How to Incorporate Barre Classes into Your Running Routine

Well, here we go. Less than a week till Christmas and less than 2 till the New Year! I know, shocker, as usual! And most of you are probably already thinking of goals for 2015. I know I am. Well, more like things I’d like to accomplish or focus on. One of this is to take more classes. We just 3 more classes at our gym and I have only taken one! But hopefully that will change come January when my schedule slows down.

But here’s the thing…

How do I keep my classes, still run, and take barre? Isn’t that overdoing it?

How do you find the perfect balance without overtraining?

I asked my good friend and fellow runner/Barre instructor to advise! So Jolene… Share your TIPS… pretty please!

incorporating barre workouts into your running!

Incorporating running into your barre workouts

…or incorporating barre into your running!

Either way, these two workouts are super complementary to your body and just work so well together, it is amazing (I wrote a little about it here in a previous post for Lindsay)! I have been a casual runner for years, and by casual, I mean, I run to run, I don’t wear a watch, I don’t (usually) track my miles (once in a blue moon!) and I am not a racer (I’ve done a few half marathons but they just aren’t my thing). I run simply because I love how I feel when I run, before, during, and after, plain and simple.

jolene at barre

So when I began doing barre workouts almost four years ago now (and teach them too, for almost three years, at barre n9ne® studio, my home away from home!!), and realized how much I loved barre workouts too, I began to evolve my workouts to a point where I *just* do barre workouts and running and it has been the magic bullet for me.

So I thought I would share with you a few tips on incorporating running into your barre workouts, if you are a #barreaddict, and vice versa, how to incorporate barre into your running, if you are a run-nerd! Genius, yes?! ;-)

Find your balance.

Barre workouts are generally pretty intense for your legs, as you work them in every which way in the span of 55 minutes or less. From your glutes, to your calves, to your quads, you are hitting those muscles at every angle and to failure. That whole ‘embrace the shake’ mantra that we love (and sometimes love to hate!) so much is so true…those tiny pulses and tucks get those muscles shaking and to failure so well, that your legs will likely feel like jello afterwards! High five!


What’s different about a barre workout is that it isn’t heavily cardio focused (a few of our classes are cardio-based, for example, but by and large, these workouts are for strength and toning mostly), so you may find yourself wanting that cardio ‘fix’ in addition to classes you take. And running is a great complement to classes. I typically suggest – and everyone is different – that you slowly marry the two together. If you have been taking, say, 2-4 classes a week, why not start at 1-2 runs per week on your off days and see what works.

For me, I teach throughout the week at barre n9ne, and also try to fit in a few of my own ‘me’ workouts, including a couple of classes and a few runs. And it works wonderfully. I refer to it as ‘smarter, not harder’ because I don’t think you need to run for hours to reach your goals. My runs are anywhere between 30-60 minutes, with one of those runs hitting 60 mins. I call this ‘smarter, not harder’ because with the right balance, you don’t need to work out for hours a day to reach your goals, you just need to find the right combination for your body and it just works.

Figure out what works best for you – before or after.

For me, I try to stack my runs on ‘off’ days that I take a class. However, there are some days where it may just work out where I may do both in the same day. Test run (no pun intended hehe) both options, if this holds true for you. Run before you take a class and see how your legs feel, and then run after you take a class (perhaps not back-to-back, though it can be done!) and re-evaluate.


What I find so interesting is that I actually like both options for different reasons. On days I run before I take a class (in the same day, not back to back), I find my legs are more quickly get to that shake point and I dig that! It feels so good – and you won’t believe it till it happens to you. When those legs start shaking like crazy, you’ll be surprised at how much lower you can go into each move and how effective it feels!

On days I run after taking a class (or teaching, as it generally happens to me, given my schedule), I find the run shakes my legs out so much, it’s fantastic. I run strong, my legs feel conditioned and ready to roll.

And finally, I think running on ‘off’ class days is the ideal balance, because your legs are freshest, but a short 20-30 min run before or after a class (within the same day, not necessarily back to back) can be a great warmup (or cooldown) to your barre class.


