6 Easy Gluten Free Recipes Rich in Magnesium


Magnesium is a crucial mineral needed for our body to stay healthy and functioning at it's best. Here are six easy and delicious gluten free magnesium rich foods and recipes to add to your diet. Plus you get to learn a little more about magnesium too!   Friends! It's Friday! I love saying that. YES! Friday! And although I tend to work on the weekends, it's still nice to … [Read more...]

Immunity Boosting Orange Carrot Coconut Smoothie


Start your day off right with this Immunity Boosting Orange Carrot Coconut Smoothie. Naturally sweet, refreshing, and full of antioxidants!  There are 3 reasons you might be needing this IMMUNITY booster of a smoothie today. Okay maybe four, but let's just focus on the top 3, because I like odd numbers. ;-) One --> You've been traveling all weekend and need and are … [Read more...]

Tangy Asian BBQ Gluten Free Salmon Salad – Plus Lycopene Absorption!

Gluten Free Tangy Asian BBQ Salmon Salad: An easy to make, recipe with ingredients that taste great, and they help the body with Lycopene absorption, too.

Tangy Asian BBQ Salmon Salad: A gluten free, light meal made with a sweet and spicy sauce and grilled salmon! Goes great with Edamame salad. Healthy and full of antioxidants, and it helps the body with Lycopene absorption! Everyone has one in their family. You know, that person who doesn't like this food or that food, but you on the hand love that food. Yep. That's my … [Read more...]

How Ironman Training Helped a Wife Find Her True Passion

How Ironman Training Helped a Wife Find Her True Passion - From Stuck to Unstuck!

How Ironman Training Helped a Wife Find Her True Passion - From Stuck to Unstuck! Have you ever had a friend who you shares your same story/journey but in a totally different circumstance? That's my friend Tara. We live the same, but different, lives. Which makes for one amazing cohesive and supportive friendship. Today I asked her BACK  to share her story. You're gonna want … [Read more...]

Cocoa Coconut Low Carb Shake – Fuel up with Good Fats!

Fuel up with a paleo, vegan, low carb shake recipe that's packed with cocoa and coconut. It's a great way to start the day!

Fuel up with this Low Carb Shake packed with cocoa and coconut. It's a great way to start the day! The health benefits of full fat coconut cream plus cocoa keep you energized, fueled, and nourished. Paleo and Vegan friendly.  I spent a good 20 minutes trying figure out whether to call this recipe a shake, drink, or smoothie. I gave up, went with shake, because we need to … [Read more...]

Bacon Gouda Chive Dip with Secret SUPERFOOD Ingredient!

Heavenly Bacon and Gouda dip! Plus a secret superfood ingredient you'll want to check out. the perfect for an appetizer or gluten free snack! www.cottercrunch.

Bacon and cheese. Who doesn't love that combo? This bacon and smoked Gouda dip with chives comes together in no time and is the perfect for an appetizer or snack! But there's a secret superfood ingredient you might want to add. So keep reading! This recipe is totally opposite of Monday's vegan post, but hey, we are lovers all food (gluten free), including Bacon and … [Read more...]

Spicy Surf and Turf Caesar Salad Recipe Plus Health Benefits of Cooking with Curry During Winter

surf and turf curry ceasar salad

This curry spiced surf and turf caesar salad is a healthy dish great for spicing up your salads while keeping your immune system strong! Easy to make and my version is gluten free of course!  I will confess. The kiwi and I are not romantic. In fact, we're quite boring. But hey, that's us, right? We spend a lot of date nights in because A- I like to cook, it's my therapy … [Read more...]

Dairy Free SUPER Fruitcake Smoothie {Paleo}

super fruitcake smoothie (paleo)

When I was a kid, I used to get giddy when we hit the last 5 days till Christmas. It meant school was out and I hadn't a worry in the world. Plus I knew I was on the nice list. I was a goody two shoes, so Santa loved me! ;-) Well, today that giddy feeling is kinda still there, but along with it is a feeling of being rushed. Like an "oh crap I haven't bought any gifts yet" … [Read more...]

Thai Coconut Cabbage Soup {Paleo and Vegan Friendly}

Thai coconut soup with cabbage www.cottercrunch.com

Last week I spoke about my love for coconut and cranberries in a soothing smoothie (for gut health). My husband (aka the kiwi) also happened to chat about rest/taking it easy. I guess you could say a little TLC is needed these days, and that is A-OKAY by me! This week the love of soothing foods for gut health continues, along with more coconut. But let me explain why here. … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Eat (or Drink) MCT Oil

Ways to use MCT oil

MCT Oil. It's the new craze, isn't it? Well, at least that's what I've been hearing and what I've been asked about over and over again. What is it? Why is it so good for us? How should I use it? Etc. Etc. Etc. I will be quite honest, it can be confusing. All this good fat vs saturated fat talk. I am pretty sure our society is confused as well; Fat has been used in such a … [Read more...]