What the Heck is Sablefish and Why is it So Good for Us? Plus a Recipe!

July 16, 2014

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see a lot of pictures of fish. Yes, we love our fish (SIZZLEFISH)! One of our favorite types of fish to eat is Sablefish. The funny thing is, not many people have heard of sablefish and often ask me about this delicious fish. So I’d thought I’d write […]

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Vitamin C Hawaiian Bread with EmergenC

July 11, 2014

Well, we made it! It’s been a busy first part of summer but I’m happy to report that July has brought us some good rest and recovery! The Kiwi has made it through his first round of racing, so the past week or so have been super chill. Our recovery food is just as important […]

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Two All American Smoothie Recipes and Seeing Stars WOD

July 4, 2014

Yes, I went there. Another holiday recipe post. More Fourth of July recipes for you to collect and go pin crazy. Actually, these two smoothie recipes you can make anytime, they just have an ALL AMERICAN theme because let’s face it, having a “themed” post is more fun. Plus it gives me a chance to […]

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Blissful Blueberry Oat Cobbler Healthy Bites

July 2, 2014

Happy JULY!!! You know what the means, right? New month, new Healthy Bites Flavor, and new giveaway. This month’s flavor was hard to choose. I wanted to go all American for the the 4th, but it’s also my birthday month (let’s just say I’m past 30 now), so I wanted to incorporate some kind of cake […]

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The Perfect Pre Race Travel Snack – Grain Free Nutty Coconut Bars

June 27, 2014

Happy last week of June! How did that happen? I don’t mind it though because July brings us some much needed rest. The Kiwi has one more race this weekend and then it will be two weeks of down time before his next training/racing blocks. Luckily, this last race is in Texas, so no packing […]

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Two Gut Health Supplements and Raspberry Probiotic Gelatin

June 23, 2014

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post on Jill’s blog about my go-to “bonus” supplements for gut health. These are supplements that are extra nourishing to me for maintaining gut health, my gut health. Do I need them daily? Probably not, but I do enjoy rotating them in my diet and the kiwi’s […]

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Chronic Inflammation and Turmeric Ginger Lemonade

June 16, 2014

If there’s two things professional endurance athletes try their hardest to avoid, it’s Chronic inflammation and Chronic Fatigue. Unfortunately, I think most athletes (pro and recreational) have had their bouts of both from time to time. It’s like the plague! My husband suffered from chronic fatigue in 2009 from over training and under resting. Yep, […]

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The Best Homemade Gluten Free and Dairy Free Bread Recipe!

June 13, 2014

Soft gluten free bread is sometimes hard to find these days, let alone make! I often get asked what GF bread I use or my favorite gluten free bread recipe. Well, to be honest, I don’t have one, unless it’s a protein bread like this one. That’s where my friend Sarena comes in. She is […]

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5 Reasons Athletes Should Eat Fish and Mediterranean Baked Cod

June 9, 2014

Let’s talk fish. Exciting, yes? Actually, you’ll like where I’m going with this. How about we talk about the NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS of fish for athletes and fitness enthusiasts? Even better! You see, we love our fish! And it just so happens that we are FUELED by Sizzlefish! Sizzlefish helps the kiwi (aka husband) get in his […]

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#Nuttzo Recipe Round up and Another Outdoor Workout

June 6, 2014

Happy NUTTZO Friday! I’m heading to UTAH for a NUTTZO weekend with a bunch amazing BLENDS. And because I have the honor of representing NUTTZO, I thought I would end the week with all things NUTTZO. Yes, a Nuttzo recipe round up and an even more nuttzo workout, crazy cotter style! Sound good? LINKS are […]

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