Maintaining Gut Health and Gluten Free Living

April 14, 2014

A few weeks ago I posted my story, my gluten-free story. And I might’ve left you hanging a bit. This past year has really been about hanging on. Or shall I say, maintaining. Maintaining gut health and a gluten-free lifestyle does take work, and patience. Just like any journey to health and healing. So today […]

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Bolder Blogging: Writing with Intention

March 18, 2014

If you asked me what my “blogging intention” was 5 (almost 6) years ago, it would be pretty simple. To share gluten free recipes that I make for my hungry and hard training triathlete husband. Yes, that’s how it all started. I’d get recipe requests from his fellow triathletes and friends to post them. Gosh, […]

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Bolder Blogging: Why I will never have a perfect Blog

February 25, 2014

These are my truths. These are my imperfections. And these reasons why my blog will never be perfect. I don’t post every day. I’m pretty the grammar Gods frown upon me with each post. I don’t have the best food photography skills –> but at least they are improving. I’ve had a light box (for […]

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Bolder Blogging: Finding Your Sweet Spot

February 13, 2014

I was on my computer yesterday, trying to edit this food picture and recipe below when it hit me. side note: this is the most unromantic delicious soup, which I will post tomorrow, a comical valentines day. Is this my sweet spot? After reading this devotional and multiple email conversations with some dear friends, I […]

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Bolder Blogging: Embrace your Space

February 4, 2014

Hi. Welcome to another BOLDER BLOGGER post. This is my space. I’ve been here for 5 years. Yup, since 2009. Did you know I actually started by guest posting recipes on the kiwi’s first blog? Then I moved to my own blog. Then here –> self hosted. This is my space. I am not big […]

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Life After Blogging: The Marriage Edition

January 31, 2014

Today I am lucky. Lucky to have a real life and blend share her words of wisdom with me, with us. You’ve read her words before—> Here and Here. Why do I want her to keep blogging here? Well, we all need to remember…. We need to remember that life comes first, then  blogging. And in […]

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Pace Partners and Potato Crusted Fruit Pizza

January 27, 2014

If you asked me what I do most weekends, I’d probably say play catch up, work catch up that is. Work to get ahead (financially). Work to feel “productive.” Work to FUEL the week. Sure, there is down time, but honest to goodness, it’s not enough. But since shifting focus and ironing out some kinks […]

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Getting Ironing: From Smoothies to Slip Ups

January 20, 2014

If you’re like me, you have this perception of what the new year will feel like, or maybe it’s expectations. You know… these—> working on balancing life, shifting your focus towards all things purposeful, being productive, and so on and so. Am I right ? Oh my, those are some high (right off the bat) […]

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When You Think You’re Failing, it’s Time to REFOCUS

January 9, 2014

Well I rarely post on a Thursday, but two things prompted me to write a “THURSDAY THOUGHTS ” or rather a TRUTHS post –> These TWO Inspiring women (Carla and Christine) and this devotional. So let’s talk about Healthy Bites. Let’s talk about how I haven’t promoted them much lately and took a break most of […]

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Life is like Gluten Free & Dairy Free Oreo “dirt” Pie

December 4, 2013

So last week was Thanksgiving. And I decided to make a gluten-free and dairy free Oreo “dirt” pie for my niece and myself to enjoy (we’re the ones with allergies). What I didn’t realize was that there was going to be an original Oreo “dirt” pie there as well. All of a sudden I felt […]

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