Sunday Scenes: the S’s

The past few Sunday posts have been all about the “snapshots.” I actually stole this idea from Mama Pea and today I am stealing another idea from Lindsay. I’m pretty sure Katie did a post on S’s as well, so let’s just say I’m a theme stealer. But hey, when you have such creative “blends,” you can’t help but want to be like them, am I right? Winking smile

So here are my Sunday Scenes, in one (okay maybe two) word form, and yes.. all S’s.

Sore (stole from Casey)

IMG_20120901_080913 (2)



Soul Muscles


Stinking Cute (Niece) and Stud (hubs)


Salad, Salsa, Smoked Sandwich (udi’s bread), and Slaw!

okay that was more than 2 words.

salsa and saladsandwich

Shorts and Spray tan


Sadie’s Snack (almond butter Jar)


Seasonal (Gingerbread and Cranberry Sugar Cookie Healthy Bites)


STOKED to get back in the SADDLE!!!!!!

snazzy bikes

Sip and Scripture

soul musclesscripture

And last but not least…. SYRAH and SUNSET


What are some of your Sunday Snapshots? Any start with S?



To Mourn the Storm

This weekend has been one of many mishaps and many goodhaps?? Is that a word?  But there is one thing that could not escape my mind. Sandy.

Just as we share in each other joys, God teaches us to share in each other’s sorrows as well. My heart has been aching for those affected by hurricane Sandy. Mourning is a part of life, and we often just ignore the feelings when we hear about it. But I think it’s healthy to let those emotions play out, to really mourn and/or grieve with and for others.

So yes, it saddens me, in a deep way. Reminds of the fires we had last year, when people lost everything. It also reminds me of the stories my mother in law told me when they experienced the Christchurch New Zealand earthquake(s). UNREAL stories!  But I am also thankful that my friends and family are safe.  I highly recommend you read the Sandy recaps from Julie and Dorry. Their hearts are amazing! Angela talks here about her experience as a NYC marathoner whose race was canceled. And Christine talks about her homecoming post Sandy.

This Sunday, take a moment to mourn, to pray, and give in anyway. Then thank God for what YOU do HAVE!

Life, Love, Health, Beautiful Scenery, Food, Job, Family, Friends (IRL and Blog friends), Laughter, Faith, etc.

chairhoney114022497_C8SYv8RQ_c126173556_PD9Lhue4_bDSC02673.JPGvisionthe langstortillatrailsberriesdogIMG_20120823_151549IMG_20120608_111627IMG_20120902_163828IMG_20120908_184248IMG_20121025_134438IMG_20120911_103825IMG_20121007_113147shoreswim

I’ve maybe posted 2x this past week. To say I’ve been in a funk is an understatement. But again, i feel like taking the time to let the emotions is important. It has humbled me in more ways than one, and for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for a God whose mercies are new every morning. 

And on that note, good MOURNing.




I do have a giveaway and more real”blog stuff” to post, but just hang tight while my Corny Cotter side let’s loose. ;-)

Not Really but kinda Wordless Wednesdays: Bahamas Days

Ahh, one more day here. It’s gone by fast, too fast. But I think it’s because we’ve stayed busy. I know a lot of people think we are on vacation, but nope, that’s not the case. We just get to work in paradise for a week. Can’t complain. It’s definitely a vacation from the norm though.

I thought’ I’d share a little bit of what goes on here and then follow it up with a lot of photos. That works, right?

Okay, here goes.

Bahamas Days: Cotter Camp

Wake up. Make breakfast, coffee, etc..

Sherpa (that’s me) gets her own time to run or strength train. Then back to the house to make snacks.

Do a little work for Barbara on the upcoming UWC Triathlon Bahamas. (side note: everyone needs to come race this!!! It’s going to be, what’s the word? EPIC!)

Lunch time is an ocean swim (ironman distance). Sherpa prepares lunch or picks it up. Makes sure the fridge is stocked with bananas and chocolate milk (crucial, haha). If enough time, Sherpa gets to hang out at the beach while they swim.

