Healing Hands and WIAW Recipe

carrot apple pie muffins-001

The past few days I’ve opened up my computer maybe 2-3x. Usually to respond to a few ASAP things and emails. I've hit read all in my READER and only read a few things here or there. You see, when tragedy strikes, I think there is a need for a little more disconnect. And since the Sandy Hook tragedy happened so close to Christmas, my heart is just eager to be still pray, pray … [Read more...]

Thou Shalt’s


It’s been a slow morning here. I woke up early, naturally. Like before 6am. But I have no plan other than to sit, drink coffee, and spend more time in my devotional this morning. No agenda. No ABC of life. Although I feel as if I should. But what makes us feel the need to be busy? To have a plan? Or as my dad would say, live linearly?  Today I want to UNglorify the busy. To … [Read more...]

Asheville Smiles


We have these moments. Moments of pure joy, of blissful blessings, of thankful awareness. This past weekend, I had all three. This past weekend was a Godsend. The hubs was in NC training (others). Being the good man he is, he let me use one of his stand by tickets to meet up with some friends in Asheville. We’d then reunite in Charlotte on Monday for our journey … [Read more...]

Love Button List & Workout


I am a liker, meaning, I like a lot of things on Facebook, instagram, etc. My fingers tend to take over and before I know, I’ve “liked” things that I really didn’t mean to “like.” I think it's because LIKE them WAY too much. Therefore I am convinced, I am convinced we need to bring back the “LOVE” button. And not only on Facebook, but on instagram too. I promise to use it … [Read more...]

Filler UP Friday


Just a quick hello this GOOD FRIDAY. I hope everyone gets their FILL weekend. FILL yourself so that you can overflow. I know, easier said than done at times. But to me, FILLING ourselves starts with being kind to ourselves, loving ourselves, and being thankful… yes… for OURselves. Do I sound like a hallmark card yet? So go head, get your FILL. Your FILL … [Read more...]

Goodbye Auckland, it was real.


If you are reading this now, that means the Cotter’s have departed Auckland (well hopefully). The 1990 Honda has hit the road and is making our journey back to Christchurch via Tauranga for a quick weekend race. These past 11 days have been FULL. But not just full of training, friends, etc. It’s been FULL of LIFE. It’s taken a whole new year to realize that but THANK GOODNESS … [Read more...]

Christchurch: A New Beginning


Well, can you believe it? Less than one week to go till Christmas and two weeks till 2012. Gosh, where does time go? I know, I’m an old fart for saying that, but it’s true. Anyways, I’ve been indulging in some photo gluttony with my camera lately, so I’m thinking I might have to fill this next week with just New Zealand posts for a good cleanse, that ok? Today I wanted to … [Read more...]

“Our” Thankful Board


Today I am thankful for a connection. A connection made through a comment, a link, a post, tweet, and so so much more. I am thankful for you! Thankful for your heart, and thankful for your willingness to share. Day 6 of my Thankful Board is YOU! I was so thrilled to receive these pictures from you all. Most everyone wanted to share WHO they are thankful for, which to me, … [Read more...]

WIAW- Abundance


How often do we wake up already knowing what we will have for breakfast, or at least what we want for breakfast? I’d say everyday! Heck, most of us have planned out the whole day of meals, snacks, etc. And some, yes some, are way ahead and have planned out a full week of meals (that’s impressive!). My friends, this is such a blessing. One that I (we) so so so often take for … [Read more...]

Love the Limbo


limbo- in limbo in a state of uncertainty, up in the air, in abeyance, not knowing whether one is coming or going. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have a feeling that a lot of us are feeling this way….in limbo. We may have just completed a race and don’t know what to do next (rest, train, race again, etc.), we may be waiting for the Holiday season to REALLY begin, we may be … [Read more...]