!!!!!!

snazzy bikes

Sip and Scripture

soul musclesscripture

And last but not least…. SYRAH and SUNSET


What are some of your Sunday Snapshots? Any start with S?



Sunday Snippets

This tittle pretty much sums up the post. Well it it’s more like weekly snippets, but you get the picture.

As I mentioned last week, I took the week off from work. Self employed work. I only taught 2 classes at the gym and the rest of the time was spent reading, baking and cooking (not healthy bites), hanging out, catching up on domesticating, and spending time with family. Oh Turkey Trotting. My first race back in 2 years! I didn’t even wear a watch for that race either. Yup!

And as I sit here typing this, I am refreshed. I’ve got a lot of work this week, but I am so ready, mentally and physically. I am thankful and I am content. Ahhh, breathe it in, breathe it out.

Okay onto the pictures. I’ll probably explain more about these later, but for now, here’s a wordless snippet. Winking smile


Oh, and that last picture. Ya, that’s a new recipe. I accidently messed up a healthy bite batch yesterday so I added in an egg, milk, and more flour to create a Coconut Rum Raisin Dough Ball. Freakin UNREAL! A mistake that made me happy. Winking smile

Capture (2)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, slow and savory!




I posted a Small Business Saturday Special on my Healthy Bites Facebook page. Feel free to check it out. Ends Monday night!

Sunday Snapshots and Small Survey

I’ve never done a Snapshot Sunday or a Sunday scenes, but I thought I might start today. Why? Because sometimes Snapshots speak more than words. Yes?

Work, Play, Eat, Rest, Enjoy, Repeat. There are snapshots of each below, from working for Attunes at Whole Foods to Enjoying new wine and goodies from great Blends (thanks Jess and Jo).

So scroll down and ENJOY this 3 second post. Then if you don’t mind, help me answer a few survey questions at the end. Smile






What’s the survey? Oh just a little bit of my own thinking. I need advice. Advice on Healthy Bites.

Do we take a chance and invest in more? Do I stop? Do I wait it out in hopes that we will find someone who will invest in us?

If you’ve sampled or ordered Healthy Bites before, are you interested in them being available in stores? Or would you rather just use the recipes?

Do you think Healthy Bites are unique or are there similar bars/bites out there?

Any other feedback is appreciated.

I realize this is not really a survey but just a list of questions. But survey sounded better. Winking smile

Cheers and happy Slow Sunday!


To Mourn the Storm

This weekend has been one of many mishaps and many goodhaps?? Is that a word?  But there is one thing that could not escape my mind. Sandy.

Just as we share in each other joys, God teaches us to share in each other’s sorrows as well. My heart has been aching for those affected by hurricane Sandy. Mourning is a part of life, and we often just ignore the feelings when we hear about it. But I think it’s healthy to let those emotions play out, to really mourn and/or grieve with and for others.

So yes, it saddens me, in a deep way. Reminds of the fires we had last year, when people lost everything. It also reminds me of the stories my mother in law told me when they experienced the Christchurch New Zealand earthquake(s). UNREAL stories!  But I am also thankful that my friends and family are safe.  I highly recommend you read the Sandy recaps from Julie and Dorry. Their hearts are amazing! Angela talks here about her experience as a NYC marathoner whose race was canceled. And Christine talks about her homecoming post Sandy.

This Sunday, take a moment to mourn, to pray, and give in anyway. Then thank God for what YOU do HAVE!

Life, Love, Health, Beautiful Scenery, Food, Job, Family, Friends (IRL and Blog friends), Laughter, Faith, etc.

chairhoney114022497_C8SYv8RQ_c126173556_PD9Lhue4_bDSC02673.JPGvisionthe langstortillatrailsberriesdogIMG_20120823_151549IMG_20120608_111627IMG_20120902_163828IMG_20120908_184248IMG_20121025_134438IMG_20120911_103825IMG_20121007_113147shoreswim

I’ve maybe posted 2x this past week. To say I’ve been in a funk is an understatement. But again, i feel like taking the time to let the emotions is important. It has humbled me in more ways than one, and for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for a God whose mercies are new every morning. 

And on that note, good MOURNing.




I do have a giveaway and more real”blog stuff” to post, but just hang tight while my Corny Cotter side let’s loose. ;-)

Sunday Stew

Sundays are suppose to be a day of rest, but in this day in age, most people are out running errands, doing house work, running long, racing, and practically doing anything but resting. I’m okay with that, as long as part of the day is simple and somewhat restful.

