Monday Musts and Minute to Minute WOD


It’s Monday, I am allowed to use an excessive amount of alliteration, right? Good! But really, Monday’s Musts are pretty important. Stick with me here. This Monday is Veterans Day in the U.S. I’d say thanking and acknowledging those veterans are a MUST! After staying at West Point last weekend, I’m definitely appreciating those who did and are protecting our country—> … [Read more...]

Monday Moments

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Ever so often my dear friend (blend) Katie writes a post of beautiful life moments captured at each hour of the day. I absolutely adore these posts. You see, we tend to say a lot with our words, but how often do let pictures say a lot about the details of our lives? For us, each day is different (schedule wise) but always includes eating, training, working, enjoying, and … [Read more...]

Monday Muses: Fitness, Food, and Life


I recently was asked where I find my inspiration, in life, recipes, blogging, fitness, etc. In all honesty, it’s not sitting right in front me. I have to OPEN my EYES to see it, to grab hold of it. And it certainty doesn’t happen without the help of so called “muses.” A muse is someone (or something) that gives you inspiration. Ok technically a muse is a person, but I like … [Read more...]

An apple a day the FRS way


Well, I just wrote a very detailed post about about why we use and LOVE FRS and now it’s gone. My computer decided it was not ready for Monday and just shut down. Gotta love those moments. Let’s start over, shall we? I'll do my best to remember my train of thought.. ha. So, FRS --> We are hooked. But let me tell you why. First off this stuff is packed with my … [Read more...]

MIMM: Giving in


If my (our) life could talk right now it’d say…. Whoa.. Every day I wake up thinking “let’s do this.” And every night I ask myself, “how can I do better?” Give up? No. Give in? maybe sometimes. Give it all you got? Most of the time. This past weekend I gave in a little, because I am human, because I needed to remember that giving it your all doesn’t mean doing it … [Read more...]

Wiggle Room


There is a reason I am not a doctor or any other profession that makes you preform well under pressure. I just don’t handle it well. In fact, it makes me anxious just thinking about it. But I do think that a lot of people handle pressure well and thrive off it, like my husband. They don’t call him Last Minute Cotter for a reason ya know? Anyway, I do have a point here. Let … [Read more...]

We’re Nuts. We know.


People often look at our lives and call us nuts. Why’s that? We are nomads. We are moving once again. We are pursuing our passions/dreams, hoping one or all will come to fruition. We are living paycheck to paycheck. We are thirty years old have yet to make plans for kids, even though we want them. No 5 year plan, no 2 car garage, no nest egg. We sweat for a living … [Read more...]

Smart Snickers


Well, I've been a bit of a tease the past few day. Not on purpose, okay maybe a little. You see, this weekend I posted the two pictures below on my social media accounts. The first one is of the Gingerbread Healthy Bites (December Flavor) and the second picture is of my Grain Free Coconut Snickerdoodle cookies. But I think I confused everyone and now people are wanting … [Read more...]

I Had Plans


This was my dog yesterday. Plans to lounge and rest. She’s smart! This was me. Don’t mind the shirt. I actually love it but disagree with it. I do need an off season. It makes me stronger in the end. Yesterday was an off day. I needed a rest day physically. Today my body is feeling so much better for it.  But my brain is still a bit tired. So today I am taking another day … [Read more...]

Nutmeg is the Spice of Life & Pay it forward Giveaway.


Okay, I’m doing things a little differently today. I don’t think Heather will mind, but I guess I’ll find out. Instead of doing a recipe for this weeks MMAZ, I’m going to talk about the benefits of the ingredient (Nutmeg) and ways to use it! So Martha of me, right? But read all the way to the end, cause you’re gonna want to enter the giveaway. And if you care less about … [Read more...]