Savoring Springtime Suppers

The first few days of Spring have been all about savoring.


We had my father in law in town from New Zealand and soaked up every minute of family time we could.

photo 3

No agenda. No rush. No plan. No worries.

That’s the one of the many things I really enjoy about these Crazy Cotters. There will never be a plan. There will never be  a “rush” of the day. We spent hours around the table eating good food, sharing stories, and catching up.

photo 2

The weather was perfect to show him around the trails, the evenings last longer so we could sit outside and chat over a glass (or 2) of wine, and I couldn’t help but realize how much I (we) needed to just step back from life’s “agenda” and enjoy/savor the time we had now.

mizuno in spring

Maybe that’s the whole point of the “spring forward” time change anyway. To savor the last bit of day together…………. supper.

sup•per (ˈsʌp ər)

1. the evening meal, often the principal meal of the day. supper – a social gathering where a light evening meal is served;

Just the word in itself makes me feel at home.

So maybe your supper is just two people, maybe it’s 10! Maybe it’s crazy loud and chatty. Maybe it’s calm and collected. Either way, it’s about the time and the people you share it with, am I right?

lacrema wine

The last day my father in law was here, we grilled out. He made his famous curry ribs (which I’ve begged him for recipe on multiple occasions), and I prepared a ginger and garlic haddock fillets. The meal, of course, was delicious, but the supper itself was savored for hours!

garlic ginger haddock and beef sliders

Here are a few of my favorite suppers to savor this spring! Each unique and full of flavor!

*This is a sponsored opportunity with

Have a Marvelous Monday!


Favorite Spring time supper?




Here’s a great devotional about Balance. It really put things in perspective for me this week.

“I think God has already outlined in scripture His secret for finding balance and what our priorities are to be. If we don’t start our big dreams, goals and plans for life or the day by resting in Him and seeking His priorities first we quickly wear out and stop bearing fruit.”

Bolder Blogging: Writing with Intention


If you asked me what my “blogging intention” was 5 (almost 6) years ago, it would be pretty simple. To share gluten free recipes that I make for my hungry and hard training triathlete husband. Yes, that’s how it all started. I’d get recipe requests from his fellow triathletes and friends to post them. Gosh, that was easy, and gosh my photography was horrible. Haha.

But my intention then was simple and purposeful. Has much changed since then?

sherpa kiss

No, same intentions, but they’ve just EXPANDED!

popchip meatloaf pin

bite flavors feb.

  • Sherpa Wife duties and adventures

sherpa time

  • Racing – Which includes shout outs to those who are supporting and sponsoring our DREAM!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

swim austin

photo 2

Dream big

  • Other “schtuff” –> this means compensated “schtuff.” My intention here is provide monetarily for my family, to supporting us. It might not be much, but every little bit helps! Which means you will probably see some sponsored posts and affiliate programs. Honesty is the best policy here, yes?

LIvewell bag

I also don’t think I’d be blogging if I wasn’t married. I truly feel like being a SHERPA wife is God’s present intention for me. It’s what I love doing and it’s what I feel called to do –> being my husband’s supporter/helper/cheerleader. And I know God is using “our story, our journey” for a reason. All we have to do is keep following it, INTENTIONALLY.


Sometimes i don’t “feel” like my blogging intentions are always that simple and purposeful, but when that happens, I just remember where it all began –> with TRUE INTENTION.

Where am I going with this?

I guess my point is plain and well… simple.

Bolder Blogging = writing with INTENTION. Whatever that may look like in your life.


noun \in-ˈten(t)-shən\

: the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose

Now that’s something to ponder.




Need some writing encouragement? Read this! Jeff Goins is pure inspiration!

Gratitude Muscles & #UdisFriendsgiving

Yesterday we had an abundance of family, friends, delicious food (gluten free included), and a thankful heart. What can I do with that thankfulness today? Keep giving it. KEEP and GIVE being the KEY words.

image (2)

Gratitude is a discipline

The more you practice feeling grateful, the more grateful you become.

Gratitude is a muscle you strengthen through daily use — an exercise, not an emotion.

It’s not something you feel, but something you do.

Like most things, the people who are best at it are the ones who do it even when they’re tired and worn out and don’t much feel like it. –> Jeff Goins


Going gluten-free requires a strong network of friends and family, and Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving is the perfect time to show thanks to and celebrate gluten free supporters, experiment with new recipes and try with friends and family.



Thanks to Udis glutenfree for letting me share and give in THANKS with my family and friends the gluten-free way. Yes it was savored and appreciated.

photo (10)

I made a allergy friendly few dishes, yes we enjoyed them all, but actually it wasn’t all about the food, it was about feeding the my Gratitude Muscle.

