Blendorama: The Thank YOU Card

I could sit here and write a recap of this past weekends BLEND RETREAT, but it might turn into a novel. And Monday’s are meant for novels.

So instead I break it into pieces. Make just 2 pieces. Maybe three. Who knows. But today I want to say THANK YOU!

Thank YOU Katie, Lindsay, Janeetha, and all of their family and friends who chipped into help prepare this amazing event!



Photos above courtesy of Travis Wright via Lindsays List


Photo below from Janeetha’s Instagram.


Thank YOU for letting me come and share my Healthy Bites with so many wonderful women.

bites at blend

Thank YOU ATTUNE FOODS for letting me spoil other Bloggers and Blends with your amazing products. The Cereals, the bars, the Graham crackers.. OH MY HEAVENS! Snack time will never be thee same. Winking smile



Thank YOU UTAH for being gorgeous even if it was cold and rainy. The beauty surpasses it all!




Thank YOU BLEND SPONSORS for spoiling us all weekend. Boy do we feel the love and appreciate the generosity and the GENUINENESS of each company.

Chobani, Attune Foods, Green Mountain Coffee, Laughing Cow, Muesli Fusion, Soy Joy, Onnit (local Austin Company!!), Blue Print, Bob’s Red Mill, Living Proof Fit Gear, Larabar, Simply Choices, Zevia, Swanson’s VitaminsBlue Diamond Almonds, Core Power, GPP Fitness ProBar, Build-a-Sign, Fitmixer, and Silk,



Thank YOU GPP Fitness for Kickin Booties every morning!  Yes, I am sore.


mamma b

Thank YOU BLENDS for being.. well… AMAZING BLENDS!


Photo courtesy of Christine.

Thank YOU to my DEAR ABBY, who joined me this weekend and made it even more special. Holy COW I could kiss you. Winking smile



More pics and full recap to come. Today I’m trying to wrap my brain around the last 72 hours. WHOA.. that’s good stuff!



Starts with F

No no no, not that F. But I do have lots of other GOOD F’s to share this FRIDAY. I know, clever, right? And original (enter sarcasm). Winking smile

FIRST up…. FUEL and Freebies

Just received this delightful starter kit package from Designer Whey. I am excited to use their new protein powder and products. I’ll be sure to include it in my next Cotter Change so stay tuned! Whoops, how did those chocolate chips get in there? Winking smile

designer wheychips

FLIP… some other FUEL and FREEBIES. Yes, told you that Chobani spoils us. These flips were so FUN and FLAVORFUL. I love the coconut dark chocolate. I couldn’t have a few of the mix ins because they had gluten, but the yogurt was delicious! The hubs ate 2 in one sitting and another that afternoon. That’s when I decided to hide my favorites from him.


Fitness. I taught a FEW extra classes this week since some other instructors were out of town for Spring break. It was FUN and of course my FAVORITE neighbor and FRIEND came to support!


Friends and Faith…..This week has been a little draining but thankfully I have wonderful FRIENDS who encourage me and a FAITH that strengthens me EACH day. Just need to learn to rely on GODS strength a little more, not my own.


Flavors one of my BEST Healthy Bites customers (Abby) requested a Samoa Bite. I think I nailed it! Well, we’ll see in a few days once she tries this amazing FLAVOR!


And last but not least… FLASHBACK. My good friend from high school and middle school texted me this picture the other day. I think I was a freshman here. Ya, we dressed up as hooters girls for Halloween. I remember I we had water balloons as bosoms. Those things were heavy! Ahh… FOND memories and embarrassment. Love it!


Cheers to Friday!

What does your Friday start with? Let’s be tasteful now. Winking smile



2 more days to enter the Healthy Bites giveaway!

Sunday Scenes: the S’s

The past few Sunday posts have been all about the “snapshots.” I actually stole this idea from Mama Pea and today I am stealing another idea from Lindsay. I’m pretty sure Katie did a post on S’s as well, so let’s just say I’m a theme stealer. But hey, when you have such creative “blends,” you can’t help but want to be like them, am I right? Winking smile

So here are my Sunday Scenes, in one (okay maybe two) word form, and yes.. all S’s.

