The Latest and Greatest Fitness Moves


You know I love to spice things up with … my Fitness CLASS! Haha. But jokes aside, I make my class try out Crazy Cotter combinations at least once  week. It keeps us all on our toes and challenging our bodies. Some are hit and some are miss, but at least we’re trying it! Which leaves me today. I’ve recruited a ton of FIT FRIENDS to share their favorite LATEST and GREATIST … [Read more...]

Burpees or Bust Challenge and Roundup #FFBurpee


Well, if you thought last week’s crazy Cotter workouts  round up were CRAZY,  this weeks workout roundup might be even crazier. I think I will blame this on the freezing temperatures. Makes me want bust out a Burpee to stay warm. But actually, the point of this post is to share a few Burpee challenges is going on. We have one at my gym reach 1000 GI Janes or Burpees in 90 … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: PUMP me UP PUMA


**The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Puma. All opinions are my own and ALWAYS true! This week started off a bit a slow, motivation wise that is. Confession—> After taking a week off from the gym and enjoying my leisurely walks and slow runs on the beach, I did not want to go back to teaching. Actually, I just wanted more time at the beach. … [Read more...]

Try it Out Tuesday: Soldier Of Steel™


Welcome to another episode of Try it Out Tuesday. Actually, the last Try it out Tuesday post was quite a while ago. But still, they are fun and informative. Yes? I’ll try to bring them back more often. Today I’m talking about a certain workout. One that ya’ll need to try. But before I get into it. I want explain something. You see, last Friday I spoke about telling a gym … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts: #IWill


I let it happen. I over planned, and not on purpose. For someone who doesn’t really plan, it’s quite comical. You see, I said yes to things before realizing their deadlines and “needs” and now I am “planned” out. BUT.. I AM HUMBLED. Realizing that yes, I may have over planned, I may have made one (or two, or three) business mistakes, I may have forgotten about dinner … [Read more...]

An apple a day the FRS way


Well, I just wrote a very detailed post about about why we use and LOVE FRS and now it’s gone. My computer decided it was not ready for Monday and just shut down. Gotta love those moments. Let’s start over, shall we? I'll do my best to remember my train of thought.. ha. So, FRS --> We are hooked. But let me tell you why. First off this stuff is packed with my … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Savory Sausage Bread Pudding – Recipe Makeover


This past Christmas the hubs and I decided to start a few new traditions. You see, we’ve always been away during Christmas and staying with friends and family, but this year we were home and decided to take advantage of it. We went hiking, cooked a nice meal, watch the Christmas story, and enjoyed OUR time. Then later Christmas day we ENJOYED some other family dinner traditions … [Read more...]

Thirty Min Thurday: CF Moves


So today I subbed a few classes. I think every instructor at our gym is out of town right now, which leaves just me. That’s okay, I owe them big time for the 8 months I was absent. But the difference between the way I teach now verses 8 months ago is huge! I don’t over exert myself and workout with every class, instead I focus on instructing and motivating. And you know what? I … [Read more...]

Fill the Bucket


You’ve seen this, right? It’s the #fitfluential #fitbucketlist. A lot of Fitfluential Ambassadors have started their own board on Pinterest. It’s pretty cool. You can see A LOT of them HERE. Fitfluential shares their purpose behind in one paragraph… We’ve learned that visual inspiration goes a long way toward achieving concrete goals, and that it helps to DREAM … [Read more...]

WIAW: Rebooting


Well friends, poor little laptop is still getting rebooted. Luckily the hubs is letting me borrow his. Although the space bar doesn’t work unless you push down it really hard. It sounds like I am angry at the computer when I type. Hmm, maybe I am. Nah, in fact, it’s all good. I’m thinking this is going to be my reboot week. Rebooting my own little system here. Rebooting … [Read more...]