Use barre workouts to strengthen your imbalances.

I mentioned this in a previous guest blog I wrote for Lindsay, but truly, running and barre are completely complementary workouts. Prior to barre n9ne, I would get shin splints almost every single run, and I would need 2-4 days off minimum between runs given that. I have also struggled with IT band syndrome, as well as tight hips and hamstrings. But barre work has completely strengthened all of these muscle imbalances to a point where shin splints are no longer, I have much more leg endurance and can run a couple of days back to back, where that was impossible before, and my IT band has never felt stronger. So, use barre workouts as a tool to strengthen those areas that may be stumbling blocks for you. Talk to your instructor about exercises might want to do at home to build up that strength further and don’t forget to foam roll (foam roll, foam roll, and foam roll some more!), do some IT band stretches each day, and hamstring stretches, and you will notice SUCH a difference in your runs, and conversely, in your barre workouts, in terms of endurance and improvement!


Thanks Jolene!

Have you tried barre yet?

Runners… how do you balance your cross training and run routine?



Gluten Free Food Ideas To Eat Before Your Long Run


Apparently that’s one of the top searches I get to my site. Maybe it’s because I’ve chatted about gluten free training fuel, or gluten free pre race meal ideas. Ya, I’m a gluten free sherpa wife at your service. And it’s my pleasure!

With that in mind, I thought I’d go ahead and extend this “gluten free search” a wee bit more and talk about LONG RUN fuel, the gluten free food kind.

GF pre run ideas- Gluten Free Foods To Eat Before Your Long Run

I don’t plan on doing in long runs anytime soon, but I’ve spent a good seven years making gluten free long run fuel for the kiwi. We’ve figured GF meals work well, and what doesn’t work well. It’s all about timing and of course, trial and error.

Here are my favorite gluten free foods to eat before a long run (at least an hour before).

Fuel Cakes and Rice Balls… Not together though. Haha. These two recipes are great for those who can’t stomach a lot before a run but need good calories and carbs for fuel.

I’ll give you the fuel cake recipe, just in case you missed it before.

GF Raw Fuel Cakes


Ingredients and Their Purpose Below:

  • 7oz Unsulphured Mission Figs
    • For Potassium and Natural sugars (carbohydrates)
  • 1/2 cup Raw Cashews and 1/3 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
    • For good fat and natural energy (calories)
  • Cinnamon
    • an anti-inflammatory spice
  • 1/2c  Brown Rice Crispies cereal
    • for GF good whole grains and carbs
  • 1 tbsp. Gluten Free Brewers Yeast or Nutritional Yeast -for this recipe, the brewers yeast makes it more nutty.
    • For B vitamins, Amino Acids, and Iron

Blend everything in food processor, roll into a ball, then flatten with hand.  Store in freezer for later use. Makes around 11-12 cookies.


The Coconut Rice Date Balls you can find here. I’d say 3-4 are great to eat along with a banana. Again, dense good calories.  More rice cake recipes here!

coconut date rice balls 2

The Grain Free Option – Plantain Bread. The original recipe is from Purely Twins. We just add in a scoop of protein powder or almond meal thicken it. Or we will add an egg to make it fluffier.

plaintain bread

Want to make it more of a meal? Eat this about 2 hrs before. Rice with fried plantain, a little bit of bacon (not too much, just for salt and flavor), a drizzle of maple syrup, and sprouted Corn Tortillas. Yep, more Rice and Plantain Love. If you want this for post run, just add in some GF chicken or turkey sausage. You can also switch out the bacon for salsa.

plantains,rice, eggs

Porridge (Two Ways) – The first porridge is made from steamed rice and a little coconut butter or coconut milk. You’ve heard me talk about it before. Then top with fig, cashew, and banana. It’s delicious! For us, white rice is easy to digest. Plus if you eat it cold, it’s a resistant starch, yea!

coconut fig rice pudding

The Second porridge is made from gluten free oats and eggs. This is one that really works well as pre or post run fuel. The trick is to not cook the egg all the way and then add a little milk and honey on top. It’s amazing! Probably why I keep coming back to it!

egg and GF oats

Recovery porridge 3

And since it’s Fall, here’s my favorite PUMPKIN bake we use for pre-run fuel. It’s great with NUTTZO on top as well.

