MonDATE & Recipe

I’m switching up the word MUNDANE for MonDATE. Get it? No more Mundane Monday. Instead I’m making a DATE with MY DAY or rather “Mon (French for My) Day.”

I’m making a date to laugh. Laugh at my husband, cause he’s funny, and I don’t give him enough credit there. Plus his FRO is getting crazy, so it’s easy to laugh at him when we wakes up with Wild KIWI Hair.


I’m making a date to laugh at myself while I am at it. Sometimes we take life too seriously, especially on a Monday. I think it’s best to start the day off with silliness.

IMG_20120827_120153 (1)

Plus laughter “stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation, which can reduce the physical symptoms of stress.” It says so here!

I’m making a date with my rice cooker. It’s done me well these past few days and it’s such a time saver!


I’m making a date to use up some good FARMER’S MARKET finds. Prepping the week for nourishment.


I’m making a date with Heather.. I mean her MMAZ.


Why? Cause I’ve been dying to participate and this weeks ingredient just happens to be…………..DATES. Bahahaha, I know, so clever of me, right?


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Sweet and Savory Quinoa Broccoli Slaw Salad
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Side dish or light lunch
Serves: 2-4
  • 2 cup broccoli slaw
  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa
  • ⅔ cup chopped dates
  • ½ cup chopped red onion
  • roasted sunflower seed
  • coconut milk or cream (or other milk/cream of choice)
  • ⅔ cup chopped tempeh bacon (they have GF tempeh now) or regular bacon if you are not doing meatless
  • black pepper
  • butter (optional)
  • oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • red pepper flakes and Cholula sauce (optional)
  1. Rinse your quinoa and the cook according to instructions. I cook my in a rice cooker. When the quinoa is almost fully cooked (fluffy), add in about a half up of coconut, a smidgen of butter, and your chopped dates. Continue to steam/cook covered for another 5 minutes.
  2. In a separate skillet, sauté your onions, seeds, bacon (or tempeh), black pepper. Set aside. Then quickly steam your slaw. I usually do this in the same pot as the quinoa, just setting it on top of the quinoa for 5 minutes with the pot covered, or just microwave for a couple minutes. You just want the slaw semi steamed but still with a little crunch.
  3. One everything is cooked, scoop ½c each into a bowl and mix!
  4. OR mix all ingredients together in one big bowl and refrigerate for later servings.
  5. Top with chili pepper, balsamic vinegar, and Cholula before serving.
  6. Delish!


Now, you must excuse me. I have a DATE in the kitchen for some Healthy Bite orders.

What are you making a Date with/for today?



Top 10 Reasons to Disconnect

Top 10 reasons to disconnect on a Monday.

You ready?

  1. You played hooky from work Friday and are making up for it today.
  2. You’re too busy enjoying summer.
  3. Your brain is on vacation (Mine is).
  4. You are on vacation (I wish).
  5. Your socializing with IRL people and friends today.
  6. You’ve run out of status updates.
  7. Your moving and without internet (ya, still kinda there).
  8. You ate sardines and GF crackers this weekend, not really a creative recipe to share. (Guilty)
  9. You’re spending the day in the kitchen, making goodies. (Yes, Healthy Bite orders to complete today!)
  10. And finally… your laptop has virus and is getting fixed. (Sad but true. But I’ll take that as a sign.)

Just for kicks, here’s a little Monday Fun!


Wanna catch up on last week? That’s only if you’re not disconnecting.

Here are a few:

And for a great post about taking advice from chocolate —–> READ HERE.    Abby, that’s sweet advice! I’m off to go “conserve awesomeness.”



Learning the Lingo & Recipe

Ahh Happy Monday. I am posting this at exactly 8pm on Monday night here in New Zealand, which means it’s 1am Monday morning in Texas. Therefore, we can finally share in a Monday together, yes?

Pinned Image


Don’t worry, it only took me 2 months to get the whole time change right. Just kidding…sorta.

Okay so I might not be the best at adjusting to time change but I am learning how talk and eat like a Kiwi. Below are a list of words that I am finally picking up here in the land of the big white cloud (that’s New Zealand). Finally, I am not having to ask people to repeat things slowly. haha.