Post lunch grocery store run. Follow up with emails, Triathlon work, etc. Run any other errands needed. Maybe break lose mid day to go the beach again for an hour. Hehe.

Early evening is a bike and/or run workout. Sherpa gets dinner ready or arranges dinner plans. If okay with boss of course. Winking smile 

Late evening dinner, clean up, debrief on porch, eat a snack. Bed!


And now, pictures. The WORDLESS STUFF.


Lots of swims, lots of sweat, lots of stretching, and lots of scary beach hair. EEEK!

Oh my one food pic for the week, a favorite. Duck confit with bacon from Mahogany House. Ya, that’s good stuff right there. I need to learn how to make this.


Well, we’re back to Austin tomorrow. Then back to other work Friday. I’ve got healthy bites orders to fill and a dog waiting to be spoiled. Not to mention laundry laundry laundry.

Cheers to good travels!


Wordless Weekend

Sometimes the most concrete posts are the ones that say nothing, but show everything. Am I right?

Hence the wordless weekend. Wordless.. or PURPOSEFUL. Your choice.

Passion and Work… the best of both worlds!


Dreaming and Living.. yes, they can coexist.


Nourishment.. for myself and for others. A good BALANCE.

hempJS marathon bites

Adventurous …. need I say more?


Rejuvenate.… in various ways.


IF you could capture a picture to describe your weekend, what would it be of?



Food & Family: Marvelous in My Monday

If I really wanted to I could abbreviate this title to F&FMIMM, but I didn’t. I’ll save you the brain space on this Monday. Smile with tongue out

Speaking of Monday, Happy Monday. Monday’s are a little different for me since I usually try to work a bit during the weekend. Come Monday I like to take a little extra time to run errands, chill, etc.

But this Monday is marvelous for more than that. This Monday is marvelous because the weekend was marvelous. No I didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t do anything super exciting. It was the little things that made it good, no…great! Thank you Katie for hosting this marvelous link up!


  • We spent our first weekend in our new home (apartment).
  • We finally got a washer/dryer hooked up. We have gone 5 years without having either. Lots of people let us borrow washer/dryer time, especially family!
  • We finally got our DVD player to work. We don’t have cable, so popping in a movie on the weekend is nice. Good cuddle time on the couch too. Winking smile
  • It was under 100F all weekend, plus we got a little rain.
  • We found new trails by our apartment and went exploring with this little one.


  • My father in law flew in for literally 30 hrs. It was a quick trip. He is on his way back to New Zealand today (the life of a pilot), but oh it was fun to catch up and eat Mexican food with these kiwi men.

boysmen and me



Banana Almond Coconut bread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: bread
Serves: 6-8
  • 1¼ cup almond meal
  • 1¼ cup coconut flour
  • sea salt
  • cinnamon
  • Vanilla extract (optional)
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 6-8 oz milk (i used almond milk)
  • 2 eggs (or flax eggs to keep vegan)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1-2 tbsp nut butter
  • ½ cup crushed dried banana chips
  • 2 tbsp hemp seed (can use chia, flax, etc)
  • *the only sugar here is from the banana, so if you want it extra sweet, add in honey or an additional sweetener like stevia, brown sugar, etc
  1. Mix all your dry ingredients together first. Then add in eggs, mix well. Then add in your milk, extract, nut butter, and banana. I used my hands here to mix and mash everything. Spray or oil a baking dish (9×13 works) with coconut oil. Press the dough down firmly into the dish. Bake at 350F for 15-18 minutes depending on your oven. Let cool, or not, just dig in!
  2. *Note: i added in glutamine powder (about 1-2tsp) just for extra help during digestion.
  3. *Note again: This bread is a good base for anything sweet or salty! That’s if you keep is sugar free. Would also be good with chocolate chips!
  • And lastly, my Saturday was spent looking like this. I call this look “baker’s wings” (aka crazy hair). That’s a sign of a good day in the kitchen, am I right?