Pumpkin Oat Bread. 3jpg

Can’t stand to chew food before a run? Here’s a bonus SMOOTHIE recipe.

simple banana milk smoothie (dairy free)

* Almond Milk, frozen banana, maca powder, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp. almond butter, and 1 scoop or less of a vanilla protein. And sometimes we add in a half cup of coffee or 1 tsp instant coffee.

What’s your go-to pre long run fuel?

And feel free to ask for more ideas in the comments, I have TONS!


Sherpa Wife LC

Fall Run Gear to Help Ease You into Cooler Temps.

Yesterday marked the first day of Fall, and unfortunately, Texas has yet to get the memo. It’s humid and 90F. Hey, that’s better than 100F. Fall likes to creep it’s way into our state. Slowly but surely.

Luckily for us, we had the chance to ease on into “Fall-ish” weather a few weeks ago in Colorado.

trails in colorado

And I have to admit, that fresh mountain air gave the me a bit of my running mojo back. I was hardly running at all during the Texas summer. Too hot, and too much going on. I didn’t want to overload my body, nor did I feel like getting up at the crack of dawn to run at “cooler” temps. But Colorado.. oh my. It brought back my much needed appreciation of running and just being outdoors. Each day I stepped outside for an easy run or a leisurely hike, and each morning the weather seemed to get a little cooler, as if mother nature was truly helping me EASE on into Fall running and Fall weather.

image3running colorado

Maybe it was the new adidas running gear, maybe it was the amazing weather, maybe it was because I was taking a break from teaching at the gym. Whatever the reason, I’m excited to FEEL excited about running again…. not set amount, just EASING on in when time allows.

Adidas-Logo (1)

That being said, here are a few of my FAVORITE FALL running gear to help you  transition into cooler Fall temps!

Adidias Women's Fall Running Gear

1. Adizero Climaproof Jacket - oh I love this light weight jacket. It’s slim-fit and keeps you dry on the road or trail with climaproof® rain and a wind-resistant front panel. I also found it great as a wind jacket. Cool found feature –> pocket in the back that zips!

2. Supernova Long Tights and marathon T cooler shorts. – Yes, I got pants and shorts. Because this weather here is SOOO unpredictable. I figured I better go with both just in case.

    • The tights are actually great to layer under shorts as well, or wear as just pants for extra insulation. Made with he breathable ventilated climacool®  fabric so you don’t overheat but still stay warm.
    • The shorts are of course great to wear over the tights or by themselves. Very breathable Climalite material and have a comfortable liner.
    • I ordered XS in both shorts and tights and they are true to size.

3. Stella McCartney 3/4 in tights –These 3/4 are amazing! I feel pretty darn stylish too. They fit like a glove (I ordered XS). The pants have a ribbed waistband and curved cutlines that really give you that body-hugging fit. The sides are lined with an open mesh to keep you dry as well.


4. Last but not least, the new ENERGY BOOSTS 2.0 ESM (7.9 ounces) – I was actually shocked by these. Big difference (to me) in the first pair of energy boosts I received versus this pair. The color, for one, is amazing! Love the mint blue. But the feel is even more breathable due to the ESM (engineered stretched Mesh) and fts more like a sock, if that makes sense.

I’ve always loved the spring I get with these shoes, most likely from the innovative boost™ design. This type of design helps return energy to the foot with every step. The Adidas Energy Boosts 2.0 ESM also have FORMOTION®, which  makes for an easy heel strike to toe off transition.

Obviously I need to work on my run form next! Winking smile


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by adidas via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of adidas.

Do you ease into cooler weather well? What’s your favorite new FALL gear you can’t wait to wear?


Crazy Cotter

P.s. Next Monday I plan on posting a few other FALL Favorites, maybe by then Texas will be cooler. Wishful thinking!

Do Runners (and all Athletes) Really Need a Walk Break?