Since we go to the evening service at our church, our dinners are pretty simple. I adore it! We usually hit up the downtown Wholefoods after service or we come back and I throw something together in 20 minutes. Just the way God intended it, yes? Winking smile

So here’s my not from scratch Sunday stew, which I originally called a soup, but then googled the difference because I am dork like that. Click on the imagine to get the full article. Come on you know you want to.


soup fix

4.5 from 2 reviews
Sunday Stew
Recipe type: quick recipe
Serves: 3-4
  • 1 cup chopped roasted chicken or chicken sausage (pre cooked)
  • 2 or so cups of the cabbage/slaw salad mix (i like to get the ones with cilantro and seeds added)
  • 1 sweet potato or squash
  • 1 chopped jalapeno
  • spit pea soup (the gluten free kind)
  • chili mix or mexican spice mix (1tsp)
  • gluten free chicken broth
  • lentil chips, corn chips, or other for topping/scooping
  • optional: feta or other cheese
  • Note: to make vegan just use tofu, tempeh, or meatless chicken cutlets instead of chicken. Also use vegetable broth.
  1. First heat your sweet potato in the microwave for 3 minutes. Peel back skin and chop into pieces. Then add the broth, a little extra water (maybe ⅔ cup), canned or boxed split pea soup, cabbage salad mix (about 2 cups worth), chicken, and the potato. Mix well. Stir in some chili mix or other fun flavors, cover, and place on medium to medium low for about 10-15 minutes or until everything is heated and the cabbage salad mix in cooked through. Serve up in bowl, add a little cheese and jalapeno on top. Serve with a side of lentil chips or other gluten free chips of choice!
  2. Note: to make lower in sodium, add more water or use the low sodium broth.


soup 4

Sundays for us are pretty relaxed these days. We may do a little work here or there, walk the dog, and start some laundry, but that’s about it. Boring to others, but beautiful to us. Well, for the time being. There will be a time or a season when our Sundays will be filled again. Most likely with travel, with training, with racing (God willing). But I’ve learned that when God gives you boring, make it beautiful. When there’s not much on the agenda, don’t fill it. Just go with it. When your to do list is a DONE list, don’t add to it. And when you feel the urge to skip a rest day or power through another weekend, just get outside and walk, enjoy. Be boring, I promise that in the end…….. it feels BEAUTIFUL!

sadie hugs

My favorite quote from my devotional this week sums things up quite nicely.

“Rein in your impulses to plunge into the days activities…….. Relax with Me (God) while I ready you for action.”

What’s boring but beautiful to you these days? Did you know the difference between a stew and soup? I’m sure you did. Winking smile



Good luck to all those racing the Marine Corps Marathon! And be safe all those who taking on hurricane Sandy. Saying a prayer now!

Thou Shalt’s

It’s been a slow morning here. I woke up early, naturally. Like before 6am. But I have no plan other than to sit, drink coffee, and spend more time in my devotional this morning. No agenda. No ABC of life. Although I feel as if I should. But what makes us feel the need to be busy? To have a plan? Or as my dad would say, live linearly?

 Today I want to UNglorify the busy. To focus on what’s around me, in the moment, of THIS day.


You must read the post and you will get what I mean.

Follow me as I list the THOU SHALTS of this SUNDAY.

Thou Shalt smile, because it’s good for one’s health (and happiness).


Thou Shalt Hug someone because it’s likely they need it.


Thou shalt seek JOY in their everyday life, doing what they love!


Though Shalt think positive, because ia bad attitude is just a waste of life.


Thou shalt motivate each other, and daily!


Thou shalt not worry about the future, instead act like a child and live for the day (and maybe eat some ice cream).


Thou Shalt listen to those who have lived longer (parents, grandparents, mentors, and others.). They usually know how to live life FULLER, RICHER, etc.!


The picture above is of my parents as newly weds. Married almost 46 years now!

Thou shalt dip your finger in a just opened jar of peanut butter. We all know it’s the best part!


And if you are runner, then you might appreciate these thou shalts (shalls). But remember, don’t busy your mind over them. hehe. Winking smile


Enjoy today, wake up, and do it again.




Thou shalt not scold me for using poor grammar. I’m living in the moment here. No time to edit.