Sore (stole from Casey)

IMG_20120901_080913 (2)



Soul Muscles


Stinking Cute (Niece) and Stud (hubs)


Salad, Salsa, Smoked Sandwich (udi’s bread), and Slaw!

okay that was more than 2 words.

salsa and saladsandwich

Shorts and Spray tan


Sadie’s Snack (almond butter Jar)


Seasonal (Gingerbread and Cranberry Sugar Cookie Healthy Bites)


STOKED to get back in the SADDLE!!!!!!

snazzy bikes

Sip and Scripture

soul musclesscripture

And last but not least…. SYRAH and SUNSET


What are some of your Sunday Snapshots? Any start with S?



Feed Me Friday: Food and Friends

Ahh welcome to another Feed me Friday Post. You see, I had full intentions of doing a “Benefits of Holiday Spices” post, but my brain hurts, I’m a bit under the weather, and I just want to blab today. Perfectly acceptable, yes?

So What’s a Feed me Friday? Well, it means I leave you with more food for thought than actual food. Maybe it’s encouragement, laughter, love, etc. Today I wanted to feed you with love and laughter.

Here’s the thing, I am constantly reminded of my blends (blogger + friends). This usually happens just by seeing or eating certain foods, drinks, treats, etc. It always makes me smile.

Photo taken by Michellelunch

When I made Peas for lunch the other day, I thought of Mama Pea and SheRocksFitness (Katie). Katie and I have a slight pea obsession, especially with eggs.

peas and pasta

When I see bluebell ice cream on sale at the store, I think of Lindsay. I want to buy it for her so bad. I know she would love this Texas Brand goodness!

Lindsay, this is how good it is. No spoon required!


When I pour a glass of wine at night, I immediately think of well, tons of friends. Dorry, Jess, Jolene, Kalli, Paige, Cait, Lisa, Alyssa, Katie, Sarah, Lou, and Heather to name a few. Cheers ladies!


When I eat and and all eggs, I think of Katie, Meg, Brittany and Heather P.

20120916_124315 - Copyeggs - Copy

When I eat vegemite, I think of Heather B., Heather M, Kristina, and Christin.


When I drink Kombucha, I think of almost everyone! LOL. But this girl and I go way back with Kombucha love.


When I eat sunbutter and cottage cheese together, I think of JG. Such goodness!

When mix in some broccoli slaw with a recipe and add chili pepper on top, I think of the one and only Stuft mama!


When I eat asparagus, and my pee smells funny, I think of Laura! Haha, sorry Laura, had to say that.

When I use Green Chili in my recipes, I think of this New Mexico Native.  And if i add in any type of sausage to that dish, i think of the sausage queen Katie.

soup 4

When I make socca or bake with coconut flour, I think of Sarena and the twins. Both make amazing recipes with these!

IMG_20120911_104802twins-lindsay-cotter (2)

When eat Larabars, LoveGrown granola, Chobani, and Attune Foods I think of a TON OF WONDERFUL friends. These are are all people who are part of these companies great too!


Oh and when i dream of more Nutty Butter I think of Sarah and Calee (the fantastic logo designer of Nutty Butter and Healthy Bites!).

When I eat a Kind Bar, I think of Oatmeal Lauren. Starbucks coffee always reminds me of of Kelly and Lisa.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         IMG00337-20101210-2122

And finally, when I embrace the weirdness of a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, I think of Missy and Emz. Pickle love for Christina as well. Love it!


Phew! I know there are a ton more out there!  I can still think of at least 10 more but that would make this post uber long. These are just a few. Just say a name and I could match a food to go along with them. Fun, eh?

What food and friend/blend did you think of today?

Leave me a food/friend combo that you know of in the comments section.

Happy Feed me Friday!




I’ve been able to text with Katie who lives in New Jersey. She still has no power and says it’s been a mess there! Her attitude is amazing though. So grateful! Puts a lot of things in perspective for us all today, yes? Please pray for those affected by Sandy. Prayer does amazing things, trust me!