I’m not sure how walking got such a bad rap from runners and endurance athletes, maybe it’s because they see it as a sign of weakness? In actuality, I think, taking walk breaks are not only beneficial, but will make you stronger in the long run (pun intended). Heck, even the Kiwi will skip a run for walk with me if he’s feeling run down or stressed. There is no shame or weakness in taking a break from pounding the pavement and listening to the body. Moving and walking are just what we were created for in the first place.

needing walk breaks

So today, lets glorify the walk break!

The Glitter Side: It Fits Me :: Go For A Walk. If you can. #KeepCalm

You see, the past few weeks, the pace of life has been RUSHED, busy but manageable. The Kiwi is back to heavy training before his next block of races, I’ve been subbing a lot at the gym because everyone is on vacation, lots of friends in town, and new opportunities have come about. Yes, this is a good thing. And it’s a good thing I have learned to REST between the RUSH. Walking and hiking instead of running.

photo 1

  • Walking between heavy teaching/training days allows the body to recover.
  • Walking puts less stress on the adrenals. So if you are are SUPER stressed or working out intensely on other days, then walking just might be better than running.
  • Walking let’s me be UNBUSY (hikes are amazing for that).

photo 3

  • Walking doesn’t deplete me of minerals (which I NEED MORE OF right now) by making sweating a crazy amount.
  • Walking allows me time to visit with others (family walks, etc). Disconnect to reconnect.
  • Walking allows the pace of life to feel UNRUSHED, even if it’s temporary.


  • Walking allows me to join my husband on trails. I walk, He runs. Plus I get a good view from walking behind him anyway. Winking smile

photo 4

Okay, so why all the talk about walking? walking the talk? LOL, sorry, had to go there.

My point is this. We live in world of extremes. Too rushed, too busy, too stressed, too much working out or too much sitting, and too much (or little) of a whole lot of other things. I know I have been guilty of many of those.

But moderately moving (the body).. listening (to the body)… and …responding (to the bodies needs), that should be encouraged and a natural INSTINCT.

And as a fitness trainer/instructor, I’m all about RELEARNING our body’s natural instincts. Do what makes you FEEL best, know when to rest, and know when to push. Emphasis on the KNOW!

Do you Allow WALK breaks (Physically or Mentally)?



Why Exploring New Trails Helps me to be UNBUSY, Trail Workouts, Plus Mizuno Kazan Shoe Review!

I think you all know by now how much we love trails. We are surrounded by amazing trails out here near the Hill Country, how could we not love it?!

The following is a sponsored post by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.


But let me tell you something. The trails are my sanity.

They are where I go to be UNBUSY.

What do I mean by that? I mean I stop everything, DISCONNECT, and I just run/walk/hike/etc. There are no deadlines, no projects, no to do lists on the trails. Just the sounds of nature and the thoughts in my head. Usually these thoughts are loud at first, but once I get going, the sounds of trails quiet them and I am running free.


That’s why I NEED the trails, to appreciate the small things and keep me balanced.

The trails are truly a place to getaway. To explore. They are the only place where I don’t mind taking the long way. In fact, I think that’s what keeps me going back. Exploring new trails is like accidently taking the detour route home but acknowledging that you needed that detour to decompress and view new scenery. You get me, right?

Okay,  corny enough for you yet? Let’s talk more about how to EXPLORE and #BLAZE these New trails!

tips for exploring new trails

  • When exploring new trails, always have some sort of tracking device. I usually bring a Garmin or carry a map.
  • Don’t run the trails first. Instead, plan an active recovery day where you have “extra” time to track new routes. That way you don’t get worn out.
  • Bring extra fuel and water if you plan to hike new trails, just in case it’s an “extra” long route.

mizuno kazan 2

  • Go not to early but not too late. I like to go mid morning, it avoids the creatures out at dusk but avoids the heat of the day.
  • Take note of landmarks! Ex: power lines above, water tower, etc.
  • Go with someone. The kiwi and I will often spend one day every other week just exploring new trails. It gives us time with each other and it’s good to have another set of eyes on the trail.
  • Wear the right SHOES!

mizuno kazan

I’ve gone through several pairs of trails shoes through out the year, but nothing has compared to these Mizuno Kazans! And that’s the gosh darn truth!