GF/Dairy Free Oreo “dirt” pie. Shall I share the recipe?


turkey leg

winter salad

And you know what? My Gratitude muscle grew yesterday and I plan on making it grow more and more over the Holidays. It does take FOCUS, PRACTICE, DICIPILINE, but to me, that’s the best kind of HOLIDAY workout you can do for yourself and with others.

So Cheers to Thanksgiving!

Are you working on your Gratitude muscle? –> corny cotter is on a roll this week!


Endurance Foodie Friday: FAITHFILLED

Meh.. I kind of let this week go. I mean, after Monday’s tragic event and then the West Texas explosion, I really didn’t have much to talk about or share. I mean, I could have, but honestly I had nothing to say. Just a lot of prayer and heart felt grieving. I think it’s needed, to go through the motions that is. To grieve with and for others. Then we can turn around and BE STRONG the days following. Yes!

Isaiah 41:10


But I also had a FULL week. Lot’s of Healthy Bite orders, a sickly husband who needed some tender lovin’ care, and a NEW NIECE! Yes, my 3rd niece! Born on Monday, the 15th! She has been a blessing during this time. New life, so pure and innocent, blessed us just when our hearts were needing a little more FAITH!

Welcome Harper Faith Taylor. You are LOVED and YOU are what makes this week FAITHFUL.

Haprer Faithharper

It’s times like these I realize that no one can steal your joy, your passion, your purpose! No matter what turn of events takes place, God always shows the good in the midst of it. He shows us how to BE STRONG for OTHERS, to BE LOVING, to BE THANKFUL.. each and every day!

boston run

As a wife of a professional “racer,” I am always at that finish line, waiting, cheering, supporting. Nothing will change that.

Nothing can change my passion to be a sherpa wife. Nothing can change my husband’s passion for racing, for running, for triathlon.


And even more so, nothing can change the fact that we are BONDED in community, built on FAITH FILLED miles, sweat, and high fives.

This weekend take the time to run, walk, swim, bike, lift, etc. with a FAITH FILLED heart. Then go share a meal/break bread/coffee/etc. and embrace this wonderful FAITH FILLED community.


Thank you Jason for letting us share our love of FOOD and more with this wonderful community.


Gluten Free Baked Cinnamon Raisin Cashew French Toast with Honey Almond Custard (topping)

#EnduranceFoodies Participants for the upcoming week:

The #EnduranceFoodies are athletes who love to spend as much time in the kitchen as they do training and racing.  Since we all have different tastes and inspirations getting a group of like-minded people together to share in our passions was the goal.  This month’s theme was TWO COLORED meals. Here are the participants for this month:


Faith filled .. let’s keep it going!




Looking for a way to get your community involved in the HEALING for BOSTON? CHeck out Pavement Runners Run for Boston taking place this Monday! 

What’s on my Plate Wednesday

If you are like me, you’ve realized that Spring is BUSY! Not sure how it always tends to get that way, but it does. We’ve conquered March and now we’re heading full force into April. And if you’re like me, you are realizing that your plate is getting full, not too full (yet), but full. You’ve said yes to 3 out of 4 things (work and life related) and you are slowly coming to realize that maybe you need a stronger plate… or maybe you just need a smaller one.


If you are like me, you’ve dumped the big plate and opted for smaller ones. Ones filled with quality ingredients (family, health, passions, faith, and love). Combine those together and you’ve got one heck of nourished life. Small plates, more servings. Yes, that’s what I am learning.


I am also learning that there is no need for a “stress” plate. It’s my (our) choice to not dish it up. TO BE content with whatcha got, no more no less.


I can’t say that our life is completely stress free, but it is a lot less stressful than in the past. Last April I was still dealing with a lot of digestive problems and enduring countless procedures. Today I am a good 20lbs heavier/healthier and 90% of the time my stomach is happy. I think  A LOT of that had to do with the way I handle stress. Taking on less, resting more, and slowing down our pace of life. The hubs was in a similar stage. Injured and taking the rest of the year off. This past LAVAMAN race was his first race back since April 2012. During that time he rested, refocused, and stayed positive. All things that keep a plate HEALTHY! Mentally and physically.


So this April, take a look at your plate. Is it too full? Is it too big? It might be. Can you put things back? Absolutely! That’s what small plates are for! To grab the best then go back for more once you have ROOM for more. I call this the TAPAS of LIFE! Haha.


This April is all about replenishing those small plates. To savor the best ingredients and then make room for more, but only needed, when the timing is right!

My April Plate:

  • To support my husband in his next race (coming up in 2 weeks).
  • Managing Healthy Bites. I’m not sure where Healthy Bites is going at the moment, but for now it’s a little extra income that is helping our family.
  • To sub a few classes at the gym as well as my own.
  • Maintain fitness- all I am aiming for is 45 minutes. No need to train for anything at the moment. If an opportunity arises and it works in my schedule, then great. But for now, I’ll let the hubs do the racing.
  • Organize our house a bit as well as our finances. Something we are both trying to wrap our brains around this month. Winking smile

That’s it. No more this month. Small plate complete. It’s not daunting and there is always WIGGLE ROOM.