Vegan Healthy Bite: It’s So Good It’s Scary

Oh come on, you know I had to talk HALLOWEEN today, right? And what better way to chat food, than very scary GOOD food and recipes. A  scary good WIAW! Uh, duh.


A few sary good eats from the day: Egg on honey oats, fresh persimmon from my brother’s tree, jalapeno and sausage salad (scary spicy too), and vanilla caramel truffle tea. Ya, that tea is spooktacular!

DSC03094.JPGpersimmonjalapeno saladtea

Oh and my favorite scary good snack? I had two!

Scary good strawberry banana Corepower with my UBER cute niece.

And the Scary GOOD November Healthy Bites Flavor! Pumpkin Spice and Dark chocolate Chip. BLOODY delicious I tell ya!


Ok really, the point of this post was to share all the good eats, yes, but it’s also to share this recipe for the end of the October #plantPOWER challenge that Kasey and Heather are hosting. Have you seen all their amazing foods and giveaways?! WOW, go check it out! In fact, I’m guest posting on their sites today with a healthy bites giveaway. Scary good, am I right? Hehe.



5.0 from 1 reviews
Vegan Halloween Healthy Bite
Prep time
Total time
Cuisine: snack
Serves: 10-12 BITES
  • 1 heaping cup of Vegan Marshmallows (I use the ones at Whole Foods chicago Vegan Foods Brand)
  • 2 tbsp. 100% cocoa
  • 2 heaping tbsp. peanut flour (can also use coconut flour, ground up peanuts, etc.)
  • 1 serving Vegan Chocolate Protein (Vega Smoothie blend is good here)
  • 2 tbsp. Food for Life Vegan Chocolate chip Minis (Can also use carob chips or 100% dark chocolate chips)
  • 1-2 tbsp. unsweetened coconut (shredded)
  • 3-4 tbsp. of preferred nut butter
  • ¼ cup agave nectar
  • Optional : cocoa or coconut extract
  1. Grind up your marshmallows in a blender or food processor first. If you have large chocolate chips, go ahead and blend them up with the marshmallows as well. If you are using minis, there is no need, just mix in. Makes sure you grind up the rest of your dry ingredients as well. Transfer into a large bowl and add in nut butter, flours, protein, coconut, and agave. Mix well, and then roll into balls/bites. Makes around 10-12 bites. I then like to roll each of them in some extra coconut and/or cocoa. Freeze right away then store in fridge or freezer to maintain freshness. Store for up to 6 weeks. YUM!!

Well folks, that’s all I got for now. I hope you get to make these. If so, please let me know how they turn out.

And Heather and Casey…. thanks for letting me participate in this October Challenge. I’m definitely raising my glass of wine and toasting you tonight! See, plant based. Grapes are good! ;-)


Have a fun night!




True story: The hubs wanted to go as “Magic Mike” for Halloween. I told him he’d have to shave his whole body first. So we decided he should just do a “twist” on character. Richard Simmons meets Magic Mike. Scary ridiculous, scary funny!

Go with the Flow Friday

Well friends, it’s Friday. I really wasn’t on planning on posting much this week. You see, we were supposed to be in the Bahamas for the UWC triathlon.

Well…. hurricane Sandy had other plans and the triathlon has been postponed. Bummer! We won’t get to go but that’s okay. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow, right?

So instead of running around here……


I’m going to get an extra day to run around here. Different but equally therapeutic! Yes?


And instead of eating out most nights while away, we’ll be making the most of what’s left in our fridge and leftovers.

I call this gluten free chicken tender and chili pepper tempeh stir fry with Cholula sauce! strangely delicious too!


And instead of spending most of the weekend working for the triathlon, I’ll be working for the gym, teaching my classes.



I’ll also be working for myslef, getting those Healthy Bite orders done early!


And working on the November Flavor…. Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip perhaps?

Instead of being away from the computer for 5 days, I’ll probably be rereading some pretty amazing posts.