  • Kazan Women’s trail shoes are 8.0oz! That’s definitely light for a trail shoe!
  • They are extremely versatile and comfortable. An all-terrain shoe lets you glide smoothly over any type of surface, this is because of the decoupled X-groove. It adapts great to uneven surfaces. Which is great for me since I tend to run on rock, dirt paths, grass, and gravel. They transition beautifully to the road as well
  • The sole is covered in x-grooves which help grip rocks and roots roots as you descend and prevent any slipping while tackling fast ascents. While the x-groove midsole helps the shoe adapt to all terrain.
  • The fit is perfect. The upper tongue stays in place and I’m quite fond of the toe guard! It’s another nice perk since my feet seem to be all over the place when running trails.

Once you’ve gotten familiar with new trails, have fun!

You can take the family for a weekend hike!

trails with Hadley

Heck, you can even make it part of your strength routine! Here’s my favorite OUTDOOR workout you can do on the trails.

trails  workout

What’s your favorite way to unbusy? Are you a trail lover?


Corny Crazy Cotter

3 Strength Moves to Improve Your Run Form

It’s been a little over a year now since we’ve had to deal with injuries.  This past brought good health, healing, and being injury free for me and the kiwi. That means something. It means we’re doing something right. It may have took us a long time to find that right (rest and injury prevention), but hey, we were humbled, we learned, and  will continue to focus on it

That being said, I have a bit of GOOD info to share from the Kiwi. Tips and techniques to help improve your run form.


Proper run form is a KEY component of injury prevention. Think about it, the body needs to run upright, core engaged, knees and feet biomechanically correct, glutes activated. Whoa, that’s a lot to remember! And I will be the first to admit that I forget about my form about 10 minutes into a run.

This is where strength can help. Here are 3 strength moves that mimic proper run form and therefore can IMPROVE your run form, naturally.

run form moves

The first move is called HOT SALSA (I have no idea why). Haha. All you need is a med ball and some space to walk and lunge forward. The kiwi explains in the video.

The second is forward lunge on the BOSU with straight arm med ball twist. This help activate the core, works on knee stability as well as activate the glute muscles.


albonfit pants

The third is reverse lunge with bar overheard. You really want to emphasize the lunge motion coming up towards the body. Almost like a snatch or explode movement. Another great move that mimics running (knee to foot to ground).


We did about 10-12 reps of each. 3-4x through. Just depends on your current strength. It should be a slow workout because you are really working on form.

Let me know if you try it! And have a Marvelous Monday!


Do you have any favorite strength moves to help with injury prevention?


Crazy Cotters

p.s. Last day to enter the Healthy Bites giveaway. And 4 more days left of the Albionfit giveaway. Wow, i’ve been a giveaway guru this month, ha!

Wednesday Warm-Up: 4 New Running Drills

Wednesday warm-up. Now there’s a literal title for you. Anybody else freezing there behind off yet? What am I thinking, of course you are.
I’ve been doing most of my running outdoors on the trails, and I think my body is finally acclimated to the cold weather.

photo 3 (2)

I actually enjoyed a nice brisk trail run yesterday in 22°F. That’s gotta to be record for me and definitely a crazy Cotter moment. Although that’s probably nothing compared to you northerners where it’s -15F.

photo 2 (2)

Okay okay enough about the cold. I know you’re tired of it. Let’s talk about warming up. A few weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram of the kiwi performing a few exercise moves/drills before his run.

photo 1

I like to watch him warm up before we run because I always learn something new. He has his “routine” you might say.

And why this routine? Good question.

warm up

Like any competitive runner or elite athlete, taking time to prep your body for a specific run is key. Warming up can help with injury prevention and it often it helps prepare you mentally for a grueling run set. Kinda like telling the body to GET READY!

But I have a confession, I rarely warm up. Not for a run. Well that needs to change. Remember, I’m open to new things this year! And today I’m ready learn his “moves.” Hope you will too.