What’s your Marvelous today?



Enjoy the View

This was our last weekend in the Bahamas. Another round of long runs, bike rides, and swimming. But before we hopped into training mode, we got to enjoy some boating in “recovery day” mode. Yes Friday was recovery, from the week of training, then Saturday and Sunday were longer training hours. I hopped in a few swim here and there and tackled a slow slow slow 5k. It felt good to be out there and it felt good to be the first one done, hehe.

Anyway, here’s a quick video and a few views from the boat.

boat ridepingboat ride 2boat

Love the large homes with the yachts out front. The hubs and I fully intended to win lottery and then buy one, or both!  Anyone wanna pitch in for a vacation spot? Winking smile haha.


Well, that’s it folks. I head back to good old ATX today and the hubs comes back a day or two after. It will be good to be home but I will miss my time here. We always meet such amazing people when we travel. We get to act like locals and make a little home away from home. We create new friendships that last a lifetime. Yes, it is corny, but true. They don’t call me Corny Cotter for nothin.’


Life at home awaits. Several orders of healthy bites to be filled, hooray! And a new game plan for the hubs. Stay tuned for another stand by by Cotter report.

Cheers to new friends, new experiences, a successful journey, and a great view!


Life Snapshot(s)

Pictures can be powerful. Am I right? I mean they can easily show an emotion, a thought, a feeling, a reaction, a memory in the making, etc. As I browsed through the past few pictures on my camera and phone, I saw just that. One big BALL of LIFE wrapped around a Snap Shot.

Let me explain, or rather, let the pictures explain.


And the words, feelings, and emotions of life that go along with it? See Below.

Stormy, but calm

fed, but hungry

hopeful, but eager

still, but moving….

and ready for what else is in store. Winking smile


What’s your life snapshot look like today?




I’ve been trying to get this post up all day, but you know, sometimes life just happens. But as soon as I sat down to go through all the GENUINE pictures, life just slowed down. It was peaceful, it was quiet, it was soothing.

Words cannot express how much JOY I had going through these pictures. It truly was a blessing in my week. And now, I must share these blessings. So sit back, cause this is going to be a TWO PART series. Each one will be filled with YOU… GENUINE YOU!

I guarantee this will MAKE YOUR MONDAY, heck it might even MAKE YOUR WEEK!


Part I

Lindsay and her Hubby with such genuine SMILES
The Lean Green Bean


A MizFit Family embracing some genuine love and snuggle time

2010-09-01 15.15.50_Austin_Texas_US-1

Lauren and her GENUINE lifelong friends share a fun memory!


Susan (left) sharing genuine tears of JOY and RELIEF after completing her daughter after completing first marathon.

And Ashley, living in the moment of genuine happiness and love!

finish eetgenuine (2)

Michelle and her sweet daughter- leaning in to give an eskimo kiss.

A genuine moment “candid camera.”


Sophia being her genuine self with her genuine loves.


Lauren and her hubs soaking up some genuine time together in the mountains.


Julia sharing a genuine cuddle with her pup and a sharing a hug with her genuine support post Ironman!

photo (2)photo

Amazing MOMMA Elizabeth, now here’s a genuine REAL LIFE MOMENT—>

 “un-showered, in mom attire, icing knee, checking to-do list, photo taken by four year old child, who was not supposed to be playing with her iPhone. I sent this one because this is real… not posed, no make-up, just going about my business in a completely candid moment.”


Kelly-  from her wedding day, looking at her husband with genuine love.

She also wrote—- > “I was so (and still am) genuinely in love with Keith.”

Wedding Day 2

Jenny- sharing a genuine “caught in the act” moment baking with her niece and capturing some genuine family fun (husband and niece).


My sweet friend Jess, smiling her most genuine smile because her hubs is behind the camera making her giggle. Winking smile


Here’s to a great start to the week friends!

Part II coming up tomorrow. <3