Like THIS one, or THAT one. Two very different reads, both great writers!

Yes, go with the flow is my husband’s middle name. I think I inherited when we got married. Or so I like to think.


That being said, I think I’ll go with the flow tonight and enjoy a glass of wine and VALUE our extra time here.


Are you a GO WITH THE FLOW type of person?



No kitchen? No problem

Well, welcome Wednesday. I am so glad you are here. Just means the week is half way over. Which I need it to be.

You see, we’re leaving tomorrow. Yes, leaving for a work trip. This kind of sprung on up on us last minute. Oh say…. 2 days ago! WHOA!

I thought I was gonna get to go to Fitbloggin. But God obviously had other plans. In fact, I actually won a ticket to Fitbloggin. Did I tell you that?

Yep, I won a ticket about 2 weeks ago. I was stoked! I really wanted to go. I really wanted to go just to meet people and hug BLENDS (blog friends). I know, selfish, but true. What I didn’t take into account want that this ticket was only a ticket. It didn’t pay for food, airfare, or hotel. So I did what any blogger would do. Begged for a sponsor, pleaded in fact. I found no one. Sad face. I searched high and low in hopes that some company would sponsor me. But I think I was a little late to the game, as most companies already had sponsored bloggers going.

Oh well I said. There’s always BLEND 2013. I figured this was a sign that I needed to stay here, work on making extra money (cause we ALWAYS need that), and keep healthy bite orders flowin.

Well, little did I know that God had other plans.

He’s quite clever like that. Winking smile

We received an email about 3 days ago. An email from one of my husbands athlete’s he coaches. She needed help with an race she is putting on and she needed some help with her ironman training. Oh and of course, some good cooking.

We were her go to. I would help race direct, cook, etc. and the hubs would coach her and train few others. The perfect duo. The perfect JOB opportunity.

We took it, in fact, we jumped on it!

But there’s a catch. The house where we’re staying has no kitchen. Actually, it’s under construction. It was funny because I got this email saying that the house has no kitchen and was I okay with that? Would I freak out if I had no place to cook for everyone?

Guess what I said? …..NOPE! Not a problem. I thrive off this stuff. No kitchen, no problem. I’m bringing a blender and rice cooker in my bag. No joke.

I’m also stocking up on these items (Vega, larabar, chobani, attune cereal, and love grown just to name a few). Yep, a whole suitcase worth, well half are coupons, but you get the picture.


So a rice cooker and mini blender. Yep, i think that will do.


Lots of cold food meals like broccoli slaw, hummus, and turkey. Rice, quinoa, and oats in the rice cooker. A little hemp and love grown granola bowls, protein shakes/banana smoothies, canned fish and salmon on GF bread, Chobani yogurt and fresh fruit, and eggs that you can cook in microwave. Sounds good to me.


I’m thinking I might need a few of these kombucha cocktails to get me through it, but I’m ready.


I’ve got my game face on and I’m well hydrated.


So, does this count as falling into a good habit? Sporadically leaving the country for a last minute opportunity? Sure, why not.

wiaw fall into good habits button

Thanks Jen for letting me jump on it this week.

Have you ever had to cook for people without a kitchen? If so, what’s your go to meal?




I’ll post where we’re going Thursday. Hoping I get to post a bit while I’ll there, but not for certain yet. And if you’re going to Fitbloggin, have fun and hug each other for me please. <3

Fruits of Our Labor (and Recipe)

I think we need to extend the name of this Holiday. Instead of just Labor Day, it needs to be FRUITS of OUR LABOR Day.


Let’s face it. Most of us will still be laboring on Labor day. If you’re a mom, you’ll be taking care of your kiddos. If your self employed (like us), you usually still work holidays. If you’re an athlete, you probably are still training (laboring). If you are a bum, well, good job, you’ve mastered your laboring by just sitting there. Winking smile  I kid, I kid.

Anyway, my point is this. Today we need to RECOGNIZE the FRUIT of our LABOR. Be thankful for it. And as corny as it sounds, EMBRACE it.