4 bonus Warm Up drills to Start Incorporating into your Run Program

  1. Walking Knee Grab to Quad stretch

  2. Walking pigeon pose with ankle grab

  3. Walking lunge with rotation and arms in T

  4. Walking toes out/in with touch

You can see all the examples in the video, so be sure to check it out when you can.

Ever tried any of these moves? Do you take time to warm up?

Oh, and stay warm!




I have a Healthy Bites Update for you and maybe even a recipe come Friday, so stay tuned! thank you  for always supporting. xxoo

#FitClean Forward Gratitude- The Inspirational Runner

As much as I love Holiday Baking, talking Gluten Free, and rounding up Workouts to share, I need a mini break today. You see, I’m Corny Cotter. I share my heart here. I like to be real. I probably wouldn’t keep blogging if I didn’t have that outlet. True story here folks. So when my lovely friends at Attune Foods sent me an invitation to write about a #FitClean fitness role model in my life (via the blogging world), the jumped on it! The purpose behind this invitation was simply a way to pay forward your gratitude. Talk about a literal THANKS GIVING and perfect for this SLOW DOWN season.

So here I am today, thinking about ALL the amazing people who inspire me. There are lots and you ALL know who you are! (Let’s not forget the KIWI). But when I think back on this year, I have one person in mind that has inspired me her ability to adjust, her ability to embrace new passions, and to stay balanced (yet realistic) through it all!

But before I tell you who this person is, let’s talk about what she represents.

An Inspirational Runner………

  • is NOT defined by speed of her pace but by the way she runs with grace.

mizuno wave rider  17

  • is NOT defined by their weekly mileage, but by her weekly effort.
  • is Not defined by the number of races they have done, but rather the number racers or Training Partners they have encouraged.

An Inspirational Runner………

  • see’s running as a privilege, not an obsession.




  • uses their strengths to embrace her weaknesses!
  • runs for the love of the sport, not for a personal PR (although that would be nice!)
  • fuels their body, not their ego.

paleo waffle

And finally, an Inspirational Runner………

  • Has a JOYOUS PASSION, not only for running, but for LIFE!

I’ve come to realize that being present and being true to yourself is really all you need to inspire someone. It’s about being real, being confident, and living life.

So thank you SARENA for being my INSPIRATION this year! Keep being YOU.


What defines an Inspirational Runner to you?

Who’s been your fitness/wellness/running role model this year?


Corny Cotter



Holiday Hills & Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Miles

There are 2 things that really KEEP me motivated during the Holiday/Winter months.

mizuno walk

One is a PURPOSEFUL challenge. I mean an honest to goodness body/mind/heart challenge. Luckily, my friend Heather just started one this week! It’s called the MOVE HAPPY challenge. Basically it’s finding out what gets you moving and makes you smile in the process. It also is a chance to give thanks for your body’s ability to do so as well. You must check it out! She will have some pretty amazing prizes to go along with it, including Healthy Bites!


The Second thing that keeps me motivated is new gear! More specifically, run gear! I know I know, I should wait till Christmas but I always ask for my run gear presents early so that I can enjoy them ALL month long. There’s nothing like putting on a new pair of running shoes and going for a run. That feeling is just plain AWESOME! Yes, I am a run dork!

And speaking of new run gear, I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary pair of the new Wave Rider 17 Mizuno shoes to try out for myself.

mizuno wave rider  17

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been wearing the Mizuno Wave Sayonara since early summer so when I had the chance to try out another new and improved neutral Mizuno running shoe, I had to jump at it! Although both are Neutral running shoes, the Wave Rider 17 has a totally different fit.

Here’s whatcha need to know about the Wave Rider 17:

  • New U4iC midsole that is 30% lighter than standard foam, still great absorption though! I have high arches and small heels so fit is crucial for me and so shock absorption/responsiveness
  • The New Wave Rider 17 has a new blown rubber (versus the previous carbon)outsole that helps reduce the overall weight of the shoe (8.8oz). I think it’s almost a whole ounce lighter than the 16’s. That’s light! Also note that the new outsole offers just as much traction as the Wave Rider 16.

