Frozen Grape and Vanilla Coconut Smoothie – Dairy Free and Packed Full of Nutrition


Stay cool and nourished with this dairy free frozen grape and vanilla coconut smoothie! Super creamy, delicious,  and packed full of healthy nutrients!! Great for breakfast or post workout too. Hello Friday! Did you survive the week? Or did you melt? Ha, we're always melting in Texas. It reached 100F this week. And that's actually pretty late in the season. Usually we're … [Read more...]

Tropical Beet Smoothie with Mac Nut {The Endurance Booster Drink}

Tropical Beet Smoothie with Mac Nuts! It's healthy and fruity. An Endurance Boosting drink full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

Tropical Beet Smoothie with Mac Nuts! It's healthy, creamy, delicious, and fruity. Our favorite Endurance Boosting drink full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Perfect drink for summer too!   Can I let you in on a little confession? Um.. we have a serious smoothie consumption problem. No really, our blender is on it's last leg. But I must say, it's … [Read more...]

Immunity Boosting Orange Carrot Coconut Smoothie


Start your day off right with this Immunity Boosting Orange Carrot Coconut Smoothie. Naturally sweet, refreshing, and full of antioxidants!  There are 3 reasons you might be needing this IMMUNITY booster of a smoothie today. Okay maybe four, but let's just focus on the top 3, because I like odd numbers. ;-) One --> You've been traveling all weekend and need and are … [Read more...]

6 Healthy Recipes for Adrenal Health

6-recipes-to support-adrenal-health (grain free)

What are the best recipes for adrenal health? Look for foods and ingredients that are nutrient dense. That means lots of good healthy fats, protein, and rich in Vitamin C and Magnesium. And don't forget to the gluten free veggie starches! Timing is everything with these foods in order elevate or lower cortisol levels. Funny how all this week I've posted about comfort in the … [Read more...]

Tangy Asian BBQ Gluten Free Salmon Salad – Plus Lycopene Absorption!

Gluten Free Tangy Asian BBQ Salmon Salad: An easy to make, recipe with ingredients that taste great, and they help the body with Lycopene absorption, too.

Tangy Asian BBQ Salmon Salad: A gluten free, light meal made with a sweet and spicy sauce and grilled salmon! Goes great with Edamame salad. Healthy and full of antioxidants, and it helps the body with Lycopene absorption! Everyone has one in their family. You know, that person who doesn't like this food or that food, but you on the hand love that food. Yep. That's my … [Read more...]

Vanilla Matcha Grain Free Protein Bites Recipe

Snack healthy this St. Patrick's day with these Lucky Shamrock grain free protein bites recipe. They're packed with antioxidants, good fats, and protein.

Snack healthy this St. Patrick's day with this Lucky Shamrock grain free protein bites recipe. They're packed with antioxidants, good fats, and protein. Oh, and they're tasty, too! Well hello March! You sure did sneak up on me and so did St. Patrick's day. Luckily (no pun intended), I was prepared. You see, before I left for New Zealand, I made these bites. I also … [Read more...]

Spicy Surf and Turf Caesar Salad Recipe Plus Health Benefits of Cooking with Curry During Winter

surf and turf curry ceasar salad

This curry spiced surf and turf caesar salad is a healthy dish great for spicing up your salads while keeping your immune system strong! Easy to make and my version is gluten free of course!  I will confess. The kiwi and I are not romantic. In fact, we're quite boring. But hey, that's us, right? We spend a lot of date nights in because A- I like to cook, it's my therapy … [Read more...]

One Dish Fish and Veggie Bake {Paleo Friendly}

one dish cod and veggie bake #paleo Easy dinner!

One dish meals. Oh goodness, we love them! I mean, throw everything in a pot or pan, cook, serve, bam! You're done.  And if you're like us, maybe you make a couple of dishes and save some for the next day? Leftovers for lunch is like GOLD! Really though, one dish meals can save you a ton of time in the kitchen and make week night dinners delicious and healthy. When I … [Read more...]

Gut Loving Cranberry Pineapple Elixir with Turmeric

Cranberry Pineapple Elixir

Here we go! Second week of 2015. How's it been treating you? Are you one to start the detoxing and cleansing? I'll be the first to admit, I don't believe in detoxing. But that's just my personal preference. To each their own. I think the liver is the only one that needs to focus on detoxing for us, but sometimes we just need to give it a little TLC or support. I know my liver … [Read more...]

Dairy Free SUPER Fruitcake Smoothie {Paleo}

super fruitcake smoothie (paleo)

When I was a kid, I used to get giddy when we hit the last 5 days till Christmas. It meant school was out and I hadn't a worry in the world. Plus I knew I was on the nice list. I was a goody two shoes, so Santa loved me! ;-) Well, today that giddy feeling is kinda still there, but along with it is a feeling of being rushed. Like an "oh crap I haven't bought any gifts yet" … [Read more...]