More words: here

  • pikelet: small pancake often served with jam and whipped cream
  • naff off: get lost!
  • petrol: gasoline
  • lolly: candy
  • loo: bathroom
  • sunnies: sunglasses
  • torch: flashlight
  • two sammies short of a picnic: used to describe a person who is a “bit thick”.
  • up the duff: pregnant
  • piss: beer, as in “get on the piss”*
  • pissed: drunk, inebriated (or pissed as a fart as my mother in law would say. Winking smile
  • going bush: become reclusive. And expanded by Jonathan:- To take off for the bush and live for an extended period to “get away from it all”.
  • good on ya, mate!:  congratulations, well done
  • banger: sausage (banger and mash= sausage and potatoes)
  • biscuit: cookie
  • buggered: exhausted
  • bugger off: piss off, shove off, get out

Are you laughing yet? I hope so, it’s Monday!

Another learning experience I’ve had lately has been in the kitchen. The kiwi Kitchen. You see, kiwi’s like their white bait. It’s a so-called delicacy here (You can learn all about White Bait here). But this stuff ain’t cheap. I asked the hubs to go buy some at the market so I could attempt to make the infamous White Bait Fritters and he came back with about 5oz of it. 5oz for $20! Whoa!

Now usually White Bait Fritters are made a certain way, kinda like an omelet. Lou cooked it 2 ways here. But I decided to put my “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” thinking cap on and “volumize” these bad boys. I even gave them a little Texas flare.

*Note: You can make this recipe using crab, salmon, sardines, etc.


White Bait Fritters with a Texas Flare

Texas White Bait Fritters
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: appetizer or entree
Serves: 2
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoon cornflour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • ½ tsp garlic
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • ½ chili pepper (optional)
  • 200g drained whitebait (around 5 oz)
  • dash of milk if needed.
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 lemon
  • diced pepper or jalapeno (optional)
  • Tobasco to top.
  1. Drain the white bait (or other seafood of choice) and set aside. In a separate bowl, crack eggs and separate egg whites. Place egg whites aside. Add the flour, spices, pepper, and baking soda to your eggs. Whip egg whites until nice and fluffy.Fold in your white bait and egg whites into the main batter. Mix well.
  2. Butter you pan and add a touch of oil and lemon. Make sure it's on medium to medium high heat. Scoop your batter on the pan and lightly fry on each side.
  3. Place fritters on top of rice with sliced avocado and tabasco. Eat up!!

Not too shabby, eh? I actually ended up getting 4 fritters out it. Served on top of rice with avocado and you’ve got yourself a meal.

So tell me, what new lingo have you learned lately?

Anything new in the kitchen?

Cheers to Monday,


A Journey to Remember….or not.


Oh goodness! Hello! Where are we? What day is it? haha, that’s kind of how I feel. But all is good now. Let me back up and explain… bullet points.

  • Left Dallas for NZ Friday Morning.


  • Had a 9 hour layover in San Francisco
  • Thank goodness we had the hubs’ coach to rescue us. We crashed at his place 10 minutes from the airport and grabbed lunch. During that time I managed to:
        • Ripped my shirt and had to buy a new one
        • stepped in dog poop (perfect smell for the 13 hour plane ride to come)
        • Freak out about my messed up flight confirmation

o-matic (2)

  • Hopped on the 13 hour flight from SF to Auckland, NZ.
  • Had been up for 18 hours already.
  • In the air we got our special GF meal. (love that)


  • While I waited for my meal I sipped on a glass on NZ wine
  • I also took an ambien (bad decision on an empty stomach).
  • Meal came and I felt sick. Took a bite of the dessert and threw everything up, multiple times.
  • Passed out.
  • Woke up 7 hours later with throw up in my hair and on the hubs’ shirt.
  • Had only 2 hours left of the flight and kinda felt happy, a little “wooey,” but not too bad.
  • Drank some special NZ gingerale and all was good.


  • Landed in Auckland, grabbed a “flat white” with the hubs and boarded our last flight to Christchurch.
  • Home sweet….new home!


