Why Easy Sessions Make You a Better Athlete


Each month I get to a point where I just need a break. Instead of trying to push through workouts and act all invincible, I remember the 45 minute rule. The one the Kiwi often preaches to his athletes (and himself). The 45 minute rule (to me) means going easy, I mean REAL, easy for no more than 45 minutes a day for for a period of 7-1o days. This means yoga, hiking, etc. No … [Read more...]

How to Embrace Mental and Physical Rest


You know that saying…. “Do as I say, not as I do?” Well, that just about sums up our Colorado trip. I had full intention on taking time off from work projects to focus on getting a little rest and being a good Sherpa wife to the Kiwi. But what I realized is that I have a hard time saying no, even when I'm fully aware that I need to. In my mind, I hear “work more, save more, … [Read more...]

Two Gut Health Supplements and Raspberry Probiotic Gelatin


A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post on Jill’s blog about my go-to “bonus” supplements for gut health. These are supplements that are extra nourishing to me for maintaining gut health, my gut health. Do I need them daily? Probably not, but I do enjoy rotating them in my diet and the kiwi’s diet. The EXTRA’s. Note: I’m not a physician, these supplements are just what … [Read more...]

“Stressing Over Stress is What Makes Stress so Stressful”


Welcome Marvelous Monday! I think I should start off by explaining last week’s RESTING more than a day post. Yes, I closed comments for that post so that we could all rest. But I also did it because I knew I would want to respond to comments and engage in good conversation if I left them open. And to be honest, I had enough on my plate last week; I didn’t want to “stress” over … [Read more...]

Why You Need More than One REST DAY


It’s early. I’m up. I’m always up early. I like my “coffee time and reading” before the day starts. But this week I’m liking it even more. It’s rest week. Not day, week. Actually 2 weeks for the Kiwi. That means there is less rush in the morning. That means I only teach one class at the gym. That means there’s more time to walk the dog and maybe sneak in a gentle yoga class. … [Read more...]

Why Every Athlete Needs to EMBRACE an Off Season.


As I sit here typing this post, but Husband is enjoying a coffee date with a friend. A rarity he gets to enjoy during the season.  Usually (during training/race season) this time of day is spent on his bike outside followed up by a PM run, etc. But since he's enjoying his off-season, he can take advantage of mid afternoon coffee dates. And I can take advantage of his extra … [Read more...]

Marvelous Monday: Learning How to Park it


Well, I’m back home. Yes, home sweet home. The past 4 days were spent relaxing with my momma in Florida. A little getaway for my 30th (which is actually this weekend). And my kiwi Cotter gets home from France this week too. I’m excited! But that also means we go back to reality. Back to a busy work schedule. Back to living paycheck by paycheck. Back to striving for BIG DREAMS … [Read more...]

Tis YOUR Season

salad (2)

Welcome to a little Food for thought Wednesday. I could sit here and tell you about all the new food finds and summer meals we’ve been eating lately. I could tell you about my new favorite NEW ZEALAND Sauvignon Blanc. I could tell you about my recent Purely Twins Recipe I made and am obsessed with. Plantain bread with butter on top is awesome by the way! I could tell … [Read more...]

How to Break the Fast


We all know what breakfast is, am I right? It literally means to “break the fast.” So clever, eh? But really. Breaking a fast from a night’s rest. Feeding our body and fueling it for the day. In the Cotter house, we like to break the fast a little different each day. I know I know, some people have their go to breakfasts’ each and every morning, and that’s totally fine, but … [Read more...]

I Had Plans


This was my dog yesterday. Plans to lounge and rest. She’s smart! This was me. Don’t mind the shirt. I actually love it but disagree with it. I do need an off season. It makes me stronger in the end. Yesterday was an off day. I needed a rest day physically. Today my body is feeling so much better for it.  But my brain is still a bit tired. So today I am taking another day … [Read more...]