Learning the Lingo & Recipe


Ahh Happy Monday. I am posting this at exactly 8pm on Monday night here in New Zealand, which means it’s 1am Monday morning in Texas. Therefore, we can finally share in a Monday together, yes? source Don't worry, it only took me 2 months to get the whole time change right. Just kidding…sorta. Okay so I might not be the best at adjusting to time change but I am learning … [Read more...]

Your Monday (or Tuesday??) Musings….


9am Tauranga departure via Honda 4pm-9pm Catch the Picton Ferry Ride 2:30am good old honda arrives in Christchurch 6:30am wake up (my body sucks at sleeping in) Therefore I leave you with mindless entertainment. This is what I talk with everyday. Yes, I ask them to repeat things slow. what’s your mindless entertainment for a … [Read more...]

Let’s End this with a Wild Giveaway


Hello and Happy Almost New Year! Well in about 8 hours it will be 2012 here and I am THRILLED to get this YEAR DONE WITH! Yes, I am screaming that! I am not going to go back and look at this year, really have no desire. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing how everyone else’s year has evolved and grown. It’s very comforting. But for us Cotters, we’re giving 2011 the boot. A nice … [Read more...]

Kiwi Christmas Traditions


Kia Ora friends and Merry Kiwi Christmas from the Cotters! We are a day ahead so we actually just wrapped up our Christmas weekend. We’ve been staying with James’ Aunt and Uncle and cousins up in Tauranga (Bay of Plenty) and boy has it been good fun! Now, usually we are with my family for Christmas, lots of kiddos, a turkey, pie, etc. Yes, the good ‘ole American Christmas. … [Read more...]

Wine Wednesday on the Road


Kia Ora and welcome to my Wine Wednesday on the road. I’ll let the video do my explaining and then jump straight post. So sit back, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy more scenes from New Zealand. Oh and try not to work too hard before during the Holidays, mmm K?   Our first vineyard/winery stop was just a quick 45 minutes up the road in Northern Canterbury. … [Read more...]

Man’s Meal Wednesday


Today I received a special request from the hubs..…a man’s meal. But not just any man’s meal, a KIWI man’s meal. What does that look like you might say? Well, I had to do some research but it came down to this. Lamb & Chutney, beans on GF toast with marmite, & roasted Kumura. As an American wife this was the most randoms of randoms to me, but hey, after a … [Read more...]

GF Muesli Muffins : Breaking in the Kiwi Kitchen


A few days ago I decided it was time to really break our new kitchen. You see, I’d been playing it safe with the stove top and microwave. Those are easy. All you do is turn knobs on high, low, etc. and push buttons for a cook time. I don’t really measure when I cook either, just throw ingredients in and taste while I go, ya know? But baking, well that has to be measured. And … [Read more...]

Trial and Error Part II: Season Recap


With each season (triathlon season), there is a feeling of newness, of hope! This past year was not different. Little did I know that THAT hope would be tested….. 2010 was a break through year for the hubs. He placed top 5 in almost every race and won his first 70.3 at Steelhead (see THIS article). We were ecstatic! Finally, a break through season. Things were looking up … [Read more...]

Weekend Entertainment


The hubs has a slight obsession with LeBron James. In fact, when we have kids, he wants our first son to be named Lebron. Sorry hubs, not gonna push out a watermelon for that. I doubt our child will be 6’6” anyway. Just ain’t gonna happen. But I’ll make a deal. How ‘bout I film you doing your best LeBron James “big decision” (aka team decision) impression? And let's make it … [Read more...]