Wave Rider 17_WOMENS_Outsole

  • Mizuno also made an upgrade to the upper. Now more sleek and seamless, again to reduce the weight. To me, it’s similar to that of the Wave Sayonara, very comfortable upper. Not bulky.
  • Super flexible.

photo (8)

Okay, so now that you know the details, how about the run?

I ran part trails and part road/hills in the Wave Rider 17 this week, about 5-8 miles each time. Very springy and light. My foot easily adjusted to the new fit. I especially liked their feel while doing hill repeats. The lightness of the shoe sure did help my turn over while powering up hill. Well, at least I like to think that! That’s some serious motivation right there. Winking smile

hills- short

The Wave Rider 17 will be released December 5th and retails at $114.95 MSRP. Perfect Christmas/Holiday gift to keep you MOTIVATED during the winter!

photo (7)

While I received the Mizunos on behalf of my partnership with Fitfluential LLC, my review/opinion is of course my own! Cotter Style.

What keeps you motivated during the winter? Are you motivated by new gear like me?

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!


Yoga for Running- 3 Poses to Practice Now!

We’re gonna talk about it today —> Yoga! I love yoga. But you know what? I didn’t always love it. I learned to appreciate the moves for what they did for my body, my mind, my wellness. And I love how it helped my running!


My cheesy race pic for your viewing pleasure.


Today Katie is sharing her favorite yoga moves and running. Enjoy, and take notes, k?


Hi everyone, my name is Katie! I’m a yogi, runner, cyclist, strength trainer, healthy chef, and dog lover, who lives life to the fullest! I am the owner of She Rocks Fitness, which specializes in personal training, boot camps, and on-line training. Whether you are a New Mom, a Bride to Be, the woman who wants to train for her first 5k, or loose those annoying 10 lbs, I will help you achieve these goals. She Rocks Fitness is about training hard, eating well, but still being able to enjoy life and have fun! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and I can be reached by e-mail at:


I am not sure if many of you know me, but yoga and running are my true passions. I try to practice yoga 2-3 times a week and run 3 times a week.  Yoga has 100% helped me with my running, but running doesn’t always help with my yoga. HA! Let’s just say that standing splits and compass pose won’t be happening in this lifetime. I’m okay with this, because I’m just thankful for the other ways that yoga has helped my flexibility and strength, especially with my core, hamstrings and hips. Here are my 3 favorite poses that I have found very beneficial to improve my running. Just like everything else in life, what may work for me, may not work for you, so try these out or take a yoga class to figure out what feels best for you. I also like how there are different variations for each of these poses. They can be more restorative or challenging, it just depends on how YOUR body is feeling. Feel free to ask me any questions, I love hearing from you.

Forward Bends:


You can do forward bends either seated or standing and you will receive very similar benefits. These poses focus on the: brain, liver, kidneys, hamstrings, calves, hips, groins, knees, and spine. They strengthen and stretch the legs and spine; tone the core; and relive backache. I love both options, because they feel absolutely heavenly on my hamstrings. They also force me to relax and LET GO, which is so hard for many of us these days.

Extended Triangle Pose

Katie-75 (ZF-4747-49176-1-093)

I look forward to this pose in every class that I take. It feels so good on my hips and hamstrings. I feel a sense of comfort in this pose and could stay in it for several minutes. It allows me to open my heart, breathe deeper into the pose, and release any tensions that running or life may have caused that week. This pose focuses on the thighs, hips, hamstrings, ankles, groin, chest, shoulders, spine, and calves. It improves digestion, relieves stress and backache, and symptoms of menopause. You cannot go wrong with this pose!

Pigeon Pose


A challenging pose, but also one that is strong and beautiful! With many variations depending on your level, this pose focuses on the thighs, knees, core, hips, groin, chest, and shoulders. What I love about this pose is that it opens the heart and shoulders. It stretches the thighs, groins, psoas, core, chest, shoulders, and neck.

What is your favorite yoga pose? What pose makes you feel strong? What pose makes you feel pure bliss?



Thanks Katie!


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