Oh and speaking of snack plates, let’s talk snack food for a moment. Before I left for Hawaii, I received a shipment of Quest Bars and Protein PB Cups. The company graciously offered their goods in return for an honest review. I want to talk more about these bars tomorrow or Friday, so stay tuned. But just to let you know, the rumors are true. They are FLIPPIN FABULOUS! The PB Chocolate cups literally tastes like Reeses Cups, or dare I say, EVEN BETTER!


And because it’s WINE WEDNESDAY, you need to study this!


What’s on your plate this month? Will you fill it well?



Sunday Snippets

This tittle pretty much sums up the post. Well it it’s more like weekly snippets, but you get the picture.

As I mentioned last week, I took the week off from work. Self employed work. I only taught 2 classes at the gym and the rest of the time was spent reading, baking and cooking (not healthy bites), hanging out, catching up on domesticating, and spending time with family. Oh Turkey Trotting. My first race back in 2 years! I didn’t even wear a watch for that race either. Yup!

And as I sit here typing this, I am refreshed. I’ve got a lot of work this week, but I am so ready, mentally and physically. I am thankful and I am content. Ahhh, breathe it in, breathe it out.

Okay onto the pictures. I’ll probably explain more about these later, but for now, here’s a wordless snippet. Winking smile


Oh, and that last picture. Ya, that’s a new recipe. I accidently messed up a healthy bite batch yesterday so I added in an egg, milk, and more flour to create a Coconut Rum Raisin Dough Ball. Freakin UNREAL! A mistake that made me happy. Winking smile

Capture (2)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, slow and savory!




I posted a Small Business Saturday Special on my Healthy Bites Facebook page. Feel free to check it out. Ends Monday night!

Forgetful Friday: Food and Fitness Edition

Happy Friday Friends! I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is in less than a week and I still can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we left for New Zealand. Seems like just yesterday we were there. I know, I promise not to talk about it on every post, but it’s just been on my mind lately.

Random tangent intro done. Thanks!

Okay. So This week. Let’s talk about it. First off, it was one of those weeks. No, I wasn’t stressed. In fact, I think I was far from it.  I think I was a little too go with the flow. Quite the opposite from last week.

I forgot certain ingredients I needed at the store, forgot to return phone calls and emails, forgot to fill up my car with gas the night before I had to teach early at the gym, forgot my iPod to teach, and I forgot my written workouts I had planned for my classes. Ha!


It’s times like these I have to laugh at myself and be thankful that those things really don’t matter in the long run, yes?

It’s times like these I am thankful I can throw stuff together last minute and get away with it. And so I did.

I threw together a last minute snack for the hubs when he needed it (even though we had nothing in the pantry).



Thanks Mom for buying us these! All I needed was some peanut butter GF toast and a handful of coconut chips.

I threw together a a last minute leftover lunch. Yes, those are the best actually.


Greens, tuna, sliced hard boiled egg, goat cheese, sundried tomato, oil, and chili pepper.

I also forgot to buy more fish and chicken at the store. So I threw together a simple dinner with what was left from our farmers market stash!

Butternut squash with balsamic vinegar, basil, pepper, oil, and garlic.


With a side of eggs of course. I never forget eggs. And I never forget wine. Not sure if that’ a good thing or a bad thing! ha!


And even though this is the second week in a row that I’ve forgotten my workout plan at home, my classes still seem to come together quite nicely. Maybe we should start improv fitness classes? Haha, no never mind. I give full credit to my class members. They keep me sharp!


But some things I will never forget. I will never forget to take time to pray (especially for my friends who are in need of prayer and virtual hugs this week), to watch the sunrise, to love on family, and to count my blessings. Yes, don’t ever forget to do that!


Oh, and I must not forget to announce the Pay it forward Winner. Amy C from RunningEscapades. Email me your address! Cottercrunch at Hotmail dot com.

What’s one thing you forgot this week? What’s one thing you NEVER forget?

Cheers friends!


Discovery Monday

I recently discovered today was a holiday. In fact it’s Columbus Day! Quite the discovery indeed.. I know, corny. Smile

So in honor of this Columbus Day, I thought I’d blog about some recent discoveries myself. Clever, yes? Haha, no it’s just the cute blog thang to do. Guilty.

I discovered that pinterest “discovery” searches are quite inspiring. Like this quote!


I discovered that the best way to reconnect and disconnect simultaneously is through yoga. I needed this BAD this weekend. Disconnecting from the world and reconnecting my body and mind. Thank you Balance Yoga!