You’re probably better at this LABOR than you think. In fact, your fruit is probably EXQUISITE! Can I get a slice of that? hahahaha.

So here goes. I’ll start.

Today I walked in the gym for yoga and ended up having to sub a strength class. Improv outdoor strength is what I like to call it. LOL.

I labored. I had fun. I was silly.


And the fruit? Well, it came from the ladies who showed up and accepted this challenge. They showed such strength, motivation, and just plain FUN-NESS. No that’s not a word, but I am going to make it one.

Today I will also be in the kitchen. Laboring some Healthy Bites that need to be sent out tomorrow. The fruit?

Getting to share my passion. Getting to feed good food to others. Heck, even FRUIT based Healthy Bites. If that’s not some fruits of labor than I don’t know what is. Clever, I know. Smile with tongue out

IMG_20120830_152559cherry crisp

And when the day is almost done, I’ll labor a little more. Making a meal for us to enjoy. Maybe I’ll get crafty in the kitchen. Maybe I’ll keep it simple. Either way, the fruit comes when the hubs and I get to sit down and share a meal together. Fruitful conversation (well, most of the time), fruitful quality time together, fruitful appreciation of each.


Hearts of Palm Red Pepper Pasta Carbonara (GF)


5.0 from 1 reviews
hearts of palm pasta carbonara
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: pasta (GF)
Serves: 1-2
  • I can heart of palm
  • 1 egg
  • oil
  • red pepper flakes
  • 1 cup diced red bell pepper
  • ½ tsp minced garlic
  • Canadian bacon/turkey bacon/tempeh/etc. (about 1 cup chopped)
  • basil (1/2 cup chopped)
  • optional cream cheese or butter
  1. Slice your hearts of palm into think noodle like strips. Wash then boil in hot water for about 5 minutes. I like mine a little al dente so it boiled a little less.
  2. In a separate pan, combine your oil, peppers, basil, pepper, garlic, and bacon. Saute until pepper is tender.
  3. Drain your "noodles", rinse, then place back in pot. Add your pan of peppers, bacon, oil, etc. Mix thoroughly. Keep the pot on low and add in your egg. Mix again and let the egg cook.
  4. For more creaminess, add in some full fat cream cheese, butter, ghee, or sour cream.
  5. For vegans, use nutritional yeast, cashew cheese or daiya instead of the butter and egg.
  6. Top your pasta with more red pepper flakes if desired. Or sriracha sauce.


What fruits of your labor are you enjoying today?



One Word Weekend

I had this idea. An idea for a weekend post. You know, the ones that are simple, light hearted, and usually have a theme. So go with me here.

One Word Weekend.

Yes, one word. Pick one. One that you want either focus on , one that has been hanging around your head lately, or one that motivates you.



I like to think I have accepted a lot of things in life, but then THIS TRUTH pops up and I realize there is so much more to accept. #truth


I’ve accepted a lot of GREAT products lately. And I’ve also accepted the fact that I might be addicted to them. Mila stirred into a chobani yogurt bowl with fresh papaya is absolutely addicting. I’ve also accepted the fact that my nieces and nephews like me more when I bring them these goodies.


I’ve accepted the fact that I get lazy in the kitchen come Friday. Instead of GF Pizza dough from scratch, I resorted to sprouted corn tortillas as a pizza crust. #DELICIOUS


I’ve accepted the fact that I’m cheap. Why get a real hair cut when a bang trim can spice things up, right? Or make you look 12 yrs old again. ha! Either way, it’s a “cut” of some sort.

diptic_1345243699133 (2)

I’ve accepted the fact that my husband is in a hunk and is great with kids. I’ve also accepted the fact that I am brilliant for marrying him.


But the one thing, the very ONE thing, that I was not able to accept this weekend was this….


A broken jar of Birthday Nutty Butter delivered by the postman. Shame on him! Doesn’t he know that Nutty Butter is like gold around here? So Sarah, I tried to save it.

Okay.. your turn. One word weekend… GO!


Corny Cotter