PB Coconut Trail Mix Healthy Bites Recipe and Giveaway

March 31, 2014

I have this little problem. You see, I’ve be making a lot of Healthy Bites for my local customers and kind of got carried away with creating new flavors. That’s what happens when they ask for a “you decide for me” type of order. So yes, it’s a problem because I had a very hard […]

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Basics of Gluten Free Living: Baking Edition

March 11, 2014

*This post is part of my ongoing campaign with Udi’s gluten-free –> you will see below 2 ways to comment; through the Udis GF panel (forum) or through my regular comments. Feel free to use either. The purpose of this is so we (the Udis Gluten Free Influencers) can help answer any questions and/or share […]

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Pop Chip Meatloaf with Balsamic Glaze (Gluten Free)

March 5, 2014

I didn’t know what to call this recipe. It’s not your grandma’s Sunday meatloaf, that’s for sure. Like I mentioned on instagram, it’s a CRAZY COTTER Creation. But it’s also resourceful and strange but good. I almost didn’t even post it. Why? Because I feel like people wouldn’t give it a chance. Sad, but true. […]

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Irish Delight Healthy Bites Recipe (GlutenFree)

March 3, 2014

Well it happened. I totally forgot to post the flavor Friday recipe and giveaway for March. I blame February, the short month. I guess I couldn’t really time it right though anyway. So instead, we’re going to do a little Healthy Bites flavor recipe and giveaway on this Marvelous Monday. I’m pretty sure you won’t […]

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Resourceful Recipes: Pasta and Pancakes (Gluten Free)

February 21, 2014

I grew up with three brothers. Three active in sport brothers. Heck, we all were! Needless to say my mom became very resourceful in the kitchen and thrifty in the grocery store. And you know what? She engraved that same “resourcefulness” in me. Like mother, like daughter. But for us, we value every ingredient and […]

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Link LOVE & Teff Stew for TWO!

February 14, 2014

Ahh Friday. We love Friday. And today is one big Love FEST day, so it’s even better. Like I mentioned before, the Kiwi and I are the most unromantic couple, so you probably won’t find us at a restaurant celebrating Valentines day. Ha! But we will celebrate with food. How about the most unromantic sounding […]

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Building A Support System for Gluten Free Kids & Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Bakes

February 12, 2014

A few month’s ago I mentioned that one of my nieces had to cut out dairy and gluten from her diet. You might remember me making THIS for us at thanksgiving too. Well today I want to talk about her situation a little bit. About how to build a support system for kids with allergies […]

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Friday Flavor & A Healthy Bites Triple Whammy Giveaway

February 7, 2014

I told you saved the best for last. Yep. Here it is! A Flavor Friday giveaway!! I actually had a hard time deciding what flavor Healthy Bites to share this month, but thanks to my instagram post, I finally narrowed it down. Any last minute guesses? Don’t look down for the answer. It was a close […]

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Grain Free Chocolate Coconut Chia Bread

February 5, 2014

Well what’d ya know? I’m 3 for 3 this week. Meaning, I’ve written 3 posts in 3 days. Whoa, now that’s BOLD for me. Ha. But I’m trying. Trying to be BOLDER blogger. And that means sharing good content when inspiration hits, yes? Today is no exception because it’s a GRAIN FREE Cotter Creation. Yes […]

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Pace Partners and Potato Crusted Fruit Pizza

January 27, 2014

If you asked me what I do most weekends, I’d probably say play catch up, work catch up that is. Work to get ahead (financially). Work to feel “productive.” Work to FUEL the week. Sure, there is down time, but honest to goodness, it’s not enough. But since shifting focus and ironing out some kinks […]

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