6 Delicious Gluten Free and Dairy Free Bread Recipes

We're celebrating National Allergy Awareness week with these flavorful and healthy gluten free and dairy free bread recipes!

Looking for an allergy friendly bread recipe that actually tastes good? Here's a delicious round up of 6 healthy gluten free and dairy free breads, bagels, and pancakes!  Hey Friday, you looking good! Ain't that the truth. Oh my heavens yes, I made it. Barely. Haha. But let's celebrate the end of the week in a different way, with something flavorful and ALLERGY … [Read more...]

The Cotter Chronicles- First Edition

cotter-crunch-chronicles--link-shares-and-articles. www.cottercrunch.com

Way back when.. like 2008, the Kiwi had a blog called "The Cotter Chronicles." It was there that I started guest posting with nutrition tips and recipes. He would document his training, races, events, my recipes, our travels, updates, and more. Pretty clever eh? Yes, that's how this whole blog thang started. I'm an old blogger. Boy how a lot has changed since then, in our life … [Read more...]

6 Healthy Recipes to Support Adrenal Health

6-recipes-to support-adrenal-health (grain free)

What recipes are best for adrenal health? Look for foods and ingredients that are nutrient dense. That means lots of good healthy fats, protein, and rich in Vitamin C and Magnesium. And don't forget to the gluten free veggie starches! Timing is everything with these foods in order elevate or lower cortisol levels. Funny how all this week I've posted about comfort in the form … [Read more...]

5 Homemade Gluten Free Snack Recipes

5 homemade snack recipes. I'm no Martha Stewart, but when we're on a budget, I love the make these homemade gluten free snacks! These snack ideas are not only easy to make, but are naturally healthy and delicious!

I'm no Martha Stewart, but I do love saving money by making my own gluten free snacks! Like these 5 homemade gluten free snack recipes! These snack ideas are not only easy to make, but are naturally healthy and delicious!    It's true. I'm no Martha, although I'd like to think I am at times. That is until I am attempt to get "crafty" in other areas besides the … [Read more...]

BLT Egg Casserole {Gluten Free}

BLT egg casserole bake - quick healthy gluten free dinner!

How do you make a BLT gluten free? Forget the buns and bake it with egg instead! Super easy and delicious Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Egg bake is great for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner. So... we're home from New Zealand. Back to reality. Jet lagged and in need of some serious grocery shopping. Have you ever been too mentally tired to really get the "bulk" of your … [Read more...]

For the LOVE of Carbs! Tomato, Onion, and Egg Buckwheat Penne

Delicious Tomato and Egg Buckwheat Penne. A super easy gluten free and dairy free pasta dish that's perfect for those who are new to gluten free or are looking for a healthier pasta/carb alternative! www.cottercrunch.com

Super easy and delicious Tomato Egg Onion Penne with buckwheat pasta. Buckwheat is not really wheat, but a seed. It's a great gluten free substitute for your regular pasta and doesn't turn to mush like the other corn or rice pasta. Okay, I'll explain more below. Keep reading! Oh carbs, it's such a confusing topic, no? But I will say this. We enjoy carbs! Gluten free of … [Read more...]

Don’t Break the Bank! 5 Budget Friendly Gluten Free Meals

Budget Friendly gluten Free meals - cottercrunch.com #glutenfree #pathToFit

Now that the holidays have passed, we're all broke, right? Just kidding (kinda). But if you are like us, you are definitely scaling back on "wants" and focusing more on the "needs." With our lifestyle and active jobs, we definitely NEED to focus on REAL (gluten free) food to fuel us! I often hear people say .... "but eating gluten free is so expensive, right?" And you … [Read more...]

Holiday Healthy Bites Round Up

GF Holiday Healthy Bites Round UP

Merry Christmas Eve! If you are reading this, then you probably are a master at the Holidays and have your to do list completed. Well done! If you're like me... I'm still scrounging and fitting in one more class with my boot campers, so wish me luck! But after all that is said and done, go relax and enjoy your holiday! And when you find yourself with a stocking full or … [Read more...]

Signature Dishes with a “REAL FOOD” Focus


We all have a signature dish we make, don’t we? Or at least we like to pretend we do. Here are a few home cooked and healthy  "signature dishes" recipes that leave you feeling INSPIRED in the kitchen! Not to mention hungry!   Pictured and Linked Below: (counter clock wise) Sizzlefish, Jo-lynne Shane, Purely Twins, The Guilty Kitchen, livefromlaquinta, Barr and Table, … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Food Ideas To Eat Before Your Long Run

Need ideas on what to eat before a long run? Here are a few #glutenfree fuel options via @LCCotter

“WHAT GLUTEN FREE FOODS SHOULD I EAT BEFORE A LONG RUN?”  --> Apparently that’s one of the top searches I get to my site. Maybe it’s because I’ve chatted about gluten free training fuel, or gluten free pre race meal ideas. Ya, I’m a gluten free sherpa wife at your service. And it’s my pleasure! With that in mind, I thought I’d go ahead and extend this “gluten free … [Read more...]