marvelous monday

“Stressing Over Stress is What Makes Stress so Stressful”

April 7, 2014

Welcome Marvelous Monday! I think I should start off by explaining last week’s RESTING more than a day post. Yes, I closed comments for that post so that we could all rest. But I also did it because I knew I would want to respond to comments and engage in good conversation if I left […]

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PB Coconut Trail Mix Healthy Bites Recipe and Giveaway

March 31, 2014

I have this little problem. You see, I’ve be making a lot of Healthy Bites for my local customers and kind of got carried away with creating new flavors. That’s what happens when they ask for a “you decide for me” type of order. So yes, it’s a problem because I had a very hard […]

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Good for You Green Recipe Round Up

March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re like most, you might have celebrated a wee bit this past weekend. Hence the GOOD for YOU Green recipe round up today (recovery meals). But if you’re like me, you spent your weekend recovering from a tiring previous week, and still need these recipes. Win-win situation, yes? So I […]

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3 Strength Moves to Improve Your Run Form

March 10, 2014

It’s been a little over a year now since we’ve had to deal with injuries.  This past brought good health, healing, and being injury free for me and the kiwi. That means something. It means we’re doing something right. It may have took us a long time to find that right (rest and injury prevention), […]

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Irish Delight Healthy Bites Recipe (GlutenFree)

March 3, 2014

Well it happened. I totally forgot to post the flavor Friday recipe and giveaway for March. I blame February, the short month. I guess I couldn’t really time it right though anyway. So instead, we’re going to do a little Healthy Bites flavor recipe and giveaway on this Marvelous Monday. I’m pretty sure you won’t […]

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Computrainers and 2 Indoor Cycling Workouts

February 17, 2014

Hello Marvelous Monday! The Cotter’s are happy to report a that this weekend was warm and successful with training, fueling, work, etc. The kiwi says it’s a pretty darn good feeling when you don’t have to put on these layers for a 3 hour ride. I say it’s a pretty darn good FUELING when you […]

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3 Cross Training Workouts & Allowing Mental Breaks

February 10, 2014

If there’s two things that really gets on people’s nerves, it’s bad weather and not being in control. So I can only assume a lot of us have been feeling a little annoyed the past few weeks. Yes? We might be stuck inside, training schedules and family routine go out the window, and we’ve had […]

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Getting Ironing: From Smoothies to Slip Ups

January 20, 2014

If you’re like me, you have this perception of what the new year will feel like, or maybe it’s expectations. You know… these—> working on balancing life, shifting your focus towards all things purposeful, being productive, and so on and so. Am I right ? Oh my, those are some high (right off the bat) […]

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Move it Monday: Core and More

January 13, 2014

Reminisce for a minute with me here. When was the first time you heard the word “core?” To be honest, I think it’s still a relatively new term, I could be wrong. I first heard the word CORE back in 2004 when I received my ACE Personal Training Certification. Before that (in college) I was […]

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Make it, Move it, & #LBT Review

January 6, 2014

Happy Monday Folks! We had quite a few weeks of celebration and I’m sad it’s over but glad we can finally get back in the swing of things. These Crazy Cotters ended the weekend on a high note celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary. So for 6 years, the gift is fermented foods, right? Haha. […]

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