  • Tried to figure out the internet but my cute mother in law is on dial up.
  • Went to bed at 9pm when it was still light out.
  • Woke up at 4am (jetlagged)
  • Got the hubs up, ready to go at 5:30am. It was bright then!
  • Shopped at the local grocer and tried to figure out all the kilojoule conversion. Gave up and just grabbed what looked good. I like that method better anyway.


  • Went to the local swim/health club and signed up.
  • The hubs’ drove in our borrowed car and had to re-learn the “left side of the road” driving method. I don’t think I helped much either. haha.
  • Tried to figure out the new workout equipment and looked like a fool. I am lifting in pounds or kilos? I’m confused.
  • A few trainers came and spoke to me and asked where I was from….I’m the cool one with the accent now.
  • Hubs’ and I hopped in the car in search of internet cards a local cell phone.
  • Walked around the town and realized everyone is barefoot, hmmm. Barefoot is cool I guess.
  • 2 days later we have a phone (similar to the one I had in 1999!!)
  • 2 days later, I have internet. I have to admit, life without it is not too shabby.
  • Enjoying some NZ wine and taking it all in.


Life it getting settled. Slowly but surely. Thanks for always following! Can’t wait to reconnect!

Catch me up! How was your weekend?

Cheers from Down Under!


This is me: WIAW

Do you ever catch yourself saying you’ll never follow certain patterns of a sibling/spouse/parent, and then one day realize you just did.

That was me yesterday when this happened.

Photo_A9DEAF27-9C5E-8F28-05A5-41CBC7BEFB6C (2)talk

Yep, I’m becoming my mother. I used to think she was crazy for talking to herself, but now I do it. haha. I know she would be so proud!i

Speaking of patterns. I noticed a pattern, food pattern, with this weeks WIAW. I wonder if you see what I see……


Thanks Jen for makin’ my Wednesdays so entertaining!


Best Granola on earth and Gluten Free- LOVE GROWN


Most Random Concoction ever-

Steamed Tilapia, kelp noodles in coconut oil/aminos, avocado, brussel sprouts, oh and let’s throw in a random corn tortilla.


chia GT

Slaw and Salsa – perfecto duo


Getting my NUTTZO fix


Homemade GF pizza with zucchini, sausage, and almond cheese.


Nori Wraps (filled with sunflower seeds and spices)- Please tell me you’ve had these?! If not, you’re missing out.



Alright, I actually noticed 2 patterns, but one is more obvious. So besides being RANDOM food, what do you see?

Are you inheriting certain patterns (aka habits) from family members?



Reasons to Celebrate

No one needs a reason to celebrate, life should be a reason enough. But if you asked me this weekend what I am celebrating, I’d give you plenty of reasons….

For pizza and wine night…..


For finishing up the last bit of moving….


For someone who makes me laugh even when you are dead tired…..



For change (the inner and outer)……

bye bye hair


For friends who teach you how to EMBRACE life…..



HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to a woman I adore!

A best friend, a sister, a true INSPIRATION!

Dorry, may your next 30 years be just as sweet.

(p.s. her birthday is tomorrow but I wanted to share this before the week started. So if you are reading this Monday, go wish DORRY a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY !!)

Cheers! Now go celebrate your Sunday.


Thirty Minute Thursday

Sometimes all you need is a good 30 minutes. Thirty minutes to step away from the stress of life (calls, school, kids, work, errands, etc.) and get into the zone. Knock out a few reps and sweat and be on your merry way. Am I right?


Okay, don’t pee on this workout, but feel free to sweat on it!

Thirty Minute Thursday

    • 10 minute jog/elliptical/stairs/bike
      • 20 Stability Ball push ups
      • 20 Stability Ball pikes or tucks
      • 20 squats with medium heavy weight
      • 20 dips or dip machine (try unassisted!!!)
      • 10 straight leg hanging abs or lower leg raises
      • 20 bar curls or cable curls (medium heavy weight)
      • 1-2 minutes speed work stairmill
    • Repeat 5X to get almost 100 reps of each.
    • OUCH! Should not take more than 30-40 minutes.

Got it? Now GO!




If you do this workout and add your own touch, post it and pass on the thirty minute Thursdays! Let me know if you do.