Glad it’s over: Race Weekend


You know when you have one of those weeks ( or days, hours, moments, etc.) when everything just seems to go wrong? It’s starts with one thing then just escalates from there? Yup, that was our past week and weekend. But in hindsight,  we laugh. Because although it didn’t go as planned, we still were safe, had fun, and were with each other. So… let me begin. 12 days ago (after … [Read more...]

Sherpa Scenes: Lavaman Triathlon


Such a great weekend! Being able to see my husband race, pain free and carefree, was my highlight. True JOY and PASSION! And despite having mechanical issues on the bike (had to stop and change out new wheels) he still finished strong. First out of the water and onto the bike then ran a 33 minute 10k. Not too bad considering he has been out of the racing scene for over a year. … [Read more...]

Try it out Tuesday: Strength Exercises for Runners

Try it out Tuesday

Since I'm currently packing up the apartment, I bribed my husband to post. Evens out, right? Actually, I've been wanting him to share his knowledge here for for quite some time now. Today is the day! WHOOP! Hi, my name James Cotter (husband to Lindsay of course) and I’m  I’m here to talk about a few strengths exercises that are important to incorporate into your weekly … [Read more...]

Sunday Scenes: the S’s


The past few Sunday posts have been all about the “snapshots.” I actually stole this idea from Mama Pea and today I am stealing another idea from Lindsay. I’m pretty sure Katie did a post on S’s as well, so let’s just say I’m a theme stealer. But hey, when you have such creative “blends,” you can’t help but want to be like them, am I right? So here are my Sunday Scenes, in … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday: Kiwi Cotter


As I sit here, thinking over this past year, I almost get a little teary eyed. For me, that says something. I may be corny, but shedding tears of emotion? Pah-lease. Haha, actually, I share in tears of joy. And that’s why I am writing this today. For me, to share joy, to look back at life and THANK GOD for all He’s done. You see, a year a go today we were on a plane to New … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshots and Small Survey


I’ve never done a Snapshot Sunday or a Sunday scenes, but I thought I might start today. Why? Because sometimes Snapshots speak more than words. Yes? Work, Play, Eat, Rest, Enjoy, Repeat. There are snapshots of each below, from working for Attunes at Whole Foods to Enjoying new wine and goodies from great Blends (thanks Jess and Jo). So scroll down and ENJOY this 3 second … [Read more...]

Marvelous Attitude Check & Recipe


Oh thank you Marvelous Monday. I needed you today. It was quite the weekend and let’s just say Mrs. Cotter needed an attitude check. Yes, I call myself Mrs. Cotter when I am in trouble. Sometimes I let my so called '”pettiness” get the best of me. And the Mr. Cotter (aka the hubs) gets the brunt of it. Whoa, not pretty! So I’m starting over today. I’ve put on my smile and … [Read more...]

Motivate the Moment Monday


In a weeks time my husband will start training again. Now, like most runners, triathletes, etc. this is an exciting time. A new season, a fresh start. But for the hubs, it determines our future. Will the injury come back? Will the fear of injury hold him back? Is his career over for good? Is this HIS year to overcome? What if, what if, what if??? Those are the thoughts … [Read more...]

Discovery Monday


I recently discovered today was a holiday. In fact it’s Columbus Day! Quite the discovery indeed.. I know, corny. So in honor of this Columbus Day, I thought I’d blog about some recent discoveries myself. Clever, yes? Haha, no it’s just the cute blog thang to do. Guilty. I discovered that pinterest “discovery” searches are quite inspiring. Like this quote! I … [Read more...]

The Happiness Factor


I have a little story to tell today. Well that and a super easy recipe. Both make me happy. Both are full of good stuff. You see, a little over a year ago I received some excellent advice. It was advice from a Christian counselor. Yes, I was seeing a Christian counselor. In fact, the hubs often came with me to see this counselor. Side note: I think everyone needs a … [Read more...]