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Do You Need a Digital Detox?

July 14, 2014

I often reminisce about our time in New Zealand back in 2011-2012. You see, those were the days when all we had was a local Nokia phone with no extra features, our car had no radio, and the only access to internet we has was when we were at the house connected to wi-fi. That […]

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Flashback Friday: Kiwi Cotter

November 23, 2012

As I sit here, thinking over this past year, I almost get a little teary eyed. For me, that says something. I may be corny, but shedding tears of emotion? Pah-lease. Haha, actually, I share in tears of joy. And that’s why I am writing this today. For me, to share joy, to look back […]

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All things Green and Winner

March 18, 2012

This is a semi wordless post. It’s not too important. Well, besides the announcement of the HEALTHY BITES winners!! Oh yea! In order to not make it too lame, I will talk about my big realization this weekend. Green! Yep, it’s everything and I didn’t even notice before St. Patty’s day. I know I know, […]

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30 Min Thursday: The “NEW” Routine

March 15, 2012

ROUTINE ——> It’s a funny word in the Cotter House. You see, we rarely have a SET routine. It changes all the time. If something works, we stick with it, if it doesn’t then Buh-bye. And how do we know if it works? We see results in the way we LIVE with and for each other. […]

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Fake it Friday

March 9, 2012

Ahh yes. Friday has come. Although it’s just another day in the Cotter house, it still feels good to say it’s Friday. I think my brain and body are finally on the Friday wavelength too. So what is the best way to overcome jet lag? I say “fake it.” Fake like you never left the […]

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March 8, 2012

Helloo!!! “I don’t think we’re in New Zealand anymore Toto.” Yep, my exact thoughts. As soon as we landed in LA, a rush of adrenaline hit. Yes, half of it was the jet lag and strong coffee combination, but the other half was just REAL. Let me tell you our travel plans, just humor. 4 […]

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Victory in the Land of Long White Cloud

March 6, 2012

Are you wondering about my title? No? Well, you should. New Zealand is “supposedly” referred to as the Land of the long white cloud. Just click the link for the history. I won’t go into detail here, don’t you worry. But what I will go into detail about is my time here. So sit back […]

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It is what it is..

March 4, 2012

This morning I woke up and just so happened to have an online devotional sent to me in my email. Thankfully, we had 1/2 G of data left so I could read and pass it along to the hubs. It was hard to read, yet comforting at the same time. These words were loud and […]

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Mother Nature cancels Ironman

March 2, 2012

In 12 hours the hubs was suppose to be racing a FULL IRONMAN, but around 4 pm today, Mother Nature had other plans in mind. After 4 months of hard work, training, etc. the poor guy doesn’t get to race the full event. There was frustration, there was heartbreak, and there was upset. Clouds starting […]

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Taupo Tour- El Cheapo

February 29, 2012

Helllooooo! Well friends. We made it to Taupo in one piece. We are settled in and ready to RELAX before the big day. Unfortunately we are without internet or phone (unless we pay for it hourly), therefore I will be a bit more MIA. That is unless someone wants to sponsor us for that, haha. […]

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