I discovered that the more healthy bites I bring over to my brothers house, the more kisses I get from my nieces and nephews. I’ll be making more healthy bites this week for sure! Winking smile


I discovered that no weekend is complete without a little down time, some play time, and a meal that includes poached eggs and buttered bread. Enough said.


I discovered that in the Cotter house, Fall officially begins when the first huge batch Green Chili Chicken stew is made. Perfect food prep for the week too! Want the recipe?


5.0 from 1 reviews
Green Chili Chicken Stew (Quick version)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: stew
Serves: 6-8
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups broth
  • 1 cup diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup diced celery
  • 1 can northern beans (optional)
  • 2 small cans green chilies
  • garlic
  • chili pepper and/or paprika
  • cumin
  • sea salt and black pepper
  • 1 cup diced onion
  • 1 cup mixed frozen corn and carrots
  • 1 cup chopped chicken sausage/roasted chicken (Vegans can use tempeh bacon or tofu)
  • oil
  • mozzarella to top
  • Note: If you are paleo, omit the beans and corn, add squash instead. If you are vegan, tempeh or marinated tofu works as well as adding in my beans.
  1. sautee your celery, garlic (2 tsp), tomatoes, and, onion in oil for a bit before cooking. Set aside.
  2. In a large pot, combine your broth, corn/carrots, and seasons (about 1 to 2 tsp of each). Let it simmer for a minute. Then add in your fixins. Beans, green chili, sauteed veggies and garlic, meat or meat substitute. Let it simmer some more. This is where you need to taste. Add black pepper and sea salt if it needs more seasoning. Add more celery and carrots if i needs more bulk. Some people like it really thick, others more broth based. If you add in a can of northern beans, it makes it more of a chili than a stew. Both good!
  3. I like to use spicy chicken sausage to make it lean and with even more spice!
  4. Serve in bowl, add chili pepper flakes and grated mozzarella.


I discovered that my husband is one patient man. Patient and determined! Year two of injury and he’s doing the best he can to heal. Does he complain? Not really, instead he focuses on helping others reach their racing goals. Such an inspiration! Yes, I am bias, but I am allowed to be. Winking smile

And last but not least, I’ve discovered that some of my closest  friends are the ones that are miles away. Thanks to this community! Pretty marvelous if you ask me, right Katie?


What have you discovered lately?

Happy Columbus Day!


Corny Cotter

Tuesday Truism

How’s that for a title?

Truism according to good old Webster:

Definition of TRUISM

: an undoubted or self-evident truth; especially : one too obvious for mention

You know what TRUISM slapped me right across the face this morning? It was this quote from a devotional I was reading. Well, it’s not really a truism per se but I am going to make it one, k? A Cotter Truism.


I liked it so much I tweeted and instagrammed the heck out of it. Ya, I tend to do that.

The truth is we forget that we are blessed beyond means. We’re human. We get wrapped up in our daily “to-do’s,” errands, job obligations, life obligations, etc. Ya, we’re busy bodies. We need a slap in the face TRUISM to humble us. Well, at least I do.

If I were to have today what I thanked God for yesterday, it wouldn’t be much, even though I do have much. So I am starting over. DO OVER right here, right now!

I’m going to start by thanking GOD for big and small things in my life. The things that I am thankful for today. Then I will put this quote on my fridge, look at tomorrow morning, and repeat. Thankful. Humbled.

I am thankful I have been able to travel to some amazing places.


By the way God, feel free to send us to more of these places. Winking smile

I am thankful for a husband who shares a similar passion. Triathlon, fitness, Health!


I am thankful that he works hard for our family and I am even more thankful that I get to make him breakfast every morning and dinner every night.


I am thankful that I have some one waiting for me at the door every time I come home, even if it’s not a real “person.”


I am thankful for great companies that fuel us and cater to all our food allergy needs. Gluten free, real ingredients, quality care all around! Thank you Lovegrown Foods and CorePower. Not sure what we’d do without you!


I’m thankful I get to roll balls make Healthy Bites as a job. Haha, had to make you laugh somewhere.


A hobby turned passion, turned GO FOR IT DREAM!

The truth is we go through life in a blink of an eye. It’s easy to do. But what if we held our eyes open for just an extra second each day? Imagine how much more we’d see. Cause really, we have more, more to see and be thankful for.

What’s your truism this Tuesday? What are you thankful for? yes, corny, but it needs to be said. Winking smile




Here’s some more Truth for ya: Lovegrown Foods has a NEW product coming to shelves at the end of November. I get to do a giveaway for it too, YEA! So stay tuned.

HINT #1 – It is PACKED-FULL of nutritional benefits!
HINT #2 – It contains NO Sodium!